The Crust Options at Papa John’s – From Thin to Stuffed

Papa John’s UK is known for its delicious, high-quality pizzas, but did you know that the crust is just as important as the toppings?

With a variety of crust options available, Papa John’s makes it easy to customize your pizza to your taste preferences.

From authentic thin crust to stuffed crust, there’s a Papa John’s crust for every type of pizza lover.

Papa John’s in the UK has five crust styles:

  • Stuffed Crust (also available as Vegan Stuffed Crust)
  • Authentic Thin Crust
  • Original Crust
  • Butternut Squash Base
  • Pepperoni Stuffed Crust

Refer to the table below for each crust style’s allergens and available sizes.

Papa Johns Pizza Crust Infographic

Table of Papa John’s Crust Styles UK

Crust Style Ingredient Allergens What Is It? Available Sizes
Original Crust



Wheat A soft and light dough that goes well with any pizza style. Its thickness is just right, between thick and thin. You can expect 100% fresh dough on each order. Small, Medium, Large, and XXL
Authentic Thin Crust




Wheat and Soy


A lighter and crispier crust style packed with the flavours you need. Since the crust is thinner, you get to taste the toppings and sauces more. Its crispy base makes it easy to hold on to a slice, especially when walking or standing. Medium, Large, and XXL
Stuffed Crust (also available as Vegan Stuffed Crust) Gluten, Wheat, Barley, Sulphites/ Sulphur Dioxide, Milk A hand-rolled crust made with 100% fresh dough and cheesy mozzarella. This crust style is also available for vegan pizzas, perfect for any dietary preference. Medium, Large, and XXL
Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Milk and Wheat A crust made with the original base in combination with pepperoni and cheese stuffed crust. You can have this crust style for large pizzas only. Moreover, it is not available for vegan cheeses. Large
Butternut Squash Base




A gluten-free base made from 42% butternut squash, maize starch, sunflower oil, pea flour, and potato starch, among other ingredients. It is the best alternative for those looking for wheat-free or gluten-free pizzas. However, since the kitchen contains gluten ingredients, it may still not be suitable for Coeliacs. Moreover, this crust style is only available for medium-size pizzas. Medium

No matter which crust option you choose, Papa John’s delivers a delicious pizza experience every time.

Why not try something new and customize your pizza with a different crust option today?

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