11 Best Strawberry Hullers And Corers – Strawberry Picker Tool Reviews

There are kitchen tools that most people assume are unnecessary since you can make use of other tools you already have.

This tool includes items like strawberry huller.

Until recently, I didn’t know that the strawberry huller was something I needed to have in my small home kitchen.

When I first used it at my friend’s place, I knew that this was one tool I had to buy.

You know why? I had been using a knife to remove the stem and hull of the strawberry.

But this also got rid of flesh from the strawberries for the most part.

This item works best to remove the stem and the leaves. It then leaves you with enough flesh to enjoy.

With the right tool, it is very easy to remove the stem of the strawberry.

What Does It Mean to Hull A Strawberry?

You are probably one of those who with the mention of hulling, so many things come to mind.

Some include: hulling a ship, the math term hull for those who love math but for us here we are talking of hulling the strawberry.

This basically means to remove the stem of the strawberries if any, green leaves, and the hard-white core part that you will find underneath the leaves. For some people, this process is unnecessary.

They say the parts that are being removed are just a little tough but they are edible. They say it has little to no flavor. However, if you have any recipes that call for the removal of these parts then you have no choice but to use a huller.

Best strawberry hullers and core removers to buy in 2021

1. Chef’n StemGem Strawberry Huller

Chef'n Original Stem Gem Strawberry Huller, Red/Green -

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This item is meant to hull the strawberries as well as other soft veggies and fruits. The good thing is that the process takes just a few seconds. With this tool, you need not use a knife anymore for the hulling process.

It works when you insert the stainless steel claws in the strawberry then twist the strawberry stem. It further comes in a bold color to make it easy to find. It’s a top-rack dishwasher-safe item for fast and ease in cleanup.

These items are easy to use and cheap to buy. You still spend less time prepping the fruits and more time enjoying the fruits. Since they are safe to use, you can involve your kids in the process of hulling.

2. Yafook Strawberry Huller StemGem

Yafook Strawberry Huller, Stem gem Top Stem Remover Potatoes, Carrots, Pineapples

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This works as a great multipurpose tool. You can use it to remove all the different parts of the potatoes, carrots, and pineapples. Its design makes it ideal to use on all sizes of fruits or veggies.


The essence of the huller is to save time and make it a fun experience. This item is not only durable but also a great quality of huller. You can even engage your kids through the process and have even those who don’t like eating enjoy the fruits.

The item makes it labor-saving, convenient, easy, and effortless to use. Yafook strawberry huller features a sturdy construction. For those like me who are reluctant to buy a tool that you will use on one meal, here’s your best choice.

From tomatoes to potatoes and to pineapples you won’t have to eat the skin ever again. In the end, you reduce the waste completely.

3. Tovolo Strawberry Huller Slicer Pitter

Tovolo Strawberry Huller, 1 EA, Red

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Hulling the strawberries has never been easy and it will remove the hulls and leaves thus reducing waste. With its thumb grip, it’s easy to hull the strawberries and other soft veggies especially when it comes to removing the stem.

This item minimizes waste. But even better is the fact that it’s safe to use. It remains a dishwasher safe item. You simply need to insert the tool at the base of the strawberry and then push the leaves and hull out.

Tovolo is designed to remove the stems, leaves, and cores in a single piece. If you will dissect it in half then you will notice the white flesh. On the downside, while it’s great to use with just a few of the strawberries, the straw tends to bend when you are using it for a lot of strawberries.

4. OXO Good Grips Easy-Release Strawberry Huller and Tomato Core

OXO Good Grips Strawberry Huller

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This is another one of the bestselling quick and easy ways to remove the stem and the hull. Here’s how it works: you begin by pushing the buttons and thereby expose all the huller blades. You can then insert the blades in the strawberry to remove the leaves and the hull.

You should leave the strawberry intact once you remove the stem. It then gives you a comfy grip even when it’s wet to avoid sliding. You can also use it repetitively because of its sturdy construction. I like that although it’s a little gadget, it remains easy to clean.

If you love making the chocolate filling strawberries, try using this gadget and see how effective it is. You don’t need rocket science to operate this item. Just simply insert the tool in the strawberry then twist it.

While you ought to use it for the strawberries, it also works on tomatoes. The item is BPA free and easy to clean. It’s comfortable to use and it’s very soft to your hand.

5. Joie MSC international strawberry huller

MSC International Joie Stainless Steel Strawberry Huller, 1-Pack, Red

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For all those who love the quick process of hulling, this is your must-have tool. Whenever you are making the jam, worry not as the tool will make the process easy as you can hull the strawberries quicker than using any other gadget.

Always use scoop hullers as they often limit waste by removing only the unwanted parts. This features a sturdy design that will work on your toughest strawberries. The huller has sharp teeth that pierce your tomatoes for easy hulling.

To work it: you should place the teeth under the leaves at the place where it joins the strawberry, go ahead and push it into the strawberry. Use the scooping motion to remove the leaves and hulls.

Lift the scoop up and remove it from the strawberry. It will get rid of your unwanted hull and leaves keeping much of the strawberry intact.

6. Norpro Strawberry/Tomato Corer

Norpro Tomato Core It, 4.75 Inch, Silver

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Are you anyone who processes tomatoes and strawberries for canning?

This lowest priced huller is all you need for your job. Norpo is the most effective for this work. It features stainless steel teeth that are durable for use. It further has a strong handle with heavy plastic.

You will agree with me that the Norpo brand is at the forefront of the innovation of kitchen products. It’s not a wonder, most of their products are popular for being some of the best in the market.

For all the easy and quality cooking, go for this product. Quit using the knife and instead use the huller. Forget about mangling your fruits as this item is designed to suit the adventurous individuals in the kitchen.

7. Lemon zester tool – Strawberry corer

Lemon zester tool, Strawberry corer, Tomato core remover, Melon baller scoop, Avocado slicer pitter

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This comes in a set for multipurpose use. You can use the lemon zester to remove the piths from all your citrus fruits. It comes in a stainless steel head that has holes that make it easy to zest. This item fits perfectly on your hands.

It works best as a gift to your loved ones. Then you have the strawberry huller. It will hull your strawberries and any other soft fruit you may have. It works on your tomato stems and leaves too. It’s a great tool for those who work with the canning industries.

You then also have the avocado pitter remover and so it’s perfect for use by those who love the avocados. Lastly, you have the melon scooper that you may use for scooping on both ends. Notice that with this tool, you no longer need the knife.

Use this item for all the different fruits. How well does it get when you have to buy the set at a minimal price?

8. ZYLISS Strawberry Huller

ZYLISS Strawberry Huller

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This acts as one of the few tongs that are used for the hulling of strawberries. This is another design of strawberry and tomato huller. It works well yet it fits perfectly on the palm of your hands.

To work the huller: insert it in the fruit, squeeze it turn, and pull. It features high-quality material for easy construction. This is a great huller and you expect it to work perfectly. Of course, it’s your ideal partner if you are a strong individual.

For it to work you must be strong. This means it will work if you don’t have arthritis. The strawberry huller needs you to twist it a number of times for it to work.

This is an innovative design that you may use for high end hulling. It’s of great quality, functional and durable.

9. Deluxe Stainless Steel Strawberry Huller Corer

Kitchencraft Stainless Steel Strawberry Huller, 6.5cm (2.5')

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We all agree that removing the stems off the strawberry can be so tiring and frustrating but with the right tools, you should be good to works so fast. Deluxe stainless steel is durable and effective.

With its simple to hold parts, you can pinch the strawberry to remove the stems and hull it in seconds. This is ideal to use when you are having a number of strawberries to the hull at a go. The goodness is that the item is dishwasher safe but makes sure you keep it dry.

10. Kuhn Rikon Strawberry Knife Colori

Kuhn Rikon Strawberry Knife Colori

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If you don’t find it easy to use the huller, use this knife instead. This is one of the smallest knives in the market. It comes in being super sharp to easily remove the hull. You can then use the scoop to remove the stem.

This knife is further a great size to use for slicing the strawberry. I like that it has a safe method of storage where you can fold the blade and the scoop side. It features a coated blade that is also nonstick for easy cleaning once you have used it.

The knife gives you a compact design that is also made using the high carbon Japanese steel blade. What I like most about it is the fact that you will eliminate waste with it.

Strawberry huller tongs

If you know much about the hullers you will agree with me when I say that the tongs aren’t the best hullers. I don’t know why but I’ve never been lucky in finding a great tong. I always find those that are either too tight to press or they are weak.

In the end, you will have the tongs smashing your strawberry if you aren’t careful when working with it.

11. Cassabella strawberry huller

Casabella Strawberry Huller Kitchen Tool, Red and Green

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This is one of the best tongs in the market. The huller, in this case, is easy to grip, push, and twist. The huller is designed to work for even the tomatoes, soft fruits, and other veggies. On the downside, it’s classified among the ones that are effective but also stiff.

The item is made using ABS plastic and stainless steel. It will even serve you on a daily basis.

3 Most Important Points to Consider When Buying A Huller

  • Easy to use

The huller is a tiny kitchen gadget but very effective when you have to hull many strawberries. You should find a strawberry huller that gives you a firm grip. It should further be comfortable to hold because only then can it work on removing many stems.

  • It should be made of safe grade material

Since it’s coming into contact with the food that you will consume directly, you should make sure the item is made using high-quality material. Most of the hullers are made using stainless steel and plastic. For the plastic case, ensure it’s food-grade plastic.

  • It should be easy to clean

These tiny items are sometimes hard to clean and if this happens, it will harbor bacteria which then becomes hazardous to you. You should make sure that you can clean all the parts of the strawberry huller whether in the dishwasher or by hand.

How to Hull the Strawberry?


There are about three methods that you may use to hull the strawberries. You only need to use the right huller. They are available at the price of at least $3 and mind you they will save you so much time.

  • Take the strawberries you need to hull and place them in a clean bowl. Then pick a single one. Hold the strawberry on your non-dominant hand.
  • Now take the huller and place it in between your first finger and the thumb. Ensure you are using the dominant hand. Whether the dominant hand is your left hand or right hand is upon you.
  • Then place the metal side of the huller to the outer part of the hull. Ensure you stick it to where the strawberry turns white. Once you have it attached to the hull, insert it to about an inch.
  • Then pinch either side of this strawberry and twist it.
  • Pull it out to come out neatly with the hull.
  • Discard the hull then use the strawberries on your favorite recipe.

Hulling the strawberry using a knife

You will need a small and sharp knife for the process.

  • Hold the strawberry on one of your hands, preferably the non-dominant hand. Then with your dominant hand hold the knife slightly below the handle.
  • Insert that knife below the stem cap and angle this knife to the center core of the strawberry.
  • Turn your strawberry and this will guide the knife around the core and cap. Keep it angled to cut the stem cap off.
  • Remember you are turning the strawberry and not the knife. It works best when you hold the knife still.

If you follow this process you should create a cone shape. This will then remove the stem and the hull in a corn shape leaving you with the strawberry. It will even just pop out once you have finished the process.

Do You Really Need This Item?

The one thing I’ve always said is that if I will buy a kitchen gadget, let it be because I want to make my life easy in the kitchen. I would say, the answer to this question is dependent on whether you like to hull strawberries in large quantities.

For me, it has proven to serve because I’m a strawberry lover and almost any dessert recipe I have has strawberries.

Most people argue that it’s not that important to have it and that it’s more of a luxury tool. I don’t know what you think but if you haven’t been able to core using your regular paring knife then it might be time to buy yourself the huller.

If you hate the bitter taste of the white part on the strawberry and you like to cleanly remove it then buy a huller. It will make your work so easy.


With all that said, we agree that using a strawberry huller is a personal choice and you get to decide whether you need it or not. If you, however, love adventures in the kitchen, this is your must-have kitchen tool.

I like to make it all an easy experience yet fun too. From the list, Chefs StemGem Strawberry Huller is the best. It’s a good-looking item yet very functional. It is further praised by the clients as a tool that helps you hull the strawberries quicker.

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