Pizza Pan With Holes Vs. No Holes – Which One Should You Choose

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Anyone who likes to cook takes it upon themselves to make sure they have the right tools. Kitchen cookware tools are just as vital as the ingredients. If you like to cook pizza, one of the essential tools to make sure you have is the right pan, and you can decide to let it have holes or no holes.

It doesn’t look like it’s so important, but the pizza pan you, therefore, decide to use will determine how the crust comes out. It will either be soft and chewy or crispy. We all like a memorable pizza, and if you want to be make the best ones, you should consider the pan.

For this reason, I did some research to find out the best pan between these two, and below are my findings.

Understanding the pizza pan with holes and the pizza pan with no holes.

There are different kinds of pans you can use for the pizza, and also, they come in different shapes to suit different pizza styles. You can use the deep dish, pizza screen, regular pizza pans, pizza stone, cast iron pizza pans, and wide rim pizza pan.

Now out of the pizza pans, you have the ones with holes and those without holes.

Pizza pans without holes

This is ideal for you if you like soft and chewy pizza. Now notice that when you cook the pizza here, it will take longer to heat the pizza pan.

no hole Pizza Pan

Image: Slice Pizzeria

This then slows down the process of cooking. Since it cooks slowly, then you will end up with a soft pizza.


  • When you are looking for a versatile pan, then you have it here in this one. You don’t only use it for pizza; instead, it will work for cakes, pies, roasts, and many other baking options.
  • This is ideal for you if you like to have a soft and chewy pizza. You don’t have to crack it the way we like we like it here.
  • You can regulate how you are going to cook it.
  • It’s easy to clean the pan without holes.

The cons

  • It will cook very slowly since it takes longer to transfer the heat.
  • Do you like crispy pizza? This is not it for you.

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If you take care of this pan, then you are sure to have it over a long time. They make from pure steel and iron, making it stable and durable, but it’s also nonstick, making it easy to cook with. You will like it for its ability to distribute the heat evenly. This one is even better because it has large and tilted handles that make it easy to move the pan in and out of the oven.

It’s further a perfect choice not only for your pizza but also the quesadillas, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and to mention a few. Now this one will offer you a better performance. Notice that this is the master of heat distribution, which means it will cook your pizza perfectly.

Pizza pan with holes

This is a type of pan with small holes, and the pan is also known as perforated holes’ pan. It has gaps/vents at the bottom. In most cases, the pans are made using aluminum.

Pizza Pan with Hole

Image: Slice Pizzeria

When you use this pan, though, you are sure of a crispier crust because it lets the air into the pizza. Notice too that the holes will hasten the baking, so unlike the one above, it takes a shorter time in the oven.

Most people will encourage you to use the pizza pan with holes just because it will let in the air, thus allowing the crispy crust to develop. The truth, though, is that although they are just holes, the essence of the holes is more than you expect.


  • Since its holes allow air to circulate into the pizza, it will attain a crusty edge.
  • It will bake faster and thoroughly because of the heat circulating in all the different parts of the pizza.
  • With the air holes, it will eliminate the excess moisture to let you have just the perfect pizza.
  • The air will then let the pizza cook uniformly.
  • This is durable

The cons

  • You have a single use for it cooking pizza.
  • Cleaning it is hard.
  • You have to monitor it to make sure you don’t burn the pizza.
  • It’s not flexible

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If not for anything, you will like the perforated pan for your pizza. Cuisinart is a great brand that sells different kitchen tools, and this is just one of the best ones. I like the pizza pan is nonstick, so you won’t have to struggle to release the pizza.

So then it will deliver the perfect pizza that’s also crispy. It works perfectly for the aluminum steel construction in distributing the heat evenly. You will further like that the pan is easy to clean and maintain. It’s even dishwasher safe. Notice that these pieces will offer you a lifetime of the perfect performance. When you use this style of the pan, you are sure only to receive consistent results.

The differences

What you see-the surface

The primary difference you will have with these pizza pans is that one has perforated holes while the other doesn’t, and the name suggests this already.

Although we mentioned it already, it’s essential to repeat it. The one with holes will allow the air to flow on the pizza, which means that the pizza will get nicely crispy. Besides, it will even get nicely brown and quickly.

The one without holes will still cook your pizza just the same way it cooks cakes. But it may not attain the crispy crust easily. In most cases, you will have a chewy and soft crust. Notice that the perforated holes will allow the pizza to cook evenly and properly.

When the pan is not perforated, it means your pan won’t distribute heat fast; it cooks slowly. This then means the toppings may not even cook right. In using the perforated one, though, everything cooks right.

The materials they mostly use

When you buy your pans, you should also consider the material you will use. If you buy the perforated ones, expect them to be made using a thicker layer of aluminum or aluminum steel.

You know the aluminum is excellent since it conducts heat much better, and thus, it will distribute the same heat efficiently. Often when you use the non-perforated ones, then they will have a thicker material.

Such takes longer to heat up, which also means that it will cook the pizza much slower. This is also why it’s hard to have a crispy crust. You will mostly have the doughy and chewy crust with the pan as such. So how you like, it will determine the best pan for you.

Baking time

I know I have already given you the perfect description that regards the pans, and that also means that you can tell which one will bake faster, right? But to make it understandable, the perforated pan will bake much faster just because the pan even heats up faster.

pizza in Pizza Pan

Image: Slice Pizzeria

Also, since the pan is perforated, it will let the air go through the pizza, transmitting the hot air through the whole pizza. This means that it will, therefore, cook fast.

However, when you are talking of the solid baking pan, it will take a little longer, mostly depending on the pizza you make. Remember, it takes longer to heat up and even retain the heat.


If you need the pan with holes for other uses, this is not going to be possible. Remember it has holes, and this will release the content out of your pan. So the pan will not work for other uses aside from the pizza cooking only.

The one without holes is much more adaptable, and you can use it for cooking other things like cakes, pancakes, and more. It will give you the solution to all the baking.

Pizza style

You can use the pan for the different styles of pizza. So if you want the crispy and brown pizza, then use the perforated one. But if you like the soft pizza, you can use the solid pan style.

serve the pizza 1

The cleaning and maintenance

Of course, this is also another main factor to consider. So when you take good care of the baking materials, then they will last longer. If you don’t take care of them, you can expect only to produce the food that smells and has altered flavor.

clean Pizza Pan

It’s a no brainer that it’s easier to clean a solid or the one with no holes. Mostly they are dishwasher safe, and they don’t need you to use so many alternatives to wash them.

While it’s good to cook with the perforated one, it’s hard to clean it since some food/crumbs will easily stick on the holes. If it’s even highly perforated, then it’s going to be even harder to clean.

Things to consider when choosing a pizza pan

It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing the perforated or the solid pan. You should check the following points before settling for one. This makes sure you choose a pan that best suits your needs.

The material

One factor of concern is the material because it ensures durability. Also, when you know which material to use, then you’ll only require minimal maintenance. Typically, if you go for a strong metal, then the pan will last even longer.

Notice that most of the time, they make the pan using cast iron or stainless steel. Here if you’re going to choose the stainless steel ones, you will need minimal maintenance. However, if you don’t know how to control the heat, I guarantee you that the pizza will be burnt.

Cast iron, on the other hand, will need maintenance of the nonstick surfaces. You also have to season it regularly, but then they will deliver the perfect pizza. Such pizzas have more decadent flavors.

Check the edges

Do you like to eat deep dish pizza? If you do, then you will need the pizza with the longer edges. Such pizzas will also give you a savory delicious pie or pizza. It will further make a good stuffed crust, and if you like regular pizza, you can use a regular pan.


It would help if you had a firm handle for the pizza pan’s more effortless movement from the oven to the table and back. If you don’t check the handle, then that means that it may snap on you in the process of moving it. Notice too that the pizza will also mess your hole floor if it snaps.

Check the handles to confirm that they are sturdy before you buy the pan. It’s best if you choose the ones that are made using aluminum.

The vents

Notice that you have different designs and kinds of pizza pans. As we have been discussing, some of them will be perforated while others are not. They serve different purposes, and you have to choose the one you like based on the uses.

However, if you like crispy pizza, you should go with the one with vents, and if you like it soft, then a solid one is okay.

Do you consider the versatility?

A useful tool is a kind that you can have for other uses. You can also use it to roast your different veggies, cook your meats, and sometimes even bake your pies and cakes. This is why the solid one may work better. But if you choose the perforated one, you won’t have it work for other uses; they only do pizza.

Which one should I buy-pizza pan with holes or without holes?

Both the pizza pans will make the best pizzas. It’s hard for me to tell you which one works for you because I don’t know how you like your pizza.

I know the one with the solid surface is great and versatile, yet it gives you the soft and chewy pizza. The perforated one will give you the perfect pizza crisp. It will become nicely brown and crispy yet edible. So which one will you choose?

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