Parts Of A Pizza – The Pizza Elements You Should Know

Pizza is one of the most common meals across the globe. Most of us enjoy it, but we don’t understand what the parts are, or do you?

Although you have different types of pizza, they have the same parts. Each of the parts of the pizza, though, has some value.

When you then bring it all together, you will notice that it balances the flavors and textures to create a main meal. Pizza has three parts the crust, the toppings, and the sauce.

The Crust

The crust is the central part of the pizza that without which you don’t have the pizza. It’s more like the bread base of the pizza. And of course, you get to decide how flavorful you want it.


Some people like it bland, while others like it being full of flavors.

Remember, the way you make the crust will determine whether the pizza is going to be delicious or not.

A good example is that if you’re making the pan pizza, you will have it being fluffy and thicker this is what will make it even bread-like.

Types of crusts

Notice that there are different kinds of crusts in the market, and they may be the main parts that influence the differences.

Generally, though, you have the following types of crusts.

Thin crust

If you are ordering the pizzas from the chain stores, the first thing they do is, ask you how you would like the crust to be. Mostly the question in mind at the time is whether you like it thin or thick.

I like my crust being thin because of the crisp nature of the crust.

the thin and crispy crust

The name is a direct translation of what you expect with the crust. It features the use of a fragile bread base.

There are different types of thin crusts, which includes most Italian pizzas but also the American ones. The difference, though, is that the Italian crusts are fragile, and that’s why mostly you can eat the whole pizza all by yourself.

Below are the different types of thin-crust

  • Neapolitan pizza
  • New York crust
  • New haven style
  • St Louise pizza

Thick crust

This is yet another one of the most common types of crust today. In most cases, they make the crust rectangular to break the circular monotony.


Most people like it the most because you can add to the different types of toppings on it. It will hold the different toppings styles even if you want to use a lot of the sauce and cheese.

Here you will have the perfect texture of the pizza. Never ignore the fact that it maintains the perfect texture but also the flavors.

You can then have the crusty pizza with an even buttery flavor. It will always maintain the fluffiness, which also means it’s a great style of pizza.

You will have different crusts below.

  • Chicago pizza
  • Detroit style pizza
  • Double dough pizza
  • Detroit style pizza
  • Deep dish
  • Pan pizza

Wood-fired crusts

Wood fired crusts

This is another one of the most common styles of crust. It’s one of the traditional styles of pizza crust.

This is the one type of crust that will also deliver the smoky flavors. People like such types of crust because they maintain light char, deep smoky, tasty, and authenticity. If you, therefore, like the traditional Italian style pizza, use a wood-fired oven.

Custom crust

The first thing to understand is that the pizza then has broken most of the ground rules. Today you can make the pizza crust that best suits your palate. Therefore, in this list, you have different types of cheese that include the ones that are cheese stuffed.

You can have the garlic butter type of crust and the honey Sirach too. I mean, people are making it to match their perfect and regular flavors. Even the unique one you make at home that doesn’t follow the traditional thin and thick style is under this category.

If you also have the vegan friendly and the gluten-free ones, I would classify them here at all times.

What makes the perfect crust?

Notice that you can use the different textures for the different types of crust. The crust then you can use to make the soft and chewy or thin and crispy crust.

So then make sure you make the crust based on what you like. But check the following feature to know that you have balanced the crust flavors.

How you make the pizza crust, the dough preparation, and the baking process add to the need to make the right crust.

The texture

Before you even taste the cheese, notice that the texture is going to matter. This one will show you the difference between the pizza expert and the pizza novice.

So the different styles of pizza then will have different textures. Notice that the textures range from crunchy to floppy or beadlike. We have some of the crusts that you will use with a knife and fork too.

The taste

Again the flavor and taste profile will vary depending on the ingredients you use in making the pizza. Notice, therefore, that the pizzas will sometimes use sugar. Other times they decide to make it spicy, and all these will make the perfect pizza.

In other instances, you can make a smoky flavored crust if you cook the pizza in your wood-fired oven. Therefore, you have the coal-fired oven, and you can use it when you want to bake it with different flavors.

The structure of the pizza crust

Depending on the type of crust you are choosing, you should know that the one you use must be able to stand the weight of your pizza.

So if you are going to have many toppings, lean towards the thick crust, for example. A good example is the Chicago pizza that features different cheese, sauces, and meats.

If you want to use a thin crust, you will have to check how you form it because that will determine how long it lasts.

The other part of your crust to know is the outer edge.

I know you would say that isn’t it crust anyway, and yes, it is part of the crust, but it often has a different name. They call it cornicione, and most people create it to make sure the toppings are maintained at the very center of the pizza.

This is an Italian word that references the pizza’s raised edge and the ring that is around the crust of the pizza.

The Sauce

This is another one of the elements that without which then your pizza is not entirely made. They say that unless you make the rich sauce, then your pizza may not be as tasty.

This is where you can play around with the different ingredients to have the pizza attain unique flavors.


When I talk of sauce, the one that comes to your mind is the tomato base sauce, but we have the two main ones even though the other one is never as common.

The white base sauce and the tomato sauce are two of the most common sauces.

The tomato sauce

You will never go wrong with this sauce if you know how to make it perfect. Often you will make it n to only flavorful but also spicy delicious. This is also what they call the red sauce.

So then the main and the most common base to use is the tomatoes. Also, you can have garlic, oregano, thyme, basil onions, to mention a few.

If you use the basil flavor, remember, you are making the sauce more of the Italian flavor. If you like, you can add in some veggies or even the meat like stock.

White sauce

Here you may have the regular béchamel sauce that you will often use on your pasta and lasagna. My all-time favorite, though, is the creamy alfredo sauce.


So the rich alfredo sauce features butter, heavy cream, and even the different peppers. But you may also include the cheese and any other ingredients that will make the flavors out rightly rich.

Notice that if you even tried this creamy pizza, you will not want to try the tomato sauce pizza anymore. It will blend well with whichever toppings you, therefore, decide to use. It makes the toppings taste even better.

Now there are other different types of sauces you can use, but of course, the two above are the most common ones you will have.

But if you don’t even have these two, you can find other substitutes. The versatility of the sauce means you can use the one that matches your needs.

The Toppings and Cheese

Lastly, the toppings also influence the name of the pizza you will have. This one is as important as it determines the flavors and tastes.

We even classify the cheese in this toppings list. Remember, there are different cheeses that you may use on the pizza.

But you will have different toppings that may mean different veggies or even the meats.

The meats or veggies

Look around today to understand the main toppings they use on the cheese. And you will notice that they often include the following.

  • Pepperoni
  • Salami
  • Mushroom
  • Sausage
  • Meat
  • Chicken
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Bacon
  • Pineapple
  • More and more cheese
  • Sweet peppers
  • Black olives
  • Basil

So now, geniuses, this goes to show you that whether you are vegan or just the person who likes meat, you will find the toppings that will suit your palate needs.

The different cheese types

I know there’s a good number of us who enjoy the plain pizza. This one often also has various types of cheese. So when we talk of cheese for pizza, which ones do you know most? I’m going to list a few of my favorites below.

  • Mozzarella, and here you may use the fresh mozzarella di bufalla or low moisture one. This one is the most common type of cheese, you know.
  • Provolone cheese
  • Goat cheese
  • Blue cheese
  • Ricotta cheese.

For more information on the cheese for pizza, check our blog on the 14 best cheese.

But why do people use cheese on a pizza?

I’ve had people ask me this question, and I must say it’s not such an easy question to answer.

Because it’s just that the cheese is part of the meal. When you separate the cheese from other pizza parts, you have an incomplete pizza, you know.


It will always give you the milky and creamy flavor profile as you delve into the sauce and onto the crunchy crust of the pizza.

Different cheese types bring different types of flavors to the pizza. It’s also the reason why different people prefer different types of cheese.

Some of us just like the melty cheesy stretch of your pizza, and whatever the reason, you will have the cheese being useful on the pizza.

When you are through with this, then you have the entire set of the pizza ready. Whether you are going to do this at home or in the restaurant, you should know that the pizza is not only yummy but also easy to make.


So how is it the pizza in the restaurants are ready so fast?

I know anyone can ask this more so because the pizza has different parts. You might have already realized that the pizza cooking may be a lot, but yet the chefs make it in ten minutes. How is this even possible?

First off, the commercial store ovens work at a very high temperature. So once they set the pizza, then it will cook in seconds to minutes. Also, you should know that most of the preparation they do before you go into the restaurant.

So they have the dough ready and shaped; it’s only awaiting the toppings and then the baking.

Sometimes they may have even already laid the toppings, so easing the process. Besides, it’s more of years of practice making it easy and quick to make.

I like the hand tossing of the pizza art, but why do they do that?

Now let’s break it to you; the hand tossing is not only about the pizza. It’s also about an effective way of stretching the dough. This means that the dough won’t lose moisture or even cut up. For some chefs, it’s the fasted method.

Are the parts in this article a must-have?

You will need to have all the parts we showed you here to make the whole pizza. Now even when you have the parts, how you make it delicious involves the ingredients you use.

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