Low Moisture Mozzarella Vs. Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

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When you talk of pizza, the first cheese that comes to mind is mozzarella cheese. Being the first cheese on the first pizza globally, it became a loved cheese among many pizza inventors.

Today, it’s still a significant type that suits the different styles of pizza. It comes in handy even on other meals. But the question is which one should you buy low moisture or fresh mozzarella.

If you are anything like me who likes both of these cheese types, you will notice that it’s sometimes confusing to know which one to use. But this article is for those who prefer one over the other.

Understanding these two mozzarella cheese

Fresh mozzarella

This is a more traditional and iconic mozzarella style that you can amazingly use on most Italian recipes. It comes in a different white snowy colored ball.

If your recipe calls for a soupy cheese, then it’s possible that then it will work. It contains high moisture content. The problem with that then is that bacteria will quickly attack it, which then shortens the lifespan.


For those who enjoy a pool of cheese, though, this is what you should use on your meals. If, for example, you like a pool of cheese on your Neapolitan pizza, consider this mozzarella di bufala style. It will always mean that you attain the cheesy, gooey goodness.

Don’t worry about the moisture, though, because when you bake it, then it’s going to evaporate. The cheese then will just melt to allow the perfect goodness.

Low moisture mozzarella

From the name, then you already know that it’s the opposite of the one above. It has a low moisture content; thus, it’s the one you will find in most grocery stores.


You will have some people call it the aged mozzarella, stringy mozzarella, or the regular mozzarella, or just mozzarella.

Therefore, the significant difference starts with the fact that they give it some time to age well. This is the cheese you will mostly have in the dairy cases. They sell them in dairy bags, sometimes pre-shredded bags, whole blocks, or even the string cheese.

It has a tangier taste with a salty flavor that is out rightly so addictive in describing this. Also, you can be sure that as it ages, then it will get even saltier. In making this cheese, they sour the fresh mozzarella longer to make it longer shelf life.

Since the cheese has lower moisture, you can expect that it will have a better browning effect. It’s best for those who enjoy saltiness.

What it looks or feels like in your mouth

Fresh mozzarella is just that fresh, and aside from its snowy white color, it’s going to be pillow-soft. It also comes in different ball sizes.

When packing it, therefore the manufactures like to pack it in water. Sometimes they set it in the plastic wrap immediately but be informed that you should consume it within seven days of its production.


It may not work in other foods since it’s soupy as it works when you use it on the Neapolitan pizza.

But the low moisture one that we have already talked of in length is yellow and drier than the fresh mozzarella. Notice that although it looks like it’s not the main thing, the mozzarella has a better melt ability, yet its long life means you can use it differently. It stands out for being elastic and also stretchy.

What makes the mozzarella?

Contrary to what you would typically think, fresh mozzarella is not always made using buffalo milk. Traditionally they only made the milk using buffalo milk but not today.

It was first made in Campania, Italy. There were more than enough buffalos in the region at the time, and the only milk they used then was the buffalo’s milk.

If you are one of those strict people who believe you have to use the traditional mozzarella, you still may find it from this region. The thing, though, is that the buffalo’s milk they use can’t feed all our mozzarella needs.

When making this mozzarella, they follow a strict set of guidelines by the ‘consortium di tutela.’ This one they made to guide and protect the production of the mozzarella. This is why we advise that whenever you are buying the ‘mozzarella di bufala,’ then you should check the seal DOP.

Today, therefore, most people don’t depend on the buffalo’s milk. Here in America, we don’t use buffalo milk to make the fresh mozzarella, just cow’s milk. But if you don’t mind where it’s from but only like to eat the ‘mozzarella di bufalla,’ you can also find some they make in Columbia.

Low moisture mozzarella, though, features the use of the rennet coagulated milk. Mozzarella cheese is an Italian creation of cheese, but the low moisture one was first founded in the US. This one they made intending to make it easy to transport and also distribute the cheese.

So today, once they make it, you can have it stay in the fridge for as long as a month without getting bad. Notice that according to FDA, the low moisture cheese has to have 45-52% moisture. Again, when you are using the regular mozzarella, you expect it to have about 60% moisture.

What do you think of the flavors?

Low moisture has a saltier flavor, as we had already mentioned, and it’s often denser. Sometimes they even flavor it by smoking it.

On the other hand, the fresh mozzarella has a creamy milky flavor, yet it’s still fresh. This one is often mild and delicate mild with an almost bland flavor. Notice that you should have it being a little sour; however, if it gets too sour, it tells you that it’s aging or is getting spoilt.

The uses

Why do they like to use mozzarella on the pizza?

There’s a reason why at the very first, they used the mozzarella on the pizza. People like the different kinds of mozzarella on the pizza because it’s elastic and stretchy. It further has a perfect consistency, and it will often cook nicely in the oven.

For the fresh mozzarella, they like to use it on the Neapolitan pizza, but you can also use it on any other kind of pizza if you want.

Other times you can use it on the salads, and you will therefore need to cut it with your knives if you like or throw them in.

Low moisture one will suit all the different kinds of pizzas, but you can also use it on the casserole, pizza snack, salad, and many other things. You will like its creamy texture remember.

1. Belgioioso, Fresh Mozzarella Log

Belgioioso Fresh Mozzarella Log, 16 oz

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This brand is famous for making some of the very best cheese types. When you want to eat your fresh mozzarella, you can also use the ones you find from their brand. It features pasteurized milk, and they also use vinegar, enzyme, and salts to make it.

One thing you should know is that you will find it easy to portion the cheese. It doesn’t matter when you are using it on the salad, lasagna, or even the baked ziti; it will work. When you are making the Neapolitan pizza, you can also use it.

If you like the Italian style of cheese, but you can’t get one at the moment, you can use this type of cheese. Notice, though, that they use the vegetarian rennet to make it easy to use by the vegetarians. You will like it most for the milky flavors.

2. Fresh Italian Cheese Mozzarella Treccia

Fresh Italian Cheese Mozzarella Treccia - 6 pcs x 8 ounces (1 case x 3 pounds)

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Do you only want to try the authentic and fresh mozzarella cheese? Here is one of the best options you can use at any time. The only difference is that they didn’t roll it to a ball; instead, they braided it.

Even though you are sourcing it from Italy, you will find that they make the cheese using cow’s milk. This is why it comes in a pale yellow color, and the cheese is further stringy.

It’s one of the fresh cheese you can use to attain the Neapolitan pizza. In braiding it, they aim to make sure you attain a unique texture different from the usual balls. With this one, you will have a fresh spongy but also a mild taste.

3. Fresh Smoked Mozzarella

Fresh Italian Cheese Smoked Mozzarella - 6 pcs. x 8 ounces

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This one, although we call it fresh, is a flavored type of fresh mozzarella cheese. It will often give your pizza an even smoky flavor. Here you, therefore, have a soft, silky but also ultra-fresh mozzarella cheese.

You will notice that this cheese also has an enhanced milky flavor to blend well with the pizza crust and the toppings. This isn’t the fresh mozzarella you find in Italy; instead, it’s the type they make in Miami and such places.

Made using cow’s milk, this cheese is nicely tasty to go with the different meals, including pasta and pizza.

So then you will always have the spongy texture with this one. You can even melt it on your grilled or roasted meats.

Low moisture vs. fresh mozzarella

The truth is that both cheese types are great. You have to know which one serves you better. Of course, the significant difference is that one has a lot of moisture while the other doesn’t.

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