26 Pizza Types And Flavors You Would Like To Try

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There are so many pizza flavors to choose from in the world today. It might therefore be a task to choose which flavor to make or pick on pizza night.

From Italian pizza Bianca to the American pepperoni pizza, the list is endless. Therefore, in this article, we break down for you the top flavors of pizza recognized worldwide.

The Origin of Pizza

I know it might be a shocker, but pizza has been around since the 6th century BC. History has it that Persian soldiers used to make flatbread and coat it with cheese.

In Pompeii, amidst the ashes, this is evidence of the flat pizza bread. The introduction of tomatoes from Peru in the 16th century revolutionized the making of pizza.

tomato pizza 2

Modern pizza, however, can be traced back to Naples, Italy. Italy is where Raphael Esposito, who owned a bakery, made a pizza for Queen Margherita.

What we know today as Margherita pizza was a dish made in honor of Italy’s queen. The colors red, green, and white colors represented Italy’s national flag.

About a century later, after the pizza Margherita’s invention, Italian immigrants introduced pizza to America in New York City. However, the pizza’s popularity caught on when American soldiers working in Italy developed a liking for pizza.

Americans then went ahead to come up with different tomato pies according to regional tastes.

Today pizza has become so popular that Americans consume approximately a hundred acres of pizza per day. Depending on where you are, you will find different toppings that will influence the pizza’s flavor.

For example, in Japan, you might find eggs, sweet corn, potatoes, and various seafood toppings. In India, you will find pizza with tofu, pickled ginger, and minced mutton, while in Costa Rica, you will get a taste of coconut in your pizza.

With the different pizza innovations, one thing is for sure; no pizza is the same in different regions.

Different Pizza Flavors

1. Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni pizza is a famous classic pizza, especially in America. Looking at the pizza joke, which is that of pepperoni, should indicate how popular it is.


Pepperoni, the main ingredient, is made from pork and meat, grounded and mixed with different spices and flavors such as paprika.

Not only does pepperoni pizza have an iconic taste, but it also has an iconic image created by the golden cheese and red round meat. The taste is enough to make anyone drool or get hunger pangs.

If you want to prepare a delicious mouth-watering pepperoni pizza, you cannot go easy on the amount of pepperoni to use. Parmesan and mozzarella are also essential toppings that are a must use.

2. Barbeque(BBQ) Chicken Pizza

As you can most likely guess from its name, barbeque chicken pizza’s defining ingredient is the barbeque sauce. In the late 90s, barbeque sauce became the center of a vast food revolution started by California Pizza Kitchen.


The chef behind this invention is called chef Ed LaDou who replaced tomato sauce with barbeque sauce. At the time, this was a total game-changer, and it quickly gained popularity.

In its preparation, BBQ chicken requires a substantial amount of barbeque sauce, smoked Gouda, a generous amount of mozzarella, chicken, red onions, and cilantro.  BBQ chicken pizza is easy to make, so if you have leftover chicken, give it a try.

3. Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian is one flavor of pizza that always has people talking. Canadian Sam Panopoulos came up with the Hawaiian pizza that some loved and hated by others.


This sweet and salty pizza has pineapple as its defining ingredient. Although some people prefer not to have their pineapples cooked and especially not on their pizza, others like sweetness come with it.

Many people prepare Hawaiian pizza using barbecue sauce, and some still prefer tomato sauce. Many pizza places use canned pineapples, but fresh pineapples will also do the job if they’re home-cooked pizza.

Combined with thinly sliced ham, the pineapples bring a color and taste contrast that will leave the fans of this dish wanting more.

4. Meat Lover’s Pizza

As described by the title, meat lovers’ pizza is a favorite of frequent meat-eaters. Any red meat that one can think of qualifies as an ingredient for this pizza.


Chefs use the meat’s fat mixed with cheese and sauce to bring great taste. Though many may not vouch for it as the healthiest option in the range of pizzas available, it is quite a delicacy.

Aside from meat such as ground beef, ham, salami, sausage, and bacon, other toppings such as mozzarella are added to make the pizza colorful and mouth-watering.

5. Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Chicken alfredo pizza has been considered a must-have, especially as a homemade pizza because it is easy to make and has fewer calories.

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Alfredo sauce, mainly made from garlic, cheese, and no flour, is used in making this pizza. If you are looking to get a fair amount of calcium and selenium in your system, some good slices of chicken alfredo pizza will do the job.

In preparing chicken alfredo pizza, boneless chicken breast is used together with mozzarella cheese and alfredo sauce.

Therefore, if you are looking for delicious and healthy when it comes to pizza, you should go with chicken alfredo.

6. Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza is a classic pizza with a Neapolitan-style presentation that is a must-have in any pizza recipe selection. The cheesemaker who made it in honor of the queen of Italy.


The main toppings, which are tomato, mozzarella, and basil, are the ingredients that represent the national flag of Italy, which is red, white, and green. Therefore, even in pizza categories, it is royalty.

A creamy tomato sauce that would cover a thin crust is vital in the preparation of this pizza. Chunks of mozzarella and a sprinkle of basil will complete the pizza. The pizza should be put in a scorching oven or grilled.

7. Vegetarian pizza

From the title, you can already conclude that there is no meat involved in preparing this pizza. Therefore, the toppings must be plant-based for the pizza to qualify as a vegetarian pizza.

vegetarian pizza

From green peppers, red peppers, white onions, and even olives, the list of ingredients you can use in this dish are endless.

In preparation, aside from using plant toppings, mozzarella, provolone, and feta, are the kinds of cheese that you can add. Garlic herb is the main ingredient used for seasoning.

People who do not prefer meat are the vast majority who like this pizza. Vegetarian pizza can also be the right choice for meat lovers.

8. Italian Sausage Pizza

The origin of pizza is in Naples, Italy. Therefore, pizza flavor with the word Italian in its title should be a great gamble. One can use different sausage types with this pizza.

The spices that you will incorporate in the pizza make it even more delicious.

Bacon sausage and eggs pizza

To get wholly cooked sausage, you need to precook it before adding it as a topping to the pizza. If you do not precook, you might end up with medium-rare meat.

To enhance this pizza’s sweetness, you can be creative in adding other toppings. You can add pepperoni, green pepper, oregano, thyme, and even basil. The melty mozzarella cheese will put all this together.

9. Gourmet Pizza

To make yourself a finger-licking Gourmet pizza, you should not be shy when it comes to diversifying on the kind of toppings to use. This pizza is a specialty dish with an elaborate preparation process.

Moreover, the topping used are ones that you would not usually find on a pizza. It takes quite some time to prepare. It takes time to figure out which combinations of food and spices will give a unique taste.

In its preparation, aside from using the regular dough, cheese, and pizza sauce combination, one would add ingredients such as spinach, roasted potatoes, and Spanish onions. If you would like a good challenge for preparing pizza, this is the flavor to choose.

10. Roast Veg and Feta

The defining ingredient in roast veg and feta pizza is the use of feta cheese. Feta cheese has a salty and sour flavor, which blends well with the vegetable ingredients.

It is very colorful and appealing to the eye. This appearance is because of the different kinds of vegetables that have one will use in its preparation.


Apart from using feta cheese, one can add mozzarella to bring the melty texture that most people desire because feta cheese does not melt in that way.

11. Mexican Green Wave Pizza

Mexican green wave has tons of vegetable toppings and Mexican herb toppings. When you hear Mexican, what comes to mind is colorful, fresh, spicy, and savory.

When you describe the Mexican green wave pizza, these are the precise words to use. You can interchange the crust of this pizza from a thin wheat crust to a fluffy cheese burst.

An excellent Mexican wave pizza has several toppings. You can use juicy tomatoes, jalapenos, crunchy onions, crisp capsicum, and of course, a small number of Mexican herbs. One should be careful not to overdo on the herbs.

12. Deluxe pizza

Deluxe or supreme pizza is one type of pizza with all kinds of toppings that you can imagine. The specific toppings to this pizza vary from restaurant to restaurant and from place to place.

There are, however, some ingredients are more frequent in use than others. Deluxe pizza must include white onions, mozzarella, mushrooms, green pepper, and the good old tomato sauce.

For this pizza, the more the variety of toppings, the better. Pepperoni and Italian sausage hare also added to bring in the delicious meat flavor. If one is looking to experiment with different toppings’ different flavors, this is the pizza to choose.

13. Double Cheese Pizza

As we all know, cheese is a constant ingredient in all pizza flavors. So when something works well, the best thing to do is double it. Increasing the cheese guarantees excellent results. You will attain a chewy and stringy slice of pizza that everyone would love to take a bite.

Combining the classic mozzarella with other types of cheese such as parmesan, cheddar, provolone, or ricotta is necessary when preparing this pizza. So if you can’t get enough cheese, this is the pizza flavor of choice.

14. Tuna Pizza

Some people cannot get enough fish; therefore, why not make a pizza flavor with fish. Just as the name suggests, tuna pizza is a dish made using tuna as the defining ingredient.

Some people argue that one is not supposed to mix seafood and cheese because it does not blend well with the taste. Even so, many people still go for tuna pizza regardless.

The preferred form of tuna to use is canned tuna. I believe doing away with using fresh tuna is doing yourself a favor. To make this pizza, you will add onions, pizza sauce, olives, and cheese. Ever had fish on your pizza? Why not try the tuna pizza and get the experience of doing so?

15. Truffle Pizza

If you like truffle flavor, then the truffle pizza is a must-have. In many cuisines, truffles are highly rated, and that is because they are hard to find. On this pizza, one does not have to use pizza sauce because it is a white pizza.

The only challenging part of making this pizza is in making the dough.

A truffle pizza dough also takes more time to rise than the regular pizza dough used on other flavors. Aside from the mushrooms, parmesan, mozzarella, chives, and garlic are a great combination of toppings to be used on this pizza. Truffle oil is also used just to enhance the taste of truffle in your pizza.

16. Greek-Style Pizza

In the united states, people widely consume Greek-style pizza. Moreover, aside from pepperoni, this is another fan favorite. It was invented in the 1950s in Connecticut by Greek from Albania.


Most good chefs will tell you that the secret to a great Greek style pizza is in the dough. One should cook the crust of a Greek style pizza on a well-oiled shallow pan.

The crust is to be crisp and fluffy inside. The sauce used is thicker compared to others, and it also has a lot of seasoning. Aside from the thick sauce, a fifty-fifty blend of you can add cheddar and mozzarella to the pizza.

We can describe the Greek style pizza as a Mediterranean kind of pizza that is simple yet flavorful.

17. Stromboli Pizza

An Italian-American invented Stromboli pizza in the 1950s United States, Philadelphia. Its name Stromboli stems from the name of an island in Sicily also called Stromboli.


So it is safe to say the beautiful island describes the kind of taste you would expect from a Stromboli.

This kind of pizza is a stuffed pizza that contains all kinds of toppings such as Soppressata, capicola, and mozzarella. The mozzarella, meat, or vegetables are rolled and baked, and sliced. Many people confuse a Stromboli for a calzone.

The difference between the two pizzas is that a Stromboli is more like a burrito, while a calzone is more like a taco.

18. Jalapeno Popper Pizza

If you have been trying the same combinations of toppings on pizza in your home, then you have to give the jalapeno popper pizza a try. Jalapeno is the defining ingredient in jalapeno pizza. The heat of the jalapeno pepper makes it more interesting to eat.

Aside from jalapeno, pepper, cheese, pepperoni, and sausage are used to make this delicious meal.

19. Halloumi Pizza

The country of origin of Halloumi pizza is Cyprus, which is an island in the middle east. Chefs use halloumi to make Halloumi pizza. Halloumi is cheese made from a mixture of milk from goats and sheep.

Using halloumi cheese on your pizza is a bit more expensive than using mozzarella or any other kind of pizza. It is pricy because it is not from readily available cow milk.

Since it has a high melting point and does not easily spread like mozzarella, it is safe to use it as a topping and use a melty mozzarella as a base. In the preparation of halloumi pizza, it is best to add lemon juice, one of the best additions to bring out the best taste.

20. Fugazza Pizza

Fugazza is one type of pizza that is impossible to resist. People in Argentina like this pizza. It is said to have its inspiration from the Italian focaccia. The sauce used to make Fugazza pizza is not tomato-based.

The sauce is what makes fugazza different from most of the pizza flavors. The onions used are also not precooked because people from Argentina do not habitually do so.

A typical version of the Fugazza is the Frazetta, which is topped with sweet onions, stuffed with cheese, and is double crusted. One can also add vegetables such as spinach to this kind of pizza.

21. Pizza Bianca

Pizza Bianca means white pizza in Italian. As you can probably guess, this white pizza does not have tomato sauce. One can be creative when it comes to toppings for this pizza. The must-have ingredients are cheese, olive oil, and salt.

At home, you can choose between using mozzarella or parmesan cheese. You can top your white pizza with greens, veggies, or even seafood.

Some of the best pizza Bianca, in my opinion, is spinach Bianca, caramelized onions pizza Bianca and artichoke pizza Bianca. The titles of these pizzas best describe the defining ingredients in them.

22. Pesto Genovese Pizza

Pesto is an Italian pizza that uses pesto Genovese sauce.

Ingredients such as garlic, pine nuts, cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano, salt, extra virgin oil, and, not to forget, Genovese basil make the Genovese pizza. You can add mozzarella pieces to the dough, and at the end sprinkle of olive oil is done.

23. Boerewors Pizza

Italy is known as the mother country of pizza, but far from Italy, in a country called South Africa, people came up with a pizza flavor known as boerewors. One makes boerewors pizza from boerewors sausage. Boerewors is a South African sausage that people usually grill.

Boerewors is one pizza that you can be creative when making. Besides the mozzarella and the boerewors sausage, which are a must, you can use any other combination of toppings from onion marmalade to bacon and even fried chicken breast.

24. Marinara Pizza

Pizza marinara is a very famous Neapolitan pizza. People make marinara pizza by using tomato sauce, basil, oregano, oil, and garlic. It’s understandable for a person to think that it gets its name from the marinara sauce, but that is far from the truth.

Marinara Pizza

The only thing that marinara pizza and marinara sauce have in common is the place of origin, which is Italy. A point to note is that in its preparation, one should be careful not to put too much sauce even though it is one of the dominant ingredients in this dish.

There is a lot of similarity between the Marinara pizza and the margarita pizza. The only difference is that margarita has cheese, and marinara does not have cheese. For those people who do not like cheese or they are lactose intolerant, pizza marinara is the best flavor of pizza that they can choose.

25. Pizza Capricciosa

The pizza Capricciosa is an exciting kind of pizza because, most likely, every slice you will have will contain something different. You will get different ingredients because several ingredients go into making Capricciosa.

The main ingredients used in preparing a Capricciosa pizza are Italian baked ham, artichoke, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

One can add eggs, olives, basil, and olive oil to the mixture to vary. Capriccosa is the pizza to go for if you want to have something different because it is not a regular on the pizza order list.

26. Diavola Pizza

For those people who like spicy food, pizza Diavola is a must-have. Pizza Diavola is an Italian pizza whose toppings include mozzarella cheese, spicy salami, tomato sauce, and hot chili peppers. Olives can also be another choice that puts additional flavor to the pizza. For this pizza, the more the spice, the better.


Many pizza flavors are available, ranging from vegetarian options to meaty ones, from gluten to gluten-free options, thick crust to thin ones. We even have those options that have cauliflower. Today, some restaurants even allow you to customize your pizza. Therefore, when you visit a pizzeria, do not shy from asking what you want.

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