9 Best Pizza Cutting Boards Of 2021 – Pizza Board Reviews

Pizza lovers know this; we always want to pick the big slices. And of course, this could bring some arguments when you have your friends over.

Well, with these cutting boards, you can be fair and cut the slices uniformly. You will make all the uniform slices.

We have different cutting boards, but the one we are talking about here is what you should use with your pizza.

You can choose the versatile ones too when you want to use them with your bread and the likes.

best pizza cutting boards on the market in 2021

The best overall pizza cutting board with the perfect slice lines

1. York Duck Argentina Acacia Wood Pizza Paddle

York Duck Argentina Acacia Wood Pizza Paddel, Pizza Board, Kitchen Cutting Board and Steak Plate, Perfect Gift for Wedding(17.5'13.8')

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Here, you have the acacia wood cutting board that will make it easy to slicker the pizzas equally. Although it’s an end-grain style, it will never get moldy because of its finishing. Besides, it will never even crack easily.

This is the perfect pizza board that you can use as a paddle, cutting board, and serving tray for your pizzas. It’s an ideal choice if you like to make the pizza at home as it will quickly guide you in making six slices. It’s a large size that will also deliver the perfect size handle, and you can use it for even a 13.8 inches’ pizza.

The best part of this option is that your knives will never get blunt, and it will not even wear out excessively. Again when it comes to the maintenance, you will realize just how easy the whole process can be.


  • This is also a sturdy and durable choice.
  • It’s further resistant to becoming moldy.
  • It’s easy to maintain, and you will need to oil it from time to time.


  • Not known yet

The best and large bamboo cutting board

2. Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen with Juice Groove

Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen with Juice Groove - 17.5 x 13.5 inch

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If you have a cook friend that you are yet to gift this season, consider this choice of gift for them. It’s more durable since it uses hardwood to curve it. Whether you are buying it to use in servings or carvings, you will have it be a perfect choice.

It has its juice grove to make sure the food’s juices don’t seep into the wood; instead, you hold it on the groove. This further means that the juices won’t spill over your kitchen surfaces.

Here you have one of the best bamboo cutting and chopping boards. The manufactures are quite confident about their product that they even give you a 100% money-back guarantee. Worry not; you won’t get the knives blunt with this board.

You see, it’s safe to use even if you are cutting fruits and salads that you consume naturally, too. They use mineral oil to coat the surface of the bamboo. No wonder it attains the perfect shine, and it’s other BPA free.

Don’t wash it in the dishwasher, though. You can use it for different kinds of foods like pizza, cheese, fruits veggies, to mention a few. Now it doesn’t matter where y9ou are going to cook; this one works. It’s large enough to work in restaurants but also at home.


  • The smooth finish means it will never blunt your knives.
  • You can use both sides since they are all made to work as the cutting board.
  • It will never blunt your knives.
  • This one is light but also durable to use.
  • It has no chemicals that may affect your food.
  • No more mess cutting and cooking


  • You can’t wash it using the most comfortable way, which is dishwashing.

The best plastic board

3. Raj Plastic Cutting Board Reversible Cutting board

Raj Plastic Cutting Board Reversible Cutting board, Dishwasher Safe, Chopping Boards, Juice Groove, Large Handle, Non-Slip, BPA Free (Set of Three, Green, Orange,Yellow)

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I don’t encourage so much that you use plastic for your pizza, but you can go with this one if you don’t have another choice. Contrary to most other plastic types, this one is durable, and it has stood the knife’s use. Don’t worry, that will never cut through.

It’s versatile, so you can use it for slicing, chopping but also cutting pizza. This is not like the other flimsy plastic mats that your knife will cut right through them. You will have it serving you over a long time if you know how to use it.

This board is flexible but also study for promised durability. It makes it easy to dump your ingredients quickly into a pot. You have a hygienic tool here where you won’t be struggling with the foul odor either. Most of all, it’s safe and even BPA free. You should notice that it has antimicrobial properties with a built-in defense mechanism to make sure no microbes can grow on it.

The use of the different colors is to avoid cross-contamination of the food. The one you use for meat is not the same one you will use for bread either. It’s further a non-slip mat. Notice that it’s easy to store and maintain the plastic board, and it is mostly also dishwasher safe.

Again this one has a juice groove, which they use to absorb all the juices that may drop to the groove, thus preventing the messes.


  • It’s versatile; you can use it for everything you would like to. But the best is to set one for your meats, one for veggies, and one for bread-like pizza.
  • While you may not think of it this way, but a board that’s dishwasher safe makes your work easier. This is what this board is about.
  • It’s durable in that you can use it for a longer time than you can ever think of.
  • No more mess in the kitchen as you are cooking.


  • Some people complain that the groove is shallow.

The best extra-large pizza board

4. EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove - Kitchen Chopping Board for Meat (Butcher Block) Cheese and Vegetables (XL 18 x 12')

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When you are in a restaurant, you will need a larger type of cutting board, and this bamboo type will serve you right. This board is versatile for use, and some people will like to use it for their meats, others for their veggies and fruits. But here, we intend to use it for the pizza, and it will work, especially when you have a rectangular pizza type.

Here you have an all-organic bamboo type of wood that will be even easier to maintain. It has side handles to make it easy to carry it to the table if you need to. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t use it at home because you can.

The cutting board, though, is the type that absorbs lesser fluid but also notices that it has few to no cross-contamination issues. Note that it will never blunt your knives since it’s an all resistant bamboo wood to prevent the pests from growing. Notice that you will not have a problem with the cross-contamination like you do with other boards.


  • They crafted the board while using heavy-duty bamboo and notice that it gives you a BPA-free surface, so it’s safe to use in all the different capacities.
  • It will stand the heavy chopping. So you can use the board for all the different kinds of cuttings, even if that includes heavy work.
  • Here you have the premium quality type of board that will serve you over a longer time. It will never crack, which is why it remains a durable option to use.
  • It’s easier to clean even though you don’t have to set it in the dishwasher.


  • Some customers complain that it’s not at all smooth.

Best round pizza cutting board

5. Round Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens

Round Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens - 10.5 Inch American Walnut Cheese Serving Tray and Charcuterie Platter with Juice Drip Groove

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Even when you look at it, you will know this is a premium quality cutting board. With its rich chocolate color, then it can even make a statement in your kitchen. If you know how to season it, you will attain the perfect dark chocolate color.

It works great as a home décor piece of cutting board. If you’re looking for one of the greatest and unforgettable gifts, then here you have one. You can also use it to present your cheese bread, sushi, and more if you want.

It has porous soft, and straight grains, but you are sure it will never blunt your knife as it’s knife friendly. If you have a problem with other boards dulling your knives, then this is not one of such kind. You have the edge of the board with a groove to collect the juices when need be.

Notice that this board, though, will come to you unseasoned. It’s therefore upon you to use wax or seasoning oil to make it dark and richly colored. Don’t worry; they will even send the seasoning oil with it if you like. It’s kiln-dried and mostly one of the most durable choices of cutting boards.


  • It looks perfect for different uses.
  • It’s all-natural, so it will never contaminate your food.
  • You should take care of it if you want it to last. This is one of the easiest to even clean.


  • Some customers say it warped within a week. Are our experiences, however, different, right?

The best pizza peel

6. Bamboo pizza peel, Wood Serving Pan, Cheese and Charcuterie Boards, Pizza Board Pizza Paddle Cutting Board with handles

Bamboo pizza peel, Wood Serving Pan, Cheese and Charcuterie Boards, Pizza Board Pizza Paddle Cutting Board with Handle for Baking Pizza, Bread, Cutting Fruit, Vegetables, Cheese and Serving board

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This is a piece that you may use for different purposes. It first off acts as a pizza peel, which is just as important. So you will use it to get the pizza in and out of the oven. Besides, you can use it to service your favorite veggies, fruits, and cheese types. It will work best for you in the kitchen.

Most of the pizza cutting boards we have discussed above didn’t have the handle. Here you find one with a handle. This handle is perfect to use, and it remains comfortable to carry the pizza to the oven, from the oven to the serving table. So then you can also cut the pizza as you would like to.

This one is easy to clean, and you will not have it peeling off as others do. Notice that it has a smooth surface and even beveled edges. It’s lighter but also studies to use. The good news, though, is that it prevents the burns with the handle too. So when you have it, then you don’t need to have another cutting board.


  • It offers an easy-grip making sure you won’t burn your hands in the process.
  • This is one of the few you may need to use since it’s a multipurpose choice, so it will act as a pizza peel and a cutting board as well.
  • It’s easy to clean since you will only need to rinse the bamboo in warm soapy water.


  • Its small remember to check the size measurement before you order.

16 inch round pizza cutting board

7. Mountain Woods Brown Large Acacia Wood Pizza Peel/Cutting Board

Mountain Woods Brown Large Acacia Wood Pizza Peel/Cutting Board/Serving Tray | Paddle Serving Boards with Handle for Pizzas Bread Baking, Fruits, Vegetables, Cheese - 21.25' x 16' x 0.625'

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This doubles up as a pizza peel as well. It comes to you in a 16-inch round cutting board, and then this means you can use it for your large round pizzas too. Made using hardwood, it’s one of the best choices to use.

You will like that it has a beveled edge as that makes it easy for you to slip it under the pizza crust. Its handles will always keep your hands from getting burnt. The pizza board is hard enough, and therefore you won’t even spoil it when you use the different knives over it.

You won’t also struggle with the storage since it has a hole on the handle to make it easy to hang it on. This is the perfect choice for new homeowners and pizza lovers as well.

However, don’t wash it in the dishwasher; instead, use the warm soapy water, and you are good to go.


  • It’s a hardwood thus nicely durable


  • It’s large for larger pizzas.
  • It makes a statement in your kitchen.


  • Some customers complain that it starts to peel sooner.

Rectangular pizza cutting board with handles

8. Wood Pizza Peel, Cutting Board with Handle

Wood Pizza Peel,Cutting Board With Handle,Cheese Pizza Board,Charcuterie Board,Crackers & Bread Serving Board,16X7X0.78 Inch

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Even when you made the rectangular pizza, you can still have the cutting board that works for it. They mostly use the wood from the heat of the premium acacia tree. This then goes to show you that this is an excellent choice of pizza. It will further have the original wood color. They make it using healthy wood, which can only mean it’s safe to use with your different woods.

Such wood will not even crack easily, so keeping your wood safe. You can even use it for different purposes, including the cutting board and the pizza peel, and the service. Besides, you can use it for another service, like when you want to serve your cheese.

This is an excellent gift to your loved ones who like to cook, especially since it has the grains that show.


  • It features the use of food-grade quality wood yet its superior durability.
  • It’s gentle on the knives, so you can use it without damaging the knives.
  • Notice that it also has the natural wood color and grain, making it the perfect choice for making a statement in your kitchen.
  • They polish this one by hand, and it contains no glue, so it will serve you for longer.


  • Not that we know of yet.

Large round cutting board

9. Brown Large Round Wood Cutting Board

B.Brown Large Round Wood Cutting Board Round Serving Board Chopping Board Serving Tray (17.5”)

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Here you have a large size of cutting board for most of your large pizzas. Whether you want it for cutting your meats or veggies and pizza cutting, it will always work correctly. This one works perfectly as a food plate too. You may use it to serve your different styles of cheese.

This round shape is perfect for different kitchen uses, remember. The board has about .8 inches’ thickness. It will amazingly even provide the perfect quality but also the durability. This piece is amazingly the one anyone can use.

They make it using all the natural wood, which also means they are ideal for use than when you have the options where they use maple wood. It has a unique grain pattern, which is also what makes it stand out in the kitchen.

The groove is perfect for when you have the juice grooves.


  • This uses natural wood, which makes it safe to use.
  • It’s a high-quality material that you will have lasting longer.
  • It’s a convenient piece that may also act as a cheese plate.
  • It looks unique because of its grain style.
  • It’s a versatile board, and it will reduce the possible kitchen mess.


  • Unfortunately, you can’t wash it in the dishwasher. But it’s easy to wash.

Features to look for when buying the pizza cutting board

The material

You can have different materials for the cutting boards, and they come with different metal constructions too. The most common materials to use for your cutting boards, though, include bamboo, plastic, wooden, and ceramic.


Image: Slice Pizzeria

If you’re going to use a plastic one, though, consider using the BPA free ones.

Now you should opt for the heat-resistant, tear-resistant, chip-resistant, and wear-resistant board. This one you will have it serve you over a longer time.

The reason why anyone decides to use the wooden or bamboo cutting board, though, is that they are eco-friendly.

It will not absorb the water in the pizza, so you can have it serve you over a longer time. Such materials are safe to use, yet they are antimicrobial.

Edge grain or end grain

This will occur when you are using the bamboo or wooden board in that you have them coming in two different constructions. If you have the end grain type, it will make sure you retain the knife’s or slicer’s sharpness.

Sadly, they also soak in the moisture more than the edge grain does.

The edge grain, on the other hand, is the opposite. It will not retain the sharpness, but you are sure it won’t absorb the moisture.


This one mostly also has decorative functions. If you, however, want to, you can use them to serve your different delicacies.

There’re different reasons you will always use the cutting boards in the kitchen, and you can do almost all of those with this cutting board. This includes chopping, dicing, mincing, and slicing.

It would help if you always took the boards with the reversible cutting surface to make for extreme functionality.

Again you get to choose the type of board you can use. You can decide to use the treated or untreated board, wooden boards. If you use the non-treated wooden boards, you can use the oil for the same.

The maintenance

We all want to choose the one that is easy to maintain and clean. For example, if you are using the plastic chopping board, you will have to clean them immediately after you use them. Don’t worry, though; plastic ones are mostly dishwasher safe too.

However, when you are using the wooden chopping board, you don’t have to clean it every time. But the marble and ceramic choices are even better since they don’t need too much maintenance.

Which is the best cutting surface?

Not every surface will work as a cutting surface for your pizza.

  • Plastic surface

In most cases, we might have the people thinking that plastic boards are the best, and this is because they are readily accessible, yet they are further safe to use in your dishwasher.

It’s important to mention, though, that this plastic surface tends to keep more bacterial than even the wood does. It’s further not even easy to disinfect it.

  • Bamboo

This is the best advice option by the environmentalists. People like it a lot more because it’s readily accessible; they are further smooth and easy to use.

  • Wood

Another one of the most common use options is this wood; it’s the safest to use. It looks nicely furnished.

Now you know the best cutting boards which one will you choose? Feel free to share in the comment section your experience with the boards too.

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