23 Pizza Costume Of 2021 That Will Make You Surprise

When you don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for the right costume for your different events, the best thing is to go for a saucy look. Pizza costume can work not only for kids but also for adults.

Pizza is a favorite to many by far, and they, therefore, don’t mind a unique pizza costume. The following are some of the costume ideas. These costumes you may use at different events but especially during Halloween.

1. Pizza dress

Pizza dress


You don’t always have to wear a whole pizza; instead, you can have a slice of pizza printed on your dress. This is, by far, one of the easier styles to wear your pizza costume. After all, you can wear a dress even when you are not going to any party events. The secret is, therefore, to accessorize it.

Here you, therefore, have a sexy pizza style. So you still get to look sexy with your favorite meal on your body. If you value the way you look in the different clothing styles, then this is the one option to go with.

2. Mommy pizza baby slice

Mommy pizza baby slice


One of the most fun ways to wear the pizza costume again is to have the mommy being a really pizza while the baby is a slice. This turns out to be a delicious idea but still unique. If you are going to show your costume in a competition, you will have people wishing they tried the concept too.

Your baby is having a particular bond time with their mommy too. Of course, you should feel free to choose different toppings. It shouldn’t further be a hard concept to make your pizza in this case. I find it being the easiest style of pizza you can recreate.

3. Beautiful A-line skirt pizza with the pizza accessories

Beautiful A line skirt pizza with the pizza accessories


Sometimes you can sew it into a real and full cloth just like she did. To then finish the look, you can add on some clutch and necklaces. But then when you look at this, it’s a real A line skirt with a different slice of pizza.

She even has other slices of the pan pizzas glued on the headband. In the end, her dress code and style is more about the pizza styles than any other thing. With this, then you have almost everyone thinking about pizza.

4. Go all in dress

Go all in dress


Sometimes you don’t have to think anything about the slice. Instead, make your whole dress of pizza pepperoni with the cheese parts too. You can also finish the look by having a slice of pizza in your hands. This looks so nice for the young girls and ladies. You can make your dress as sexy as you want to too.

It will correctly work, too, if you use the jumpsuits and other options, remember. Pizza lovers looking at her costume will want to order their pizza immediately.

5. Pizza sexy dress style

Pizza sexy dress style


Sometimes during the major costume events like Halloween, you will want to dress like anyone’s favorite meal. This happens to be the most effortless-looking style of dressing yet again.

See, she looks like your pizza meal, but she’s also looking sexy in her beautiful shoes and the side bag. These options are further great because you can DIY it or get material with the pizza like design and create it into a beautiful looking dress.

6. Pizza gown

Pizza gown


When all we mean is literary, go all in and get the gown look to achieve the perfect-looking pizza style; use this. Here you have the most genuine love for the pizza show. This is a unique style but an even better idea for your Halloween events.

You see, it looks so much like a real pizza that you can maybe not go into the different duties with. But when you are having a costume day, then it will quickly work.

7. Couple pizza costume

Couple pizza costume


One of the easiest ways for a couple to enjoy their pizza costume is by having one wear a jumpsuit like pizza, and then the others wear the regular clothing to look like they are delivering the pizza to their customer. This might by far be the most comfortable option to use when you out of costume ideas as a couple.

8. Obscure pizza

Obscure pizza


Here is another one of the best ideas to use when you ate going to make the Halloween costume. Sometimes you only need to have one love triangle, and it’s with your favorite pizza. I have had a brother use this obscure costume for two Halloween seasons in a row. But every time, he still rocks it best.

This is for you, especially if you don’t want to wear real pizza all the way. Not many will know exactly what you are with the costume unless you ultimately decide to show the pizza on the arrow.

9. Pizza swimwear

Pizza swimwear


Well, you don’t always have to wait for the Halloween and costume days; you can also make it a swimming costume. I mean, this is just the regular swimming suit, but it’s made with a material that has pizza pepperoni on it.

It’s ideal for adults but also kids to play with. But if you compete, then this will work correctly. It looks like it’s not that hard to make yourself a costume that is unique to your likes.

10. Pepperoni bikini

Pepperoni bikini


Here is another one of the best choices to use if you go to the pool or the beach for a swim. How about looking yummy even in the swimming suit. So you have a cut and sew women swimming suit style.

This will entice you to go for a pizza slice or, better yet, a whole set of the pizza. But how better to enjoy your swim when you can have a slice of pizza and still burn the calories in water.

11. Pizza leggings

Pizza leggings


Leggings are fast becoming popular today. But you don’t have to wear the plain boring leggings that come in red and black. Also, you don’t have to make it too red as the pizza itself. Choose the option here since it’s unique and playful and the type you can use for the other casual wears.

12. Pizza suit

Faux Real unisex adult 3d Photo-realistic Long Sleeve Suit T-shirt T Shirt, Pizza Suit, Medium US

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For the love of pizza, how about we wear a whole suit for casual events. I know you may think? But yes, it’s supposed to be one of your primary costume clothe. You can wear a tie and a coat as you can see here.

With this, you will feel comfortable and gorgeous looking style. This is, therefore, most ideal for men. You may find the options that will suit your younger generation.

13. Pizza umbrella

Funbrella Hats - PIZZA Umbrella Hat - The Pie In The Sky - Rain Sun Resistant -Easy Elastic Fit for Adults & Kids - Umbrella Hats for a Costume Party, Festival, Fishing, Hiking and the Beach

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This is easy to wear for anyone a little bit shy. But it sends the message like you are always thinking about your pizza and the fun umbrella is the perfect costume to use when you love pizza. Some days you want to wear it for fun, but on other days it’s just your costume for the big holidays like Halloween.

With this, you, therefore, show your pizza-loving self to the world. Notice that it’s not a real umbrella; instead, you would categorize it in the hats list. This one is ideal for anyone to use since it fits all, even younger ones, just because you can adjust it.

14. Pizza Hat

Pizza Hat

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But they’ll call me a pizza head? O yes, that is okay, as long as you enjoy yourself, remember. I know that’s a crazy-looking hat, but it doesn’t matter. It will have people thinking you have different pizza styles with different toppings.  

However, if you are a pizza restaurant owner or chef, you won’t feel weird as you are in the right place wearing it. You can also be a pizza lover who likes to be in the presence of pizza. With it, you’re going to be promoting all things that are pizza related to the pizza delivery to the cooking process of the pizza.

15. The pizza slice

Forum Novelties Pizza Costume for Adults - One Size

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This is one of the most common ones. Whenever you are talking about the pizza costume, you will have many people suggest this type. The fun part is that it’s a comfortable piece to wear, and yet it’s versatile.

You can use it for all of the fancy events. Whenever you are having some of those food-themed parties, consider this. It will make it easy to attain the hilarious style too. It features the use of premium quality material to attain the perfect look.

16. Pizza slice for kids

Fun World Toddler Pizza Slice Costume - ST

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Isn’t he just cute in his little slice costume? Well, there you have one for your baby too to work as a great costume for the different events you already have. The good thing is that it’s reusable and you can hand wash it. Your baby won’t be pulling it out just because they look so perfectly still.

So here you have the right tunic for the food-themed event you may be held shortly.

17. Couple pizza costume


This is one of the best ideas you will find online for the couple’s look. Of course, you want the girl wearing their pizza slice and the guy also looking like they are the delivery person. This is even better for those who like to be fancy and stylish at the same time. The pepperoni style is just everything in this regard.

18. Matching T-shirts

The Missing Piece Pizza & Slice - His and Her Shirts - Matching Couple T-Shirts Men Black Medium/Women Black Large

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Here you have the best material t-shirts for his and hers. So the pizza has one missing slice that you will find on the other t-shirt. I mean, they are one, so consider buying this option on amazon for your significant other. But then, of course, this is ideal for you if you are both pizza lovers.

This could also work as the perfect gift for your significant other. It features the use of 100% cotton.

19. Rubie’s Costume Company Pizza Slice Pet Suit

Pizza Slice Pet Suit, Small

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Never leave your pet behind; they should be a part of the events too. So here you have a pizza slice jumpsuit in the shape of the pizza slice. Although it’s excellent, you may sometimes need to adjust them for it to fit your pet.

So check to confirm that its fitting you perfectly. You can use it for the cats but sometimes even the dogs. Which one do you have at home?

20. Pizza paring hoodie

Pizza paring hoodie


You can use the hoodie too for the cold weather while also being hilarious in a fancy event. As you can see, you will find the perfect choice for both the man and the woman. It looks like you have the pizza all over your body, and it’s ideal for you if you like pizza because then you will have it on your body even when there are no significant events.

It features the use of a heavy material that you can also use during the cold weather. It’s going to be the perfect outwear sweatshirts.

21. First Halloween costume

First Halloween costume


When they still can’t run around as they haven’t even learned to work, you can use this pizza concept for their Halloween party. That they set the baby in the box is an additional spice. The pizza look is just perfect on a perfect baby. When you have the tiny little one, then you should consider engaging in such options.

22. A comfortable fit for kids

A comfortable fit for kids


I was thinking about just getting the kids to roam around in this, which is still cute, but I want them to use it during the next Halloween. I know this is the most comfortable style, especially as most children don’t like feeling like they are in a cage. This option is way too comfortable yet perfect too.

23. Pizza delivery dog

Pizza delivery dog


Here you have one other perfect costume for your dog and different pets, remember. I love the way he looks. This is the perfect choice to go with the fancy Halloween events too. Some of our delivery guys will come in this color of the costume. And what better way to have the most handsome guy deliver it to use.  

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