27 Recipes with Pizza Dough You Can Try

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While you may think the pizza dough is meant for pizza only, the truth is that you can also use it for various other needs. The primary use, of course, is to cook and make your pizza. But if you are like me that never throws anything in the kitchen, you will like this article.

I’m going to suggest other things you can use the excess pizza dough for. Well, this is also for those who like to try different doughs.

I like that the pizza dough, though thought to be only for pizza, can help you in the morning, night or daytime. The truth is that several people enjoy their crusty pizza. So we are going to show you another way to use the dough crust.

1. Pizza dough crackers

Pizza Dough Crackers

Here you have homemade crackers options that your family can snack on. Well, you will only need to use the refrigerated pizza dough to make the crackers. I know what you could be thinking, ‘this is quite thick. How is it even a cracker?’ But yes, it is. And you can have the thin cracker option, as you will see below.

The ones we have here are nicely flavored, but they aren’t necessarily crunchy.

My family like such crackers, especially since they’re a little thicker than regular ones. If you want it to be thinner and crispier, you can still get it to be crispy. We like to bake ours, but some people will prefer to fry it, so whichever method you decide to use is okay.

It may not be crispy at first, but it will get crispy as time goes by.

2. The normal crackers

The normal crackers

Of course, you can also have the thin crispy crackers as you see here. You have the best cracker here, but you will even like the cheesy flavors. Not everybody will get this right, but if you follow this recipe, you can trust that you will have the best recipe for the crackers.

So here, you will find a way to roll the dough thin enough to attain the crunch you like. This is a diverse recipe that can add to some of the different ingredients to make it even better. I love it when they use the roasted garlic dip, but you can also use the homemade yogurt.

These are some of the fun foods that you can enjoy while you relax in the house.

3. Pizza Waffles

Anyone who enjoys waffles will find ways to include it in their breakfast and other side dishes. Now instead of having to make another dough, use the pizza dough. Here you are making something like the regular pizza, with the difference being that you are using a waffle maker.

Here, you don’t need an oven to use the waffle maker to make your simple pizza. It comes out like a waffle sandwich. So, of course, it’s not the same as the regular pizza you do, and it further takes a shorter time to create. Remember, you can also use as much cheese as you would like. In this case, she uses less, and if you like a lot of cheese, feel free to use it.

4. Dinner rolls

Dinner rolls

If you are anything like me who likes and enjoys bread, you can use the dough to make bread. This will also work out as your dinner rolls. So you can immediately take the dough, then start to knead it just a little bit and then roll it.

You will be having your rolls ready in a short while when you use this already made dough. Remember, you can also add your twist to make it uniquely yours. I somehow like the crunchy exterior and then the soft interior. How would you like to shape them? Go on and make them authentic for you.

5. Baguettes 


Another way to use the pizza dough is in making the baguettes. Here you have the exterior being crispy and the interior being soft and fluffy, yet it has a flavor that includes both the butter and the cheese. You will soon understand why we tell you that it’s one of the most comfortable pieces of bread you can make.

Just like the other types of baguette bread, then it should be made in two days. I have fallen in love with this bread just because they are easier to make. For the French and Italians making the baguettes is a must because they use it in different recipes.

6. Fried bread dough ‘pizza fritta.’

Fried bread dough pizza fritta.

I’m one of the few people who will encourage you to eat fried bread when you are looking for a quick meal. Contrary to what you could be thinking, this is not necessarily deep-fried bread. This recipe will show you how to make it without necessarily deep-frying it.

You will find this option to be a favorite around the summer days. Now, you don’t have to wait to make the bread dough; instead, you can choose to use the pizza dough. Isn’t it just lovely that you have a wide range of options to make the fried bread?

I like to make mine, then apply some butter and honey before eating it hot. How do you like yours, though? Of course, you will find other ways to make it memorable too.

You will need to choose a roll ball of pizza then spread it before setting it on a pan with shallow frying oil. It can also serve as a main meal, you know.

7. Pita bread

Pita bread

Of all the different pieces of bread we use for main meals, pita bread is one of the most common ones. You know the difference between the bread dough and that of the pizza dough is very minimal. This is why you could easily use it for making the best savory pita bread.

If you had added some flavors to the dough or even rich oil, the pita bread would be flavorful.

8. Garlic knots

Garlic knots

Today, most people like to use garlic bread and knots as a snack and a side dish. When you are looking for another way to enjoy the different pizza styles, make sure you use these garlic knots.

Anyone who loves the garlic flavor will find the garlic butter on the bread being the extra best flavor addition. Of course, you will not need to do anything much when you already have the pizza dough. As we have seen, it can make the perfect bread, depending on the additional ingredients you used.

Do you know at that time when you can’t stand the hunger in the mid-afternoon? Try taking these treats, and you will thank me later for showing you.

It doesn’t matter, though; you could even serve them for lunch if you like.

9. Calzone


If you have at least lived with Italians, this is not such a strange meal for you. This is more like a pizza pocket, and of course, it will have different fillings. It’s easier to use when you are on the go, but you will enjoy it best when you have other dipping sauces.

The fillings are everything here remember, they use different kinds of meat. Also, you can have different cheese styles to make it. It would help if you used the ricotta mozzarella and some parmesan cheese.

You can use them as a snack or as a main meal. The filling will always give it more flavors to make sure you enjoy the different styles of pizza. I mean, this calzone has been in the market for so long. And this is Italian although today you find it in most cities across the globe too.

10. Stromboli


This is another version of pizza that you will find mostly in the united states. So here we do have the perfect sandwich style that’s also the pizza option. Remember here, the sauce you use in this case is almost the same as the one you will have in your pizza.

I first had my sample of Stromboli with the pizza dough in Philadelphia, and thanks to my friend Anna. I now know the best way to eat my pizza during my pizza nights. Well, I talk about it more because I’m more a fun of Stromboli than the regular pizza.

11. Pizza chips and guaca-tony

Pizza chips and guaca tony

Here we have one of the unique options of using the pizza dough as the chips. This is nothing new. Now when you are going to have the additional guaca you know you create a full snack or meal side dish. It’s one of the most significant ways to make use of the pizza dough, though. Some people even choose to make the chips and let them stand-alone snacks.

This one particular has the parmesan cheese and another Italian seasoning. Also, they will make the guaca nicely flavored and spicy as you would like. Here they have garlic, peppers, and onions, and of course, the meal can be your appetizer.

You are lucky because the dough is already prepped. This means that you only need to spread it correctly on the oiled pan to let it cook right as you use even other toppings.

12. Mediterranean turkey pot pies

Mediterranean turkey pot pies

You probably will never believe that you can find ways to use, for example, the remains. Some people even throw away their thanksgiving remains but don’t. You can use them to make this pot pie. Of course, you can be creative as you would like to with your foods instead of discarding them. If you want, though, you can add in some peas and the carrots too.

This is the best creative method to make use of your pizza crust dough. People like it for the versatility that gets you trying different ingredients.

13. Easy pull apart pizza bread

Easy pull apart pizza bread

If you want another way to get the pizza is to make the pull bread that can act as a main meal or even the appetizer. Well, this option is great for both kids and adults. Well, you can use the different ingredients that include the spices to make it perfect.

If you have a family of people who like to cook and eat, you will know that every ingredient will make a great meal. Here, you have the pizza dough ready for you to create the perfect pull-apart bread, as you can see in the recipe. Notice that you can alter the toppings to fit your taste buds.

In fact, if you like, you can even use the pepperoni and Italian sausage to make it even better.

14. Cinnamon roll

Cinnamon roll

I love waking up to the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls baking. This is mostly because I enjoy the cinnamon roll but also the sugary caramel on the top. Here, you don’t have to make the dough afresh; instead, use the pizza dough. Next, add enough butler and cinnamon to the dough just before you roll.

Do you have thirty-five minutes to make this fantastic dish today? Gone are those days when you had to use bread. Today there’s a diversity of the different kinds of rolls you can use. Do you like the cheese butter feeling of the cinnamon roll? You will find this option to be the best for you.

15. Breadsticks


One of the most versatile snacks you can have is the breadsticks. Most people make it to suit all the different palate needs. Whenever you have any party events, consider using this breadstick but with the marina, sauce dips.

Well, when you already have the pizza dough, you can go ahead and start making the breadstick as they won’t take time. You will only need to roll the dough then cut it into pieces. Don’t forget to season it as you like. You can use crushed red peppers, garlic with salt, and many more options you would like to have.

If you like the crusty and thin dough, then roll it out and make it to your liking.

16. Pizza on a stick

I like it when my girlfriends come to visit because I have a friend who loves to cook. They recently took eth pepperonis, sausages, veggies, and the pizza dough and made the pizza sticks. Well, to say it was delicious is an understatement.

Remember you can be versatile to try all the different meals you would like to. This is usually a great way to snack with your friends or even eat alone when you want to have an easy day. I’ll let you check the video above for ideas, though.

17. Apple galette

When the fall season comes, we only think of the apple galette. Don’t think so deep into what the galette means, as it’s a French term for an apple tart. It’s a great meal that will blend in the apples and the pizza dough.

Now how spicy you want it to have to be a personal choice. I like that it’s also one of the easiest to make recipes because you will only need to use the dough, butter, apricot, and sugar. You will only need to sprinkle some sugar on the baking sheet. Next, start to press in the pizza dough with your hands, then let it rest.

After that, you can arrange your wedged apples on the pizza dough. You can follow through with butter and apricot as described in the video; this is much easier to do.

18. Triple tomato flatbread

Triple tomato flatbread

Everyone loves the tomato season and what I like the most is that you can do so much with the different types of tomatoes, you know. In fact, when you add on the tomatoes, you make it nicely crunchy but also tasty. You will like the recipe more because it’s easy to follow.

With this recipe, you will learn what I like to say that cooking is an art, and as long as you are creative, you can actually wow the world.

19. Buffalo chicken bites

Buffalo chicken bites

When we are going in for football season, everyone is always looking for a new way to pass the time while watching. Well, you can make some of these treats and go with them to the field. If you want, though, you can make fresh bread dough, but you don’t have to when you have the pizza dough.

This is the easiest to make as you need to have the cooked chicken then mix it with the buffalo sauce and the different cheese. The rest is easy to do. You can follow the suggested recipe here.

20. Spinach egg breakfast pizza

Spinach egg breakfast pizza

Sometimes you need to make it simple in the morning. If the eye-popping egg is your thing, you can use the pizza dough to make this bread style. Once you have it done, get it to the table with the different berries’ different style to make it a full meal.

If you are a food lover, then you will realize that you can make a meal out of any ingredient you have in the house. But you don’t have to go out without breaking your fast. Consider making this dish here today.

21. Muffin tin pizza 

Muffin tin pizza

The tray shows you what this is about. So you can cut the dough into squares and then set it in a muffin tin. Go on to add the toppings and then bake it to have the best-looking muffin tin pizza style. The toppings vary though you can decide to make it however you like.

22. Maple cran apple breakfast pizza

Maple cran apple breakfast pizza

Contrary to most beliefs, the pizza is never just for lunch and dinner; you can make some alterations to create a breakfast one. Here we show you one of the easy breakfast choices. So take the pizza dough and add on some bacon and apples to make it more of a breakfast meal.

You may not know such a meal may be because you haven’t focused on eating it, but here we are suggesting it to you.

23. Pigs in a blanket

Pigs in a blanket

Another one of the easiest methods to use in making use of the pizza dough is in creating this best meal. Here you can decide to use the hot dogs or the regular breakfast sausages. In fact, some people use any meat sausage to make it.

When you want to make the dough, you can decide the easiest to use between the crescent dough and the pizza one. You will like that it doesn’t take you long to fix this pig blanket.

24. Pinwheels


Here you have some of the game snacks when you are going to watch a game. These snacks are some of the best yet very versatile meals you can use. If you know how to make it, your friends will thank you for carrying them. You should use low-fat cheese, zucchini, and chicken for the additional toppings, but if you like, you can even add bacon.

Don’t they just look sumptuous, juicy, and flavorful?

25. Crab cups

Crab cups

I know you are thinking, okay, how is this possible, and yes, it is. You don’t have to make fresh dough when you have pizza dough. Consider using the pizza dough at all time for the perfect blend of flavors. Also, don’t ever forget to add in the melted cheese over the meal to make them extra special. Here you, therefore, have a great idea on the appetizers to use.

26. Mini deep dish pizzas

Mini deep dish pizzas

Did you know the market has such options too? Well, now you do, and you can use the regular pizza dough to make them. When you don’t know what to create for the next party event, consider these options.

You will have all the flavors you need with a single bite, especially when you follow the recipe we suggest here. Notice too that you will make them quickly in a muffin pan.

27. Monkey bread

Monkey bread

Last on the list is this tasty bread. Of course, you can make it with the regular dough, but you don’t have to when you have pizza dough. It doesn’t matter what you use for your bread; it will always be a perfect bread.

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