How to Reheat Pizza in an Oven

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Pizza has gained popularity, and why not? These crispy, cheesy, and melty pies are usually very delicious and make up various meals. Although some people prefer cold pizza to the hot one, you can also go for the fresh warm pizza from your home if you want to.

When reheated, one-day-old pizza will maintain its usual fresh, natural form. Nevertheless, the freshness of the pizza and how delicious it tastes depends on how you reheat it. The oven method is by far the best method to use in reheating.

What to know about the process?

This is one of the best ways that you can use when reheating your day-old leftover pizza. Using an oven tends to maintain the crispy and crumbly state of the pizza crust. But not without a drawback, which is that you have to wait to preheat the oven. It also does take a lot of time.

The other limitation is that it does not make sense for you to reheat a pizza slice in an oven. The oven’s performance and effectiveness increases when the number of pizza slices that you have to heat is more.

How to Reheat Pizza

The process involved in reheating your pizza in an oven include;

Preheat the oven

It is the first step towards achieving your crispy pizza. It will help if you preheat your oven to a temperature of 350°F before putting it in the oven. You must make sure the temperature is attained for better results. Your baking pan should also be in the oven during the preheating procedure.

Wrap the baking sheet/tray with an aluminum foil

The use of aluminum foil is for even heat distribution during the heating process. It is a crucial step while preheating the pizza. Put the pizza in the foil, then place it right into the oven rack for a few minutes.

The use of the foil guarantees even distribution of heat and quick warming of the pizza. It also ensures the pizza is warmed from the bottom to the top. Preferably, as the oven is heating up, you can preheat the sheet pan inside the oven then place the pizza in the pan.

Bake/reheat the pizza.

It would help if you placed the hot tray in the oven using an oven mitt to prevent burning. Let the pizza bake for 7-10 minutes while checking it frequently to ensure that it does not burn. The cheese would have melted within a few minutes, and the result will be a crispy hot slice.

You can bake the pizza, making it crispier by lengthening the time it stays in the oven. The crust depends on your preference. If you want a soft crust, then be sure to place the pizza in a not heated pan.

To attain the perfect crust, you should remove the foil before you finally heat it thoroughly. This ensures there’s not too much moisture that will cause sogginess.

However, placing an unheated pan in the oven prolongs the time for warming the pizza, and of course, it is not worth your time if the slices of pizza are few. You also need not crowd the oven with hefty amounts of pizza as they require room to breathe.

Can I reheat in of microwave oven?

Yes, you can, but it’s not the very best method to use. If you are going to use it, though, you should change the microwave’s power settings by lowering it to about 50% before putting the pizza in the microwave, which is to prevent it from becoming soggy.

If you want to maintain the crispy crust, though, reheat it while heating a cup of water on the side. To make your pizza fresh and make it have a good looking appearance, add some seasonings to the pizza before reheating it.

You can use oregano, basil, parmesan cheese, and garlic powder as the toppings as these are pizza friendly ingredients.

The slow and low method in an oven

This one will need you to be a little bit patient as it consumes a lot of time. So what happens in this method? You need to place the pizza in a baking tray and use aluminum foil to cover it tightly.

Heat your oven to 275°F, then on the lowest rack of your oven, place the baking tray on it and let the pizza bake for 30 minutes.

The cheese dries up very fast in this method when removed from the oven, but it usually is very soft. On the other hand, the crust retains its crisp form, nut somehow chewy because of the excess fat found in the cheese.

How do you reheat pizza without drying out?

So, if you want your pizza to maintain its crispiness, you can do it by sprinkling water on the pizza lightly. This will ensure that the crust and the cheese retain their texture, especially when using the oven method to reheat the pizza.

Can you put a cardboard pizza box in the oven?

The boxes that come with the pizza are made from cardboard paper, and therefore it can start a fire in the oven very quickly. So if you are going to set it in the oven, you need to be careful.

At 450 degrees, the cardboard will eventually catch fire. If you set it at a lower temperature, though, it will not burn. But is it advisable? Not, regardless of how careful you are with the temperature.

The other disadvantage of heating your pizza with cardboard is that it spoils the pizza’s taste. The boxes are made of chemicals, and when heating the pizza, these chemicals are activated, which lives your pizza with a bitter taste. It will also have a bad smell as it takes the smell after the burning box.

The bottom line, the cardboard is designed to keep the pizza warm and not to be used for reheating the pizza when it is cold.

How do you reheat a frozen pizza?

You can quickly preheat a frozen pizza in an oven if you bought or have one in your fridge. But before putting it into an oven, place it in a microwave for a minute or less to defrost it and not get it hot.

Preheat your oven up to 350 degrees, then place the baking tray at the oven center and bake it for between 25-30 minutes. The other method to use is the air fryer.

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