13 Best Pastry Brushes Of 2020 – Basting Brush Reviews

 I believe we all love and enjoy a pastry. I haven’t yet come across people who hate pastries. This might be because there are thousands of meals in the pastry section all of which are unique and involve creativity. There are vital tools you should have in the section.

A pastry brush is one such tool. It serves several roles for you. From spreading the egg wash over your dough before you bake to spreading the sauce over the pizza dough, the brush has a list of roles.

This pastry brush article is going to guide you into choosing the best pastry brush to buy.

Nylon Bristle Pastry Brush
  • Ship Weight: .16 lbs.
  • Bristle Material: Nylon
  • Handle Material: Plastic

Best basting brushes to buy in 2020.

1. Nylon Bristle Pastry BrushNylon Bristle Pastry Brush

Royal Industries (ROY PST BR P 200) - 2' Nylon Bristle Pastry Brush

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This simple tool will make the difference in your pastries but what’s, even more, is that if you use it in the commercial setup, the sales might just increase. A quick egg wash brush gives your pastries an authentic brown color and makes it a delight to most palates.

It comes in a thick form of bristles which makes it easy to carry the liquid and brush over the dough. They fit in areas that the other silicone bristles can’t. The brush here is more durable than other bristled brush.

You mostly need a comfy grip when using the brush and that’s why the brush is ideal. It doesn’t matter whether you want to use it to glaze or baste, this brush is a must-have tool in any kitchen. Remember, this small kitchen tool makes a massive difference in the finishing of your pastry.

The brushes, in this case, come in various sizes. They are also ideal to apply your liquids evenly.

2. Carlisle Sparta Round Basting/Pastry Brush with Boar Bristles

Carlisle Sparta Pastry Basting Brush, Boar Bristles, Hardwood Handle

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When you are looking for a round pastry brush, the Carlisle pastry brush has you covered. It features a 12-inch round brush with 1-inch wide bristles which makes the basting process a breeze.

The one important item when you are using the pastry brush is normally the handle as it should be comfortable to hold as you are brushing. Made of lacquered hardwood handle the item is durable and easy to use over a long time.

It has boar’s hair bristles that are heat resistant up to a temperature of 500 degrees. The epoxy set bristles help to get rid of bacteria. Its design is perfect enough for anyone to use it whether you are a professional or novice.

The nylon ferrule creates resistance from abrasion and cracking thus making it durable. The brushes though having the animal bristles will survive even in areas of extreme temperature.

3. OXO Good Grips Silicone Basting & Pastry Brush

OXO Good Grips Silicone Basting & Pastry Brush - Large

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Featuring the best kind of bristles, it’s a great tool to spread the various syrups and sauces you may need on your pastry. The multi-layered bristles make the brush bristles dense. They are resistant to heat yet quite clean and convenient to use.

The center of the bristles has gaps that will hold the liquid and the outer bristles make brushing the delicate pastries easy. Coming from a brand known to produce the best kitchen tools, utensils, and other equipment, you can rest assured that this brush is also ideal.

The bristles are soft and it offers you a comfortable grip for ease in use. You can also clean them in the dishwasher. It’s further odor and heat resistant up to 600 degrees. It also has an angled head that will keep the bristles out of the counter.

With its features, it makes the process of brushing your pastries and meats easy. Unlike most brushes that will clamp as you are cleaning them, this one doesn’t. The outer bristles are tapered which makes it easy to brush the delicate pastries.

4. Eco-Friendly 2 Piece Set Silicone Basting Brushes & Pastry Brush

Original Eco-Friendly 2 Piece Set Silicone Basting Brushes & Pastry Brush for Cooking, Baking & Grilling, Heat-Resistant Cooking Brushes for Grilling, BBQ & Cooking, Burgundy Wine Non-stick & Flexible

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The brushes come in the perfect colors to suit your interior decoration. This features a durable silicon brush bristle. The brush is heat resistant especially since it’s made to be an eco-friendly piece.

Its design allows you to use it without the fear of having the remnants stick on the brush. In such cases, you always have to pull the remnants. So many brushes are often smelly and paint-filled. Unfortunately, these remnants leak into your food.

You won’t have the odors stains and food flavors seeping in the brush thereby influencing your food. It doesn’t get hot and it makes the basting and pastry cooking experience a fun experience.

The item is resistant to stains, high heat, and extreme temperatures. Use it on your pastries and it gives you the ergonomic design which you may use for a long time without getting tired.

5. Restaurant-Grade Boar Hair Pastry and Basting Brush Set

Restaurant-Grade Boar Hair Pastry and Basting Brush Set of 3 (1, 2 and 3 Inch). Ultra-Fine Hardwood Flat Brushes for Spreading Butter, Egg Wash or Marinade to Pastries, Dessert, Bread Dough or Meat

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Here is another set of pastry brush that is easy to use and you can make baking of your pastries a breeze with these items. They are the best when it comes to applying glaze and egg wash over your desserts. You may also grease the pans and cookie sheets with the brush.

It features the natural boar hair that is made thick to ensure you utilize the brushing experience. It carries a lot of liquid with its thick bristles. It further has a BPA-free plastic band to help in the reinforcement of the bristles.

It has a solid wooden handle which gives you a comfortable firm grip for ease and comfort. Coming as a set, you may use a different brush for a different role. For example, use one for the savory meals and another for the sweets then the last one for all the dry ingredients.

Use the item for commercial purposes where there’s more work with ease and comfort. The brush has the gentlest bristles that make it usable with your delicate pastries.

6. Redecker Pastry Brushes

Redecker Pastry Brushes with Untreated Beechwood Handles, Set of 2, Multi-purpose Brushes with Natural Boar Bristles for Basting, Glazing and More, 7-1/2 inches and 8 inches, Made in Germany

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Redecker is another one of the versatile brush tools in the market. We start with the fact that the handles are made using beechwood for a firm and comfortable grip. Remember the color of the handle may vary from time to time because of the natural wood color.

It has the natural boar bristles that are soft and smooth thereby giving you an effortless spread. Although they are designed for pastry you may use it for other different purposes which include icing pastries or cakes, greasing your baking pans and making candy.

Its bristles are soft such that it works even with your other delicate pastries. Its thick bristles, further, hold a lot of liquid when you need to use it over some food types. This is the closest you will come to the perfect design of the brush.

Made from Germany, the product is of high quality. It will even get into the narrow spaces that other brushes can’t. It’s further easy to clean since you only need to hand wash it then dry it with a cotton towel.

7. Silicone Basting & Pastry Brushes

Silicone Basting & Pastry Brushes by AdeptChef, Great for BBQ Meat, Cakes & Pastries – Heatproof, Flexible & Dishwasher Safe, EASY Clean, Food Grade, BPA Free, BUY YOUR SET OF 4 TODAY!

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Coming in a set of four brushes makes it easy for you to avoid the cross-flavoring possibility. You even have the brushes coming in different colors for you to know whichever you use for the different pastries.

It features a premium high-quality design. It’s also highly heat resistant. They are safe to use since they are FDA approved and BPA-free. Made using food-grade silicone, you can use the item without fearing that you may consume toxin.

This bristle makes it easy to quickly coat your pastry. You no longer have to hassle with other bristles that break into your food. The item is built to last and it will stand the temperatures of over 446 degrees.

It doesn’t shrink, discolor or melt when used in whichever climate. The item is multifunctional since aside for the pastry items, the brushes are used in the roasting and barbecue grilling. It will especially help you with the marination since it doesn’t soak in the liquid.

The items are easier to clean than other nylon-like brushes. They don’t remain greasy once you have cleaned them fully. You can either clean them by hand or use a dishwasher for the process.

8. OMG – Food Grade Silicone Basting Brush

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No products found.

Another one of the many silicone cooking utensils. It won’t get stained from using the different colored foodstuffs or retain the food odor. You may use it for your basting sauce, vinegar, egg wash, hot butter, and oil among others.

The heads here will prevent the mold and they are removable forays cleaning in the dishwasher and by hand. The bristles of the brush are made in such a way that they have 13 bristles of four rows. In total it has 52 bristles which allow for easy carrying of the liquid.

It will even easily mop up the liquids. It features a high-performance flexible brush that doesn’t warp or change its color from the subjection to high temperatures. It doesn’t even lose its color in your food. It can stand a temperature of about 446 degrees.

You can use it when grilling and especially on your nonstick pans. Its handle is generally light and made using the high-quality green crystal for cooking. You may enjoy their services even when you are out on a camp or picnic.

The different colors add elegance to your kitchen but also make it easy for you to know which brushes you use for different meals.

9. GRILLHOGS Sauce Basting Brush

GRILLHOGS Silicone Sauce Basting Brush, Premium Stainless Steel Handles, Pastry & Barbecue Grilling, Dishwasher Safe & Heat Resistant, Set of 2

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For all the professional basting purposes use this brush. The brush is soft and absorbent and it’s designed to carry the sauce you use to baste your different meats. You may even use it for glazing and spreading your marinades evenly.

The silicone bristle design allows it to take on even the thinner sauces that your other silicon brushes won’t manage. Although it’s designed for the BBQ and other types of meat you may also use it as a pastry brush.

The stainless steel handle offers you a firm grip and ease in the process of basting. It further has a heat resistant handle that allows you to use it even where there’s heat. This works in that the long handle keeps your hands away from the heat of the BBQ.

The stainless steel brush is easy to clean since you can easily throw it into your dishwasher. It’s further rustproofed and you won’t have to prevent the meats from sticking because nothing sticks on it.

10. M KITCHEN WORLD Silicone brush

M KITCHEN WORLD Silicone Basting - BBQ, Pastry, and Oil Brush (Orange), Turkey Baster, Barbecue Utensil - use for Grilling & Marinating - Desserts Baking, Set of 2 with 2 Recipe Electronic Books

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Most people have complained about the presence of hair in their food. This brush is a premium quality brush that won’t melt, warp, discolor or shrink. This is something that has most brushes being of low quality.

The brushes are heat resistant up to a temperature of 446 degrees. You can use the items in other kitchen activities, the grill or on your nonstick pans. Its handle is lightweight that makes it easy to give you a comfortable grip when you are basting.

Unlike plastic and nylon bristles brushes that may retain odor and stain, this brush doesn’t stain. Therefore, you protect yourself from the microbes and bacteria. You can even remove the heads to ease the cleaning process.

It has four rows and 15 silicone brush bristles that are also coated which makes it easy to use on soft pastries. They also hold a generous amount of liquid efficiently than other brushes.

They are your ideal safe to use items because it uses pure food-grade silicone and it won’t even color your food. You can use them for camping and other outdoor activities. Its handle is made using high-quality green crystal material.

11. Rösle Stainless Steel Pastry Brush

Rösle Stainless Steel Pastry Brush, 1.4-inch

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This is a simple 1.4-inch-long brush to use in the different pastry brushing activities. The brush is ideal for glazing your favorite pastries and roasts. It has its bristles cut in a curve to give you the perfect coverage during the pastry job.

The bristles are further covered in plastic. It has a stainless steel handle that assumes the loop shape for ease of hanging and ultimately storage. The good thing is that if this head is spoilt you can easily interchange it.

The bristles are natural and yet dense for ease in carrying a generous amount of liquid. The wire handle features the use of an 18/10 stainless steel handle. This item that is also made in Germany offers you a lifetime warranty.

12. Pastry Brush Natural Bristle Wooden handle brush

Pastry Brush Natural Bristle Wooden, MSART Basting/Food Brush, with Beech Wood Handle and Rope Hook, Great for Butter, Cookies, Oil, Bread, Frosting. Easy to Clean (1 inch & 1.5 inch set)

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Another one of the natural types of brush where the handle is made using the beechwood and the brush features the use of soft natural boar bristles. This item is ideal for both the baking and the cooking experience.

From glazing to basting, candy making, and egg washing, this should work for you. In fact, it works perfectly with a variety of foodstuffs you have. The boar bristles are ideal because they hold a generous amount of liquid with ease.

This makes the process of brushing even the delicate pastries easy. The bristles are further food grade item. It looks good on your kitchen counter. The handle is resistant to heat and you can use it even with your hot food items.

The brush needs to retain its bristles, therefore, it comes with a hanging rope for easy storage. When it comes to cleaning the brush all you need to do is hand wash it then dry it with a towel. This ensures that it doesn’t remain greasy.

13. Le Creuset Revolution Silicone Basting Brush

LE CREUSET Revolution Basting Brush White, 1 EA

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The brush is heat resistant and it’s ideal for use as a basting brush. It will hold enough liquid to use for the marination and other pastry needs. It can take on all kinds of liquid viscosity. In fact, it even works with items that are extremely thick.

It has a two-inch-wide head that is also flat and firm yet pliable. It can reach even the areas where the other bristles don’t go. It comes in a rounded handle with three different rings to make it firm to hold.

The item is long so that it can reach the furthest end of the grill to brush the sauce over your food. The head is detachable and dishwasher safe. However, when you wish to wash the handle you should just wash it by hand.

Made of silicone bristles, it won’t break off into your food. It further doesn’t clamp even after several washes. You don’t hear people complain about it retaining any bad odor from the food. The item remains durable to use for a very long time.

What Is A Pastry Brush?

The pastry brush which is also known as the basting brush is just a flat brush that is also small and often used to coat your pastry with butter and eggs.

These traditional brushes are made using natural bristles. Sometimes it’s made using nylon or fiber-like other kitchen brushes.


Image: Slice Pizzeria

Other times, the brushes are silicone brushes. You may use it to spread the egg wash over your bread and pastries.

Some people use the basting brush which other people consider to be the same for spreading the juices over roast meats.

The Uses of a Pastry Brush


Image: Slice Pizzeria

You can use the pastry brush to clean your coffee grinder. You can use it to brush off the coffee grinds from the nooks and crannies in the grinder.

  • Use it for basting meat

This brush has just the right bristles to use in basting the meat. You simply soak up pan juices then distribute it over the roast meat. Sometimes, you may sop the juices made from the drippings of your meats from under the pan then spread it on the skin surface to make it crisp.

  • The glazes

You may also use the brush to spread the richly flavored glazes over your just cooked food. This may be the tofu, spare ribs or your favorite Thanksgiving turkey.

  • Used when making sugar candies

For those times when you are boiling sugar to make your desired candies, its’ right to have a little pastry brush with water handy.

Use the pastry brush to brush down the sides of your cooking pan. This helps you avoid the formation of sugar crystals that would rather influence the melting of the sugar.

  • Brushing the egg wash and butter

There are various kinds of pastries that require you to brush them with egg wash and butter for the formation of a crust. These pastries range from dinner rolls to pies and different kinds of bread.

This pastry brush will make it easy to get an even layer without drips.

  • Use it to soak your cakes with syrup

There are different cakes that you may improve by saturating them with your flavored syrups. Having a pastry brush is right as it will spread the syrup evenly.

  • Brushing excess flour

Sometimes you may use the larger pastry brushes to get rid of flour from the working surface. You may also use the brushes to butter your pans.

Other uses include the fact that you may use the pastry brush to remove excess salt or garlic powder from the meal. You simply dip it in water before removing the excess seasonings.

Cautions When Using the Brush

Always separate the brushes according to use. For example, a single brush can work with dry ingredients. Another one should work for wet ingredients.


Image: Slice Pizzeria

Next, don’t use the same brushes you use for sweets over your savory meals and vice versa. This is how you protect bacteria.

The categories Of Pastry Brushes

  • The shape and size

You will have different kinds of brushes coming in different shapes and sizes. You may use round brushes and they are best used for your small pastries. You may further use them for detailed glazing tasks.

The wide and flat brushes will help to spread your syrups over a large surface area of food.

  • Bristle texture

It’s very rare to use the hard and rigid bristles because they puncture the food you are brushing. This may also ruin its texture or pick up excess liquid.

The soft-bristled brushes are great as they will gently glide over your food.

Some brushes have tighter bristles which means that more bristles are packed on the brush. This makes it pick a little more liquid than the rest. It is ideal because it gives you the perfect coat.

You should ensure you check the recovery strength of the brush because that will preserve their shape and rigidity after long use.

  • Bristle material

The pastry brushes are often made using silicone boar hair or nylon. The boar hair is made from the animal while nylon and silicone are made from synthetic material. In that case, consider your clientele for the brush. Boar hair will not work for vegans.

Choosing the Brush

Like all other kitchen items, there are things you have to check for before buying the brush.

  • Know your potential brush

I know some people will ask how you will know when you don’t have it at home. There is so much info online in regards to everything. Before you buy any pastry brush, conduct research. Know what it’s made of and the customer reviews will guide you to know if it’s a great product.

  • Do an online comparison

Just visit the other sites of a similar product to make a comparison. You should know how the product you intend to buy compares to the others in the market. If you can get a great comparison the better because then you will get proper service.

  • The price

Consider a product that fits your price set.  The smartest thing to do is to buy a great item at a cheaper price.

  • Easy to wash

When you are buying the brush, you should also go for one that you won’t have to take time cleaning. It shouldn’t attain grease after a few uses or else it will make a great home for the microbe.


  • Check the handle

The comfort in using the handle is a necessary factor. Make sure the handles feel well balanced on your hands for easy basting.

Although there are different kinds of bristles used with the brush, silicone is your best bet. The bristles are easy to clean and they are heat resistant. They are further stain or odor resistant.

The Basting Brush Vs Pastry Brush

One unique thing about the kitchen is that you need very many tiny tools to make the cooking process swift. Normally, the pastry brush is also referred to as a basting brush. This features a set of brushes that you use in the application of the liquid or other dry ingredients to food.

Understand that if your brush is meant for use with your pastry and baked food then the brush is just the pastry brush. Mostly you use it to brush the egg wash over your baked foodstuff.

The small pastry brushes will help to seal foods like dumplings while larger ones spread the sauces to your pizza.

Basting brush, on the other hand, is used to apply the liquid that has dropped in the pan during the cooking of your different kinds of meats. You see basting is just moistening the surface of different kinds of meat. This brush is specifically meant for this purpose.

Simply put, there’s no clear difference between the two items except for the fact that they are used for different purposes. Understand that you can use either brush for either pastry or meats. The only thing that stops you is the change of flavors from one meal to another.

Pastry Brush Vs Silicone Brush

These brushes are just the same pastry brushes or basting brush. The only difference is that the silicone brush is made using only silicone bristles while for the pastry brushes you can use nylon bristles, animal bristles, and silicone bristle among others.

They serve the same purpose in the kitchen. It’s mostly used to apply egg wash over your different pastries and glaze your foodstuffs.

Always avoid extremely high heat that will burn your bristles and even melt the glue that secures the bristles.

You should use both items with care so that you don’t spoil the desserts. Brush whatever you are brushing over the pastry lightly.

Substitutes to Your Pastry Brush

Of course, if you don’t have the pastry brush but you have a new basting brush you should use the basting brush. They work interchangeably.

  • Use leafy greens

If you are intending to use the pastry brush for your savory meals, you can use lettuce, celery, and other spring herbs to cover up for your brushing and glazing needs. They work well to baste your food.

  • Paper towels

These are the traditional items we use to even grease our pans and brush the egg washes over your pastry.

  • Your hands

Specifically, your fingers will work as great items for basting and brushing the egg wash over your dough. Remember to have clean hands whenever you are working with food. Don’t use your hands over grilling food.

  • Paintbrush

If you have a paintbrush that you haven’t used, they will work effectively to deliver the substitution especially when the brush has soft bristles.

How to Take Care of Your Brush

  • Always check for the warning signs

Depending on the brush you are using, check for signs of damage. Animal hair brushes, for example, begin to shed when they are getting damaged. This should let you know that it’s time to buy another new brush.

If you notice that your brush is now stained, melting, or torn, you should consider buying another one. Chances are if the bristles are damaged and you won’t use it to brush the liquid nicely over your food.

If you realize that it has begun to smell or it has gotten rancid, throw it away.

  • Taking care of the brush

If you will take good care of your brush it should last not less than 4 yrs. Remember to promptly clean the brush as this avoids bacteria which is harmful to your health.

You can easily wipe your brushes with plastic handles but those with wooden ones are often hard to clean. If you are using any synthetic brushes, you can put them in a dishwasher. An animal hairbrush, on the other hand, should only be washed by hand.

How to clean a pastry brush?

Check the video to see how easy it is.

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