9 Best Liege Waffles Irons Of 2020- Liege Waffle Makers Reviews

A good morning breakfast must include the deliciously fresh waffle. There are different kinds of waffles today but frankly, nothing brightens my day than a Liege or Brussel waffle. With every bite into the waffle, you feel the workmanship of the cook.

People love shortcuts and they will always opt for the frozen waffles in the supermarket. I tried it sometime back but it just didn’t satisfy my taste buds. The taste is nothing close to your usual Belgian waffle.

Instead of buying the waffles in the supermarket, why not buy your own liege waffle iron and begin making the crispy and chewy waffles?

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker
  • Flipping Action Makes Thick, Fluffy Waffles Flipping Waffles During Cooking Makes Them Crispy on the Outside, Fluffy on the Inside
  • Nonstick Removable Plates Remove Your Waffle From the Nonstick Plates With No Sticking or Scraping; The Grids Remove When You’re Done Cooking...
  • Adjustable Browning Control Cook Your Waffle Lighter or Darker, Just the Way You Want It

Best liege waffle makers in 2020 reviews.

1. Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker,Black

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This is amongst the best waffle irons available on Amazon. It features a professional rotating design that will make your thick Belgian waffles in minutes. It will bake a 7 inches diameter waffle and cut it into 4 sections.

This design is good because you don’t have to pour the batter in sections, you can just pour it at one place then the waffle maker spreads it evenly. It also enhances even cooking. The interior is made using ceramic which works the same way non-stick kitchenware does.

Its exterior is brushed with stainless steel. It flips at 180 degrees and has a display timer to alert you when the waffle is cooked enough.

The presto 03510 will make the waffles crispier on the outside and softer on the inside. However, if you want the waffles even crispier let it stay a little longer.

2. Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker with Non-Stick Removable Plates, Browning Control, Drip Tray, Stainless Steel (26030)

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This is another flip design waffle maker that will bake your golden brown and fluffy Belgian waffles. It has a deep groove design that effortlessly bakes up to 12 different designs of waffles. From nutty waffles to the vanilla kind you get to choose.

Depending on the recipe you are following, the waffle should take anything between 5-8 minutes to cook. It flips easily for the thick Belgian style waffle. What’s more, it remains cool to touch with foldable flip handles and easy storage.

It has a drip-free tray to get hold of excess batter and advanced heating technology that ensures you have consistent cooking. The non-stick interiors make it easy to clean and the stainless steel exterior polish assures you of durability.

3. Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle Maker

Cuisinart Belgian Maker with Pancake Plates Waffle Iron, Single, Silver,WAF-300P1

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I recently found a friend using this gadget to make me some crispy thick waffles. Since the end result was perfect I couldn’t help but ask more about it. The design comes with both the waffle and pancake plates that are nonstick and removable as well as dishwasher safe.

It also has a 6-temperature control setting, light indication, and a beep to alert you when your waffle is cooked. Its brushed stainless steel cover not only makes it durable for use but also fits in any kitchen décor.

4. Chef’sChoice 840 WafflePro traditional waffle maker

Chef’sChoice 840 WafflePro Taste / Texture Select Waffle Maker Traditional Five of Hearts Easy to Clean Nonstick Plates, 5-Slice, Silver

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This is one of the Best Traditional Waffle Makers. It is a non-stick waffle maker that makes 5 heart-shaped pieces at a time. This advanced design makes your waffles in like 90 seconds. It’s small in size and can fit in any storage option.

It has heat settings that allow you to choose the texture you would like for your waffle. Its unique baking quad system lets you customize your ideal color, flavor, and texture. Its floating top plate ensures it has an even distribution and thickness of the batter.

Cleaning it is a breeze and it will deliver the crispier waffles with soft interiors.

5. Croquade U11001 Belgian Waffle Maker Bundle

Croquade U11001 Belgian Waffle Maker Bundle, includes Belgian Waffle Plate and Stuffed Waffle Plate (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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The waffle maker is made in Belgium and it rotates back and forth to evenly distribute the batter. It also has the cast aluminum plates that are nonstick, removable, and dishwasher safe.

It has 8 different stuffed waffle plates which you can buy on the side. They are essential if you would like to test your culinary skills. You can mix different toppings or make the waffle savory and sweet.

The temperature gauge at the top helps to supply even heat and ultimately deliver the waffle texture you like. The waffle maker is designed to make both the liege and Brussels waffles. It is one of the best waffle makers for crispy waffles.

6.Breville BWM520XL The No Mess Waffle Make

Breville BWM520XL No-Mess Waffle Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel

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The waffle maker cooks even the overflown batter to avoid wasting and ease cleaning. It has 7-adjustable settings for your heat control and baking settings. Unlike other waffle irons, this one has a safety locking mechanism for your safety.

It further features power and a ready light indicator to alert you when the waffle maker is ready to cook. Its thermal pro-heating allows for heat to circulate freely in the waffle maker and thus result in a crisp and soft waffle.

7. KRUPS 8000035972 GQ502D Belgian Waffle Maker

KRUPS Belgian Waffle Maker, Waffle Maker with Removable Plates, 4 Slices, Black and Silver

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This waffle maker features 5 browning levels. If you want your waffles light or dark it’s upon you to choose. It has extra-deep pockets to bake your waffles. Also, it produces crispy waffles with a light and fluffy interior.

Moreover, its die-cast plates are not only non-stick but also removable for easy cleaning. It has a ready alert light indicator to tell you when it’s ready to cook and cooked already. The exterior features a stainless steel polish for durability.

8. DASH No Mess Belgian Waffle Maker

DASH No-Drip Belgian Waffle Maker: Waffle Iron 1200W + Waffle Maker Machine For Waffles, Hash Browns, or Any Breakfast, Lunch, & Snacks with Easy Clean, Non-Stick + Mess Free Sides - Silver

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The waffle maker is versatile since you can use it to make your pizza biscuits, panniers, and waffles. It has deep pockets that get a hold of any excess batter thus making cleaning easier. It’s easy to heat up and its non-stick surface allows for even cooking.

9. All-Clad 2100046968 99010GT Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker

All-Clad 2100046968 99010GT Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker with 7 Browning Settings, 4-Square, Silver

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It has extra deep pockets for ease when holding the toppings. You can choose from the 7 settings of the browning effect. The advanced heat technology allows for evenly distributing heat and steam release to make the crispy waffle exteriors and fluffy interior.

It features a ready to cook and ready to eat light indicator for precise cooking. Moreover, its non-stick surface offers an instant release of your waffles while the easy to remove drip trays make cleaning easy.

Additionally, it features a high-quality stainless steel polish for enhanced durability. Here’s to an easy to use a gadget.

Let’s talk more about the liege waffle.

What is liege waffle?


Aside from the beer and chocolate, the waffle is probably the most popular Belgium export. Understand that though liege waffle is quite new in some parts of the world, it has existed in Belgium for ages. Its dough is made using Belgian peal sugar and yeast.

The Belgians use dough instead of the normal batter to make their waffles. They have their waffles categorized into 2:

  • Brussels waffle
  • Liege waffle.

Brussels waffle is made of a light dough that is leavened using yeast. It’s pale golden and fluffy with deep squares to hold the toppings. It depends on toppings to flavor it so the waffle crust is never highly flavored.

On the other hand, the Liege waffle is utterly delicious that it needs no toppings. It’s made using the brioche-like dough, and lacing of melted pearl sugars. It is rich in flavors and has a perfectly crunchy texture.

The waffles are used as snacks in Belgium and not necessarily for breakfast meals only but throughout the day.

American waffle vs liege waffle vs Brussels waffle vs Belgian waffle

Belgian waffles


They are larger and thicker than the regular American waffle. They have deep pockets that you can fill with your desired toppings. It’s made using a light batter that is leavened with baking powder.

Funny enough unlike the name, the Belgian waffle originated in North America. It was made to emulate the Brussels waffle. No wonder, when you visit Belgium there’s no such thing as the Belgian waffle. You get to choose from either Brussels or liege waffle.

You use a specific Belgian waffle iron to make Belgian waffle into rectangular or circular shapes among other shapes. However, American waffle uses small waffle makers.

The American wafflethe-american-waffle

unlike the Belgian waffle, is thin and dense. Its squares are smaller and numerous to hold the toppings which might be anything from syrups to gravies. They aren’t only used for breakfast but also as bases for dishes like chicken and waffle.

The Liege waffle, on the other hand, is a type of Belgian waffle that is closely related to the Brussels and Belgian waffle. Its leavened with yeast then towards the end, the pearl sugar is added to caramelize it.

Brussels waffle


It’s made using the beaten or whisked egg whites together with yeast for leavening. These two are responsible for their fluffy texture. It’s normally served for the dessert and it, like the liege and Belgian waffle has deep pockets.

The pearl sugar is responsible for its sweetness and exterior texture. The waffle doesn’t get soggy when served with ice cream and fruits because of its exterior coat. Moreover, unlike other waffles, it has uneven and unfinished edges.


There are so many types of waffle makers. Whenever you are thinking of buying a waffle maker, know the kind of waffle you intend to cook.waffles-iron

This is mostly dependent on the region of origin. The waffles makers are as many as the different kinds of waffles we have.

Below are the famous ones:

  • Belgian waffle maker

This features the most common waffle maker that makes them square in shape. The thickness of the waffles made in this tool is between 1-2 inches and the waffles are crispy on the outside and thick on the inside.

  • Square waffle maker

In regards to popularity, alongside the circle shape of the waffle is the square-shaped one. The square waffle maker makes your waffles to a square shape. Additionally, the Belgian waffle is square in shape thus you may opt to use this maker.

However, your waffle will be as thick or thin as you want it to be.

  • Classic round waffle maker

The round-waffle is often referred to as the American waffle. This maker makes a round-shaped waffle that is thin too. The waffles here look like the ones you buy in stores.

  • Flip waffle maker

This waffle maker can flip the batter for even distribution. It’s a modern kind of waffle maker that reduces the mess when you are cooking with the waffle maker. It further cooks your waffle evenly and you don’t expect any uncooked parts.

  • Heart waffle maker

You can find different shapes of waffles which include the star, triangle and heart shapes. This heart-shaped maker is popular in Scandinavian countries. Most kids love these unique waffle shapes too.

  • Waffle iron

This is also known as the stovetop waffle maker. From the name, you make the waffles over the stove.

  • The ceramic waffle maker

Here is the best choice as opposed to the Teflon coated waffle makers. To most people, it’s the easiest to clean and it won’t impart the metal flavor to your waffle. It’s also free of the harmful chemical compound used on kitchenware.

  • Gas waffle maker

This is the ideal waffle maker because its independent of electric use. They suit your mobile outlets and the end product is normally better than the electric type. The waffles cooked in the gas maker receive intense heat transfer which gives it a perfect texture.

In most cases, the gas waffle maker produces waffles on a large scale which makes it suitable for commercial use.


  • Waffle shape

Most of the waffle makers are round or sometimes square. This doesn’t mean that you won’t find other shape makers. Over recent years, the waffle shapes have come to test. Everyone wants that waffle maker that can design the heart shape and most other unique shapes.

If you have children then you will be forced to buy a maker that can make unique shapes as that’s what excites children. Worry not though because there are even companies that make waffles that have different images engraved on them.

  • The waffle styles

As we have seen, there are different styles of waffle makers in the market. From the American style to the liege style you all get to choose.

  • Its size

This is usually about the intended output. How many waffles would you like your waffle maker to produce? There are waffle makers that make a dozen waffles at a time. There are those that make the classic single or double waffles.

When you are considering the size, remember, the size goes hand in hand with the storage options. If you want a large waffle maker and you don’t have a storage place then it will become a waste to you.

  • The waffle thicknesses

I don’t know how thick you like your waffles but there is every thickness waffle maker available. If you like the thin American style or thick Belgian style, it’s all a personal preference.

  • The grill surface

I have heard several complaints in regards to the waffle maker cleaning. This is often the traditional kind which has no non-stick surfaces. It makes it harder to clean than the modern types.

Using a modern waffle maker also means that once the waffles are cooked you only need to slide them onto the plate. Nevertheless, use the oil and spray to grease your waffles surface before you place the batter or dough. The best material is either ceramic or Teflon coated.

  • Check its light display

The traditional waffle style didn’t have a light indicator for showing that your waffle is cooked. People used guesswork. The modern maker though has a light indicator to alert you when the maker is heated enough for you to pour the batter in or place the dough.

You may also have a waffle maker alerting you when the waffle is ready. Others also show you the time remaining before they are ready.

  • The digital controls

The waffle makers today have a digital display that is a single push button. The digital control panel is convenient for use to that person who often cooks waffles.


There are those of us who believe that a great waffle is only made in their best restaurant. But you can make the same waffle at home with the right resources.

  • It saves money

Studies have indicated that there are countries that spend more money in restaurants than they do buying ingredients for their home kitchen. With your own waffle maker, you will not only make your own healthy options but also cut on the cost of buying restaurant food.

  • You design a healthy choice

Unlike the waffles you find in the restaurants, with your own waffle maker, you can make the healthy version. You just need to utilize the recipes online to make a low fat, gluten-free, sugar-free option. For the toppings case, you may use fresh fruits available or other nutritious choices.

  • It saves time

Whenever you are at home and you crave the waffle, you will have to go to your best restaurant for it. However, when you have your waffle maker it will take you under 10 minutes to make the waffle.

  • It’s flexible

The waffle maker will help you prepare not only the breakfast treat but you can also make some savory waffle options for both lunch and dinner.

  • You can alter the batter

Unlike the restaurant design where you are hooked to their batter design, at home you can add some ingredients or remove unpleasant ingredients to your batter. You can also play around with the toppings.


As you have seen, there are many different types of waffles. They are all made differently but, for the basic waffle, follow the steps below.

  • Make your batter depending on the kind of waffle you have in mind. You can either buy the waffle pre-made or make yours. There are various recipes to follow online.
  • Turn the waffle on to heat up. This may take a couple of minutes and it all depends on the maker you are using. Grease the waffle maker even if it’s non-stick. Use butter or oil for the greasing. You can even use herbs to season it.
  • Your display light will then show you when the maker is heated enough. When this happens, begin pouring the mixture in the middle of the waffle maker.
  • Carefully close the lid of the waffle maker and wipe off the batter drips.
  • At this point, you can turn your waffle if it’s a flip waffle maker.
  • The cooking process should take anything between 2 -5 minutes. Your indicator lights will alert you once it’s fully cooked.
  • Place the waffles on a plate and add your desirable toppings then you are ready to serve.


Of course, there are different kinds of waffle makers but when you cover the cleaning of a Belgian waffle maker you will have covered pretty much every kind of waffle maker cleaning process. They don’t require heavy cleaning and maintenance if you clean them during use.

While using the waffle maker, always clean it off any drips by wiping it with a damp kitchen cloth or paper towel.

Remember to switch it off before you begin cleaning to avoid electric shock.

  • After usage, wipe out the remains of the butter or waffle crumbles and residues with a paper towel. Don’t scratch the surface because you can easily remove the coating.
  • Don’t ever wash the waffle maker or submerge it in water.
  • Instead, put your kitchen cloth in warm soapy water then use it to wipe the stuck batter if there’s any. You can also use the rubber spatula to remove the stuck batter.
  • Some waffle irons have removable plates. In this case, remove the plates and place in a dishwasher or clean with warm soapy water.
  • Nevertheless, with the simple wiping, you will have removed the oils and left it clean.


If you love waffles, a waffle maker is a must-have tool. Just find yourself the best waffle recipe and the best waffle maker then begin cooking yourself. It matters not if you like the Belgian waffles or the American waffles, owning a waffle iron has vast benefits.

Nevertheless, for the best results, consider buying Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker.  The second best choice is

Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker as it’s a sold by Presto that will serve you in making both the Brussel and liege waffle.

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