12 Best Pizza Places in Durham, North Carolina

Whether you were born in Durham or just changed cities, you must know these pizza places if you love pizza.

The good thing is that the city, like any other in this country, has different pizza styles.

Whether you want the New York style pizza, the Chicago style pizza, the Detroit type pizza, or the Italian way, you will find them all here.

Of course, this is only possible when you know where to go to Durham for that delicious and crusty pizza.

This article here brings you some of the best places you should go to for pizzas.

1. Devil’s NY Pizzeria & Restaurant

  • 742 9th St, Durham, NC 27705
  • (919) 286 – 3090

I know the name can be misleading, especially for deeply religious individuals. But worry not, it has nothing to do with the devil. They have a restaurant that serves the best pizza at a fair price.

Besides, if you like authenticity, then I believe you will find this option to be useful. Please don’t go looking for the pizza, thinking they use the refrigerated doughs because they don’t.

Their policy is to start from scratch while using all the fresh ingredients.

This restaurant is strategically set to cater to those, even those in Durham university. It always has menu settings for those college students.

They further offer delivery and can’t describe just how much the delivery business is thriving. You will know that it’s one of the area’s favorites because it has a high clientele.

2. Hutchins Garage

  • 402 W Geer St, Durham, NC 27701
  • 984-219-6578

It’s not so old in the industry, but it’s getting many positive returns when it comes to pizza. If you haven’t been to this site, I dare you to visit it.

Well, the pizza you find here will be like none other. You will have the perfect flavor combination on the toppings together with the crust.

What’s more here you will take the pizza with the local beers if you like. And the taps you see are for the locally made beer. If not for anything, you will like the restaurant for their creativity.

They don’t have many conversations online, but that’s the place to go for the slice of New York-style pizza.

The company makes the pizzas uniquely there are, and as such, no one can tell which one is the best type among the pizzas they sell.

This place is a different ideal for gluten and lactose intolerant; having a simple afternoon is considered.

3. Pompieri pizza

  • 102 City Hall Plz ​Durham, NC 27701 ​
  • (919) 973-1589


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Who doesn’t like some Italian style of the dishes? When you are looking for the authentic Italian style, it’s better to try these options. Also, for those who want to try the Neapolitan pizza, this is the place to go.

Of course, when you are going to Durham, there won’t be many places where you can find Neapolitan pizza.

The other thing standing out here is the fact that they cut the pizza with a pair of scissors. I mean, you will rarely find the pizza being cut using scissors.

This restaurant is ideal for the family setting but especially when you have large groups with kids too.

I like them because they give a free treat to the kid who performed well in school. Well, what a way to encourage education.

When you go, you will notice a more casual atmosphere. This is also the site that works to promote community ideals. They encourage the use of local ingredients.

They have a versatile menu that includes pasta, too, but their pizza is to die for.

They have studied the art of making everything from scratch using the ingredients they harvest locally.

They offer delivery too but only during the weekends for those in Durham.

4. Bocci Italian

  • 5850 Fayetteville Road
  • (919) 206-4067

It doesn’t only focus on pizza but also other foods of Italian origin. If you love different styles of pasta and bread, you will find them here too.

Also, you will find rich cultural traditions too. This is the place to go to for a good time with your family too.

When you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy traditional Italian delicacy, this is the place.

Everyone in Durham, though, can attest that Bocci Italian is the best place for authentic styles of pizza.

But the fact that they offer you a family-friendly environment is everything.

For those who know, their none style pizza is everything but also eat the Bocci balls along, and you will have yourself to thank for taking it.

5. Pizzeria Toro

  • 105 E. Chapel Hill Street
  • (919) 908 6936


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This restaurant hasn’t been lucky with the fire setbacks, but it keeps coming back in line to still deliver some of the very best pizzas in the city. You will, in fact, like the fact that it delivers the best wood-fired pizza.

Notice though, that you have to wait because they are famous for some of the best pizza. They are always full of people coming from all walks of life.

If you would like to take your lady or man to a special evening event, then you can be sure this place will never disappoint.

Remember to make your orders online to reduce your wait time. You will enjoy the unforgettable flavors and aroma of the wood fire.

They offer thin crust pizza but what makes it even better is the creative toppings. My favorite choice is the Margherita one with buffalo mozzarella.

6. Pie pushers

  • 117A W. Main Street
  • 919-294-8408.


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It fast started as a food truck business and would soon create a permanent restaurant because it had a large fan base. To date, it has some of the best pizzas in the city.

I’m one of those people who will stop at their restaurants most weekends for their delicious pizza. I also used to order and buy from them when they were at the farmer’s market.

It stands out mostly for making the pizza using their local ingredients. Here you have one of the best options you can use in Durham.

This is the restaurant that has some of their best meals under $10. You can be sure their pizza is equally a great choice.

During the Covid19 season, they have made it easy to use since you can order online too. They only deliver your foodstuffs on Tuesdays and Saturdays too.

They are even donating pizza for free to the. They still do have the food truck that they roam with around the city.

7. Randy’s pizza

Multiple locations

When you crave the New York style pizza, then you’ll find the best options at Randy’s.

Talk of the massive size of thin-crust pizza with the right amount of cheese and just enough meats. It will bring New York to you. It’s ideal for those who like to binge-watch.

Well, you will never talk of the Durham’s pizza places without the mention of Randy’s point since they give you some of the very best choices.

They are available in about three locations in the city, making the traditional New York style pizza readily available.

Whenever you are looking for a large slice of pizza you could easily fold into two and eat, don’t hesitate to visit Randy’s.

You will also have the drink of your choice to accompany the meal with some great music.

You know what the combination attracts. You will have it crowded because it has a young people vibe.

8. Ricky’s NY pizza and Italian 

5279 N. Roxboro Road, Durham, NC 27712, United States

+1 919-477-2800

Rickys NY pizza and Italian

When you want to cater to your Italian taste buds, go to Ricky’s.

They mainly focus on deliveries to cater to the needs of those who don’t want to cook. They have the best online website where you can order your desired pizza.

Of course, they have a restaurant in New York but also another one in NC.

This company features some of the best and unique pizza types that included even the lasagna pizza. You can also have the supreme pizza.

Those of us with Italian cravings, go to Ricky’s because you will never be disappointed.

Of course, they also have other ones that will serve your American palate needs. You can even get the Stromboli, calzone, pasta, and more.

You will find it next to the Durham police department strategically set to attract the people who like the best pizza.

9. Napoli Pizzeria & Gelateria

Durham Food Hall – 530 Foster St., Durham, NC 27701

(919) 370-1281

Napoli Pizzeria Gelateria

When you are looking for authentic Neapolitan pizza, then this is the place to go to.

But it gives you the traditional style with the smoky flavor thanks to the wood oven they use.

They focus on using local fresh ingredients. They also always promote the local farmers but also selling the very best pizzas.

This is not any regular pizza; mind you, they also import some of Italy’s ingredients as you would expect.

This is often what gives it the uniqueness. They offer only the best pizzas that stand out in the community.

You can also have them deliver it if you want. We know during these challenging times, we all prefer delivery as opposed to visiting the restaurants.

10. Johnny’s Pizza Apex

  • 8759 Holly Springs Rd, Apex, NC
  • (919) 362-5566

For that satisfying pizza, craving to visit Johnny’s pizza. It has made a name for having some of the best options, especially since they stand out in the triangle.

Their secret to the highest quality pizza is in using the safest and fresh ingredients. They make their pizza from scratch.

Also, they offer the best and hot food deliveries where you will find the perfect meals to delve in. you can enjoy the different flavors of the pizza.

Notice that they give you several options for you to choose the one that suits your palate needs.

Here it’s all about giving you the perfect environment to enjoy your meals as well. You will enjoy how great the staff also treat you, making you want to come back.

11. Sofia’s pizza 

  • 2201 Angier Ave Durham, NC
  • (984) 244-7584

Here you have a site that has its joint at east Durham. Following the Covid19 surge in the country, the founders Jorge and Emily closed down. This restaurant has been one of the best places you can get the best pizza, you know.

Generally, though, they created the pizza joint to be a chill place where you would go with your family. This place then would give you the place to have some deep conversation.

Sofias pizza

It creates the perfect room for your family and friends as you enjoy the great pizza options they bring to you.

They are mostly famous for their cauliflower pizza crust that makes amazing to use.

If you want the thin and tender kinds of crust, then you can have them here. You will like it mostly because they offer a variety of pizzas.

12. Enzo’s Pizza

  • 2608 Erwin Rd., Suite 140 Durham, NC 27705
  • 919.309.3696


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Last on the list is Enzo, and it’s available in most places around the country because it has the best reputation for selling some of the best pizzas.

The Enzo team, though, is excellent at making some of the best pizzas for pizza lovers.

It doesn’t come easily that they have been awarded the best pizza place by Duke University about six times. Now, if you are not going to try all the other sites, then try this one.

And there you have it all. We have shown you some of the very best pizza restaurants. Which one will you go to? Do you know any one we may have skipped? Feel free to suggest it below.

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