11 Best Pizza Dough Trays Of 2021 – Pizza Dough Pans Review

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Whenever you are going to make pizza, one of the essential tools is the dough tray. It can be of service for storage but also if you need to proof your dough. There will be different types, but I like the ones you can set in a heat or hot environment.

It’s also one of the essential tools that will determine the kind of pizza you make. Of course, we want to show you some of the few options that are great to use and attain the perfect pizza.

What is a pizza dough tray?

Pizza dough is a simple container that they set aside to let you proof it in.

pizza dough tray

Some people literary store the dough in the tray as well. This is one of the tools you may deem unnecessary, yet you need it for easy proofing and storage.

1. DoughMate Artisan Dough Tray Kit

DoughMate Artisan Dough Tray Kit

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Here you have a professional quality tray, and this is my personal favorite choice. They make it using the copolymer polypropylene. Thus it remains one of the most durable and yet stable. The good thing, though, is that it will fit in your freezer.

So you then have the perfect dough tray when you are working on the container’s design and the practicability. Notice, though, that you can use the containers too for the big-sized dough balls. You will have the lid sealing your container right, which means that you will sustain the dough in shape or even allow them the room to rise enough.

In most cases, this piece will often fit your home refrigerators. You can set it on any of the shelves in the fridge and the freezer too.


  • You are going to receive a similar product.
  • It will also deliver a nonstick performance.
  • You will find that it’s easy to use it.


  • This one is often a little more expensive.

2. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker's Half Sheet, 2-Pack, Silver

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Here, you have an option that they have made using aluminum, so don’t worry, it will never rust. For it to work well, then you will also need to keep it clean and healthy-looking. It features the use of the best cookie pizza and different doughs.

This is one of the options you can do when you use the parchment paper silicone mat and more. If you want, though, you can even use the butter or any shortening. Therefore, when you are making your veggies, you should use just the oil, and it will work right for you.

Here you have a non-porous and shiny aluminum tray even to last longer. So then it will deliver the nonstick performance. It further means that you will attain the perfect and uniform heat. Notice that this one is great since the aluminum conducts heat.

It will work correctly, thus delivering a nonstick performance. It will make it easy to brown your cookies or, better yet, cook them right.


  • It has an encapsulated rim, which also means it will not start to warp. It’s an indication that this piece is going to last longer.
  • It’s easy to clean; you can use just warm water and soap.
  • It’s a versatile choice so then you can use it for different kinds of foods.


  • If you have acidic food, you should know that it will always react with the trays, and still, it will darken.

3. Cambro DB18263P148 White 18″ x 26″ x 3″ Pizza Dough Box

Cambro DB18263P148 White 18' x 26' x 3' Pizza Dough Box

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This one is a reinforced style of dough box. It will often help you to attain the perfect and ready dough. It’s a durable type that will never get damaged anyway. This one they make using polypropylene. Notice that this material then they will make it safe and also durable. But then it’s also safe and heat resistant. Also, you can use it under the high oven temperature.

You see, this will work as your most excellent pizza dough trays. You can use it to proof your dough but sometimes even in the storage of the dough. I like that it has smooth and all rounded edges. You can also reinforce it for additional durability.

We can’t dispute that it’s true they make it using a type of plastic, but one thing remains true it’s still a very safe choice. Its construction also means it’s a durable option. If you want, you can make the 26 inches desired size of pizza with it.


  • It’s not a BPA safe product.
  • You will find it easy to clean.
  • It remains durable too.


  • It’s just plastic, so then not so good.

4. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Food Storage Box

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Food Storage Box/Tote for Restaurant/Kitchen/Cafeteria, 2 Gallon, Clear (FG330700CLR)

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Here then, you have one of the very best choices to use in the pizza dough’s storage. Well, this one works more like a food container, so it’s more than just the dough tray. It has a lid to make sure you can store the food safely for a prolonged time. The fact that it’s transparent means it will show the different styles of doughs you have.

This is the easiest to clean kind of tray since you only need to set it in the dishwasher. It will also store the dough in large amounts, but it can even work better when you want to let the dough rise.

Of all the ones we have discussed so far, you will find that this is the most durable option to use. Again it’s not plastic, so it remains one of the safest choices to go with. Notice that these tools are, therefore, safe and easy to clean for the perfect maneuverability.

Keep them in the freezer if you like, and you will never damage them because it remains a safer choice.


  • The perfect polycarbonate material is also a safe choice to use with your dough.
  • They like it the most because it’s easy to clean.
  • In this case, the lid will also snap tightly, making sure it’s safe to use.


  • The lid doesn’t fit it right, and that means that it’s not so helpful.

5. New Star Foodservice 24913 Restaurant Grade Non-Slip Tray

New Star Foodservice 24913 Restaurant Grade Non-Slip Tray, Plastic, Rubber Lined, Round, 11' Inch, Black

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Here you have an excellent quality tray that’s a restaurant-style tray. It features a very high-quality type of tray that they use the highest quality of plastic to make. It remains a durable choice that will surprisingly give you years of reliable service.

You can use it to carry the different utensils on the surface, but then again, it will work when you are looking for a great option to make the pizza dough. The one thing that will make you like it the most is its odor and stain-resistant.

It has the raised edges, which also means that you could do it quickly if you wanted to raise your pizza dough. It gives you the perfect surface to do your rising. It’s large enough to help you in the storage or proofing of the dough.


  • It’s a durable tray that will also serve its purpose.
  • This is easy to clean.
  • It will be a durable piece.


  • Your glassware will slide on it if you use it to carry other utensils.

6. New Star Foodservice 24364 Blue Plastic Fast Food Tray, 10 by 14 Inch, Set of 12

New Star Foodservice 24364 Blue Plastic Fast Food Tray, 10 by 14 Inch, Set of 12

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Here you then have an economical but also lightweight construction, and it’s also a durable tray. It’s ideal for you to hold your foodstuffs, and that includes if you want to set your dough on it, it will still work.

Notice that it comes with rounded corners and will make it easy to clean it as you go. There’s a benefit in having the raised edges, though, remember. They allow your dough to rise if you need it to. Notice that this one is a tray you may use for all the different needs aside from the dough needs.

You can use this option safely without really allowing your food to slip. It will never contaminate your food since it’s a BPA free option. Also, note that you can use it to attain the perfect and ready dough. The tray, in this case, will occupy just a little space in your kitchen.


  • Notice that this one will last longer.
  • It remains a multifunctional choice of the tray to help in the use of the food and when you are serving your food.
  • It will help you to clean it if you like too.
  • It’s the perfect choice for the ultimate convenience too.


  • This one is not a heat resistant option.



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Here you have another type of tray that you may use with your different types of pizza, but especially to let it rise with ease. They are often made using aluminum metal, which is also food grade safe. It will never cause corrosion or rusting onto your dough.

This one will conduct the heat much more comfortable, and it even has the perfect rim set on your machine. This then means that you will attain the perfect dough in no time. When you look at it keenly, you will notice that you have this being one of the best trays you can use to attain the perfect pizza crust and dough.

Just remember that you will buy the lid separately, but it’s quite useful with your pizzas of choice. With the capacity of up to 96 ounces, then you’re sure it will carry any of your dough sizes.


  • Its perfect surface also means you can use it to allow the different kinds of dough to rise.
  • This is the easiest to use product, and even though it looks like it will scratch easily, it doesn’t scratch.
  • It will become a durable option for all.


  • Here you have and will use the metals with the dough, which means you can easily have the dough absorb the metal parts.

8. Tote line 8700085269 Stacking Container, Glass Fiber Reinforce, Plastic Composite

Toteline 8700085269 Stacking Container, Glass Fiber Reinforce, Plastic Composite, 25.75' x 17.75' x 3', White

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Here, you have the stackable containers, and the best part is that they are easy to use. They will never be affected by the constant oil and grease from the food you then eat. So then here you will have the easy to clean options with hot water and even steam.

If you want, you will attain the perfect stacking giving no room for molds and such, like things from getting into the food. If you want to freeze your food, then you will find it easy to use these tools because they are food safe at all times. It further always has smooth and non-porous surfaces.

Remember, the composite products will also resist the foul odor that may be on your food. This also means it’s easier to clean as you aren’t afraid of absorbing the dishwasher soap odor. You can therefore use any detergent. Even then, it’s good to stick to mild detergents.

When you need even to store them, you will be safe because you can stack them, thus saving on the spaces. Again they have the lids, but when they sell separately.

Now, this is not your regular plastic material; instead, they use composite material to make it. In most cases, it won’t sag, bend, or even under load. Such options then will never warp, rust, or even bend.


  • It is resistant to grease oils, making it easy to clean.
  • It will never absorb the odor.
  • It’s the best to use when you are going to freeze it.


  • You will have to buy the lids on the side, thus extra cost.

9. Pizza Dough Box – Camwear Polycarbonate, 18″Wx26″Dx3″H 1 Each

Pizza Dough Box - Camwear Polycarbonate, 18'Wx26'Dx3'H 1 Each

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Here is another one of the best choices of dough trays to use to prove the dough. Notice that this one is such a large piece you may use to leaven or prove several dough balls. You can then use it to set not only the pizza dough balls but also the bread doughs.

Notice that this is such a large size, and it will still fit in some freezers. Here then you have the light tray to use, and it will remain a comfortable choice too. Notice that you then can use it even if you have the large doughs too. Also, it has the perfect material for your food and dough storage.

The plastic will never rust. Thus you will have it last longer. So then it remains the perfect and stackable choice of the tray for easy storage when you need to.

So notice that these tins are often easier to clean, mainly since they will never rust. It’s perfect to use in the restaurant too.


  • It will never rust. Thus it’s going to last longer.
  • It’s a food-grade safe choice of the tray.
  • You can use it for different needs, not only the pizza dough.


  • Not that we know of yet

10. Restaurantware”Rectangle White Plastic Pizza Dough Proofing Box

26 x 18 x 3 Inch Proofing Boxes, 10 Rectangle Dough Boxes - Stackable, Dishwasher-Safe, White Plastic Pizza Dough Boxes, Durable, Lids Sold Separately - Restaurantware

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This is the one I have at home, and I use it a lot more. To me, it’s the most effective choice. It has sufficient space to store all the different dough balls and, therefore, an excellent option for those times when you wish to let the dough rise.

If you are mostly looking for the dough tray to help prove the dough, you can use this tray with it. Whether you will use it in making bread, croissants, or pizzas, it will always be easy to use it.

When it comes to storage, it’s a non-issue since it will recess the bottom, thus making sure you can stack it. The good thing then is that it will give you the perfect and airtight seal. Of course, that then means you won’t have an issue with the storage of the tins.

Here then, you have the tray that will remain comfortable. Also, it’s going to give you the perfect transportation for the rolls when you need them. With this, then you can be sure you will carry a lot of the dough.


  • It’s going to be dishwasher safe, which then easier the process of cleaning.
  • This one is easier to carry around.
  • It will make it easy to proof the dough too.
  • Here you have a space-saving.
  • It features the use of BPA free plastic.


  • None that we know of yet.

11. American Metalcraft DRPE878 Deluxe Anodized Aluminum Dough Pan

American Metalcraft DRPE878 Deluxe Anodized Aluminum Dough Pan, Eastern, 8-7/8' Dia.

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Lastly, we have this pan made using aluminum for you to keep your dough. I often like the aluminum metal just because it’s easy to clean but also use. You only need to set your dough in the tray and then let it start to proof.

You will enjoy it because it never corrodes, so it will still maintain the dough flavors and tastes. The good thing then is that it will release the dough quickly. It features the use of a heavy gauge aluminum that will also mean it will last longer as it’s a durable choice of tool.

Here, you will have the self-stacking method, and this then will save on the space, and you will store it then easily.


  • You will like it for being easy to stack and refrigerate.
  • You can easily clean it.
  • It features the perfect size for the different dough styles.
  • It will work if you want to store the dough in here too.


  • Not one we know of.

The buying guide

When you’re out there going to buy the dough tray, you should consider a few features before buying it.

I also know that it may all be a confusing process, but you will find what you are looking for, you know when you have our guide.

The size

Like any other tool in the kitchen, it comes to you in different sizes. So you will choose the one you like based on what you are looking for.

If you are looking for the large one, look at the dimension, and if you like the sizeable one, remember you can always find the one that works for you.

What are the features?

You will then know the one you like to use based on the features the package presents. It may include the shape, the material, the style, and everything in that regard. Take your time to search for the best material. If possible, only choose the one with the safe material.

The price

Of course, you will need to compare the price with the different other types in the same category. Don’t go for the most expensive instead, choose the one with the right features you are interested in. Of course, it has to compare with the value it gives you.

Check the reviews

If you are buying it online, remember to read the reviews from the verified purchasers. This will guide you to knowing whether you have the right tray or not. Most of them will often give you all the information you need on the same.

The quality and durability

Of course, the quality of the tray will matter at all times. Choose the one that promises to serve you over a long time.

dough tray

But it should also be the one not really affected by the environment. It should be BPA free and even great looking.  

Is it a necessary tool?

Some people may say it’s not that essential to have it, but then you need it to ease the whole process if you make a lot of pizza from time to time.

Where will you buy the dough tray?

Remember, there will be different shops out there, but a dough tray is a type you will get in different places, including the utensils shops. Amazon, though, is the best place to go when you are looking for dough trays.

Amazon will often show different types, but they will have different reviews to help you in the decision making.

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