8 Best Two Burner Induction Cooktop Of 2020 – Dual Induction Cooktop Reviews

There’s a reason that makes the induction cooktop popular, the fact that it produces no heat while cooking like the traditional forms of cooking do.

This mostly makes it safe to use and portable especially for those who love camping and other outdoor activities.

They are also ideal for those who have limited space. This article shows you the different two burner induction cooktops to choose.

Best two burner induction cooktop to buy in 2020

1. Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop

Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop, One Size, Black

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Do you know what the brand Cuisinart brings to mind? Good quality stuff.

As you can see this Cuisinart cooktop features two burners one that is large while the other is small. What I like about it is that it utilizes about 70% less energy than conventional cooktops. It’s further flexible to use with its bright LED display that allows you to control it.

With 8 settings on the left and 5 on the right, you can cook almost anything you wish to. It further has the auto shut off function that lets you keep you and your family safe from unnecessary burns. You have the temperature levels displayed for you to Choose from.

Whether you need the burner for the portability options or home use this cooktop is your best choice. You never know when you’ll need this easy to clean item until you have many guests in the house and the help of an extra cooker is required.

It’s a powerful tool that allows you to utilize both settings at a go. You can cook your small quantity meals on one side then the large one on the other side.

110v induction cooktop

2. 110V, Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

110V, Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Cooktop, EC2-27.

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Here is a German-style induction cooker. This high-powered machine has a small and large burner with the small one having an output of 1200W while the large one has an output of 1500W. Both burners utilize the 9 power levels.

Moreover, its surface is made using the schott ceramic glass panel which is the most durable ceramic. Furthermore, the item is safe, reliable and of high quality. Mind you, the item is a high-power consumption item that requires you to have the professionals fixing it for you.

120v induction cooktop

3. True Induction Double Burner Induction Cooktop

True Induction TI-2B Double Burner Cooktop- Counter Inset Model

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The same way some people have a preference for American made item is the same way I do have favors for items that are from Germany. The top surface is made using glass which is scratch and chip resistant.

When it comes to cleaning it, you only need a damp cloth to live it sleek and shiny. This one like most others has safety features like the pan sensor. If you remove the pan from the cooking surface then forget to switch it off, it will auto shut itself.

The cooktop also heats up to the 450 degrees mark after which it retains that temperature. This cooktop will run on a standard 110 outlet and it has 1800 watts of power.

It will look appealing when you directly fit it on your kitchen counter although you can also use it for your camping and other outdoor activities.

The burner shares the power between the two and when you only need to use one burner it will utilise all the power on the single one. If you have a problem with space, don’t worry you don’t need to build it in. Instead, just use it then store it since it’s a small item.

2 burner induction cooktop 220v

4. Burner Induction Ceramic Cooktop

K&H 2 Burner 12' Built-in Induction Electric Stove Ceramic Cooktop 12 Inch ETL Safety Certified 220V 3100W INDV-3102

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This powerful German-made induction cooker is all you need for high power cooking. It has a power output of 3100W. K&H burner has a pretty sensitive temperature control system.

It gives your food an immediate heat adjustment as opposed to the electric one which would take longer to adjust. You can easily go from boiling to simmering with this powerful tool. The cooker has about 17 power levels to allow you the temperature control as you are cooking.

It further has a timer which you may use to alert you when your food is nicely cooked. Whenever I’m in a hurry to cook for my family or guests, this is my on the go-to induction cooker because it’s faster than even the gas cooker I have.

It features a unique design with the glass top being easy to clean as you only need to wipe the dirt off. Cooking with it is further a breeze because it has the non-skid rubber feet which means it won’t move around as you are cooking.

It further utilizes the power-sharing system as it protects the unit from overheating. You can work it as a built-in piece or stand alone.

Portable double induction cooktop

5. Costway 1800W Double Induction Cooktop

COSTWAY 1800W Double Induction Cooktop, Portable Electric Dual Hot Plate, Countertop Burner w/Digital Display, 8 Temperature and Power Levels, Kids Safety Lock, Black

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You have another powerful induction cooker with the costway brand that is meant to cater for your outdoors needs. It has 2 burners which means it will work well if you have many guests. 1 burner has a power output of 1000W while the other one has a power output of 800W.

Moreover, like most other induction cookers it’s highly powered at 1800W. For easy usage, it has a digital display format which makes it easy to read what function stands for what. You can also easily know which button stands for what.

It has 8 different power levels for your frying options and 8 other different ones for your hotpot options. The power levels range between the level of 140˚F and 460˚F. This item is also the safest to use since it switches off when it reaches a 2 hours level of consistent cooking.

However, it switches on again in 60 seconds this will help you stop the cooker from burning your food. This is a method of control the overheating and overvoltaging. The item is elegant in your kitchen display and cleaning it is a breeze.

6. Nu Wave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop Burner

NuWave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop Burner, Black

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This is your product of choice if you love the Nu Wave brands because they too produce high-quality items. They often produce the single cooktop burners but here it has your double option. You are given up to 5 temperature control levels.

The item has a 100 hours memory system. This lets you set your favorite cooking parts and it also has a timer to remind you when your food is cooked. The burners are slightly different in size with one able to hold up to 10.5 inches of the pan and another holds 12 inches.

It works by power sharing and it has the power output of up to 1800W, 94 different temperature and what makes it unparalleled is the 6 pre-programmed settings. Nu wave will keep your food warm for 2 hours after you cook it.

It has its control panel being temperature touch censored. You can carry it to your different outdoor activities since it’s lightweight. It’s also easy to clean and assemble.

7. Heavy-Duty Commercial Cast-Iron Double Burner

Waring Commercial WDB600 Heavy-Duty Commercial Cast-Iron Double Burner, Silver

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It has a larger burner and a smaller one with different heat settings. It uses its 1300-watt heat settings on the large burner and 500-watt heat settings on the smaller one.

I like it that you can use both sides at the highest power level. It’s safe to use since indicator lights will alert you once it reaches the set temperature.

Two Heavy-duty burner plates can heat up quickly and it’s the best one to use because it heats your food evenly. Your smaller burner will work best for your simmering options while the larger one works best for the high heat cooking.

Electric 2 burner portable cooktop

8. Waring DB60 Portable Double Burner

Waring DB60 Portable Double Burner

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This double burner electric cooktop is ideal for parties, camping and various other holidays. With its large plate, you have about 1300W and the smaller one has about 500W of power output. The small plate can boil your water or simmer your food while the larger one cooks the food.

With its brushed stainless steel, it looks appealing to any kitchen set up. Made of cast iron the burners are durable and meant to last a lifetime. Additionally, the knobs make it easy to control and don’t even worry about safety because the item has a red light to show you when it’s on.

Its rubber feet will further keep it in place when you are cooking. This is one item you may find useful for all those outdoor activities.

What Is Induction Cooktop?


Image: Slice Pizzeria

This is where your cookware is heated magnetically while not using the regular method of thermal or radiation heating.

It uses electricity as a heat source but produces no flame. The cooker only heats the bottom of the cookware which leads to faster and even cooking.

It’s your work to find cookware that works with the induction surface because not all of them do. Note that, you have the choice of buying the built-in kind or the portable one. The portable one is the kind that you will carry along for your trips and vacation.

On the other hand, your built in one or drop in version is the kind that you place in a particular part of your kitchen and screw it in there. It will remain on that part. It’s mostly placed on the kitchen counter which means its ideal for those with a large and reasonable space.

Induction vs Electric Cooktop

Most of us have not thought of this but the truth is that no matter which cooktop you have, they are all effective at doing what they are supposed to. I think its more about preferences than it is how it works.

With that said, let’s check some important aspects when you want to buy the cooktops

  • Safety

If you love cooking and you have an electric stove you have most probably gotten close to burning, seen a friend who was burn while using the electricity or burnt yourself. What I like about the induction surfaces is that you will never have such instances where you burn yourself.

It only heats your compatible cookware to cook the food. The induction cooker is particularly safe to use if you have kids around. Furthermore, there are those that have safety features that auto shuts off when you don’t have the pan on its surface.

  • Your kitchen remains cool as you are cooking

Since it only works to heat your pan so that the food can get cooked, your kitchen will remain cool even after you have been cooking in there for hours. Although the electric one also regulates the heat produced but this one is better at this option.

The fact that it only heats the pan means that it will reduce the amount of heat wastage. Although the electric cooktop aims to do the same, the induction one is best suited for reducing heat waste.

How to choose the induction cooktop

  • The power levels

I’m sure when you are buying this cooktop, you will need it for the cooking of all kinds of foods. In this case, it’s important to note that different foodstuffs are cooked at different heat levels. A good cooktop should give you the choice of different power levels.

Of course, since you have two burners, you can have one side that cooks at a higher level than the other. You could buy a cooktop with 1800watts then have it divide the power level between 5-10 levels. That way you know where to cook a particular food.

  • The control panel

Choose one that has the control settings for cooking your food on the control panel. Most of them today have touchpads although this isn’t a big deal. The features on the control panel must be clear whether you have the touch button or the touchscreen ones.

Note that the touch panel will be more expensive compared to the press buttons ones.

  • The safety sensors

You have those that use ‘their own mind’ when it comes to safety. You can have the ones that have a method of regulating the temperature of the cooktop when there’s a possibility of damaging the cookware.

It has auto shut off option where in case your food is cooked or you forget to switch it off it will automatically switch off.

  • Check the cooking zones

If you have a double burner you should make that you have at least one side of the burner is larger than 21cm diameter. This gives you the chance to cook your food in large quantities.

If you can have a small diameter cooking zone and the large ones you will have a display of foods to enjoy.

  • The pan detection surface

The induction surface works by transmitting the heat directly to the pan. This means that if you haven’t placed your pan on the cooktop surface the symbol won’t display that it’s ready to cook. But if you place it on the cooktop, it displays that information.

The good part is that a good cooktop will alert you if you have a faulty cooktop or it won’t begin to work if you have the wrong cookware.

  • You could have the wok cooking option

Some of your cooktops have the portions where you can cook using the wok. You do know that woks need high heat cooking. In this case, you expect that such a cooker is higher priced than others.

If you find it expensive, consider buying a wok that is compatible with the induction surface.

  • The elements of the induction cooktop

If you are good at multi cooking then these double burners or the multi-elements should be yours. This way they can cook in 2 pots at the same time thus saving time. This is all a personal preference if you want more cooking elements you could have too since it’s effective.

  • Check your pot’s compatibility

If you are new to induction cooking you should know that the compatibility in this case matters. Only choose those with a ferrous bottom or magnetic conducting body. This ensures that the heat is evenly conducted and it’s efficient in operation.

If you have a stainless steel pan with the cast iron or magnetic bottom it should work for you. I always encourage my friends to place the magnet beneath the pan and if it sticks then your pan is compatible.

Cooking on the Induction Cooktop

Where to Buy Induction Cooktops

As you have seen from the article most of the items are sourced from Amazon. There are other online stores where you can buy the cooktops too which include Walmart, eBay among others.

In additions, when you visit any kitchen appliances store near you, the cookers will most likely be available.

Why You Need the Induction Cooktop

  • It cooks fast

We have always heard that speed is the selling point of the induction cooktop. It not only heats the cookware fast but it also cooks faster. When you have the gas stoves and the electric ones, you depend on the flame or burner to heat up your cookware.

Induction cooktop heats your cookware directly when the electromagnetic technology finds the iron of the pan and heat it up. This is fast and it will go ahead and cook faster. Which means that if you have double cooktops you can cook any food in no time.

  • It’s energy efficient and effective


You probably have a gas stove or electric burner, you will notice that the gas stoves work by producing flame around the pan. The electric burner, on the other hand, produces heat around the pan and even the whole kitchen.

Looking at the induction surface, it works to heat up your food only not the kitchen and not produce a lot of unnecessary flame around the pan.

It focuses on the bottom of the pan thus utilizing minimal energy. The heat is meant to cook the food and this is what our environment needs.

Induction cooktops are ideal for our health as you don’t sweat a lot while cooking. The fact that you have two burners is even better when you have the induction ones as opposed to electric ones that would have heated up your kitchen.

  • The safety

With stovetops, you must be extra cautious because anything small may lead to a fire breakout. You are particularly concerned when you have little ones because they are mostly curious and this could lead to massive accidents.

Since you have the double induction cookers, you won’t have kids burning themselves with the surfaces.

  • The cooking is upon you

Most electric cookers have this problem where they don’t switch to different temperatures quickly when you turn the knobs. You know, I have always wondered why everyone loves the gas cookers so now you know.

Gas cooker gives you more control than does the electric ones. They quickly respond to the change of temperature. The induction cooktops are also the same. When you tune the temperature knob, the heat level immediately changes.

  • They are easy to clean

It’s impossible to have your food stuck on the surfaces because the induction surface remains cool. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the food getting stuck in other hidden parts of the cooktop. It only needs you to wipe it.

Major Disadvantages

  • Cookware material

The only downside of the induction cooktop is that you need particular cookware for you to use it. This means that if you have the cooktop and you luck the right cookware, you won’t cook the meal.

The best way to go about this is to buy the cookware that has an induction compatibility indication on them. Alternatively, use the magnet to see whether it sticks on the surface and if it does, rest assured that its compatible.

  • Noise

Some people have raised concerns about the noise levels of some induction cookers. Mine just hums but other people say that with the increase in temperature the noise increases too. So, this is a concern for other people.

It’s not a major concern though because you can still work with it.


There you have it, I’m sure you will get what you are looking for within this article. Note that you can have all kinds of cooktops you would like but you must conduct a thorough check.

From our list, I would say the best one is Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop, Black. It’s effective and it features not only a beautiful design but also a durable one.

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