19 Most Popular Pizza Toppings To Make Your Pizza To Next Level

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“Variety is the spice of life.”

The variety that accompanies pizza toppings is most definitely the spice of pizza. Pizza is very popular and one of the most consumed foods in the world, especially in America. It brings many people together; it is always a go-to meal at parties and picnics.

When you want to have a relaxed day at home without having to go through the buzz of cooking, you can always order a pizza. Now back to the reason for this article; pizza toppings.

Every person has their favorite toppings, and they always think theirs is the best around. This is usually a topic of argument amongst friends and acquaintances, especially when there is no other option than sharing a single pizza.

This argument or debate has been around for a long time. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinions. In this article, we’ll try to be objective, and you may disagree with the position where we’ve placed your favorite topping, know that nobody is wrong when it comes to choosing which topping works best for them.

Here is a list of most popular toppings ranked from the most popular to the least popular.



Can you imagine any other pizza topping that might or can compete for this ultimate spot? Pepperoni is the most popular and most sought-after pizza topping in the world. It is kind of like the Michael Jackson of the pizza world, no kidding.

It is made from cured pork and beef, then seasoned with chili pepper. It is always soft, red, and thinly sliced. Nothing beats seeing all those lovely, round, and crispy goodness.

Nothing can go wrong with a pepperoni pizza; that is why it seats comfortably at the top of our list.


Mushroom magic pizza

Some people have questionable looks on their faces when they are being told mushrooms are delicious things to be used as toppings. In the real sense, mushrooms give pizza a wonderful earthy flavor and balances out pizza’s acidity and lushness. Mushrooms also give your pizza a tasty flavor.

The button mushrooms, shiitake, portabella, cremini, morel, and truffles are the most popular mushrooms used on pizza. An added value is their very rich and nutritious power. They can also be used with any other condiment or ingredient due to their rich taste and versatility. They look good in pictures and give an aesthetic look to your pizza.

If you have never tried this topping, it would be nice to know that mushrooms serve as antioxidants, and they protect your body from free radicals that are responsible for diseases of the heart.


Spinach feta mushroom and sausage pizza

If there is any pizza topping that likes to take center stage, it is hot sausage. It is among the oldest meat delicacies in Europe. It can blend in with mushrooms and onions to give pizza a nice and equated flavor balance.

Its spiciness and full meaty feel enable it to complement other ingredients. You can always feel on your taste buds the unique taste of salt and chili with every single bite you take. Hot sausage is made from pork and seasoned with garlic, red pepper flakes, and salt.


Pear and bacon pizza

When you think of bacon on pizza, the first image that should come into your head is a combination of very high-quality bacon strips with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Like its sausage counterpart, it gives the pizza a rich meaty taste.

It is very safe to say that bacon is one of the high listed toppings that can be eaten alone without having combinations with other ingredients.


Ham and pineapple pizza

This particular topping has been at the center of some heated arguments about its worthiness to be classified as a pizza topping. Many people stare in disbelief when told that pineapple is a sweet and reliable ingredient on a pizza.

The sweet taste from pineapple mixed with the undeniable classic taste of tomato sauce and salty wonders of mozzarella cheese is bound to make one addicted. Pineapple may not be among the top five pizza toppings on your list, but it is unarguably one of the best to have around.

Adding pineapples to your pizza does not only give it a unique taste, but it has some health benefits. Pineapples aid digestion; they boost the immunity of your system and fight against inflammation.



Onions bring a whole new definition to pizza toppings. Sure! They leave an awful smell in your mouth afterward, but they are tasty and delicious.

They have a natural and raw taste, retain a bit of their crunchy property, and can blend in nicely with other ingredients. You can take away their anti-oxidative properties as a bonus.


Pesto fresh or sundried tomatoes mozzarella pizza

Tomatoes are a relatively pleasant and friendly pick as a topping for pizza. They have a fresh and sour taste and can be combined so perfectly with mozzarella. Many will argue that tomato sauce is enough already as an ingredient, yet tomatoes remain vintage, classic, and a favorite of the older generation.

Its nutritional content allows for stable weight loss, cardiovascular health, healthy skin tissues, blood glucose reduction, and stable blood pressure. If you are a vegan, you might most probably go for this topping.



Green peppers are popularly nicknamed Bell pepper, and it is one of the world’s most underrated ingredients when it comes to pizza toppings. They do justice to a pizza by giving it a nice warm flavor, beauty, and color. They do not go unnecessarily soft after cooking and are known to be the face of vegetable toppings, Funny right?

Green Peppers contain a very minimum number of calories, are very high in vitamin C, and are excellent dietary fiber sources.



People usually refer to roasted red peppers as a premium pizza ingredient. Their sweetness capacity is unrivaled by other condiments. Red peppers have a subtle way of reminding you of their peppery flavor.

They do well in mozzarella mixtures and give tomato sauce the much-needed push to be a mouthwatering pizza topping. Red pepper contains a significant amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. The beta-carotene that it contains helps improve your eye vision.



Belonging to the family of chili peppers, they have a nice and subtle way of adding some niceness to pizza. It is relatively cheap, easy to afford.

Unlike the green pepper that maintains its shape after cooking, the jalapenos usually become soft and sometimes become unnecessary. It combines with meat and other vegetables to create an absolutely lovely and fantastic pizza.

They contain carotene, an antioxidant that aids in the fight against damaged skin. They also contain vitamin K and B.



Banana peppers are another member of the chili pepper family. They have a bright yellow appearance and is often used as a raw ingredient in food menus. Their heat content is so good, and they are a much better toppings option than their close relatives. You can mix them with any vegetable topping or meat toppings.



Steaks are just fine sliced meat, usually containing a piece of bone. Some of the common types of steak pizza are; Philly cheesesteak pizza, garlic, and herb steak pizza, steakhouse pizza, and grilled steak pizza.

Although Steak has not always been a pioneer pizza topping, it can ultimately be a sweet addition and an excellent pizza topping. My favorite is steak with onions and peppers. If you are a meat lover, you would undoubtedly find yourself ordering more of this pizza topping.

13. HAM


Ham serves to jack up the protein and calorie content of pizza. Ham also plays an essential role in making the pizza meatier. It is basically pork cut from the leg and cured by drying with smoke.

When used to make pizza, you can use plain boiled ham, peppered ham, or honey roast. One of the best pizzas around is the ham and cheese pizza. Some of the best cheese and ingredients that go best with ham include; feta cheese and olives, figs and goat cheese, and artichoke and swiss cheese.


BBQ Sauce and chicken pizza

Chicken has never been one of the necessary pizza toppings until recently. The pizza chain Pizza hut introduced chicken as a pizza topping in the 90”s, and no one has looked back since then.

When the chicken is spiced up excellently well and a bit crispy, it is used in combination with red chili peppers and onions and with a thin-crusted pizza. For those who prefer white meat to red meat, chicken topping for your pizza will be the best option.

15. FETA


This is white cheese made from sheep milk or goat milk. It has a salty flavor when you brine it. Now you might ask, ‘‘why cheese on cheese”? for some people, it’s just asking for extra cheese.

Feta has a delicious flavor that goes hand in hand with mozzarella cheese. When you use mozzarella cheese with this feta cheese, try to reduce the quantity of the mozzarella cheese so that it would not overpower the feta cheese.

This cheese is very tasty, and It can be used in combination with vegetables and meat. Most people prefer feta cheese because it is a good source of protein, calcium, and saturated fats, making it lower in fats than other types of cheese.


Spinach zucchini broccoli mushroom pizza

Spinach is a little way off the charts and will not make it into 70 to 80% of pizza orders. It is not popular and deserves its position way down here. Usually, vegetarians want the feel of having at least one type of fresh vegetable on their pizza, irrespective of the fact that it is relatively tasteless and has no flavor.

Fortunately, it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and is suitable for healthy bones. Spinach contains a considerable amount of folate, which improves blood circulation in your brain.



They have a reputation as the simplest of all toppings. Economically, they are cheap and easy to purchase and easy to preserve. Yet, they still have another reputation of being one of the least liked toppings.

Anchovies have a fishy taste, which puts off people; their looks on pizza are very far from aesthetic. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and contain many vitamins, calcium, selenium, iron, and potassium.


Broccoli or Cheddar at Wrecktangle Pizza

Not ‘‘many people” fancy broccoli on their pizza; children and some adults almost entirely reject it. Others eat them in the name of health benefits. Topping pizza with broccoli might seem to defeat the idea of why pizza is so delicious.

It is best to have broccoli as your topping if you watch your weight or a dieting enthusiast during meals. It is a good source of protein, folic acid, magnesium, and a remarkable number of vitamins.



This was never a good idea; olives are not and will never be good with pizza, in my opinion.

They have a strong smell and flavor and tend to make pizza taste entirely like olives all through. Yes, olives are selfish like that.

On the other hand, their health benefits are impressive. They have a high vitamin E content, are good oxidants, various research has shown that they are adequate protection from bone degradation and cancer.


What makes pizza so wonderful is the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of toppings. You could eat pizza for a straight week and never eat the same mixture of toppings twice.

They also add healthy bonuses as a reward. So, whether it is pepperoni at the top of your list or mushrooms, these toppings play a massive part in our pizza experiences, and it is a beautiful idea to try out at least 10 of them mentioned here once in a while.

So, when next you are arguing about which is best, you can always read this article up for referencing and a bit of knowledgeable information about your favorite pizza topping.

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