How to Cook Frozen Pizza in Microwave

Before you even dispute that you can cook pizza in a microwave, let me remind you that we are talking of frozen pizza.

I know how hard it is to cook sometimes, so gadgets like the microwave are common.

They are this generation’s tools for quick fixes. The microwave is best used for reheating, but it will also help cook the frozen pizza fast.

I know most people like frozen pizza just because it’s easier to cook; it’s a quick fix. But if you are to make the pizza fresh theirs so much that goes to it.

This is why people like to buy frozen pizza, especially for the days when you’re too tired.

This is why most people only buy the frozen one with almost every ingredient you need and heats it before eating it.

What’s a frozen pizza

frozen pizza 1

These are the set pizza that you buy in the store without it being cooked. It’s often more par-cooked and not fully cooked.

So it has flatbread, cheese, sauce, and meats if you choose such. But they are in the frozen form.

So when you get it out of the paper, your work is to set it in a heat source to bake, and in less than ten minutes, you are ready to eat it.

Microwave is a handy kitchen gadget, but mostly we don’t use it for cooking; instead, we use it to reheat.

But when it comes to the frozen pizza, yes, you can cook it in the microwave if you know how to go about it.

However, don’t expect the crust to be as crispy as when you are cooking it in the oven.

For great results, you need to follow the instructions that the manufacturer gives you regarding how you can cook it in the microwave.

In most cases, you will have the instructions scripted on the package to guide you.

So whenever you are buying frozen pizza, you should also consider the ones that list how to cook it in the microwave.

Such types will even have a crisper paper in the package to help deliver the crispy crust if you need it.

Can you microwave the pizza?

Of course, yes. You should know how to go about it, and then that makes it easy to cook.

Even with the difference in how the microwave cooks or reheats food, you can still use it.

But let’s be clear that the microwave is not going to be the ideal method to use in cooking the pizza.

There are other methods like the oven, stovetop but also air fryer.

The reason why most people don’t use it is that it quickly gets the pizza soggy.

Still, I say that it will cook your frozen pizza, and if you know how to go about it, you will have slight crispiness.

How the microwave works

Before we check how it gets your pizza on the table, we have to show you how it works.

The microwave doesn’t heat your food with the direct contact method; instead, they use radiation.

This radiation then moves the water molecules in the food to heat up and even turn to steam.

With this, the food gets hot.

This is good for foods like sauces, but when you’re talking of bread-like foods that you need to be crusty, this is hard.

Remember, the food here retains the steam, which is also why it gets soggy.

If you have the pizza crust in contact with the plate, you will have it becoming soggy and rubbery.

Sometimes it even gets mashed up.

How to prepare the frozen pizza?

The type of frozen pizza matters

Before anything starts here, you ought to consider the type of frozen pizza you are using.

Just remember it comes in different crusts. You will have the pan crust, thin crust, brick oven crust, to mention a few.

Aside from that, then the brands you can use matter, and they will determine whether it will work for you or not.

There are a few options you can choose from. I like Tony’s pepperoni pizza, but I sometimes even use the California pizza kitchen and red baron type. Which one do you like?

So which type of pizza did you buy? Sometimes they have the right and enough ingredients, but other times you need more ingredients to make it more pizza-like.

The type of frozen pizza you decide to use will determine how good it is remembering.

Don’t blame the oven when you didn’t even have the right toppings and crust, so your pizza is bland.

Another thing remembers to only choose the ones with the indication that you can microwave to cook.

If you don’t, then it won’t work for you in the microwave.

Which crust?

Notice, though, that if you have a thick crust, you should give it between 8-10 to heat up and cook.

But before you even go on to cooking, I want you to know that your microwave may not brown your pizza crust as that is not what it does.

If you want it brown, though, you can find the safe to use the pizza stones in a microwave and use them. Alternatively, cook it in the pan too to attain the perfect color.

Read your instructions

So please read the instruction behind as that will guide you to knowing how long to cook it.

Also, a good brand will set in a crisper paper to help you when cooking the pizza. This is the easiest way to make it not soggy.

How to cook it

Open your oven door, set the pizza plate in the microwave, and then set the minutes to microwave it.

Notice that this will work best if your microwaves under the high heat setting of about 1100 wattage for it to work right.

In about 7-10minutes, the pizza is ready, so remove it, cut the steaming hot pizza, and enjoy it.

Don’t worry even if it didn’t turn brown because, as you can see, it’s bread-like on the inside, which also means that it’s nicely cooked.

You will know it’s cooked when you notice the stretchy cheese.

The top part will often become crispy, but the lower part may either be bready or a little crispy.

For a crispy crust

If you want to have a crispy crust with your pizza, here’s what you should do.

Because of the microwave cooks, you may mostly have its pizza crust being doughy. But you can use the methods we suggest here to ensure you avoid sogginess.

So the first thing is to have a microwave-safe object that you set the pizza on, like the cardboard you bought it in.

This sets the pizza raised and allowing the steam to go beneath without really wetting the pizza.

The best one, though, is a microwave crisper pan. Therefore, it would help if you preheated the crisper pan and then start to brown the pizza. This will give you a crispier pizza.

It would help if you considered dual cooking in other methods, where you use both the microwave and the stove.

So it would help if you microwaved it in the plate for a few minutes, then remove it.

Take a large pan and set it on the stove, and heat it with some oil. Now set the pizza you microwave on the pan to brown and make it crispy.

Next, take it back to the microwave for a few minutes to cook for at least two more minutes.

Finally, set it on the pan with oil for the final browning. You will have melted cheese, hot sauce, and crispy crust.

Why do people like to cook it in the microwave?


Anyone thinking of cooking this pizza in the microwave enjoys it because it takes a shorter time if you are going to use the oven, then you will need a lot more time since you have to give it time even to preheat, and that may take up to twenty minutes.

This is for you when you’re hungry or don’t have time to cook the food afresh.

Sometimes we are just tired, and we want a quick meal to finish up.

It reduces the need for too much cleanup.

If you were cooking the pizza, afresh you would have to soil different dishes, which means you have to clean.

When you don’t want to spend time cleaning, then this is the easiest way.


So how long should I take to microwave the pizza?

It takes the pizza the shortest time of about 5 -10 minutes, depending on the brand you bought the pizza from.

Also, the style of cooking the pizza will show you how long to allow the pizza in the microwave.

Are frozen pizzas good?

Yes, they are just companies making your work easy by prepping everything about the pizza and then freezing.

They are safe to it, and so far, no one has complained of health adversities.

Can I use a microwave with a pizza oven for the frozen pizza?

Yes, you know the difference is that you won’t be cooking it in the microwave section rather than the pizza oven.

It’s okay to cook it in the oven or even the microwave, as you can see.

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