What Kind Of Mushrooms Do You Put On Pizza

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On a recent pizza trip, a friend asked me, ‘isn’t mushroom just mushroom, whether in other meals or pizza? What would you say? Do you know the differences?

Notice that we have over 10000 different types of mushrooms across the globe. However, the ones we are interested in today are the types that you can use on the pizza.

In the list we will suggest here, you will find the one you will love and are ready to use with your cheese for pizza. I know you may be wondering how we know the right one to use on your pizza. Of course, with a lot of practice, you’ll know the one that will match your pizza and other meals too.

1. Portobello mushroom

One thing you can never go wrong with is to find the meaty taste on your pizza. When you choose to use the Portobello mushroom. It gives you the texture but also the tastes. It will always deliver robust and meaty flavors.

Just remember to spray or rub on the mushrooms with some olive oil before you set the raw pizza in the oven.

It would help if you also remembered to season the mushroom with salt and pepper. To make it even better, you should sauté it in butter for a few minutes. This will also give and make it a little more flavorful.

Naturally, the process we discuss here will help to soften it just a little more. So now, you should slice the cap into a few tiny pieces before arranging them on your pizza dough and sauce. If you like, you can also add other toppings together with the mushroom.

I find it easier to blend it with different kinds of cheese like parmesan, mozzarella, ricotta, and manchego cheese. You can also add it with sundried tomatoes and spinach.

This is not your regular mushroom style, as you will use them whenever you are making a classic pizza style. I like to even eat the mushroom on my sandwich just because they are nutritious.

With this, you are bound to receive vitamin B as well. Notice, though, that this is one of the most common pizza toppings. Especially in an era when we have more vegans and vegetarians.

2. Button mushroom

Whenever you’re thinking of pizza, the only thing that comes to mind is the white button like ones. We can’t dispute that the world has several great mushrooms aside from the regular button one.

These come to you in a cream white but sometimes also pale tan color. Notice that they feature the use of a firmer texture of the mushrooms. They also have a great and delicate flavor to suit your different styles of pizza.

You can be sure to have it match your different meals. No wonder it remains one of the most common options you can use. You could also use it in salads and soups. Some people even eat it raw.

If you have a protein or vitamin D deficit, this is the best mushroom to use.

3. Pleasing porcinis

This is another one of the most delicious yet famous types of mushrooms. It works great on your pizza too. It comes to you in a reddish-brown color with the perfect and sultry texture. Those usually have a rich woody flavor. This is also why it works great in paring it with the other toppings and thus set it on your pizza.

Here you will therefore have the perfect variety of pizza topping. If you also want, you can blend it with the steak, fontina, parmesan cheese but with onions too.

However, if you love it shining, you should use it together with olive oil, cream, and balsamic vinegar. This one will even make it easy to work with different types of pizza sauces. You will enjoy its nutty flavor that blends perfectly with the different types of pizza.

The difference here is that this mushroom may have the cap grow to even 12 inches. Most people like to use this gourmet mushroom for different meals.

If you are short of proteins, then consider drying it first, making it full of proteins. It works great as a veggie but also as a protein.

You will further have it being rich in vitamin B. Regardless it’s also high in fiber, potassium, and zinc. Its versatility is what makes most chefs prefer it over other types of mushrooms.

4. Shiitake mushroom

When you want to attain a different and even better taste, I suggest that you use this shiitake mushroom for all the perfection and the difference. This is a nutritious mushroom that you will only find in the east of Asia. This one is going to be your medicinal mushroom, you know.

It will work great if you set them on a log of wood. It is only then you can attain the healthiest high-quality mushroom. Now the good thing is that they don’t only use it for medicine, but today you can also use it as part of your food.

Here you will have a rich, buttery, but also flavorful mushroom. These are the unique flavors that you will not find in other mushrooms. When you then dry the mushroom, you will attain the smoky but also delicious flavors. Then, when you are going to set the pizza in the oven, you will have it amplify the tastes.

It comes in a light gray French color.  

5. Cremini mushroom

Here you have the perfect mushroom that is also the same as the white button mushroom type. Notice, though, that they will have a minimal difference between the two. The first difference is that it has a coffee-like tan to make a perfect difference. It further has a richer flavor than the white one again.

You will notice that this mushroom is almost in the middle of both the white mushroom and the Portobello mushroom when you look at them. So when you’re looking for the meaty mushroom, you should look no further than this type of mushroom. Note that this one will be of higher flavor than the white mushroom.

6. Truffles

You can’t finish this article without mentioning the truffles mushroom. Therefore, if you are going to use the shaved truffles, that then makes it transform a gourmet pizza.

Notice then that you will either have the black or white mushrooms. Here you will then have the pungent but also a musky and sweet delicious type of mushroom. It often has a sophisticated undertone. White truffles, though, are often milder, and yet they have the hints of garlic and pepper.

You will need to be creative when making the pizza, though. You can blend it with shellfish, roasted chicken, and other styles of mushroom. If you use the white mushroom, then you will use it together with the other Italian ingredients. You can mainly use it with artichokes, parmesan cheese, cream sauce, and even prosciutto.

This happens to be one of the most preferred mushrooms as well. It makes the perfect topping too. This is an excellent protein, and it will work great if you are a vegan since your body is looking for more protein content.

Generally, we might say that the truffle has a pungent flavor. But it also has a garlic-like taste. Notice that they will have an intense aroma making your pizza stand out.

7. Chanterelles

This one is not only delicious; it’s nutritious with rich vitamin C &D. They always also have potassium and iron.

You will not forget the fact that this mushroom is aromatic with a pepper-like flavor. They take the trumpet’s shape, but then you can be sure it will make your pizza nicely different. So cut the mushroom pieces and then add on to the raw pizza to start the baking process.

Alternatively, you will need to sauté it in some butter to enhance the flavors before adding it to the pizza. If you want, though, you can blend it with different meats like pork and ham. You can then also season these pieces with garlic, among other options.

Remember, you will need to know this before you start working with the chanterelle mushroom pizza.

In most cases, you will need to cook the mushroom just a little bit before you set them on the pizza. You can also sauté it in butter mostly to flavor it just a little bit. Not to say that you can set it on the pizza without first cooking it. You can do that, but then it may not be as nice as you would have had it.

8. Morel mushroom

Now, this is my favorite mushroom that I must say will deliver the perfect texture and taste.

Most people like the mushroom because of its earthy yet nutty flavors. Notice that these have deeper flavors. The moment you try, then you will never want to eat any other type of mushrooms, you know.

So then notice that you won’t find them in every store, but then you will find them on most pizzas. These mushrooms will always set the bar too high for you when you try them on the pizza.

Try this mushroom pizza recipe.


Of course, I was going to give you a sample of my favorite mushroom pizza. I can assure you that you will never go wrong with the mushroom pizza. It will always be as tasty as you need it to be.

If you are going got use the mushroom on the pizza, you should try and only use the fresh choice. It will deliver the perfect flavors for your delicious choice. I noticed too that you would have the pizza serve you immensely when you like healthy options.

Can I have the mushroom not being slimy on my pizza?

When you are making the pizza, one of the most significant problems is that it will get soggy or mushy sometimes.

You will find that sometimes your mushroom will still be raw.

Sometimes though, you can’t prevent the problem where you notice that it’s overcooked.

You will need to know why it appears slimy. Are you buying the canned ones, and you use them without draining the brine solution? That will lead to sliminess. So it would help if you drained it to make sure it’s free of excess water.

Notice, though, that even the raw and fresh mushroom always has a lot of water, which is also why it gets soggy. This is why you don’t want to set the raw mushroom on your pizza. Remember to first off roast it or then also sauté and grill it. In the end, then you will attain the perfect flavors, and this is what you will always run to.

But what if it dries out?

Okay, if you have a different problem, you should slice them thinly and then set them under the cheese. This will then mean you have at least insulated them to keep the moisture.

Which kind of mushroom is best

Notice that you can use almost any kind of mushroom to make your favorite pizza. But keep off the canned ones.

  • Fresh ones are the perfect pieces.

Of course, you will never go wrong when you use fresh ones. So then, you will mix up the different types of mushrooms for the perfect textures.

  • No to the canned ones

If you are confident about your cooking, you can use it to understand the tricks to make it work. But generally, keep off this kind of mushroom. In most cases, the mushroom will be slimy, which will be bad for your pizza.

The most important points to consider before you cook pizza

This is going to be a white pizza without traces of red sauce. I know this may look weird to some people, but I can’t tell you how much it’s delicious.

Notice that you don’t have to use the white sauce. If you are Italian, you know that a white pizza will be your recipe without the red sauce. As long as you don’t use red sauce, you are good to go.

  • Cook the mushroom first.

Don’t go with the belief that it can work because it won’t if you don’t cook it first. This will balance the juices. It’s not going to be too watery, but it won’t be dry either.

  • Look for creamy cheese.

It’s safe to say that it’s better to use goat cheese to bring the creaminess. For the perfect flavors, add the goat cheese.   

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