Drinks That Go With Pizza

Globally, pizza is one of the most favorite dishes. Pizza deserves a good pairing when it comes down to the drinks due to its richness and deliciousness. However, it is not easy to find the best accompaniment for this crispy cheese-filled delicious food.

Beer and pizza form an excellent marriage, one that has been the tradition for several years. Nevertheless, what if you want something different apart from beer? Or you want a cocktail rather than the commonly used beer?

When these drinks are paired with your favorite type of pizza, it mostly enhances the pizza’s taste and flavor. Regardless of the type of pizza and its toppings you have ordered, you need a perfect drink for that finger-licking pie.

So, if you are stuck and wondering what kind of drinks you can use as an accompaniment to your pizza, here are some of the drinks that you can use to enhance the flavor of your pizza.

But despite that, you should also understand that certain types of pizza and toppings are meant for specific drinks.

Some of the best drinks to par with pizza include;

Wines to pair with pizza.


This sweet red wine usually has a very minimal alcohol percentage, but the acidity levels are a bit higher. The wine’s fresh acidity cuts through the fatty cheese, making it a good pair for the pizza.

The chianti wine is made from Sangiovese grapes in the Tuscany region. It is always a dry red wine with a very good aroma and flavors with added tomato-based sauces to enhance its perfect taste.

The concentration of fruits while making this wine is usually very high. That is why on the label of the wine, it is often written as ‘Superiore,’ which usually resembles the ripeness of the fruits used and the wine’s age. Chianti goes well with pepperoni pizza.

Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre blend {gsm}

This is another perfect red wine that will be an excellent accompaniment to most of the cheesy pizzas. The acidity found within this wine is more than enough to regulate the tomato sauces used during the pizza-making process.

The tannins used in the wine are also not too much, which means you have yourself a perfect amount of the tannins that influence your taste buds.

The gsm wine is made with the right amounts of tannins, which means the metallic taste that comes from blending the tannins and high amounts of acids is eliminated. It is also popularly known as the cotes du Rhone blend.


Chardonnay and pizza

This white wine pairs beautifully with pizza toppings comprised of mushrooms, a wide variety of vegetables, or chicken. The chardonnay wine brings the richness and the creaminess to  the pizza.

The creamy notes of the Chardonnay wine are raised by the wine’s flavors and the white pizza’s creaminess. This wine comes in different varieties like the sterling vineyards Carneros unoaked chardonnay and the cake bread cellars chardonnay.

If you ever wondered where the creaminess taste comes from in this wine, you should know it does not come from oaking; instead, it comes from the malolactic fermentation, which is accountable for the reason behind the cream and butter flavors.

When you pair white pizza with the chardonnay wine, rest assured it will feature different notes of fruits such as lemon, passionfruit, peach, and pineapples.


Lambrusco drink

A sparkling Italian made dry red wine. This wine is widely underrated, but you can never go wrong with this wine made from dried fruits and herbs from the wild. This wine cleans out the cheese remaining from your mouth due to its bubbly nature.

It is often served chilled, and it is the best option when you have eaten heavy meals that may cause you to feel a bit sleepy as it refreshes your body.

The high acidity of the Lambrusco levels up the pizza’s tomato sauce and the tannins play an essential role in cutting through the cheese. If you are hosting a pizza night, buy a bottle of Lambrusco wine, and you won’t be disappointed.

If you want to be more adventurous, try dry Lambrusco wine rather than the usual sweet one to play along with the pizza’s flavor and taste. This wine blends well with the pepperoni pizza.

Dry rose

The dry rose wine is usually very light, and pairing it with heavily flavored pizzas will bring more harm than good. This wine forms an excellent pairing with lightly flavored pizzas like the Margherita pizza.

The rose wines are made from red grapes and are made almost immediately they come into skin contact compared to red wines that will take quite a long time on the skins. Nevertheless, rose wines are made of different flavors and aromas.

The winemaker primarily influences the color of these rose wines. The moment the winemaker feels the wine has reached its desired color, he removes the grape skins.

Depending on the choice of the winemaker, there are variations in the roses. The variations come from the taste, color, and style of production. Nonetheless, the most common and favorite flavors are strawberries, citrus, and rose petals. The best part concerning all these flavors is that they all blend well with the Margherita pizza.

White wine

Although pairing wine and pizza may sometimes be a problem, it all goes down to the type of pizza you order and the toppings that come with the pizza. Before choosing the wine to pair with your favourite pizza, you should also consider the pizza’s flavor and ingredients.

The acidity levels in a bottle of white wine are usually minimal compared to the pizza with sauce. A bottle of white wine like the bubbly champagne or the Italian prevalent wine pinot grigio will perfectly hit the spot when paired with pizza Bianco

Beers that pair with pizza

Stouts vs. mushroom and spinach pizza

This is one of the best marriages that you can ever have between mushroom and spinach; the addition of stout to this combination completes the pairing. The robust flavor of the stout adds just the perfect taste to the mushroom and spinach. This is one pairing that depends on one another to create the best version of pizza.

The chocolate and milk flavors of the stout are responsible for enhancing the mushroom’s earthy tastes and spinach in the pizza.

The best part of this type of pizza is that you can add other ingredients to create the toppings if there is sweetness on only one side. For instance, you can add onions to the pizza to balance this meal and get its distinctive flavor.

Pale ale and Margherita

Margherita pizzas are usually very simple, and what type of drink matches its simplicity more than the pale ale beer. First, the pale ale stabilizes the acidity that is brought by the tomato sauces in the pizza.

The pale ale beer is just as light as the Margherita pizza, which means the malt will not eliminate the pizza’s mozzarella flavor. Instead, it will make it bolder, therefore, giving cheese the standout attention that it requires.

Hawaiian pizza and fruit ale

Well, not everyone likes the technique of putting pineapples as toppings of different varieties of pizzas, but I could not omit the Hawaiian pizza from this list. If you want to enhance the taste of this tropical flavor pizza, accompany it with a fruit ale.

The undetectable sweetness that comes from either the strawberry or grapefruit ale blends well with the pineapple toppings. In addition, this ale marries well with the tomato sauce’s acidic nature, creating a perfect combination with the bacon.

The citrus nature of this beer balances the bacon or ham’s salty nature and enhances the pineapple’s sweetness.

Indian pale ale {IPA} and pepperoni.

The pepperoni pizza is one of the most ordered pizza. If you consider the cheese pizza to be a starter, then the pepperoni pizza should be the main meal. This pizza is mainly for people who love meat, and what better way than the Indian pale ale.

The Indian ale is slightly bitter, which comes in handy as it balances the saltiness of the pizza’s meat. It also blends well with the acidic tomato sauce without drowning the taste of pepperoni.

The IPA has more alcohol than the standard general ale; therefore, if you are looking for a beer that will bring more energy and excitement, then IPA is what you need.

Wheat ale and cheese

This pizza may seem to pair well with any pizza; however, the best beer to pair with the cheese is beer containing wheat. A lighter brew also creates a perfect marriage for these two.

The pies of this pizza are often straightforward, which means a wheat beer will make a perfect combo, and this comes out good when different types of cheese are used during the preparation of this pizza.

The malt from the beer blends well with the cheese splitting through the fats without interfering with the original taste.

Veggie pizza

This type of pizzas is usually made with lots of onions, spinach, olives, and pepper. Whatever the vegetables used during this delicious pizza’s baking, any lager combines with it to form a good and delicious meal.

In this case, the lager is often less bitter, which means the different variety of flavors are allowed to stand out while balancing the salt that emerges from the cheese, thereby creating a perfect taste.

Cocktails to pair with pizza

Tequila sunrise with Hawaiian pizza

What makes a pizza taste better is made of ham and pineapple toppings paired with a strong tequila cocktail. Tequila sunrise is one of the most highly favored cocktail pairing with Hawaiian pizza.

This is one of the easiest cocktails to fix. You can easily do it by putting two silver tequila pieces in your glass or using the sierra silver 150 if you want something a bit stronger. The next procedure will be to add orange juice to the glass before adding some grenadine drops.

You will not regret the taste that it has when you pair it with the Hawaiian pizza after stirring this mixture.

Blood orange with pepperoni

The blood orange cocktail is a classic drink usually made up of blending bourbon whiskey, maraschino cherries, and sugar. When the blood orange liquor is added to this cocktail, it then creates the perfect pairing.

The blood orange liqueur is usually beefed up with spices, which then broadens its taste when combined with the meat. The pepperoni, on the other hand, withstands the potent bourbon flavor creating the perfect match.

However, this drink is usually robust and can easily knock you off within a few glasses. It is one drink that is not for people who are frightened and of low confidence.

Manhattan and all herb pizza

The Manhattan cocktail maintains one of the best pizza pairings. Even with the introduction of fresh ingredients to the drink, it does not change. Generally, cocktails made from whisky will not cause any bloating in your stomach. A bread-and-butter pizza combined with cocktails sounds appealing.

So, the next time you are invited for a pizza night, and you do not know which cocktail to accompany your pizza with, go for the Manhattan cocktail. You don’t have to keep asking for Italian drinks as there are endless cocktails that pair up well with this pizza.

Instead of going with your usual and ordinary brand, try out something new like this cocktail, and you will love it.

Mojito and seafood pizza

Do you want to be adventurous? Mojito and seafood combination is the best bet for your adventure. This pairing will light up your pizza night and take you back to the Caribbean islands.

Instead of your favorite variety of pizza, order a pizza with shrimps and scallops as the toppings and sum up the order with toasted tomatoes. To make this combination memorable one insist on using rum during the making of the cocktail.

Nevertheless, not everyone is comfortable with rum because of the intense flavors used in this drink. Instead of rum, you can substitute it with a mojito as it also pairs impeccably with the seafood pizza.

Other drinks that pair with pizza


This is mainly for the people that prefer sour drinks to carbonated ones. It is one drink that pairs well with your pizza, especially when freshly squeezed, but here’s the catch, you should be careful not to make this drink too sour to eliminate your pie’s taste. 


This is one of the most commonly served beverage with pizza. Regardless of the type of soda, the two combines perfectly. The brininess from the cheese blends with the sweetness of the soda creating a desirable taste.

The type of pizza has no significant influence in how the pizza will taste. It all depends on what drink you consider your favourite drink.

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