Quick And Delicious Salami Pizza

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Are you craving the Italian flavors? Try the salami pizza; it will deliver just the perfect flavors.

I’m a carnivore, and truth be told, I enjoy the pizza that also has many slices of the salamis.

When you buy the real Italian one, then you are sure to enjoy the luscious chewy and deliciousness.

You will see the pepperoni pizza a lot more often than you do the salami one. But trust me, salami pizza is just as good, you know.

salami pizza

The name already shows you the kind of pizza we have here. It’s a type of pizza with several salami slices.

This also makes one of the most loved pizzas across the globe. Although you can mostly find them in the restaurant, you’ll also make them at home if you want. Whether you are making dinner or brunch, then you can consider this kind of pizza.

So that you know, salami is to Italians what pepperoni is to Americans. So you will mostly have the Italians enjoying the salami pizza. Read more about the differences between salami Vs pepperoni.

salami pizza3

While you may already like to make the pizza at home, the good thing is that it delivers just the right flavors you are looking for.

It also gives you just a different one for the times when you’re tired of the same style of pizza time and time again. In this recipe, we help you make these delicious and easy-to-make pizzas.

Why is this recipe the best choice?

We show you the best salamis that you can use for the pizzas. Of course, not all salamis are the best for a great pizza. I mostly like to use authentic Italian salamis for the best pizzas.

The recipe is one of the easier-to-follow ones. It means you can make the pizza in just a short time.

salami pizza8

You can be sure the tastes and flavors of this recipe is the one you will want to have forever just because it’s utterly delicious.

It’s a friendly recipe that both adults and kids alike and can easily use it. Consider this recipe if you have a large family to make it.

So which salami style should you use for your pizza?

There will be different kinds of salamis you can use, so we say it may depend much on the flavors you are reaching for. If you enjoy the deep flavors, though, you can use the genoa salami. This is the one that they flavor with the garlic and wine style.

Nonetheless, you can use spicy salami sopresseta and even the Picante.

salami pizza7

If you’re going to make the best-tasting pizza, you should use it as you are sure it will serve you best. Notice then that you can load the pizza as you want to attain the perfect meal.

If you aren’t in Italy, it’s easy to fall for the terms brands use to market their salami. There are different styles of Italian salamis, so you shouldn’t point to one and refer to it as the Italian salami. Maybe you should check the ingredients you are reaching for in the Italian salami.

salami pizza4

salami pizza9

A quick and delicious salami pizza

Anytime you are only reaching for the delicious salami pizza, then this is the one you should order. You can have it as a perfect addition to the unique party events. If you're looking for a quick meal to fix, then this is it.
Course Main Course
Cuisine Italian


Dough ingredients:

  • 150 g high-gluten flour
  • 2 g instant dry yeast
  • 3 g white sugar
  • 3 g salt
  • 5 g olive oil
  • 90 ml water

Topping ingredients

  • Pizza sauce
  • 100 g mozzarella cheese
  • 8 slices of salami


  • Get your clean bowl ready to start the preparation. Add the dough ingredients to the bowl and then start to make the dough. If you are always making the dough, then this should take you the shortest time to do.
    Keep kneading it to make it into a smooth dough and rest for anything between 20 minutes to 1 hour. If you like it to flavor the most, you should let it rest for 24 hours.
  • Usually, you roll the dough to circle pizza or square one. Here though, you need to make it to an oval pizza crust. You can decide to bake it a little if you want to attain the perfect crust for the dough. Either brush the crust with olive oil or egg wash.
  • Then start to layer pizza. So then you should spread the pizza sauce or the marinara sauce onto the dough sheet. Then you can add on the layer of cheese and preferably the mozzarella cheese. Well, I sometimes use cheddar and provolone cheese too. I do so mainly because I like to mix cheese flavors.
  • I hope you had preheated your oven because you need to set the baking tray into the oven at this point. Set the oven at the highest temperature of 425°F. Now at this level then you will cook the pizza for about 5-10minutes.
    If you want, you can also add herbs to make it the perfect meal.

How to prepare the salami?

Take the new salami and cut it into small slices. Cut it into thin slices.

Heat your wide pan over medium heat, then spray the pan with the cooking oil spray.

Next, you can then add the slice of the salami to the pan and give it a few minutes to cook on the first side. Turn the other sides to allow it to cook on both sides.

Give it enough time to cook on either side.

You don’t want to overcook the salami; make sure it’s nicely cooked on either side. Just remember, not all salamis will require cooking. Some of them are ready for you to set on the pizza.

Cooking Tips:

Pizza sauce is available online, but it is recommended to make it yourself and keep it in the refrigerator for a week. As we already said, when you make it yourself, then you’re sure to have it retain the perfect flavors.

salami pizza5

Mozzarella cheese comes in whole pieces and granular ones. If it is a whole piece, just cut it into small cubes. But I like the whole one. I don’t go buying the pieced or shredded ones.

This is for three people. I didn’t use a pizza plate, but it should be at least 9 inches in size.

I like the flavors of the salami, but if you don’t have it, you should go with the pepperoni as it will still serve you right.

Tools we used

You can always use your pizza stone because it will deliver the perfect crust of the pizza. If you don’t have a stone, though, you can use the baking steel, and it will consistently still deliver. When you are looking for the best baking tray, then you should go for one from amazon. I like the Rachael Ray Nonstick Bakeware Set with Grips. Somehow it always delivers the perfect pizza as well.


Can I use it when I have a large group to cook for?

Yes, it’s one of the easiest to make. It cuts on when you are using cured meats that don’t even require you to cook again. It takes a much shorter time for the process.

In one way or another, most people like the different salamis styles, and this will serve your crowd.

Must I use the pizza sauce?

No, it’s not a must. You can use all the other different sauces like the white sauces, the marinara sauce, and to mention a few. You have the choice to get the pizza sauce as you would like it to be.

Notice that you can make this meal quickly. It’s one of the best to eat when you are having many people around.

How do you store it?

In the end, you will have the leftovers, and if you do, you should keep them in the fridge. For the pizza in the fridge, you should only eat it within four days. However, if you want it to stay a little longer, you should store it in the freezer. With this, it will stay for even more than a month and still be safe.

How long does it take to make this pizza?

Of course, it’s going to depend on the kinds of pizza you are making. But you only need about an hour to have it ready, but if you have the dough ready, it will take a much shorter time.

salami pizza6

I know it will take even as little as just 30 minutes. So if you want to cut the time it takes, then you should use the ready dough.

Can I use the pepperoni in place of salami?

First of all, pepperoni is one of the salamis. So, of course, it will work as the perfect substitute. The only problem is that it will have a stronger flavor than the regular salami.

But of course, when you then use the pepperoni, you make it a more American style of pizza, not the American one.

How to make the salami pizza step by step with pictures.

The preparation process:

Dough preparations.

Add the dough ingredients to the bowl. The first thing you need to do is prepare the dough just the same way you prepare the other dough style.

Get a clean bowl and add the water into the flour, yeast, sugar, and salt. Start to mix everything to have the flour incorporate into the water. Continue to knead it, and this should take a little over five minutes. Through this then you should attain a smooth dough in no time.

Now you are ready for the next step, where you cover it with plastic wrap and place it in a warm place for the first fermentation. Give it anything between 20 minutes to an hour.

All this time, you are going to check if the dough doubles in size. Some people aren’t just in a hurry with it, so that they will give it up to 24 hours. The longer you let it usually rest, the more the flavor enhances.

salami pizza steps1 2

Again, it would help if you kneaded the made dough, make it smooth, cover it, and rest for 15 minutes.

Next, then roll it out.

Usually, you roll the dough into a circle. Well, today, you are tolling it to an oval. Then let it make the outer ring thick thus, it retains the ingredients within the dough sheet. Notice, though, that this one will have a thinner middle part. It will also have a thicker outer ring to retain the toppings within it.

Go on to brush the pan with olive oil. Next, set the dough sheet on the pan and then brush it with olive oil. Also, shape it just a little bit makes sure you, therefore, attain the shape we have below. Of course, you can also make it circular if you like.  

salami pizza steps3 4

Spread an appropriate amount of pizza sauce

After you brush on the olive oil, then you should also add the pizza sauce. I often prefer only to use the sauce I made at home because I can alter it to match my preferred flavors. However, if you only have the store-bought one, it’s still okay to do so.

Add the mozzarella cheese.

After the layer of sauce then you can add another layer of the cheese. So then sprinkle it in all parts as you make sure it doesn’t reach the edges.

salami pizza steps5 6

Put on the salami.

Whichever salami types you choose, then you should layer it on the cheese layers. Arrange them over the second layer of cheese. It would help if you had it layered, as you can see in the image below.

Ensure to add the salamis and then a last layer of cheese that may easily droll down the pizza. For me, the more salamis, the better the pizza.

Next, this is then ready for the oven. You should only set it in the preheated oven, though. It should be at a temperature of at least 210°C ovens and bake for 20 minutes. When the cheese is then melted and almost browned, it’s ready for service.

salami pizza steps7 8

Now you can serve it ready to eat

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