26 Best Pizza Sauce Recipes You May Want To Try

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Nothing tastes better than a homemade pizza. With all the time and ingredients you use to make pizzas, they always turn out to be the best. The fact that you can easily modify and customize the pizza to your liking makes it even enticing.

Nevertheless, some of the standard sauces can get boring, and you may need to introduce a new sauce to your delicious pizzas. Swapping your classic sauces for new varieties of sauces will boost the flavor of your pizza.

Exploring other options as alternatives to the classic and traditional sauce and pairing it with the right toppings makes your pizza tastier and full of flavors. So, if you are ready to try something new other than the usual tomato sauce. Here are some best pizza recipes.



As an alternative, this pizza sauce is a good and safe option. It is easy to use the pesto sauce, whether jarred or homemade. You simply spread it directly on the pizza crust and blend it with your favorite toppings, and you are as good as done.

Pesto sauces are usually loaded with flavors, which means you don’t require much effort to make your pizza unique. The introduction of several other ingredients can change the pesto sauce’s consistency and spices, but you can leave it in its usual form.

The most traditional and commonly used toppings for the pesto sauce are tomatoes, feta, olives, and bell pepper.

Here’s the recipe- pesto sauce 

Pumpkin and beet marinara

This recipe is majorly for people who do not like or eat plants in the nightshade family, including peppers and tomatoes. The beetroots in this recipe are used to bring the red sauce color and also sweetness.

Other seasonings like garlic, basil, and others make this sauce maintain its original taste. However, it would be best if you did not overcook the beetroots because it tends to get bitter.

Here’s the recipe- pumpkin and beet sauce marinara



Salsa is another excellent option for the classic tomato sauce. It is also a perfect alternative for other food, especially Latin-based delicacies. Whether raw or cooked, these sauces are always a hit.

Adding chorizo, beans, and corns will make this sauce perfect. Nevertheless, if you want something close to your traditional tomato-based sauce, then salsa Fresca will be best for you.

You can also use the salsa verde, which is made from cooked tomatillos and cilantro. It also is an excellent option for the standard sauce.

Here’s the recipe- salsa 

Barbeque sauce

Barbeque sauce

This one is best with meaty pizzas. The list of BBQ sauce recipes is endless, and you can customize a homemade sauce with a variety of different ingredients. Making this sauce will only take a few minutes, usually sweet and spicy.

Ketchup makes the base of this recipe with apple vinegar and other seasonings combined to create a perfect sauce. The only thing you need to do is simmer all the ingredients, and you are done.

It is important that you use smoked paprika and not regular paprika when making this recipe. Simmer the BBQ sauce on medium to low heat as the high heat may splash over the stove.

Here’s the recipe- BBQ sauce 

Creamy Alfredo sauce

Creamy Alfredo sauce

This sauce has the same similarities to the bechamel sauce, with the difference being the parmesan cheese and heavy cream used instead of milk. A pizza made from this sauce is often sticky and gluey, and the parts will not pull out easily.

Nevertheless, the creamy alfredo sauce is not considered to be healthy, but it makes a delightful substitute to the typical tomato sauce. You can make your sauce or buy the jarred versions from the stores.

Some people do like the stringy texture that comes from the use of this sauce. So, it makes a perfect alternative for someone who is very picky when it comes to pizza. This sauce goes well with substantial flavor toppings.

Here’s the recipe- creamy alfredo sauce



Tapenade sauce is made from a condiment and other ingredients that include carpers, olive oil, and anchovies, which gives this sauce the distinctive savory flavor. The base of this sauce is made from olives and capers. The olive oil is then added to this mixture consistently until a paste is formed.

It is a perfect sauce for bold types of cheeses like feta cheese and goat cheese as it tends to maintain its flavor. If you want a creamy alternative to the tomato sauce with a savory flavor, then the tapenade is a good option.

Adding sliced zucchini and fresh basil leaves to this sauce makes it bolder and delicious. Grilled vegetables like eggplants also can be used as a substitute for basil and zucchini.

Here’s the recipe- olive tapenade 

Caramelized onions

Caramelized onions

Onions as a base make a delicious dish for almost every other recipe. Lightly and slowly cooking the onions until browning makes an excellent paste for making pizzas.

The onions’ savory nature adds a distinctive flavor to this recipe, making this recipe a good substitute for tomato sauces.

Add the caramelized onions to the pizza and use prosciutto, feta cheese, mushrooms, and spinach as your toppings. Finish off by sprinkling balsamic vinegar to the pizza and enjoy the savory taste of your pizza.

It is an easy recipe to prepare but be assured it takes a longer time for the sugars in the onions to caramelize.

Here’s the recipe- caramelized onions 

Soy-miso sauce

Soy miso sauce

Homemade sauces are the best when you are preparing your dishes. The best thing about these sauces is that you can modify them by adding a wide range of ingredients adding unique flavors to the sauce.

The soy-miso sauce stands out, especially when paired with the Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapples as the toppings. So, if you are one of the people that love Hawaiian pizza, it’s about time you swap the tomato sauce for soy-miso sauce.

It is essential you watch the miso sauce while cooking because it tends to get burnt very quickly. Keep an eye while stirring to avoid burning this sauce.

Here’s the recipe- soy-miso sauce 

Bechamel sauce or white sauce

Bechamel sauce or white sauce

traditionally, this white sauce is made from a roux combined with milk. The sauce recipes vary from one region t another based on where you live, with the inclusion of salt in many recipes.

It is an easy recipe, and you can get it done in less than 10 minutes. This milk-based recipe can be used in several other dishes and also as a base.

The roux is made of milk, butter, white flour, and different spices, combining to make the white sauce. So, if you are looking for another perfect substitute for the traditional tomato sauce for your pizza, try the bechamel sauce.

Here’s the recipe- bechamel sauce or white sauce 

Extra virgin olive oil {EVOO}

You can never go wrong with the EVOO oil as an alternative for your tomato-based sauces. Olive oil allows each flavor in your pizza to stand out without causing any intimidations to the ingredients.

On those days that you are preparing dishes with vegetable toppings, use a high-quality EVOO oil. To let these ingredients stand out with their unique flavors, use robust olive oils and not the milder ones used in dressing most salads.

Using olive oils may sometimes look contradictory and absurd, but pizzas made from this oil are considered one of the best healthy pizza sauce substitutes. Drizzling the olive oil as the baking of pizza continues makes the crust crispy and savory due to sucking up of the oil.

Wasabi sauce

Wasabi sauce

The wasabi sauce has a distinctive taste full of spice but with significant differences from that of hot pepper spice. You can easily create a homemade wasabi sauce with raw salmon or even cooked salmon; they both work well.

Making this recipe is very easy, primarily when you use the wasabi powder. It is preservative-free and, most importantly, tasty and very delicious. Mixing it with mayo of your choice will make this recipe a beauty.

On the crust of your pizza, spread the wasabi sauce mixed with mayonnaise, then add sesame seeds and finish it off with your favorite greens.

Here’s the recipe- wasabi sauce 



Pizza sauces do not have to be savory. Nutella makes dessert pizza taste sweeter due to the use of sugar, cocoa solids, and hazelnuts. It is a perfect sauce that you can spread over pancakes, waffles, and pizzas.

The best part of this syrup is that it has a long shelf-life, and it is a less than 30 minutes recipe. When making this syrup, do not use plain milk as the syrup will seize; instead, use slightly heavy cream.

Make dessert pizza using the Nutella syrup, sprinkle sugar on the crust, and then bake it until the sugar becomes caramelized and the crust is pillowy-like.

Here’s the recipe- Nutella sauce

Chimichurri sauce

Chimichurri sauce

Traditionally, this sauce is used on different grilled meat, but you can also use it as an alternative to the pizza sauce. This sauce comes in green and red versions, which comes from green and red ingredients.

The argentine version is made of oregano, garlic, chopped garlic, and red vinegar. The authentic version of this chimichurri sauce does not use any spices, but you can customize it to your liking.

Topping the pizza crust with meaty ingredients adds a diverse new taste to the pizza, and it also affirms the traditions of this sauce.

Here’s the recipe- chimichurri sauce 

Balsamic glaze

Balsamic glaze

Though this vinegar is often intensely flavored, you can also use it when baking your pizza and also as a sauce. However, you will need to modify this recipe to reduce the flavors of these ingredients.

The intense flavors in this glaze balance the savory nature of other food recipes, transforming them into delicious foods. So how do you make this recipe? The quality of the vinegar used in making this recipe should be unique and with high characteristics.

The time in which you prepare this recipe relies on the quality of the vinegar used. If you use a poor-quality vinegar, then it will cook faster with very minimal amounts of flavors. If you want an additional sweetness to this recipe, add molasses and sugar. Brush this syrup over your pizza, sausages, mushrooms, cheese.

Here’s the recipe- balsamic glaze 

Thai chili sauce

Thai chili sauce

It is a perfect sauce that you can use almost on every other dish that you are preparing. This chili sauce is gluey, sweet, and spiced with various ingredients. It is an easy recipe to make; therefore, buying it from the stores is not a good alternative.

If you want a perfect sauce for your Asian-themed pizza, then the sweet Thai chili sauce is what you are missing. Traditionally, this recipe is used as a dipping sauce, especially for chicken, but it also creates a perfect sauce for your pizza.

When using this sauce for your pizza, top it with tofu and your favorite vegetables. Excluding the cheese will boost the flavor of this sauce.

Here’s the recipe- Thai chili sauce 

Curry sauce

Curry sauce

The varieties of curry sauce are wide, with each having differences based on ingredients used and preparation mode. You can easily make a curry pizza using the naan flatbread and paneer cheese.

Curry sauce base can be used to make other dishes like chicken and pizza, and it is perfect for people who have busy schedules. Making this recipe in advance saves you more time than you would spend assembling the ingredients at once.

Here’s the recipe- curry sauce 

Hoisin sauce

Hoisin sauce

This recipe is often used in Cantonese cuisine, especially in grilled meat, dipping sauce, or stir-fried foods. Hoisin sauce is very delicious and usually has a dark color appearance. The taste and ingredients used vary from one region to another.

It has some characteristics that resemble the BBQ sauce, with the only significant difference being the tanginess that is intense in the BBQ sauce. The soy-sauce ingredient in this sauce is what makes it stand out when comparing it to other sauces.

Here’s the recipe- hoisin sauce 

Romesco sauce

Romesco sauce

Romesco recipe is a versatile sauce and can almost be used in any other kind of food. It is a tomato-based sauce with different ingredients incorporated into it to bring out the best in this Spanish recipe.

It makes a perfect alternative for the typical pizza sauce, and the best of it all, it is packed with a robust flavor that boosts your food taste. It is a healthy sauce because of the ingredients used that are also creamy and rich.

When using this sauce to make your pizza, use vegetables, chicken, and shrimps as your toppings.

Here’s the recipe- romesco sauce 

Gremolata sauce

Gremolata sauce

The gremolata sauce is a straightforward recipe that can easily transform your dish from an ordinary dish to a delicious and impressive dish. The combination of parsley, garlic, and lemons makes this recipe versatile so that you can use it in almost every dish.

You can also customize this sauce to your liking, for instance, by using olive oil as the base of this recipe. Chopping all the ingredients with your knife will make it easy for you to control the vegetables’ texture.

If you do not like cilantro, you can use the gremolata sauce as a substitute for the salsa verde. If you desire more heat to this recipe, add red flakes/.

Here’s the recipe- gremolata sauce 

Muhammara sauce

Muhammara sauce

When paired with thin crust pizza topped with sliced meat, red onions, then spread with the muhammara sauce, the pizza becomes a hit. The common ingredients used in making this sauce are walnuts, breadcrumbs, and fresh or dried red pepper.

You have the option to make this recipe in advance if you are under tight schedules. Muhammara sauce has some similarities with hummus, but the difference is it is creamier and red pepper is used instead of chickpeas.

Here’s the recipe- muhammara sauce 

Italian dressing

Italian dressing

This sauce is traditionally used to make salads, but why not try using it to make your pizza. I prefer a homemade Italian dressing to a store-bought one because you can easily add quality ingredients to the sauce.

For additional flavor to this sauce, use the parmesan cheese when making it as it adds the savory flavor to the Italian dressing. It makes a perfect side dish to many other varieties of foods.

For your pizza, three tablespoons will be enough. Spread the sauce on the pizza crust and add spinach, tomatoes, and cheese as your toppings. Delicious.

Here’s the recipe- Italian dressing 

Pepper jelly sauce

Pepper jelly sauce

The pepper jelly sauce is often heavily spiced and lovely; additionally, it boosts the taste of cheese on its own. If it enhances the taste of cheese alone, how about when used in cheese pizza?

It is an easy recipe to make, but it has several instructions to be followed; therefore, it may be time-consuming. You can pair this sauce with other dishes like salmon, grilled pork, and chicken wings.

So, if you are making a pizza, be sure to use this sauce as an alternative to your traditional tomato sauce. For more flavorings of your pizza, use sliced sausages and sweet peppers as your toppings.

Here’s the recipe- pepper jelly sauce 

Ranch sauce/dressing

Ranch sauce or dressing

Ever dressed your pizza with ranch sauce? Maybe you should try replacing the classic tomato sauce with this dressing. Though the ranch sauce is commonly used in salads blending it with other foods will not cause any troubles.

It is a quick recipe that you can whisk and get done within a few minutes. The other advantage is that the ingredients used here are readily available, and no complications are involved.

Buttermilk is essential in this recipe as it adds a savory flavor to the sauce. However, you can also use milk if you do not have buttermilk.

Here’s the recipe- ranch sauce/ dressing 

Pumpkin cream sauce

Pumpkin cream sauce

Using pumpkin sauce in pizzas helps balance the acidity that comes from the tomato sauce. When baked and assembled correctly, this recipe can sure be a hit. On the other hand, any slight mess will turn this recipe into a mediocre sauce.

Pumpkin pizza sauce contains high levels of vitamins and proteins; therefore, it is healthy food. Making this sauce is very easy, and you can do it by mixing tomato sauce and a canned pumpkin sauce, then add your favorite spices to this mixture. Use the mixture as the ordinary sauce.

Here’s the recipe- pumpkin cream sauce



This sauce blends well with pita bread, and when spread on pizza as an alternative to the classic tomato sauce, you will love it. All you need to do to make this sauce taste better is add some new ideas when making the sauce to make it better than the store-bought sauce.

The ingredients used in making hummus consists of tahini, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and garbanzo beans. The key to making perfect hummus dip is using quality ingredients.

Making the hummus as smooth as possible involves how you make your garbanzo beans. There are variations of how to prepare this means, and this depends on what you prefer.

Here’s the recipe- hummus 

Sun-dried tomato sauce

Sun dried tomato sauce

Sun-dried tomato sauce is always packed with a heavy concentration of flavors. The best thing about this recipe is that all the ingredients required to make it are most probably in your cellar.

When it comes to the sun-dried tomatoes, it comes in two forms. Either the tomatoes are whole or chopped all packaged. The whole or packed sun-dried tomatoes are often packed in oil jars, and they are mostly used as pizza toppings.

Making this sauce is simple and easy to make. All you need to do is blend sun-dried tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, and olive oil in the food processer.

Here’s the recipe- sun-dried tomato sauce 

Thai peanut sauce

Thai peanut sauce

You can use this sauce in making foods such as peanut noodles, salads, peanut dipping sauce, and even pizza. The ingredients used in making this sauce are easy to find at your grocery store.

The best part about the Thai peanut sauce is that you do not have to cook it. Therefore, to make this sauce, you need to whisk all the ingredients you have together, and you are as good as done.

Here’s the recipe- Thai peanut sauce 

Fig jam

Fig jam

Fig jam makes a perfect ingredient for your pizza making. You can get these jam sauces from the stores or make a homemade sauce. Getting a fleshy and all-ripen fig is not easy, but you can improve these figs by dipping them in sugars.

The benefit of this fig jam is that it has a long shelf-life, and you can use it in many other dishes due to its versatility.

Here’s the recipe- fig jam sauce 

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