10 Types Of Pizza Crusts That Would Make You Mouth Water

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Whenever you are ordering a pizza, you will always have a question about the crust. If you haven’t eaten the different ones, you may not know the best one that works best for you.

Often people know the toppings and the cheese to use, but rarely do you talk of the crust. That’s why we want to show you the different crusts to make it easy for you to understand them.

Italians first founded and started to use the thin crust, but it has vastly evolved to date. We have differently typed of crusts in the market. Although we mostly focus on the sauce and the toppings, you need to know that the pizza’s essential part is the crust.

It will dictate the type of sauce you can use on it together with the pizza thickness you may need. Moreover, it will affect the time you take to bake it. So whether you are making the pizzas at home or in the restaurant, you want to make sure you keep experimenting with the crusts as well.

1. Flatbread crust

I know you may think, why not start with the regular one that everyone knows. No need to worry about the one we start with as the essence is to understand the one you choose.

The way the flatbread crust is made is such that it’s lighter. It’s also thin and mostly preferred for an appetizer.


Nowadays it’s a more popular choice because as you know, more people are much more concerned about healthy foodstuffs. So this is the perfect choice for you if you want to enjoy the pizza but still maintain the perfect body.

However, most people try to make it even fancier since they add in the best and trendy toppings. You will always elevate the food status, too, if you like diversity. You can also choose to add in some basil and balsamic garnish that will then blend well with the thin crust.

2. Thin crust

It is one of the most common styles of crusts. But notice that the Italian style of the crust is even thinner. You will find that you may have a lot of sauce and the meats gathered in the middle part in most cases. But it will remain extremely thin.

It is the type of crust that was first made with the very first pizzas in the world. To date, some people still prefer it a lot more. However, it’s thin though you will have it with different flavors and textures because of the toppings and cheese you use on them.

Always expect the edges of the pizza to be crusty. Be informed, though, that any thin crust will not hold many ingredients like most of the Italian pizzas. So for those of us who like it thin and hot from the oven, below are a few options you can try.

· Neapolitan pizza


This one is the signature of the Naples pizza or, better yet, the founding type of pizza. Typical of most Italian dishes here, the pizza has to meet specific requirements.

It would be best if you had it light and slightly crispy. I know most people like to make the pizza crust using machines these days. Sorry, but you can’t do that for the Neapolitan one. This you have to make by hand.

Check to confirm that it’s not more than 1/3cm at the center. Also, you make it in a wood-fired oven as this will give you the authentic feel of the real pizza dough crust. You will find the Marina and the Margherita pizza in this category too. If you are a fan of the traditional Italian style of pizza, then this is for you.

· New York

There’s just a way to eat the New York pizza, and if you have been to those sides, you know this already. Mind you, this kind of pizza didn’t just start being in existence as it has been available since the beginning of the 20th century.


Of course, most of the pizzas you see in the media are the New York pizza types. When they show the pizza slice, they are usually showing the broader slice. Of course, what people think of when they are thinking of the slice is such a large slice and the delicious pizza styles.

You see, when you compare it with the Neapolitan pizza, it appears thicker, but it could well be the thinnest in the US. Often this type of pizza bakes for about 15-20minutes. Notice that this crust also uses sugar and oil to give it more sweetness and flavor. The sugar will quickly get brown.

Notice that they also use the high gluten flour, and you will also like that it has the minerals in the water.

· New haven style

Here then you have one of the most important entries in the list of pizzas. Its also known as a pizza, and it often has an irregular shape. It doesn’t come in the sphere shape or rectangular ones either. Of course, this happens because of the keenness they take to stretch the dough to make sure it appears perfectly thin. They will often set it on a very hot pizza stone.


While we see the Italian one be thin, well, this one is even thinner and crusty and richly flavored. Nonetheless, the way they, therefore, cook it makes it not dry out quickly.

3. Thick crust

Many people also enjoy the thick crust, you know. They mostly come in a rectangular shape, but they sometimes come in a circular shape. Notice that the pizza crusts aren’t just thick; they are also full of flavor. It makes them blend well with the toppings.

· Deep dish crust

Whenever you talk of the thick crust, the first one that comes to mind is this Chicago style of pizza. Of all the other different styles of pizza, this one has a lot more fillings. You will hold a lot of cheese, meats, and sauce.


Here you will have the pizza baked in a deep dish, which is contrary to the regular where you bake on the flat pan. They spray your pan with some oil, making the crispy crust with a buttery flavor.

You will understand why it comes with a buttery flavor. It often also contains the cornmeal salmonella but with some other yellow food coloring for the best color. It will also enhance the unique taste, flavor, and texture.

· Sicilian pizza

Again though, you will also find it in Italy. It comes in a thicker version.

It’s further crusty and rectangular, but it’s often even an inch thick. But such pizza style today is much common on the east coast. It is also a common type and style of pizza you will find in Detroit.


They also make the pizza’s reverse style, where you have the sauce over the crust, then follow it with the cheese and next to the toppings. You see, this will give it time to cook the bread cook well or to medium-rare. Again it will give it a fried texture that’s perfect.

4. Stuffed crust

This is another one of the pizza type crust you will find in the bake and take restaurants.  This is also the crust they refer to as the double crust. That then is a self-explanatory style of pizza where you have double layers of the pizza. This is often a thick but also dense style of pizza.


They will often have the perfect toppings where they use a lot of sauce, meat, and cheese. The difference is, therefore, that you will have the cheese-stuffed on the edges of the pizza.

5. Focaccia

It is one of the unique styles of crusts in Italy. It is another one of the flat baked oven styles of pizza. Notice that this type of pizza contains no sauce, and it features the use of thick bread.


It often also contains herbs, and it is brushed with oils. You will notice the flavor and texture but also the shine. This one will give you the savory flavor, yet it’s also a genuinely unique pizza style.

6. Custom crust

This has to be on the list because if it comes to pizza, then you can be sure that the crust keeps changing. Here you have the specialty crust, and you can enhance its flavor by playing around with the ingredients. When you finally know about the pizza.


7. Vegan friendly

You see, just like any other meal, we also have the vegan pizza crust. You know the Neapolitan is already a vegan type of crust. Notice that you won’t use the cheese because it’s an animal product.


What do you think about the crust?

I want you to know that just like the Americans think their pizza is greater than the Italian one, the crust types vary—different people like the different crust kinds for different reasons. So then you will have to consider the following aspects.

What taste would you like?

The main question then would be what kind of taste are you going for. Remember, they come in different tastes. The heat source they use to make them and the ingredients they use for the dough will make it what it is.

The New York pizza then is one that will have more sugar than most other types of crusts. This means that it will be sweeter. But you should know that some of the pizza crusts don’t at all contain sugar. You can even have the sugar on the downside to create the caramelization. Also, notice that you can also bake it in a campfire.

The texture

If you are not new to the different kinds of pizza, you will quickly tell the difference and texture. Notice, though, that you can have the floppy, crunchy and supple type of crust. Depending on the texture, you will decide whether you can roll the pizza out on the pan.

With the texture, too, you will know whether you can eat it with a fork and knife or with your bare hands.

Does the crust work for the pizza you want to make?

You know, as we had said already, the kind of crust you are using will determine whether it can hold the toppings you have on or not. With such a concern, anyone will think the thicker crust is the one to go for, but they all work.

When you have a thin crust, you should use lesser toppings. And by the way, it all depends on how you make it because if you make it right then, it can hold even a lot of the toppings.

Thin vs. thick crust

The best way to understand this kind of crust is when you check the different comparison aspects. One of the significant similarities is that they make them the same most of the time.

Thick Thin
Fillings It will hold a lot of the fillings. You will have just a few fillings.
Flavors Here you will dilute the flavors and the tastes somehow. It has you eating the flour and the toppings. This is going to be the best since it lets you taste the sauces and the fillings.
Cooking time Takes longer to cook Take less time to cook it.
Calories More calories Fewer calories

Types of pizza dough

Here’s something you will need to know the dough you use for your pizza is very important. You can never go wrong with the different styles of dough.

· New York-style pizza dough

Whenever you are thinking of pizza, what comes to mind is the New York pizza style dough. So the dough you take here will be made using all-purpose flour, bread flour, sugar salt, instant yeast, olive oil, and water.

So the difference is that you will have the New York dough with the salt and sugar. Those are often gas-fired or sometimes even coal-fired ovens.

· Sicilian dough

It is simple to make the dough. You will need a stand mixer with the oil too. If you make it, then it is such, you won’t even have to roll or stretch it. Nonetheless, the chewiness and the density of the dough that makes the crust will depend on where you have it from.

· Neapolitan dough

Here you have the dough being with lesser ingredients. The good thing is that you can use the extreme temperature to make it cook right. It uses extra high fine and ground flour. With this then you can be sure it will absorb a lot of water.

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