15 Types of Pizza Sauce To Make Your Pizza To Next Level

We all have so many different favorite styles of pizza, mostly because of their structure.

However, sometimes the variation results from different toppings, sauces, and the cheese they use.

One primary method of having a great pizza is to make sure you have the right pizza sauce.

I know you mostly have already chosen the toppings you would like the crust, whether thick or thin. But do you ever know the pizza sauce to use?

There are two common styles of sauce used with the pizza, and they include:

1. White sauce


Let’s say that the white sauce is simply a white alfredo sauce. Notice, though, that you will have it creating the perfect consistency in about five minutes. It’s very easy to create the perfect pizza sauce and even store it in the fridge.

If you like to make your pizza at home, then making the white sauce will not be new.

I’ve found that if you use the right amounts of garlic and parmesan cheese, then you can add the mozzarella one on top of it.

I know what most people like to ask, the content of the sauce. This sauce contains only the ingredients you can already find on your pantry.

They feature the use of garlic, some milk, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese.

You can also have the addition of butter and flour to thicken your white sauce.

You can never go wrong with this sauce, especially when you know the style of toppings to use on the side with it.

Whenever you are looking for a creamy and rich sauce, use the white sauce. I’m sure your children will love it.

2. Tomato sauce based pizza sauce

pizza sauce and tomatoes 1

My all-time favorite is the tomato sauce-based sauce. You can never go wrong with this if you know how to make it or the one to buy in the store.

You will often find the tomato sauce dish with additional spices being garlic, onions, oregano, basil, and any other ingredients that interest you.

Here you, therefore, have the sauce that they make using the red tomatoes. Notice that the tomato sauce also comes in different variations to choose the one that works for you.

If you like to make it at home, that’s even better as it’s a fresh one you are making at home. Check out one of the methods to make yours at home.

3. Sweet pizza sauce

Sweet pizza sauce

Some people enjoy the pizza sauce being sweet. Thankfully with the right tomatoes, you already have the level of sweetness you need.

Also, you should add some sugar to have it attain the perfect level of sweetness.

It will work well with the right savory and salty flavors. Notice, though, that this one is less common than the ones we have above here.

Would you like to try out this sauce? Check out the recipe we have here iron mikes sweet tomato pizza sauce.

4. Pepper sauce

Pepper sauce

When they tell you that the sauce is peppery, it means it has many things as part of the sauce.

Here you, therefore, have the roasted red pepper, cayenne pepper, black pepper.

They will give you the perfect heat if you are not afraid of the heat.

This one then you can use with the different savory chicken, steak, and mushrooms.

Other substitutes of pizza sauce

However, if you don’t have the pizza sauce in your pantry, you can check and use the following options.

They may not be the same but will give you the perfect effect and flavors.

5. Pesto sauce

Pesto sauce

The first sauce alternative you can use is pesto, and it can be the jarred or the homemade choice.

They make it from olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese, a lot of basil, pine nuts with lemon juice. It’s ideal for you if you love pizza but not the tomato sauce.

This is particularly your best choice if you will use pizza with only different kinds of cheese.

It will often pack it with different flavors, and if you like, you can alternate the pine nuts with walnuts.

Some people will, in fact, add even more spinach for the nutrients, so depending on what you are looking for, you will know the sauce to use.

Now, if you enjoy the tomato sauce, though, you can add on the tomato sauce together with the pesto sauces.

6. BBQ sauce

BBQ sauce

Are you one of those who like chicken BBQ pizza? You can use it in place of the regular tomato sauce. It will give you a better taste for your chicken barbecue pizza.

Also, if you can grill the pizza, then you can add on the rotisserie. If you like too, you can add the drops of liquid smoke to make it even tastier.

7. Béchamel sauce

Bechamel sauce

While you use the béchamel for your pasta meals, you can also use it for your pizza.

It’s often just the regular white sauce where you make the roux with the flour, milk, and butter.

Now you can season it to your liking or in a way that suits your palate best.

Of course, if you’re not a fan of tomatoes, you will have it perfect for your pizza.

8. Pasta sauce


Although not the very best since it is often fully cooked, it can work just because it has the same tomato base.

Of course, this also means that you will have to add some additional ingredients to make it the perfect alternative.

Remember, the main difference is that your pasta sauce is often already fully cooked and ready, not like the pizza one that you will only cook with the pizza.

9. Creamy alfredo sauce

Creamy alfredo sauce 1

This is a creamy sauce that they make using butter. You will also use the heavy cream pepper and different style of cheese.

It’s important to mention that this one comes in a strong flavor. It will only work well if the other ingredients can hold other flavors perfectly.

You can use it alongside the bacon, steak chicken, but with the mushroom too.

Of course, if you have ever tried it on your meal, you will be out looking for it whenever someone wants to serve you pizza.

You should therefore add it to your favorite pizza, even if it’s a homemade choice.

Besides, it will pair well with your gooey ooey cheese and flavorful sauce.

10. Salsa


Here is another great alternative to pizza sauce you can use. If you’re going to add the Latin influenced toppings, then it will work even better.

Notice that you can have different salsa types, but the one that works best is the tomato-based salsa since it’s quite close to pizza sauce.

11. Pumpkin and beet marinara

This is ideal for you if you can’t stand eating the plants in the nightshade.

The beet will give you the perfect red color you would otherwise have gotten from the red tomatoes.

In fact, choose the sauce you are sure they made using the pumpkin and beet puree.

Notice that the beet is perfect for adding sweetness and the perfect color too. Now don’t forget to add on the garlic, basil, and olives for the real sauce’s perfect taste.

You won’t even know that it’s not the real pizza sauce. Just make sure you know how to make it, though.

12. Ranch sauce

Ranch sauce

I don’t know of one kid who doesn’t like the ranch sauce. Basically, it’s more like a dressing you will add to your pizza.

It’s easy to make since you only need buttermilk, garlic, onion, salt, herbs, spices, and mayo.

So once you have the pizza dough ready, you can spread the ranch dressing over it.

Next, follow through with the other toppings you have already and the favorite cheese you have to use.

Notice that the sauce is creamy, so you can limit the amount of cheese you use. But if you like cheese a lot, then no problem, just use it.

13. Romesco sauce

Romesco sauce

This is a Spanish sauce that they make using tomatoes, paprika, roasted peppers, and almonds.

This one will always come as the perfect variation to any style of pizza sauce you have. Remember, it’s as spicy since Latin’s also like spices.

It will work well with veggie chicken and shrimp toppings, though. And it’s important to mention that the sauce will almost go well with any pizza you choose.

14. Sundried tomato sauce

In most cases, the pizza sauce is based on tomatoes, and as long as you have the tomatoes, you will have it working.

So for those who already like to dry their tomatoes, you can make the sauce.

Simply put, you can pulsate the sun-dried tomatoes parmesan olive oil. This is great since you can use it as you do the pesto and marinara sauce.

15. Wasabi sauce

Wasabi sauce

Thanks to chef jean for creating this sauce by blending both the French and the Asian cuisines.

You can then use the wasabi crème for the sauce, and it will always work still.

A simple sauce is where you use wasabi crème with a good mayo and sesame.

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