What Is a Pizza Peel

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I shouldn’t even have to explain what it is because whether you like to make it at home or in the restaurant, it’s possible you already saw it somewhere.

Pizza is way too familiar in Italy, America and today across the globe. One of the standard tools you will need if you like making the pizza is this pizza peel.

What is it though

You can classify your pizza in different shapes, sizes, and materials they use to make it. But It’s the tool that you also use to set the pizza in the oven to cook. You can then remove it from the oven once it bakes.

Many things will determine the type of pizza peel you have or want to have.

The one specific essential point is whether comfort and ease of use, but you should also check the following before deciding.

The types

We mostly classify the pizza peel based on the material that makes it.

Wooden pizza

This is the one type that is common for its authenticity, and it will deliver the traditional look. Notice that the wood pizza peel is made using wood. Fact check is that they deliver the perfect pizza on the stone and out too.  

Such peels are often significant, mostly because they remain versatile. You can use it when you need to cut the pizza, peel off the pizza and also serve it in some instances. For those who don’t like to wash too many dishes, this will be the perfect solution for you.

pizza in Wooden Pizza Peel

You see, they may not be as hard-wearing as other pizza peels are. Notice that the wood peel will be much thicker than the metal choice you would like to use. The wood will surprisingly warp easily too.

Unfortunately, you may find that the wood may appear impractical just because it’s a lot thicker. This also means that it’s harder to use it since it’s even weightier.

Notice that the wood is not fireproof, which is why we use it in a fire when needed. This means that if you leave it in the oven for longer, it will start to burn.

Metal pizza peel

The other common type of pizza peel is metal. Such metal style of pizza peel though they make using aluminum. Notice too that it’s easier to maneuver it than when you are using the steel anyway.


You can also have the ones that they make using the steel, and that one is often easier to clean, which is why most people like it.

Prep yourself for the fact that the pizza may stick a lot more when you use this metal. It’s also why you should use a lot of flour for the same.

Notice, though, that the pizza peel made using metal is often more expensive. But it will pay off with the fact that it’s a durable option. It’s usually even thinner, making it easy to use in the peeling of the pizza.

When using the aluminum pizza peel

Although you can use the aluminum pizza peel, notice that it’s a dangerous option. It features the use of a high-quality aluminum pizza peel.

Notice that it will become so hot, which may lead to the pizza sticking, which is why you need to be very fast when you are setting the pizza in the oven.

Regardless you will have them coming in different shapes and styles. It will either become square or circular. It will often mean that you will have the rounded pizza.

The one thing that makes anyone prefer the rounded pizza peel is that you can take it to every corner of the oven. You see, this includes the door or the furthest end of the traditional oven.

Can I use the steel pizza?

There will also be the steel pizza peel for you to use, remember. This one, then they try to make sure it will last longer. Such peels are sometimes perforated, making it perfect to use even if you will cook with it.

They further will make it easy to set the pizza in the oven with its smooth heads. Don’t worry; most times, you will have the steel having a second layer to make sure the pizza will slide easily out of the peel and onto the oven.

Notice, though, that you will have the friction decreasing a lot more. So when you don’t want to waste a lot of time, then you should know that it will make it easy to make sure. You won’t have to spread a lot of flour.

They can be round or square.

This one looks like not a significant point, but it determines the style of pizza peel you will choose. The breath of the square pizza peel offers more support as you are releasing the pizza off. Whether you will use the pizza peel in the restaurant or at home, it will still work.

You can also use a round pizza peel mostly because it will allow you to use it and take the pizza at an angle. For some reason, the most common pizza peel among the pizza makers is more of the round option.

Again it makes it easy to reach even the pizza they have set at the farthest end of the industrial oven.

Other things it will have that determine the right pizza peel

Check the handle sizes.

Note that they will have different handles, you know. Remember, the handle is just as important because you will use it to hold the pizza peel with the pizza into the oven. Such handles then can come to you as compact types of pizza peel handles.

You can use the short handles if you use them in your small home size oven. You can also use such pizza peels for the small countertops. If you have the right material, you can be sure it will serve you right, even on small countertops.

You can also have the long handles that will make it easy to reach the furthest ends of the oven. This one will make it easy to retrieve the pizza from the oven and to the oven. This one works best if you have a large oven, and yet you will need to reach the other sides.

If you, however, like to make pizza, then you should have both handles. You will need a long one at such times when you have to set them in the large outdoor ovens. You may also find the ones with shorter handles being useful at times.

What do you think about the perforated ones?

It will depend on the material you are using. Some of the materials are great since you can comfortably make the crispy pizza. They have holes that allow the air to go through the pizza dough. With this one, therefore you can cook the different pizzas you want to make.

So the perforated ones feature the use of small holes on the paddle of your pizza peel. With this, then you’re sure you won’t even struggle with the pizza sticking.

Remember to work on it first to avoid sticking the dough into the holes for the perforated one.

Here’s the thing though, if you’re a beginner in using the pizza peel, use the standard pizza peel. It will make it better and effective in delivering the best pizza.

Check the size

When you’re going to buy the pizza peel, you have to consider the size. You don’t want to buy a tiny one since it will not be easy to carry the gigantic pizza. It’s much easier if you used the larger peel than if you have smaller pizza.

Again, if you have a large outdoor oven, consider using the long handles to reach the other back ends.

How to use the pizza peel?

With everything you get to perfect, you will always need to maintain the practice because only then can you be sure you have done an excellent job with them.

Prepping the pizza

You will need to stretch or roll the pizza dough to make sure it attains the right thickness. Stretch the pizza dough to the level you like. Remember, it will tend to roll back a little.

Setting on the pizza peel.

Add some flour to the pizza peel and then set the rolled pizza dough onto the peel surface. Make some motions on the pizza peel to ensure your dough doesn’t stick on the pizza peel surface. Now let’s add the sauce to the pizza dough and follow with the toppings and the cheese.  We are not going into the type of pizza you are making.

Now start to jerk the pizza just a bit to make sure it doesn’t stick on the pizza peel surface. Keep doing this until you are ready to set it in the oven.

Place the pizza in the oven and let it slide off onto the grill of your heated stone. Remove the peel from the oven.

Start to bake the pizza at the set temperature, and if you need to change it, don’t hesitate to use the pizza peel.

Retrieving the pizza

It will not be as hard to retrieve the pizza from the oven. Remember, the pizza is already cooked, so it’s nicely firm, making it easy to take the pizza off the oven.

So then slide the pizza peel under the pizza and then pull it out as it’s now ready.

I’m a pizza enthusiast. Do I need the pizza peel?

Anyone who likes pizza a lot should not even ask this question because they are always looking forward to making the pizza so significant to the restaurant types of pizza.

  • The pizza peel is a great choice you can use to set the pizza in the oven and the grill.
  • Therefore, Notice that you can use the pizza peel when setting your pizza on the hot flame. It will then make it easy to retrieve the pizza when you are ready.
  • Then, notice that it will make it easy to turn your pizza; therefore, cook it a lot quickly and evenly.
  • If you like the hot spots, it’s okay, but some people don’t like the charred spots. So then, this pizza peel will make it easy for you to set the pizza in the oven and therefore reduce charring.
  • With this, you will also become artistic to show off to your guests. For this then you’ll find it easy to use the pizza peel in the wood oven.

Tips for using the pizza peel

Such choices tend to be the perfect addition to any kitchen. Notice, though, that the more you work with them, the more you will attain the perfect pizza peel.

  • So then store the tool safely.

The pizza peel is never that safe when you set it on the cabinet. You can easily display it on the guitar mount.

  • You don’t want it to stick, use the cornmeal flour.

Even when you are using the pizza peel, one of the worst things you will not prevent easily is sticking. Now to be sure you won’t have it sticking, you will need to use the cornmeal flour, but you can also use semolina flour.

  • You can always use parchment paper.

If the pizza keeps sticking, then you can be sure parchment paper is what you need. When you, therefore, set it on the parchment paper, you can be sure you will not stick, but it may make it not crispy enough.

How to prevent the sticking?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the cooked one or it’s the raw dough. Sometimes you can’t avoid sticking the pizza on the surface of the pizza peel. But there will be a few things you can do to prevent it.

You shouldn’t prep the dough on the pizza peel; instead, do it on the surface and, when ready, then set it on the pizza peel. This means that it won’t take long on the pizza peel, and therefore it will never stick. It doesn’t matter the type of pizza peel you use; the story will be the same.

For the cooked pizza case, you should leave it in the oven for a few more minutes. This will mean it has no time to stick on the surface of the pizza –peel.

Before you work on the dough, you can set it in the fridge, which means you will work with the cold pizza dough, making it hard to stick.

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