8 Best Rolling Pin For Pizza Dough Of 2021 – Rolling Pin Reviews

Contrary to what you might think, a rolling pin is just as essential if you want to make the perfect pizza.

No, you can’t get away using a bottle of wine every time to roll the pizza dough, especially if you are making the pizzas in bulk.

Again not all rolling pins are the same, as some will make the work easier than others.

Best rolling pin for pizza dough to buy in 2021

Easy to use the rolling pin

1. Professional French Rolling Pin for Baking 

Dishwasher-Safe Professional Tapered French Rolling Pin for Baking - 15.75' Smooth Stainless Steel Metal has Tapered Design Best for Fondant, Pie Crust, Cookie, Pastry, Pizza Dough by Ultra Cuisine

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Here you have a stainless steel French rolling pin to make some of your favorite doughs. This pin is slightly tapered and, as such, will make it easy for you to sense the size of the dough. This tapered design will let you understand the pressure you need to exert too.

You will further need to chill the pin in the freezer, which means that it can prevent the sticking or heating up of the dough. You will particularly like the brushed and matte finish. Now the biggest advantage is then that the pin does absorb the odor. This is one major problem you’ll have with your wood or maple sometime. It’s easy to clean but also hygienic.

If you have young kids who want to participate in the rolling, this is the safest to use. It’s light but will also deliver a smooth roll. Notice that you can use it for your dumplings, cookies, croissant, pizza, roti, and to mention a few.


  • It maintains the perfect shine and will even roll smoothly.
  • It will never absorb odor and some of the dough, which also means it’s safe to use.
  • Anti-stick effective.
  • It’s nicely light for even kids to use in rolling.
  • It’s easier to clean.


  • If you set it under a strong impact, then it may slightly disfigure.

Best overall

2. Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin with Removable Rings, 13.6″, Multi-Color

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin with Removable Rings, 13.6', Multi-Color

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The one thing I like about it is that it makes it easy to prep a uniform dough. This pin is further adjustable, and therefore, your dough doesn’t have to stretch in excess, which is why we say it will make that uniform dough. It ensures you enroll the dough to the same level thickness.

Therefore, you have four pairs of removable discs that you can use to make the required thickness of the dough. When you want to change the discs, you need to unscrew the ends. Consider the fact that it has an oak body, and that makes it perfectly durable.

Again it would help if you cared to clean it correctly after each of the uses. I mean, you notice that it has some numbers engraved, and this is to help you make the perfect thickness. However, if you don’t care about the thickness of the dough, then well, you can use it just the regular way.


  • This is dishwasher safe making it easier to clean.
  • It makes it easy to roll the dough to a uniform thickness.
  • It even makes it relatively easy to flatten the dough more, especially when you want the fragile rolled dough.
  • You can choose the thickness of the dough-based on the engraved numbers.


  • It may not be all that smooth since it’s wood.

Best adjustable rolling pin

3. Adjustable Rolling Pin with Thickness Rings and Pastry Mat

Rolling Pin and Pastry Baking Mat Set, Rolling Pins with Adjustable Thickness Rings, Stainless Steel Dough Roller for Baking Fondant, Pizza, Pie, Pastry, Pasta, Cookies (Red Mat)

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Here you have another high-quality stainless steel rolling pin for those thin chapattis, pizza, roti, and more. They make this pin using a 430 stainless steel, which also means it’s stylish but elegant. Here you have the high-grade satin with the high brushed stainless steel. You will never have it rust.

It, like the one above, also has the rings that will make it easy to attain the perfect pizza dough thickness, you know. Here you will have the best ring that even the old hands and the small kid hands can easily use. Notice that this is further the easiest to clean rolling pin.

The pin is 17 inches long, so you know you can use it to roll a dough almost the New York pizza dough size. It works for anyone, even if you are a newcomer in the cooking field or an expert.


  • It’s comfortable to use by everyone.
  • It’s hygienic because it uses the safest stainless steel.
  • You can adjust the thickness of the dough as you like.
  • It will deliver a nice, smooth dough.


  • Not that we know of yet

Best marble rolling pin

4. Fox Run Polished Marble Rolling Pin with Wooden Cradle

Fox Run Polished Marble Rolling Pin with Wooden Cradle, 10-Inch Barrel, White

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When you think of a marble rolling pin, the first thing that comes to mind is the weight, but well, doesn’t it just look so perfect. I like the white color finishing they did on it. That has the handles being made from wood.

This piece has just the right length and size, making it even easier to hold on to your hands. Notice that you can roll the different types of dough with it.

The rolling pin features marble but with wooden handles, and this is safe to use on your food. It doesn’t take the odor from the dough, and it will maintain perfect hygiene. The final product is very smooth, which also means it won’t stick on the dough. It’s ideal for you to clean it, but it further delivers the perfect and smooth dough.


  • It comes to you already chilled, which makes it hard for the dough to stick.
  • It looks perfect to use
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • The handles are stable to make sure you make the perfect dough you need.


  • It’s weighty because of the marble.
  • Be careful about the handles to make sure it doesn’t bend. Don’t push them too hard.

Best rolling pin for kids

5. Silicone Rolling Pin

Silicone Rolling Pin - Dough Roller for Pizza, Cookie with Wooden Handle & Nonstick Surface - 2 Pack Rolling Pins for Baking (Mini & Large Size)

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This I would choose just because of the mini rolling pin for the kids. If you have kids you would like to have in the kitchen frequently; this pin is excellent. The mini-one fits their tiny hands, but it’s also light to carry, making it easy to make the tiny cookies and even the pizza roll.

Notice that its handles are wooden to make it nicely comfortable to use. It will mean that rolling the pin on your dough is much more comfortable. The best part is that the material that makes the pin is even BPA free and also non-toxic. It’s safe to use in the kitchen, and also, the color makes it attractive as you are cooking with it.

You will like it because the dough you use will never stick like it does when you are using the wooden or the plastic rolling pin.


  • I like the colorful rolling pin


  • It’s light and easy to use
  • The mini rolling pin makes it easy for kids to use it.


  • It’s a little harder to clean since the dough will sometimes stick on the silicone as you would expect.

Best French rolling pin

6. J.K. Adams FRP-2 Maple Wood French Dowel Rolling Pin, 20-1/2-Inch-by-1-1/2-Inch

J.K. Adams  FRP-2 Maple Wood French Dowel Rolling Pin, 20-1/2-Inch-by-1-1/2-Inch

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You see such a pin in many households, and that’s just because it’s the easiest to use but also cheaper than most other types. Anybody who loves cooking should find this pin as it’s easier. Here you, therefore, have the best French rolling pin dowel with the tapered sides. This makes it easy to know the amount of pressure to exert on the dough.

This one they make using maple wood. Since it has no handles, it will give you more control over the dough you are making. In fact, which kind of dough would you like to make because you can do so with this item.

With the JK Adams business experience for over 60 years, they only make the best rolls with different doughs. It remains light and comfortable to roll. When you want it for roti, pizza, chapatti, cinnamon rolls, you name it will work for you.


  • You need to hand wash it with soap and water
  • It’s versatile, meaning that it will work on your different styles of dough.
  • It’s light, so making your rolling work much more comfortable.
  • It’s cheaper than most other types.


  • Then make it using wood so it will attract the odor, thus making it hard to clean.
  • It’s not so smooth, so you need other rolling pins to be.

The best looking rolling pin

7. KitchenAid Gourmet Rolling Pin, One Size, Red

KitchenAid Gourmet Rolling Pin, One Size, Red

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This is by far the best for rolling your different doughs. If you look at it, it’s not only attractive, but it also gets the work done, remember. It features the use of carbon steel to form such a smooth rolling pin. This one is the perfect choice for the different styles of dough. You can mostly use it to make the cookies, pies but also the pizzas.

Notice that this piece even has a nonstick coating for easy rolling. It will be even easier to clean, and the handles make it easy for you to know when to pressure the dough’s rolling.

This 22-inch rolling pin will make the dough’s different diameters, and you can easily attain the right thickness.

You don’t have to struggle when you want to store it as it has the hole to let you hang it.


  • It’s beautiful looking but also effective.
  • It’s easy to use as it remains light, and the handles guide you to the right parts to exert more pressure.
  • You can use it for the different sizes of dough.


  • The handles could easily break, so you have to be careful with it.

Best wood rolling pin

8. Black Walnut French Style Rolling Pin: Tapered Solid Wood Design

Black Walnut French Style Rolling Pin: Tapered Solid Wood Design. By Top Notch Kitchenware!

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Here you have the best wooden crafted rolling pin. It looks like a designer piece that you will use to attain the perfect pizza roll when you look at it. But it’s further versatile as you can use it for different kinds of dough. You always want to buy the one that is easy to clean, and this is it.

Notice too that you can attain the perfect natural finish of the dough. Also, with its tapered sides, then it will make it easy to spread the weight. It does matter the shape you want to achieve because you can with this item remember. Here you, therefore, have the perfect black color, and you can use it even to grind your seeds if you dint have a grinder, you know.

Notice that although it’s wood, it will make sure the dough never sticks on the surface.


  • Would you like to gift your loved ones? This is a great option.
  • You can use it for all baking purposes.
  • Cleaning it is even easier; don’t soak it in water; just wipe its surfaces with the damp cloth.


  • It’s not dishwasher safe.

Types of Rolling Pin

Like any other thing, you have it in categories, and of course, the right one for your pizza is the type that makes all your work easier.

Marble rolling pin

This one will work just the same way other rollers do but consider that its body parts are made using stone. Again, they may have the handle made using marble, but other times the handles are made using wood.

While it can work, one of the significant disadvantages is that it’s quite heavy and sometimes uncomfortable to use in the pizzas’ rolling. Also, you have to coat it if you’re using it to avoid sticking.

Rolling pin dowel

Now this one uses a latch, but it doesn’t have a handle remember. It’s the perfect one to use for the different rolling of the dough you need.

It’s even easier to clean but remember some of them have longer dowels and are bulkier than others. Well, this style you can use for any dough, even your best pizza dough.

Traditional style

This one is the oldest style, with the handle extending from either side of the rolling pin. This makes it easy for you to hold the pin in place, making the rolling even easier.


This seems more like you are riding your bike, and you can, therefore, control where to let the weight in. The handle, therefore, makes it easy to press the dough.

French model

Now this one is a simple rolling pin without the handle. They may have tapered ends, but sometimes they are straight in design. Most bakers will go for it just because it gives them a better feel for the dough.

Things to consider for the rolling pin

Wood and nonstick surfaces

I need to mention that although wood is one of the oldest models of the rolling stick, you should know that most people make it cheaply. They don’t focus on making it appealing to the buyers.

Notice that the dough may somehow stick on it based on how they made it. If this is so then, you can be sure it may not serve you for as long.


You can also have the marble or stainless steel pins that are nonstick. And this then makes it easy for you to roll the dough as you like.

Although it may look unnecessary, it doesn’t stick on the surface, making it a lot better to roll than wood. This doesn’t mean that people have not been using the wood stick because it works perfectly.


The easier it is to handle, the better. It should feel nicely comfortable on your hands as you are rolling, and that will mean you can roll the dough much faster. If they, therefore, have handles, make sure it fits your hands and palms.

The material

This may look like an unnecessary point, but you should consider it. The material you would like to choose may also influence durability.

Are you going to choose the wood option, the stainless steel, or even the marble? All of them have their pros and cons; you have to know what you want.


How the rolling pin rolls matter too. Does it roll smoothly, as that will determine whether it’s going to make it easy to use? Get the stable one but also rolls smoothly.


How can I wash the pins?

You know it all depends on the pin you are using. If you are using the wooden rolling pin, you may wipe it with a damp cloth. Sometimes though, you should wash it with soap and water.

If you are using stainless steel, then it’s mostly dishwasher safe. However, for the marble types, you have to hand wash it with mild soap and water. Now check the manufacturer’s specification before you start to wash it.

Can I prevent the dough from sticking on my rolling pin?

Yes, especially if you are talking about the marble pins. Remember, if you’re going to use a marble rolling pin, you don’t need to refrigerate the dough. Divide it into the balls and then cover it with a bowl, and then let it rest. When you, therefore, roll it, then it will not stick.

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