Pizza Stone Substitute

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A pizza stone is a must-have for those who like the delicious crispy pizza.

If you ever ate the pizza made using a pizza stone, then you will know why we say you need it at home. But the truth is that not everyone has pizza stone at home, even though they still want to make a great pizza. If this is, therefore, you, consider the following pizza stone substitute.

What is a pizza stone?

This is a baking surface that they design for pizzas. It’s a poor conductor of heat, so it will take longer for it to heat, but it will then retain the heat longer. It retains the perfect temperature even if your oven, for some reason, cooled off.


In the end, you will make the pizza crispier but also the meals delicious. So you know your pizza will keep on cooking.

Why do people like it?

It will make you the most delicious and crispy pizza. It mimics your pizza oven in the kitchen, so you will have the high heat retained at high, and therefore the pizza cooks pretty fast.

The secret then is to make sure you let the stone preheat first. When the stone is then fully heated, it will be easy and first to cook your pizza. So with its conductive properties, this stone will make a crispier crust. Not even your baking steel can make such a crisp.

In the end, you have the best way to make the pizza at home. The only problem in using a pizza stone these days is that they will crack easily since the clay they use is fragile. And since you are looking for a good conductor of heat to attain the crisp, you can use the following.

Pizza oven

We use the stone these days to attain the stone-like surface and thus also retain as much heat for your pizza. If you have a backyard for some space, the first option to pizza stone is to build a wood oven.

Using a wood oven is a fun cooking style and can pull a show if you are the type who likes to host. You see, you can decide to make it as simple or as complex as you would love it to be. There are simple ways to make the pizza oven just as much as there are complex ones. It usually matters what kind of oven you want to make.

The only reason we are talking about the pizza oven is that it’s the oldest method of cooking pizza where you need to set the pizza on the floor of your oven. With this, you can achieve an even better crust than the one the stone gives you.

I know the pizza oven is a pizza stone by no means, but it works the same to conduct heat entirely, thus making it easy to crisp and char.

Cast iron pan

One of the best ways to make your pizza or baked foods is when you have a cast iron pan to cook with, even on the stovetop.

Notice, though, that you will set the pan on the oven if you like. You see, you can also preheat it on the upside-down. And this then will be an imitation of the pizza stone. So even if you have the cast iron skillet, then it will entirely make the cooking possible.

You see, this one is almost similar to the ceramic one in the way they operate. So then you will have the nice looking pizza but also a crispy option.

  • I want to use the cast iron in the oven is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. Most of the pans we are talking of here are made to suit even the oven cooking. Therefore, go on to set the raw pizza on the skillet before you finally set it in the oven. You need to make already sure your oven is nicely hot before you set it on.

Notice that the cast iron is never perforated, but still, it will cook the pizza perfectly. Remember, if your skillet has a handle, make sure that it can handle the heat. This is, therefore, to say that you would never use the ones with the plastic handles.

You can use the cast iron pan to make the pan-fried pizza as well. Thanks to pizza hut today, most people like the pan pizza more than any other one.

  • It can work as a stone too.

If you have a large pizza skillet, then they will work best. Begin by turning the skillet upside down. You will then set it right in the oven but also use it as a pizza stone. So then set it in a cold oven and allow it some time to preheat.

Don’t be in a hurry; allow it to bake; leave the pan in the oven for at least 45 minutes. Next, set your already prepped pizza on the skillet using the pizza peel.

1. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, Pre-Seasoned



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There’s a reason why it remains one of the most bought skillets. It’s also one of the most effective skillet anyone ever has. You can hand wash it and then dry rub it again. The other reason you want to buy this pan is that it will serve you over a very long time, you know.

You can use it to stew, fry, bake, broil, and many other uses you wish for. Don’t worry; you will like this option more because it’s even easy to care for. They further send it already pre-seasoned, which means that it’s easier for the pan to release the food or pizza. Although this one is a smaller option, you can also find another large enough one for you.

When you want a tool that you will even pass down generations, this is it. You can use it in the oven, on the stove, and the oven on the grill.

Dutch oven

When you look at it, then the Dutch oven is the other best option anyone can use. It looks and works the same as the cast iron does.

Notice that this one will even conduct the heat well. However, make sure you set the pizza on the parchment paper to make it easy to release when it’s cooked. So then you won’t cook at every high temperature. It can only go to a high surge temperature of 400F.

2. Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven


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This one will work great to prep most different meals and including your favorite pizza. It, therefore, features the use of porcelain on your cast iron. You will like this one as the other option to use when you are looking to bake your different meals.

Notice that you can use it to sauté, fry or even broil your foodstuff. You see, it will help you with the heat retention too, which makes it easy to bake the food from within and then to the exterior. You see, you can even use this oven style during service. Remember also to dry it thoroughly before you store it.

Use pizza steel

There are more people today who only like the pizza steel than they do the baking stone. If you are a fun of stone than steel, then that makes two of us. But when you don’t have a stone, then this will make the perfect option. If you like to cook pizza, though, you will most likely be having it already.

If you get it, you will be okay because it works the same way as the pizza stone does. So they make it using clay, steel, or ceramic. Notice that the steel will conduct heat very first and may not attain the same crisp as the stone. It will deliver the perfect pizza and fast.

The only difference between the stone and your steel will be that it’s made using steel, not clay or ceramic.  

This one is also a sturdy option and durable, so it won’t even crack easily. Sadly, the pizza steel will be more expensive than the pizza stone.

3. NerdChef Steel Stone


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When you buy this one, you are sure to attain the perfect pizza just because it can heat at least 20 times more than the others. With this, then you are sure it will send even more heat energy to your crust. Again it will even attain up to 1000°F in your 450°F maximum heat oven.

This one will amazingly make the crust crispy and faster than any other type of stone. With it, you are sure to make the perfect crust that looks almost charred.

This one is the easiest even to handle. They have finger holes; you can use them to move it around when it’s not hot or holding the pizza.

Forget about the stones cracking here; you will have the steel over a long time. Although it appears costly, it’s going to serve you for a longer time.

They further come in three levels of thicknesses for you to choose the one you would like to use.  

It features a low friction surface, so it will perfectly releas4e the pizza when it’s ready. Since it comes in rectangular, then you can use it even if you want to cook a rectangular pizza, even though it’s not common.

Use the inverted baking sheet too.

When it comes to baking, and as long as you have an oven, it’s likely that you already have a baking sheet. Now you can use the same oven to attain the perfect pizza if you want to. But I want you to know that you won’t make the crispy pizza you use to make.

Notice that the baking sheet cannot hold the heat on as much as the stone one does, and generally, they operate differently. Most of these are made using aluminum, but if you can find the ones they make using heavy steel, then maybe you should use that one.

The baking steel, though, will always give you the same results that the pizza does.

4. Rachael Ray Nonstick Bakeware Set with Grips, Nonstick Cookie Sheets / Baking Sheets


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Here is another perfect baking sheet that you can use when you’re out baking all the different meals. One of the most important ones that you will cook perfectly here is this baking sheet. Contrary to most others, this baking sheet is excellent since it comes to you as a nonstick option.

I like that it has gas, the extra-wide grip handles that you can use in the pizza movement from one point to another.

You can almost use it for cooking and baking anything, including the lasagna. Notice that this is a durable pan that will serve you for ages successfully.

Best pizza stone

5. Pizza Stone by Hans Grill Baking Stone for Pizzas 


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The best thing is that you will need to use it for the different kinds of desserts and goodies. One thing though, you are sure to receive the perfect pizza when you use this one.

Here, you have the perfect option to bake, grill, and serve your best pizza, you know. Notice that it comes to you with a pizza peel that you can use to set the pizza on the stone and remove it.

Here then, you are sure to attain the perfect cooking and yet delicious crusty pizza too. This one is going to be the easiest to use stone.

How to get crispy pizza crust without the pizza stone

  • Only use the dark-colored pan.

If you need to, use the dark-colored pans to create the perfect crisp. The good thing is that it will also hold the cheese sauces and meats right.

You can find the baking steel pans and any other pan that is a dark-colored pan.

  • Coat the pizza pan with oil

If you look at it, you will realize that it will release it quickly. Aside from that then it will also make the pizza nicely crispy.

  • Use the cornmeal

When you use cornmeal on the surface of the baking sheet, then your pizza is going to be nicely crispy.

  • Use the perforated baking steel.

Since the perforated baking steel lets the airflow through the pizza’s crust, it will get crispy. So you can use it at any time.

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