What To Do With Leftover Pizza – 13 Methods You Can Try

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Nobody can deny the richness that comes from pizza. Whether they are hot or cold, pizza is always delicious meals that you cannot ignore.

The varieties of pizzas are endless with different toppings, which is what makes it very delicious.

Pizza is a classic and exemplary recipe that comes in handy, especially when you do not want or don’t feel like cooking. All you need to do is order the pizza from your nearest favorite pizza shop and eat as much as you want.

However, the problem comes in when you order pizza, and it becomes too much for you to handle. The pizza left can be significantly too much that you don’t know what to do with them. Of course, you can eat them, but what if it becomes boring and you don’t want any more of them?

Well, if you are wondering what to do with the leftover pizza, it not yet time to throw the pizza in the trash. You can use several methods to recreate this gooey cheese into something else or add them to other recipes.

Before you take the leftover pizza to the trash, try turning them into breakfast sandwiches, or even croutons or lasagna so that it will not go to waste. Here are a few recipes that you can use to transform these pizzas into other dishes.

Reheat the pizza

Instead of throwing your leftover pizza in the trash after storing it in the fridge for a long time, reheat the pizza. Though it will not retain its original crispy nature as it may sometimes be soggy, at least you would have saved it from going to the trash.

There are several methods that you can use to reheat your pizza. You can use an oven, skillet, and microwave. All these appliances will perfectly reheat your pizza and almost bring the pizza back to its crispy nature.

So, how do you reheat leftover pizzas in these kitchen appliances

in an oven;

  1. Preheat your oven before putting the pizza inside
  2. Line a baking tray with a foil paper
  3. Put the slices of pizza in the tray and heat for 10 minutes

In a microwave;

  1. Place the pizza on a plate
  2. Reduce the power percentage of your microwave to 30%
  3. Place water in a mug and put it beside the pizza to absorb the moisture
  4. Heat the pizza for 45 seconds.

Make pizza lasagna

Make pizza lasagna

Pizza and lasagna combine to form a perfect pizza lasagna. All these recipes have Italian origins, which means they almost share the same ingredients and flavours, therefore, transforming the pizza into a lasagna is not that difficult.

Adding pepperoni and sausages to the pizza and then switching the typical tomato sauce used in preparation for the lasagna to pizza sauce gives you a perfect pizza. The leftover pizza can be turned into a lasagna by adding new ingredients.

In addition, if the leftover pizza is too much, whether a plain pizza cheese or something a little bit more different and enticing, you can use them as layers in the lasagna by alternating different types of pizza in the lasagna.

It is a straightforward recipe to prepare as you already have the leftover pizza as an ingredient. It is also very delicious and prevents you from throwing away the pizza. For the toppings of the lasagna, you can add anything that pleases you.

Here’s the recipe- pizza lasagna

Scrambled eggs with leftover pizza

Scrambled eggs with leftover pizza

You can also make scrambled eggs using leftover pizza for breakfast. It is one of the most straightforward pizzas and eggs combo to prepare, and it also is very tasty and delicious. It makes a perfect meal for any time of the day.

The first thing you need to do is remove the pizza crust, then chop the pizza slices slowly and carefully into small pieces. Then whisk your eggs and add all the seasonings you need in the eggs, including the pepper.

The same way you put leftover vegetables in your scrambled eggs is the same way you can use pizza leftover, and you will love it. This combination brings a cheesy and saucy delicious egg that you serve in the folded pizza pieces.

Here’s the recipe- scrambled eggs with leftover pizza

Make a leftover pizza quiche.

Make a leftover pizza quiche

If you have never tried making a quiche with leftover pizza, then it’s time you try making this irresistible dish. You can easily transform your previous night’s leftover pizza into a recipe that you will keep asking for more.

Pizza quiche making is easy and super quick, and the best thing about it is that you can add any ingredient that you want.

This recipe is made by blending eggs, cheese, pork, spinach, and ground turkey. Thanks to this recipe’s versatility, you don’t have to stick to these ingredients as you can play along with it to make it delicious. It comes out best when you use plain cheese pizza or the Canadian bacon pizza.

Here’s the recipe- leftover pizza quiche

Make salad croutons

Using pizza in your salads enhances the taste of that salad. Preparing this salad depends on you and how you want it. So, whatever the method you decide to use when preparing the crouton salad, adding pizza to it makes it very delicious.

The simplest way to prepare this salad is by cutting the pizza’s crusts and into strips. The strips should be of equal size, and sprinkle greens over the pizza strips. You can also bake these croutons in an oven by baking them on a tray.

Before baking the salad crouton, you can flavor it by adding a different kind of sauces to it, like buffalo sauce, or barbeque sauce, to create a hearty soup. This crouton pairs well with Caesar salads, and it simply comes out the best in soups.

Here’s the recipe-salad croutons

Make pizanini or pizza panini

Make pizanini or pizza panini

Pizanini makes another perfect choice for the leftover pizza. This one comes in handy, especially with the square pizza; however, if you do not have this type of pizza, use two slices of pizza with the same shape and size.

Microwaves are not the best appliances to use when preparing the pizaninis. This is because it makes them soggy and rubbery. Instead, use a skillet to make this pannins and make a perfect crispy pizaninis.

You can also add different fillings between the pies like spinach, mozzarella cheese, and some tomatoes. After that, place the slices of pizza on the iron skillet or just pop them into a panini press and toast both sides of the slices to what you desire.

The other advantage is that you can customize these pizaninis to make a good presentation for your guests or friends using paper by folding them.

Here’s the recipe- pizanini or panini

Chinese pizza rolls

Chinese pizza rolls

This is the most creative way that you can prepare the leftover pizza. It is easy to prepare these rolls, and all you need to do is remove the crust. After slicing off the crust, add the Chinese food to the pizza.

Drizzle the Chinese food evenly on top of the pizza slices. For the toppings, add anything that you desire, like the mozzarella cheese, or add more vegetables to make it as healthy as possible.

Chinese pizza rolls make a perfect combination with the leftover pizza. They also create delicious and healthy snacks that are perfect for school going kids. Roll the pizza slices with the fillings carefully and bake for 10-20 minutes in an oven.

Try this recipe and see how good it turns out; you will definitely love the Chinese rolls.

Here’s the recipe- Chinese pizza rolls

Make a sandwich

Make a sandwich

If you have two or more slices of pizza left, you can easily make a sandwich and create one delicious dish from this leftover pizza. The best part of this dish is that you do not need to add any other ingredients unless you want to.

Bread creates perfect sandwiches, and when it comes to pizza leftovers, all you need to do is substitute the bread with slices of pizza. The layering of these ingredients is the most important when preparing these sandwiches.

If you opt to add toppings while making the sandwiches, put the toppings facing the pizza slices’ interior parts. The last bit will be to toss the pizza slices into the oven or toaster oven, and you have yourself a crunchy sandwich.

However, the most challenging part about this sandwich is how to eat them, which is because of how the sandwich is layered.

Here’s the recipe- leftover pizza sandwich

Bread dipping sticks

It is an easy delicious, and fast dish to prepare. The usual breadsticks are always crunchy and easily breakable. You can easily make such breadsticks using the leftover pizza in your fridge and use them as dips.

To make these delicious sticks, you need to slice the leftover pizza into slim or thin strips and then put them in a hot iron skillet containing the virgin oil. After that, slightly fry them in the oil on both sides, then add sea salt over them.

Depending on your preference, you can also sprinkle some vinegar and parmesan shavings to create the toppings. It pairs well with any salad and usually has a delicious taste more than the original pizza it is made from.

Pizza waffles hot pockets

Pizza waffles hot pockets

This one comes in handy when you have a pizza iron. You can use the waffle iron to recreate the leftover pizza into a crispy snack that is super delicious. Just by combining the leftover pizza and the waffles gives you a cheese pocket snack.

To make this recipe, fold the pizza slices, then shear off the pizza slices into the shape of your waffler. In most cases, these wafflers are usually square, but you can try and make a small round shape or even heart shapes and put them in your waffles.

The better part of the job is complete as at this stage, you only need to seal your waffler for a few minutes, and your hot pocket snacks are ready.

This waffle hot pocket snack resembles a calzone, but the difference is that the hot pockets are crispier and crunchier compared to the calzone.

Here’s the recipe- pizza waffles hot pockets

Leftover pizza potato cakes

Leftover pizza potato cakes

The best part of recreating this leftover pizza is that you can use three different pizza parts. The first one is to use the soft and tender bread below the toppings of the pizza, transform the crust of the pizza, use them like breadcrumbs, and finally use the sauce and the cheese for flavoring purposes.

There is no limitation to the ingredients you can use. Therefore you can add various ingredients. This recipe’s results will amaze you; the crust of the potato cakes becomes crunchy with different flavors from the pizza.

Nevertheless, these cakes are usually time-consuming but are worth a try if you have more than enough time to cook them.

Here’s the recipe- leftover pizza potato cakes

Make pizza omelet

Make pizza omelet

Leftover pizza can make a perfect breakfast. You can easily transform your leftover pizza into an omelet and create a quick dish in a few minutes. When it comes to this recipe, you only need to crack some eggs on the pizza, and you are good to go,

But before cracking your eggs over the pizza, begin by removing the pizza toppings from each slice, then crack the eggs on top of the pizza. That is the only thing you need to do, and then you can bake the omelet.

Here’s the recipe- pizza omelet

Pizza salad

Pizza salad

it is one of the easiest recipes that you can ever make using a leftover pizza. Slice the onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and any other vegetable into smaller pieces and add them into a bowl. Then dress the vegetables with a balsamic vinaigrette.

The next procedure is adding toasted pizza into the bowl that contains the vegetables, and you are done. This salad’s added advantage is that you do not require any recipe; you can use any vegetable to create this delicious dish.

Here’s the recipe- pizza salad


Churros 1

the idea of turning the leftover pizza into this delicious dessert comes from the Japanese dominos team. Leftover pizza can be transformed into perfect churros, and all you need to do is scrape the crusts from the pizza.

After removing the crusts, deep fry the pizza slices, add icing sugar or the powdered sugar as the coatings, and you are all but done.

Here’s the recipe- pizza churros

Jazz up your pizza

Sometimes you do not require any recipe to recreate your leftover pizza; all you need to do is just dice the remaining slices of pizza and blend them with other ingredients. By adding sauces, cheese, and fresh toppings, you can transform your pizza back to its original form.

You can add mushrooms, parmesan or mozzarella cheese, and garlic for the toppings, then sprinkle some oil over the pizza and reheat it until it attains a crispy form.

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