Supreme Pizza Toppings

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Pizza is just one meal that you cannot hate. This flatbread is a whole meal loaded with different ingredients that bring different flavors, whether savory, sweet, or spicy. All that you want is in this meal.

However, this recipe has a few concerns, like the type of toppings that your pizza may combine to create a perfect pizza. It may also be expensive to buy them, especially if you are one person who loves these pies as I do.

Because I love these pies and buying them on a daily basis is not something that I can afford to do, I decided to make homemade supreme pizza. It is easy, affordable and the best part is that you get to choose the toppings.

So, what makes the toppings of a supreme pizza? Traditionally the toppings of supreme pizza are Italian sausages, pepperoni, olives, onions, and bell peppers. Supreme toppings are a combination of all common ingredients to form this perfect meal.

Nevertheless, the toppings vary from one pizzeria to another, and other ingredients have also been integrated to form the toppings. Supreme pizza is a meal for everyone, whether you are vegan or a meat lover.

Here are some of the toppings that make supreme pizza.

Italian sausage


Supreme pizza toppings are mostly made of meaty ingredients. Italian sausages take this pizza to a whole new level, and the best part is that there are so many varieties of Italian sausages that you can choose from.

Italian sausages are one of the most loved toppings, so you should not leave them out while making your pizza. The wide varieties of these sausages add a distinctive flavor to the pizza. You can easily use mild, spicy, or ground sausages to make this pizza.

Various restaurants use pre-cooked sausages for safety concerns instead of raw sausage. The only disadvantage with using a pre-cooked sausage is that the original mild flavor will be eliminated.

When you use raw sausages, choose sausages that are lean with a fat percentage of between 15-20%. Though you would want the pizza to taste good, your health too is of utter importance.

Red onions

Red onions are one of the most important ingredients that you need when making supreme pizza. They add a mild flavor to the pizza, and also it adds an attractive purple color to this meal.

It possesses a similar taste to white onions, but many people prefer red onions because of the color and the pungency flavor.

On the other hand, these onions are not only used for their savory flavor but also because of the nutritional benefits that it adds to this meal. It contains vitamins that reduce the risks of inflammations and also discarding free radicals.

The best onions to use when making homemade pizza is onions with dry external skins. The preparation of these onions depends on your preference. You can use them raw or pre-cook them. The onion you are using should be mold-free to prevent the addition of unwanted flavor to the pizza.

Black olives


There are several varieties of olives. The most common are black and green olives. However, green olives are not commonly used because they have a bitter taste and will need a lot of dressing to balance the bitterness. They are often artificially ripened, and the curing of the green olives is done in chemicals that may be harmful to your health.

Black olives are the most favorite and often used in making different recipes. These fruits are readily found in supermarkets, either sliced or whole. They have a soft texture and free from any bitterness.

When buying these fruits, be careful not to choose the ones that have expired. You must check for the expiry date to prevent destroying your pizza with unwanted flavor.

Black olives contain monosaturated oil, which helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It also contains high amounts of antioxidants responsible for the fight against oxidative stress and reducing inflammation.

Green bell peppers


Well, a pizza does not earn the name supreme pizza without the use of green bell peppers. The green bell peppers combine well with marinara sauce, orange pepperoni, and yellow cheese to give an excellent array of colors that you will love.

These fresh and crunchy peppers are key ingredients when making supreme pizza, but not everyone loves the bitterness that comes from these peppers. Well, if you do not love them fresh and crispy, roasting them over the grill will make them a bit sweeter.

Other than the color and the soft texture, using green bell peppers also gives your supreme pizza a boost of different nutrients and vitamins. They contain vitamins A and C, which are essential in protecting your cells from oxidative stress.

Ground beef

I don’t know about you, but I love meat on pizza as toppings. This ground beef is a perfect addition to your supreme pizza, and by grounding, the meat’s flavor is improved, and it is also softer than when used as a whole.

Choose ground meat varieties with 15% fat and also lean. Ground chuck, ground sirloin, and ground round are some of the ground meat you can use. Ground sirloin is the driest of them all, and it is also the leanest. However, if you do not mind about the low-fat meat and you want to stick to the flavor, use the ground chuck.

The degree of coarseness also influences the juiciness of the meat. Ask your butcher to grind the beef to the right coarseness. The fact that you are topping your pizza with ground beef means the meat needs to be as fine as possible.



Pepperoni is a classic ingredient that has long been used as a pizza topping for decades. Most people and especially meat lovers, love this spicy sausage. This delicious sausage is made from ground beef combined with pork, after which it is cured to give the supreme pizza a unique flavor.

A good and tasty pepperoni slice should have a perfect balance of heat, slight acidity, saltiness, and some spice.

On the other hand, when the acidity levels are too high, the pizza’s flavor will be too savory. It needs a perfect balance to have a great taste. If you have ever wondered where the orange color comes from in these slices, here is the answer from paprika, which is the dominant spice used in the making of these slices.

Pepperoni sausages are always loaded with fats and grease. So, if you do not want the extra grease that comes from these sausages, cook them in the microwave for 30 seconds before adding them to your pizza. Layering them on paper towels after cooking will also ensure that the paper towels absorb the extra grease.

Fresh mushrooms

Mushrooms are another inevitable ingredient for your supreme pizza. There are several varieties of mushrooms that you can use in making this pizza. It all depends on your taste buds and preference.

The standard varieties used for the supreme pizza are either baby portobellos or button mushrooms. When using the button mushrooms, you must marinate them in salt and olive oil for two days before adding them to the pizza.

Homemade pizzas are nothing short of exciting because you can easily get creative with the toppings through fresh and raw ingredients. However, when it comes to mushrooms, you should not use them while still fresh and raw.

If you use fresh mushrooms for any pizza, you risk ruining the pizza, but why? Mushrooms do have high water content, and when uses raw and fresh, the results will be a soggy pizza. Sauteing them over medium heat is the best alternative before adding them to your pizza.

Generally, the mushrooms tend to over dry when used as a pizza topping. To avoid this, chop the mushrooms into small slices, then place them beneath the cheese. The quality of the mushroom also influences the taste of this pizza. Choose mushrooms with a soft texture and a smooth appearance.

Ham or bacon

There is no perfect and excellent supreme pizza without ham or bacon. The difference in textures and distinctive flavors of the ham is what makes many people love this meat. Other people prefer to use sweet ham while others love bacon; both blend well with pizza.

When it comes to ham varieties, you can either choose city ham, which is often fully cooked, or go for the country ham, usually cured for roughly eight and a half weeks. Whatever the variety you choose, the most important thing you should do is slice them into paper-thin pieces to melt quickly and release their flavors to the pizza.

If you run out of ham in your kitchen, substitute them with bacon as they, too, add unique flavors to the pizza. There are two varieties of bacon the belly bacon and Canadian bacon. For juicier and sweeter versions, use the Canadian bacon. It is also the commonly used bacon when making supreme pizza because it is leaner and tender.

Mozzarella cheese

Supreme pizza is not complete without the mozzarella cheese. It is one of the most popular cheeses, and it usually has a significant influence on the pizza taste. This cheese is a mainstay, and the supreme pizza cannot stand out without it.

Mozzarella cheese adds the ooey-gooey goodness to the pizza with its soft texture, stringiness, and sweet milky flavor, which many customers do love. Talk about one of the best cheeses that you can ever use.

Its elasticity and liquid consistency are what brings the best in this cheese. When perfectly baked, it turns delicious brown goodness that everyone falls in love with.

If you decide to use shredded mozzarella cheese, the deli-style cheese makes a good option because it is creamy compared to the bagged mozzarella cheese. You should also choose mozzarella cheese with low moisture, which helps create the perfect pull for this pizza.

Some of the low-moisture mozzarella cheese brands you can choose from include Cappello, Calabro, and boar’s head.


The last of them all is this juicy fruit. Yes, I know people will ask how do you eat pizza with pineapples as one of the toppings. I love these fruits, especially when sliced into small pieces and juicy and above all delicious.

They add a perfect balance of savory and sweet flavors to the pizza. It also adds a refreshing taste to the pizza as long as the pineapples’ slices are not too much, as it will make the pizza slightly bitter.

The yellow color also adds an excellent appearance to the pizza, and the juicy tart is released when you bite through these fruits. Super delicious.

If you think pineapples do not make a perfect topping, you probably did not do it right. You need to roast the pineapples with honey glaze to get the best of these fruits. Besides, it comes with more than enough acidity to cut through the pizza’s fats.

Well, it’s worth a try if you have never placed pineapples as your topping for any pizza variety. It is mostly preferential for the pineapples in supreme pizza, but if you do not like the idea, do not use it.

Supreme pizza toppings FAQs

What toppings are used on a supreme veggie pizza?

A veggie supreme pizza topping is made of mushrooms, onions, and green bell pepper, which form the mainstay ingredients. However, you can easily add slight variations to the pizza by substituting and adding ingredients of your choice.

Do supreme pizza cost more than regular pizzas?

Supreme pizzas do not cost much as many people would think. In fact, this pizza would only cost a dollar more or two. The only difference is that the toppings used in the supreme pizza have all been combined to form one single dish.



Bottom line

I love the pizza versatility but especially the supreme pizza one. You get to choose the toppings that you like. Before I did this article, I used to think that supreme pizza toppings are made of a wide range of toppings apart from the ones mentioned above.

No matter how this pizza is made, it is one meal that tends to satisfy everyone, be it you are a meat-lover or a vegan. Try making this pizza the next time you are hosting a pizza night, or if not, you can still order and enjoy this delicious pizza.

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