10 Best Pizza Scissors Of 2021 – Pizza Shears Review

Gone are the days when we solidly depended on the restaurant pizzas, today you can make the pizzas you need from home.

Once you baked it, you will need the tool to cut the pizza to the perfect slices.

Sometimes people will use the pizza cutter or pizza scissors. In this article, though are interested in the pizza scissors.

Can we use the scissors to slice the pizza?

Of course, you can. I mean, we are talking of the unique pizza scissors, and those are great to use just as much as the pizza wheel is too. When you know how to use it, you will find it easy to take the best one for you.

1. Dreamfarm Scizza | Non-Stick, Stainless-Steel Pizza Cutter Scissors 

Dreamfarm Scizza | Non-Stick, Stainless-Steel Pizza Cutter Scissors with Protective Server | Black

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The scissor’s design is such that it will make it easy to cut the pizzas into slices. And mind you, it’s easy to slice the pizza into tiny slices. Notice that you can also slice the deep dish pizza with it. It won’t even matter the kind of pizza you have because you can slice it comfortably.

The manufacturer of these scissors is the best because they make the safety lock to make sure it will never hurt any other person. However, when you look at it, you will realize that more people are praising the scissor than any other type. You will like this the most because it can stand the exposure to very high heat.

It makes your cutting the easiest, mostly because it has the perfect handles that can make the whole cutting process more comfortable. If you worry about scratching your pan, you won’t scratch it when you use this piece.

These pizza scissors are heat resistant up to 400F, and as such, it’s a practical option you can use. The one thing making it even better is the long blades it has. It comes to you at 12cm, making it easy to slice through the pizza.

You will mostly like the scissors’ spatula style that makes it easy to slide it under the pizza and then pick it. So this isn’t going to be regular stainless steel. They use preferably German steel that remains a durable choice of scissors. Remember, this is going to be dishwasher safe.


  • You will like it for its reliability.
  • You won’t have to spend more money to get a spatula as you will have a unique one here.
  • You have a sturdy choice of scissors.


  • It’s more on the costly end.

2. Set of 2 Pizza Cutter Scissors with Serving Spatula for Easy Cutting of Piping Hot Pizzas

Set Of 2 Pizza Cutter Scissors With Serving Spatula For Easy Cutting Of Piping Hot Pizzas And Hot Food Without Scalding Your Hands

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So here then you have two pairs of kitchen scissors to use in the cutting of the pizza. This one also comes with a serving spatula to make it easy to serve the pizza when you need to. You will mostly like its handles for being sturdy, healthy, and easy to hold as you’re cutting the pizza.

Furthermore, you will use a versatile tool to cut the pizzas, quesadillas, omelets, and other pastries. When you are ready, then you can detach the spatula for cleaning. You will like this dishwasher the most because it’s even a dishwasher-friendly choice.

I know you may wonder how it will cut your pizza, but it does it with ease. The secret is to make sure you find the right angle to hold the scissors, making the cutting easier. I know it’s not shaped like the regular pizza scissors, but it will work perfectly fine for you if you know how to use it.


  • This features a sturdy construction.
  • With its shape then you can easily cut the pizza too.
  • It has a protector, and you can stick it safely in the cover when you are, therefore, not using it.
  • It is a versatile option to use.


  • No complaints

3. Fante’s Cousin Gilda’s Pizza Chef’s Scissors

Fante's Cousin Gilda's Pizza Chef's Scissors, Scratch-Free Nylon, Black

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This is the safest way to cut your favorite pizzas. Mark you; it’s easy to cut the pizzas, and it will take you a short while to cut it. Precisely, it will take a few seconds to cut the pizzas. The secret is to give it a powerful hold.

So they use particular nylon to make the scissors. It doesn’t use extremely sharp blades, but then it will easily cut your pizzas. You will find it more comfortable but also safer to use than the metal cutters. Since it has no sharp tip, you won’t have it scratching the pan surface.

It has put into consideration the fact that you could be right-handed or left-handed. You can comfortably use it either way. In a nutshell, you will easily cut your deep dish pizza too. When you also have the cheese, you will find it easy to cut them using these scissors.

Notice that you have an easy-to-use and safe choice when you aren’t sure about using scissors. To clean it, use warm soapy water, and you will then have it serve you over a long time.


  • It’s easy to use on either hand.
  • It’s versatile since you won’t only use it for the pizzas; you can also use it for your cheese.
  • Its ideal to use when you are cutting the deep dish pizza.


  • It doesn’t have very sharp edges making it hard to cut the pizza.  You must sharpen it regularly.

4. Fiskars Non-scratch Kitchen Shears

Fiskars Non-scratch Kitchen Shears (10.5 Inch), 510091-1001,Orange

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Here is another perfect shape of the scissors you can use on your pizzas with ease. I prefer this shape to attain the perfect stability. Here you then have a heat-resistant nylon base, making it easy to maneuver even the piping hot pizzas.

The handle is something else since it will make it easy to hold the pizzas while cutting them. You can use it whether you are going to cut your pizzas, quesadillas, or any other kinds of pastries. I like the bright orange color that makes it more visible.

Something about the handles will make sure your hands don’t come to contact with the pizzas. This is to maintain meal safety.  

This tool will never scratch your pan, so you can comfortably use it as a spatula. It remains a nonstick and heat-resistant choice of scissors. If you want to clean it thoroughly, you can loosen it to make sure you don’t have the food particles stuck. And when you are through, you will attach it again quickly.


  • This base will make an effortless move on your pizza pan.
  • If you want, then you can dismantle the blades to clean.
  • It keeps your handles on the high, making sure your handles don’t get to contact with it.
  • It’s an affordable choice.


  • When you have a gigantic pizza, you will find it hard to use since the blade is shorter.
  • You will have to sharpen it much frequently.

5. Dreamfarm (Red) Scizza Scissors, Non-Stick Stone Safe Pizza Cutter and Server

Dreamfarm Scizza | Non-Stick, Stainless-Steel Pizza Cutter Scissors with Protective Server | Red

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You will like it for the fact that it gives you two roles and easily. You can use it to cut the pizza but also serve it to your loved ones. This scissor is even easy to use on the stone surface. They make it using hardened German stainless steel.

I like the bright red handles that make it visible and beautiful too. It also uses different handles that make it easy to cut through the pizza. Notice that here you have the handles being high over the blade. This is advantageous because it will keep your hands off the pizza.

Although you may spend a little more, you will find that the scissors were all worth it when you begin to use them. In most cases, you can use it even with your large pizzas because the blade will appear more extended than a twelve-inch pizza.

You will have it easy to cut through the different crusts of the pizzas. When you have the heat-resistant base, you can use it even when the pizza is piping hot on the pan. It remains a dishwasher-safe choice.


  • This is an excellent choice as it will cut through any pizza. There’s never a large pizza for it that it can’t handle.
  • It’s hardened steel that they use of the blades, but then you’re sure it will never hurt you.
  • Here you have a nonstick heat-resistant choice of blades.
  • You have the perfect color scheme.


  • It’s pricier than most other choices.

6. GEFU Pizza Scissors PEZZO

Gefu Pezzo Pizza Scissors

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I like the base that this tool creates because it makes it easy to cut through the different styles of pizzas. The vital aspect is that you will even use the scissors to scoop out the slice of pizza. They even make stainless steel scissors with it. Remember, though, that with these pizza scissors, you will find it easy to cut through your different pizzas.

It will offer you the stable cutting of the pizzas. The handles are a little higher, so you will have it getting your handles off the pizza, thus no bacterial contamination.

It looks like one of the most durable choices of blades and scissors you can have. Although you may think it’s a weighty choice, it’s not. The scissors will always serve you over a long time. Notice, therefore, that you have the soft handles here. They often give you easy cleaning of the surface.


  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It’s stable and, therefore, easy to cut through the pizza.
  • Your hands a much stable holding it then when you’re using any other choice.


  • It can be a little heavier.

7. Tescoma Pizza Scissors Delicia, 32 x 9 x 2.9 cm, Assorted

Tescoma Pizza Scissors Delicia, Assorted, 32 x 9 x 2.9 cm

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Here then, you have another one of the perfect choices when you’re using the scissors. Anyone will use the handles properly because you aren’t inserting your fingers on the regular scissor holes. Such a choice then will accommodate all.

So you even have a perfect design you can use with your pizza options. It has its handle made using resistant plastic to make it easy to get a hold of the scissors. Notice that you also have the blades made using high-quality stainless steel. With them then you can easily cut through the pizza slices.

Moreover, you will find it easy to lift out your different slices of pizzas when you make them into the spatula type of pizza.

When you want to have a tool that you can easily use, choose from this brand.


  • It’s unique, but it works much more comfortably.
  • It’s durable
  • It’s easier to use the scissors.


  • It can be too tight to open.

8. Eugeneq 1 Pcs Pizza Scissor Cutter Stainless Steel Scissor Cut Pizza 

Eugeneq 1 Pcs Pizza Scissor Cutter Stainless Steel Scissor Cut Pizza with Detachable Spatula

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Like most other scissors, you have the spatula in this tool, so it will make it easy for you to cut the pizza and serve it when you need to.

Here you, therefore, have high-quality stainless steel. Notice too that you have the comfy handles that are also BPA-free. Therefore, if you know how to use the handles, you will find it a perfect choice. Notice too that they make it using stainless steel.

Remember, too, that you can easily remove the spatula. It’s even much easier to clean it and then store it in the right space. You will also have the best choice of pizza scissors here because you can use them to cut not only the pizza but also any other thing.

So here then you’ll have the perfect choice of handles to use.


  • This is a stable choice of scissors that will easily cut through the different thicknesses of the pizza.
  • It features the use of high-quality stainless steel.
  • You can easily remove its parts to clean it thoroughly.


  • None yet

9. Asdirne Pizza Scissors

Asdirne Pizza Scissors, Pizza Cutter with Ultra Sharp Detachable Blade and Ergonomic Soft Grip, 10.3Inch, Black&Red

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Here then, you have food-grade high-quality scissors. Notice too that it’s okay to have the scissors come to contact with your food too. As you can see, the finger holes are nicely wide to make it easy to cut the pizza. I like such choices that have the handles lifted over the blades to make sure it’s easier to cut without your hands coming to contact with the pizza.

Remember, the scissors are often a durable yet corrosion-resistant option you can comfortably use. Notice too that you will have the scissors set at 120°, which will then avoid the pizza’s touching. Again you can expect to have quality products in the pizza.

You will like it the most for its stability, though. You can use it to cut the different kinds of pizza.


  • It will give you a comfortable grip.
  • It’s a durable choice.
  • It can cut through all the different kinds of pizzas.


  • Not as easy to clean as the types above.


10. Küchenprofi Pizza Scissors Stainless Steel Black

Küchenprofi Pizza Scissors Stainless Steel Black

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Last on the list is this stable like scissors. It remains perfect pizza scissors that you can use in cutting all the different kinds of pizzas. Again your hands will be at the very top, thus avoiding the contamination of the bacteria.

You also have a spatula in this package to help you hold the pizza in place as you serve it on your plate. It stands out for having very sharp blades. It will cut through the different styles of the pizza with ease.

Its body uses stainless steel and plastic too. The scissors then are a durable choice to use in the cutting of the pizza. Again here you have an easy to clean choice of scissors. The most important thing, though, is that you will find it easy to hold it and then go on to cut the pizzas.

The good thing then is that it will deliver robust cutting and, therefore, safe to use too.


  • It’s perfect for the different pizza cuttings


  • It’s stable as you are cutting it.
  • You’ll quickly remove the parts so you can clean its parts with ease.


  • None

Why do people like it?

When you’re going to cut your pizza, you will only cut the pizza, not your pan surfaces. This is the best factor that makes anyone want to use it.

Also, the slicers will always need a flat surface when cutting it, but not the scissors. You can cut the pizza even if it’s not on a flat surface.

The scissors will reduce the mess that the cutters and knives may sometimes cause. This piece will slide through every slice smoothly, leaving everything still intact.

The buying guide

The materials

Of course, we have already seen that most of the scissor blades here are made using stainless steel but sometimes even plastic. We aren’t talking of any other stainless steel rather German-style stainless steel. Notice that the German reinforced stainless steel, though, is more durable.

Some pieces will amazingly be using the plastic to make sure you won’t have it scratch the cookware surface.

Ease of use and clean

You don’t want to buy a scissor that will make it hard to cut the pizza. Well, this one is going to help you make it when it comes to cutting. But even better is the one that you choose, and it’s easy to clean.

For most of them, the good news is that they make it comfortable to use yet easy to clean. Some of them you can simply set on the dishwasher to clean. In other instances, you don’t need a dishwasher instead soap and water.  

Comfortable grip

The only way you can cut your pizza right is if you have sturdy handles. If then it will give you the firm handles which will be easy to handle. Unless you can hold it steadily, you will not manage to cut it, remember.

Before you settle for one, then remember to choose the one that fits your fingers and hands to cut it right.

Heat resistant

Here then you have the tool that you can use even when the heat is very high. They can easily stand the hot tray without melting or even getting damaged. Again remember the piece you use will serve you best.


Whenever you are out buying the pizza scissors, you can be sure you are only looking for the durable to use at any time. When you’re making such an investment, it’s your dream to buy the one that will serve you over a longer time.

Who first founded the pizza scissors

The pizza scissors were the idea of the American inventor by the name of Rodger brown. The main reason for the making of the scissors was to make the work easier such that you can serve the pizza and slice it.

Which one is better, the scissors or the pizza cutter

Most people like it the most because it’s easier to maintain when comparing it to other cutters. One of the winning factors of pizza scissors is that they’re easier to maintain than most other pizza cutters.

The cleaning of the pizza cutter is amazingly easier than most others. The problem is that the sauce will then get stuck in the cutters making it hard to remove. You probably have seen already that the cleaning of the pizza scissors is easier.

When using it

Most of us can agree that it’s much easier to use the scissors to slice in the pizza with ease. However, when you’re using the cutting wheel, you have the toppings, and the crust is stuck on the wheel sometimes. When you notice this, then you will find it hard to clean these options.  

You will like again that the scissors, unlike the wheels, will not cut the surface. This is why you can use it on the pizza peel or even the stone without damaging it. The good thing, though, is that they will have the spatula if you like to use it in the pizza’s carriage.

When all is said

The pizza scissors are just as great as those times when you’re using the pizza wheels to cut the pizza. Remember, it’s best when you are looking for ways to reduces the messes. Also, you will realize that it has to do more with the personal preference than the greatness of the tool.

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