Papa John’s Vs. Domino’s Vs. Pizza Hut Vs. Little Caesars

These four pizza chains will often come up when you are talking about famous pizza outlets. They have some of the best pizzas and have a significant number of customers, so they are likely to be popular.

It is normal to make comparisons from time to time to see if you are getting the best out of the pizza joint that you patronize.

If not, then there is a need to try something different. With pizza being a national treasure and the second most popular food, you will find people making comparisons among the different pizza chains.

This article will look at these four pizza chains and see what sets them apart from each other, what is unique about a particular one, where they outperform others.

The question of which is best is a personal opinion, and the aim is not to decide which is best.

We are just here to state the facts. You decide which seems to suit you most.

1. Pizza

Little Caesars


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If you are looking for convenience and cheap pizza, then you certainly can rely on Little Caesars. They are not bad and not so fantastic either, and they offer you above the average kind of pizza meal.

If you are hoping to get gourmet pizzas from this chain, you would need to reconsider your options. As I said earlier, they are not bad, but neither are they so great about giving you the best pizza experience. It is a decent place to order your pizza.


Dominos pizza

Dominos has been around the block for a long time, and they have had changes and improvements to serve their customers better. Their new menu has improved, and you should check them out.

Also, their menu is diverse and offers a lot of options to suit your taste and longings.

Their pizza is undoubtedly more than above average. This is one pizza chain that has good pizzas and options. It would help if you tried their thin crust double pepperoni; it is a delicious pizza.

Papa Johns Pizza


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This is one pizza outlet that you can get the best pizza experience. Their fresh ingredients and passion for making great pizzas are unmatched.

For example, they do not use the overnight sauce for the following day. They try to maintain that fresh taste, and you can be sure to return again and again.

Their pizzas’ top-notch quality is more costly and pricy than the other three pizza chains in this article. But be assured that you will get quality for your spending.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut pizza

Pizza Hut is a great pizza chain, they offer quality pizzas, and their service and environment are warm and welcoming.

Their pizzas have varieties; this includes the crust and the toppings. And they have appealing trademark menus.

Their pizzas’ quality is why their prices are on the high side compared to places like Domino. They provide an excellent neat environment for you to sit in and have your pizza

2. Toppings

Dominos comes first when it comes to the variety of options available to customers. They are followed by Pizza hut, which also has a fair amount of variety that you can choose from. Little Caesars has fewer options and variety for you to pick from.

All these four pizza chains have the option for you to create your pizza. While they all have these option, Dominos and Pizza Hut offers you more option for customization. You have various crusts that you can pick from, and Little Caesars offers only four crust options.

Little Caesars is the only pizza chain among the other three that offers only one sauce option, the traditional red sauce. The other pizza chains provide up to four pizza sauce that you can customize your pizza with.

3. Price

Little Caesars

If you are looking for where to get the cheapest pizza among these four chains, you should try out Little Caesars.

A large pepperoni pizza goes for as low as $5. This does not mean that you might get the best out of the pizzas, but you do not expect much quality from your pizza if you are paying so little.

Also, you have less variety at a low price. This means that you are limited and might not get the exact flavor or types of toppings you might be looking for. Wave goodbye to delivery If you are buying from this pizza chain.

When you order, you need to get the pizza yourself as there is no delivery option. So this might work best for you if you stay close to or next-door to the pizza restaurant.


Dominos is not the cheapest on the list, but when you look at other factors such as variety, convenience, and value, they are relatively cheap. Their large pepperoni pizza will cost you $11. You get a lot of options to choose from, so you are not limited for choice.

With a fair price, you can get a relatively good pizza, which you are not managing. You get value for the amount you have spent on your pizza. It is also convenient because you can order online and have it delivered instead of getting it yourself.

Papa Johns

This is the most costly option out of all the four mentioned here. It will cost you $15 to order a large pepperoni pizza. This is almost double the price that you will spend if you ordered from little Caesars. But the thing is that they offer more variety and quality, and they also offer delivery services.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut follows Papa John’s when it comes to pricy pizzas. You can expect this high price because they give you quality for your money. It would cost you $15 just like in Papa John’s, to get a large pepperoni pizza. This is double the amount that you will spend in Little Caesars.

4. Crust

Dominos Crust

Dominos crust is fantastic, and they offer one of the best crusts in the pizza market. Their menu contains different crust types that you might be looking for, and their thin and pan crust is among the best that you will find anywhere.

Domino’s pizza flavors and seasons their crust; this gives the crust an exquisite taste like never before. There are five types of crust that you can find at Domino’s.

The first is the traditional hand-tossed crust. This crust is crispy on the outside and soft and light on the inside

The second crust is the cheese burst crust; this crust is filled with cheese on the inside, making it very yummy. With this cheese bust crust, you do not need extra cheese toppings, although you can still get it if you want to. The third crust is the Wheat Thin Crust; this crust is a much healthier option. It is delicious, and it is made from wheat.

The fourth crust is the fresh pan pizza; this is one of the tastiest crust you will find around. This crust is freshly baked, it is delicious and soft with extra cheese, and it is very crunchy.

You can see that you have many options to choose from with Dominos regarding their pizza crust. With them, you never get bored, because you have varieties to choose from.

Little Caesars Crust

Little Caesars does not have a lot of pizza crust options like Dominos. They serve a deep-dish pizza crust option. This deep dish seems undercooked, and the cheese gets overshadowed because of the extra bread. but their normal-sized pizzas are fantastic and well done.

Their thin crust option is much better and preferable; it is popularly known as Extra Most bestest thin crust. Their stuffed crust is heavenly; it is stuffed with cheese.

This stuffed crust is sprinkled with parmesan cheese, and it can compete with Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust. If you have less money, you should be satisfied with what you get because they are relatively cheap.

They also have a deep-dish crust made with bacon. This bacon is wrapped with dough, and you need 3.5 feet of bacon for this pizza crust. But you should be aware that a slice of this pizza contains 450 calories. If you are hoping to eat less calories in a day, this might not be for you.

Pizza Hut Crust

Pizza Hut Crust

Some of Pizza hut crusts are wonderful, mostly because they have a buttery taste and flavor. Their pan crust is their traditional crust that has been their signature right from inception. This is also known as their deep-dish pizza.

This pan crust is easy to reheat, and it does not lose its crispy nature. You will gladly eat one that has been reheated without missing or wanting a fresh pizza. Their classic hand-tossed pizza stands as the middle point between the pan crust and their thin crust.

Another crust option is the thin and crispy crust. This crust gives you a lighter and crispier texture and a less chewy dough.

Also, their stuffed crust takes the game to another level. These crusts are stuffed with a blend of five kinds of cheese; fontina, asiago, mozzarella, provolone, and white cheddar cheese.

This cheese blend gives the crust an excellent taste, reducing the chances of using a dipping sauce unless you still want it.

These are just four crust types out of many that Pizza Hut serves. Some others include; Pizza Hut Chicken Masala Sausage crust, Pizza Hut cone crust series, pizza hut cheeseburger pizza, Pizza Hut chili cheese stuffed crust, Pizza Hut hand-stretched pizza. Pizza hut has so many more options than the other pizza chains mentioned in this article.

Papa Johns Crust


Papa John’s have four pizza crust options that you can choose from. Their original hand-tossed crust is made from fresh ingredients, and the dough rises naturally. The result is a fluffy and savory crust.

The second option is the thin crust, which is thin and crispy; the crust is crunchy and tender. The third option is the thick pan crust; it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The last option is much healthier.

It is a hand-tossed whole wheat crust, and this crust contains 100% whole grains. The wheat gives the crust a delightful flavor that stands out from the rest.

It is nice when it comes to their thin crust, but nothing is outstanding about the crust. I would instead go for the crust from Pizza hut or Dominos. This is not because the crust from Papa John’s is terrible, but the others are better.

Also, they serve a stuffed crust pizza just like Pizza Hut. It is not bad generally, but you won’t find the crust flavored like Pizza hut.

5. Vegetarian and Gluten-free

When it comes to offering a vegetarian menu, all four pizza chains have vegetarian options on their menus that you could choose from.

You can only get a vegetarian option from little Caesars in their pizza toppings. This means that they don’t offer salads or other vegetarian side dishes.

Also, Little Caesars is the only chain that does not offer a gluten-free crust. All the other three restaurants have menus that are sensitive to those with gluten sensitivity. So, if you are sensitive to gluten, this gives you a perfect idea of where you can get your pizza.

6. Best Deals and Rewards

Papa John’s has one of the best deals among all of them, and it gives you a variety to choose from. One thing worth mentioning is that when it comes to deals, you have to go through many options offered by the pizza chain.

At Papa John’s, you get one point for every $5 that you spend, and they also give you free 10 points for your birthday. With as low as 15 points, you can get a medium two-topping pizza. And with 25 points, you get a large pizza with three toppings. They offer the best deals.

You might see the first option and think it is the best option, but it would be better to go through the catalog to get the best option. But do not stress yourself to search for deals from Little Caesars. Their pizza would generally cost around $5, so it would be difficult to find any deals below this price.

Pizza Hut online deals are also superb, and it ranks among one of the best. You get two points for every $1 that you spend. When your points reach 150, you can order any two-topping medium pizza that you want.

Dominos do things differently; you earn 10 points for any order above $10. When you have accumulated 60 points and above, you can order any two-topping medium pizza as well.

The table below illustrates the difference between these four pizza chains.

  Dominos Pizza Papa Johns Pizza Hut Little Caesars
Price Domino’s is relatively affordable; it is not costly but still gives you quality pizza. Large Pepperoni Pizza costs $11. Quite pricy because of its quality. Large Pepperoni pizza costs $15. Also, high on the pricey side. Pepperoni large pizza costs $15. But you get quality The cheapest pizza chain among the others. Large pepperoni pizza costs $5.
Crust They have a variety of options that you could pick from. Five of the most popular ones were mentioned above. They have the traditional four crust option for you to choose from. It might be quite limiting. You can never run out of options. There more than ten crust types that you can choose from. You are limited to only four types of crust
Deals You earn 10 points for any order above $10. When you have accumulated 60 points and above, you can order any two-topping medium pizza. You get two points for every $1 that you spend. When your points reach 150, you are free to order any two-topping medium pizza. You get one point for every $5 that you spend, and you get free 10 points for your birthday. With 15 points, you can get a medium two-topping pizza. With 25 points, you get a large pizza with three toppings. It isn’t easy to find deals since you won’t get any pizza below the usual $5 that they charge for pizzas.
convenience Easy to use the website, with the option for self-service. You can order three weeks ahead of time and also monitor your order. They offer delivery services. Their take and bake pizza allows you the chance to bake your pizza for yourself at home. But this does not serve your urgent needs. Also, they do not offer delivery services. Their restaurants are neat and very comfortable for you to have a seat-out and enjoy your meals. They also offer delivery services. They have professional staff who are polite. They do not offer delivery services. So, you might have to walk over there and get your pizza yourself or pay extra for other delivery companies.
Vegetarian and gluten-free option They have a variety of vegetarian options for their pizzas and side dish. You can also get a gluten-free menu. They have a variety of vegetarian pizzas, but their side dish is limited. They also offer gluten-free menus. Their side dish and vegetarian menu are filled with variety, and you can get many options. They also offer a gluten-free menu. They have an excellent vegetarian menu that you can choose from. But they do not have a gluten-free menu for those that are gluten intolerant.

Final Thoughts

We have stated here the significant differences between these four pizza chains. You might find out that you are drawn to one more than the other. But it is good to know what the other offers to help you make a better choice as you enjoy your pizza.

Freel free to try out any of them that you might not have visited before; you might have a fantastic experience more than you know.

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  1. You loving Domino’s crust puzzles me. I still have a free pizza from three years ago that I never use. Three times the crust was soggy in the center layers.
    I ordered again thinking it was a one off. Wrong!
    I live in the Denver area so maybe you have a better shop where you live.
    Very dissatisfied with quality!

    • Hi Isabelle,
      That’s too bad, I’ve always had good experiences with Dominos.
      But I understand that not everyone likes it.
      Could you tell me more about what happened?

  2. I think Pizza Hut is the best out of the rest. To me it taste better than the others. If I have to put it in order:

    Pizza Hut
    Papa John’s
    Little Cesar

  3. I do have a bit of a loyalty thing with Dominos. When I drove semi trucks, they were the only pizza place that would deliver to the truck in most of the places I went.


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