How to Reheat Pizza on a Pizza Stone

I’m not one to enjoy cold pizza just because I’m afraid of the bacteria that may already have formed. This is especially true if you had let the pizza stay overnight.

You can use different methods to reheat your pizza, and one of them today is the pizza stone method. This is going to be by far the best method to use in reheating the pizza.


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You can reheat your pizza in the oven, but it’s not as easy a process as when you are just cooking it afresh.

This is why we say you should use the pizza stone if you have it, as it will give you the crispy brown crusty.

So if all your dream of is to get it looking and taste as good as you first cooked it, then the stone is your solution.

Well, I need to mention that there’s no rocket science really on how you are supposed to reheat it, but it’s as easy as you will see below.

The thing is, though, that you will be using a pizza stone in the oven. The steps still matter, and you should follow them later when you want to heat it.

How to reheat pizza on a pizza stone?

Defrost the slices

Okay, I’m not one to store or keep the pizza slices in the freezer, especially when I expect to eat them soon.

But if you do like to store them in the freezer, then you should defrost them. This should take about an hour to defrost them.

If you are like me, who keeps them in the fridge, then it’s going to be easier. I will often finish eating them in a day or the next day.

For those who will store the pizza a little longer, then you have no choice but to keep them in the freezer.

Give them time to reach the room temperature as that will make the whole process of reheating it easy.

Preheat the oven to 450°F and go on to set the pizza stone inside to heat it. This should take about 30-35 minutes to heat the stone.

When it’s nicely hot, pull the rack with the pizza rack, then set on the pizza slices, and then set them back in place to start the reheating process.

Within the next 10 minutes, the pizza you have on the stone should be nicely hot.

You should, however, be checking the pizza for when the crusts get crispy and bubbly. The cheese should also melt and get stretchy.

Same day reheating

Assuming you made or bought the pizza for lunch, then you need to eat it a few hours later, you can.

If you like it warm, then you can still use the stone method to reheat it. Again follow the procedure here.

Preheat the oven to 450°F and set the pizza stone in the oven to heat up for 20-30 minutes.

Now pull the rack with the pizza stone gently and be careful not to burn up. Then set your pizza slices remaining.

Take it back in to reheat it for about five or fewer minutes. If you want to, you can switch off the oven to use the hot stone in reheating. You know, then the stone is nicely hot, and it can retain the heat for long.

If this is not the first time you are making the pizza, it will be relatively easy to know the exact temperature you should set the pizza. The best scenario is to use it at the highest temperature of your pizza.

With this, you are almost sure to have the pizza looking as good as new and safe to eat.

This is not without the drawback that you have to watch the temperature.

If you don’t, it will dry the pizza up, and sometimes it may even cause burning. You know if it’s too hot, then it may burn it if you let it stay on the pizza stone for longer than needed.

Therefore, as you are reheating, you shouldn’t go out; instead, watch it to make sure it doesn’t burn.

One of the cons of warming the pizza is that sometimes you may burn it.

I like to use the pizza stone more because it will always produce a crispy crust. You should always set the pizza stone on the middle rack and then turn the oven on.

When you use the stone, it will absorb the pizza’s excess moisture to retain the crispy crust.

How long does it take?

The only problem is that you have to give the stone some time to heat up.

But once it’s heated, the reheating will take anything from 5-10 minutes. The pizza will not even dry up if you know how to use it, though.

How many times can I reheat my pizza using this method?

It’s never a good idea to reheat the pizza more than once. When you already reheated it, then you should finish it.

When cooking the pizza, they use all the perishable ingredients that get damaged sooner.

Cheese, you know, should only stay on your fridge for only a few hours to days once it’s cooked.

The meats on the pizza won’t taste good when you have had them for more than two days.

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