5 Best Pizza Savers Of 2021 – Pizza Table Box Stack Reviews

The word pizza saver looks strange to many, especially those who aren’t so much into pizza storage. If you store the pizza in the box, you may need it to maintain the toppings and the juices.

Contrary to your thoughts, it will be vital if you’re going to keep the pizza in the box. Do you ever ask yourself why you have a tripod sitting on top of a pizza in the box? We are here to answer such questions for you today.

But what is a pizza saver?

We already talked about a tripod on top of your pizza. Have you ever seen such a tool over your pizza? The pizza saver is a plastic divider that most restaurants set over your pizza in the box.

Its essence is to prevent the box from coming to contact with your toppings over the pizza.

Pizza Saver

You always don’t want the pizza box to press against the toppings, thus absorbing the grease. It will therefore keep the box top raised. There will be no more sagging box.

Do we need it?

I know you can only ask this question if your deliveries come to your right. But if you have had the deliveries with the top part of the box absorbing the cheese and the sauce, you will want this saver.

Every day across the globe, you will find that we deliver millions of pizzas to many homes. But up until February 12th, 1985, no one knew much about the pizza saver. Thanks to Carmela Vitale, who founded these savers to help us in the delivery.

She didn’t like it that the box sank inwards, and although she didn’t set the saver for business, her name became famous. This will often occur when steam weakens the pizza box.

When this happens, you will have the box sink into the toppings of the pizza. This also makes it absorb the toppings.

The pizza saver is usually three-legged. It will often keep the box top raised, and this then minimizes the damage to the pie. Notice that although she found this method, she didn’t produce many pizza savers as she had no intention of doing a business out of it.

Today, you will realize that some restaurant uses the pizza savers intending to make them not sink in again. We are grateful to her for making us such a tool to ensure everything is intact when it reaches our doors.

So if you want to deliver the best pizza, then you should use it.

1. Royal 2 Inch Tabletop Pizza Saver

Royal 2 Inch Tabletop Pizza Saver, Package of 100

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When you want to deliver the perfect pizza, then you should use this pizza saver. It’s such a tiny gadget that will make it easy to attain the dream pizza, though. With this, you are sure you will receive the perfect looking pizza and the one that comes with the same texture and features as they were made.

With this tool, then you are sure there will be no more cheese on the box. It will remain on the pizza as you need it to be. Today, more people are using the pizza saver than you would know. The good thing is that it will be a food-grade pizza plastic.

You will have the type that is also stackable, and yet you are safe to store it as you would like to. Notice that this piece, though, is going to be a disposable option. It’s one of the best choices that they make quickly. You will discard them when you are also discarding the box.

Such pieces they make intending to have it stand very high temperatures, and this is why it will never melt even when the pizza is still piping hot.

So with this, you are sure you will attain the perfect pizzas without really using a lot of money.

2. [200 Pack] Pizza Saver Stand

[200 Pack] Pizza Saver Stand - White Plastic Tripod Stack/STAX for Restaurant Container, Catering Boxes and Food Take Out Service

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Notice that these are amazingly easy to stack on each pizza. Notice that here you are going to buy up to 200 stacks of the pizzas stands.

It looks simple, yet it’s such a stable stack that you will never have the pizza box move past the stack. Notice that it will keep looking healthy at all times.

Remember that you always want to set it at the very center of the pizza as you don’t want the box to touch the cheese but with the toppings.

When you think of it, this is more like a real pizza saver. The good thing is that they use high-quality plastic material that is also food safe. So you can be sure it’s never affected by temperature. It will again remain stable to use, but then the best part is that you have the safe to use the plastic material that will never contaminate your food. ‘

You will then like the piece for the fact that it’s affordable. They don’t only use it on the pizza but also the different kinds of paste.

Here is a pack; therefore, you will have about 200 pierce of the stackable plastics. So you can be sure you have the brand you can trust, and yet it remains a safe and sturdy choice of stack containers.

I must mention this to you; this piece is never edible plastic, so don’t go on.

3. SafePro PZS, 1.5-Inch White

SafePro PZS, 1.5-Inch White Plastic Pizza Stands/Savers/Stax, Take Out Catering Disposable White Pizza Stack (100)

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Here you have one of the most preferred options you can use when you want your pizza safe. Remember never to let the box loose to fall over the pizza toppings. In most cases, you will only need to set the tripod on the middle of the pizza.

The good thing is that you can successfully use the tripod without having it messing with the texture and the pizza toppings.

It will make it seem like the pizza is very hot, and you just removed it from the oven. This is a must-have piece that you may only use in the commercial kitchen. Don’t even worry because you’ll have high-quality plastic.

4. Web 200 pcs Tabletop Pizza Saver.

Weiba 200 pcs Tabletop Pizza Saver, Pizza Table Box Saver Stands, Pizza Tripods, Pizza Boxed Fixed, Pizza Saver Tables Stands Pizza Takeaway Disposable Kitchen Tools

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If your definite aim is to deliver the perfect pizza, then you need this pizza saver. The essence then is to make sure you will deliver the pizza as it is to your clients. Forget about the squished pizza; you will always have the pizza with all the toppings intact.

Here then they use food-grade plastic. They make the pizza using the plastic food-grade, so then it’s safe on your food.

Notice that you will not need to use it again because it’s a disposable piece, making it even better. Remember, it will remain a convenient choice of the saver. Besides, the pizza will never even melt. They can even use it with the hot pizza to let it melt quickly.

In using the pizza saver, then you make sure the pizza box is safe.

Here you will attain the perfect pizza at all times. No more touching your pizza toppings. The good thing then is that the plastic will not even melt quickly.

5. Royal Tabletop Pizza Saver, Case of 1000

Royal Tabletop Pizza Saver, Case of 1000

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The dream here is to attain the perfect pizza at all times; this is why you need this tool to make sure you only get the best pizza. Since it’s a food-grade pizza, you can be sure it will serve you when you are taking the pizza saver, then you can be sure you will find it easy to use it.

Although it’s food-grade plastic, you should remember to remove it and then discard it when you are done with it. Like the few ones we discussed above, this one will mean you won’t have it melting. You can recycle it, but then the best idea is to discard it after use.

Which type should I choose?

You should know that the pizza saver you are going to buy should be the kind you know is safe. You want to make sure the material they use on the pizza makes is still a safe choice. Plastic that is food-grade plastic is the best one to use.

You should choose the stable one that will remain fitting and nicely stable on your pizza. If you choose the one that will also break, it will beat the logic of even using it.

If you have a restaurant choose the one where you have several pizza savers, you only use the theme with every client.

If you know your boxes aren’t stable, then you should focus on making sure you use the stands to keep the box at the top.

Are you doing to buy them?

If you have a restaurant that then delivers the pizza to the clients, you may need to use the pizza saver. This is the only way you clients will receive their meal being as good and hot as it should be.

Although it may not be a must have tool its quite effective for fast food and restaurants packaging the pizzas for their clients.

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