What To Serve With Pizza (22 Pizza Side Dishes With Recipes)

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For the love of pizza, we always have a pizza night at home. We can order it from the pizza chain restaurants, and sometimes we decide to make it. Whether it’s the toppings’ versatility, the crusty bread that makes you salivate, you can always find the perfect option.

In other instances, though, some people enjoy the side dish that goes with the pizza more. If this is you, then we have some recipes for you to enjoy today.

Notice that you can have a healthy side dish or even just the regular decadent type. Here is the easiest way to make your pizza night memorable.

1. Spicy bacon roasted broccoli

Spicy bacon roasted broccoli

When you like to do it the Italian way, you choose to use their favorite meats and veggies. Here we have the bacon that you serve with the crunchy broccoli.

The essence, though, is for it to compliment the pizza meal without really overpowering it. Basically, you want it to be a tasty side dish too.

Now, this is going to give you a healthy crunch with the other perfect bacon meat.

  • Bacon strips
  • A pound of fresh broccoli
  • A teaspoon of olive oil
  • Some parmesan cheese
  • A teaspoon of red pepper flakes

There’s something about the roasted broccoli that makes it just taste better. So here, heat your oven to 450°F.

Wash your broccoli and cut them into chunky pieces. Coat them in olive oil and then into the red pepper flakes.

Take it into the oven and let it roast for about 20-30 minutes. But check it out and in 5 minutes before it’s cooked, remove it and then add on some parmesan cheese. Also, add the bacon strips and set it back in the oven.

Another alternative

You can begin by cooking the bacon first and then drain the excess oil or fat using the serviettes. This way, you will use the bacon oil as grease on the pan and then toss your broccoli on the pan before getting them in the oven.

So again, you can add the olive oil and toss the broccoli just like you did previously, then also add the red pepper flakes and toss them in nicely. Let them roast for about 15 minutes. But then you will add the cheese and the bacon for final cooking.

Go on to eat it as you would like to. But it should make a great side dish for your pizza.

2. Lemon garlic roasted broccoli salad

Lemon garlic roasted broccoli salad

Here you have a simple option that’s a signature dish from the half-baked harvest. It will always complement most of the pizza options you have. Since it has the full lemon and garlic flavors, you will have it being delicious but not overpowering.

This is mostly an American style of dish, and I’ve not seen one who didn’t enjoy it.

You can make this an afternoon snack or side dish.

You will need the 2-3 heads of broccoli that you pieced into tiny pieces.

Some pine nuts, four tablespoons of olive oil, four cloves of garlic minced, Kosher salt, pepper, red paper flakes, balsamic vinegar, and one pomegranate Aries, avocado sliced, 6 ounces of feta cheese.

How to go about it

The first thing is to heat your oven to 425°F.

Take a large baking tray and toss together the broccoli, pine nuts, olive oil, garlic, a pinch of salt and pepper. Next, you can set it in the oven. Let it roast for at least 25 minutes. When it’s starting to char, then you should remove it from the oven and add in the fresh parsley (this is optional).

Go on to make the salad dressing.

In a bowl, add olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic, and red pepper flakes. Consider seasoning it with salt and pepper. The simple thing then to do is to pour the salad dressing over the roasted broccoli.

Next, add the baby kales and your pomegranate aril. Toss it to combine perfectly, and then add the feta cheese and the avocado slices.

3. Easy skillet kale with lemon

Easy skillet kale with lemon

I know anyone will enjoy this because of the belief that the veggies have to do with leafy green veggies.

Cut two bunches of kales, and don’t worry, you can use whichever you like to use. You can wash them nicely then chop them coarsely.

Get your pan and heat it with some oil on, and then add in your garlic red pepper flakes as you keep the string to find the perfect aroma. Finally, add in your kale at least a bunch at a time. And keep on stirring to coat it nicely with the oil.

Also, add in the salt and pepper to taste. Cover it nicely to start cooking for about five minutes. Remove from the heat and go on to add the lemon juice.

Of course, this ideal for you if you like the healthy versions of the meals. I know people who aren’t fans of kales, which’s okay since you can find other choices. You will find the meal’s recipe here at thekitchn.com.

4. Green monster salad

Green monster salad

Sometimes you need the simple style of salad to accompany your favorite meal. An avocado salad is everything when it comes to salads. Now the secret is to spice it a lot or add other ingredients to keep it looking perfect.

Of course, you will have the perfect crunch of the cucumber and the avocado deliciousness to make a great salad. So notice that you will add the lettuce in a bowl, then add the cucumber and the avocado slices and the radish.

Don’t forget the one thing that gives it the perfect taste, which is the addition of salt and pepper.

But a little bit of the vinaigrette dressing will give it some zing making it the perfect accompaniment for your pizza too.

What to serve on the side of the Italian style?

5. Italian bruschetta

Italian bruschetta

Here you have another one of the pizza starters you can use to make the perfect meal for you. So here, you may need to have a few cured slices of meat. You will also have the cheese assortments to help you.

Remember, you will need to make the bread nicely crusty. Also, you can use the different style chunks of tomatoes.

The blend of tomatoes, basil, dried oregano, olive oil, salt, some balsamic vinegar. So then cut off the garlic’s ends and toss the olive oil parts in the bread before you toast it on the skillet. Next, you can add the cold tomatoes and serve as a side dish to your pizza.

You will find this easy to make, but you can also make some alterations if you need to make it suit your palate needs.

6. Garlic bread

Garlic bread

You know this can make a real meal, but you can also use it as a side dish. Remember then that you already have pizza as the main meal, so you should keep your garlic bread simple. Remember the cheese you also choose to use matters.

Most people like the garlic bread for their pasta dishes side, but you can also use it for pizza if you like.

Some people will use butter while others prefer the oil, and of course, the number of garlic you use depends on how garlicky you want it to be.

7. Classic Caesar salad

Classic Caesar salad

This is another one of the very easy to make options. When you look at the bowl, though, it looks like it’s a complicated process when it’s not.

Of course, you will need the Italian bread that you have cubed. You will also need the canned oil-packed anchovy fillets, olive oil, garlic, Worchester sauce, baby romaine, grated parmesan, among others.

Notice that it may look complicated to make, but it’s not hard and will work great as the complement to your pizza dish regardless of the one you choose.

8. Honey sriracha baked chicken wings

Honey sriracha baked chicken wings

Everyone loves the flavorful, sweet, and tasty chicken wings. Well, this one you can cue as a side dish to your pizza. The good thing, therefore, is to make the perfect honey sriracha sauce.

The secret is that they like to use unsalted butter, some fresh ginger and garlic, ground cloves, smoked paprika, and cloves. You should then add the sriracha, honey, and lime juice.

I can promise that you will get hooked when you try these options because of the tastes and perfections. The sriracha gives it the stickiness and the sweetness, you know. It further has a slight smokiness, which makes it stand out. Of course, I know you might have already had a taste of such options.

This is great, especially since you can easily bake it long before you start on the pizza or just right after. It will take 40 minutes to cook it right.

Expect it to be slightly hot if you like it hot, sticky, sweet, and slightly smoky. This is one of those additional combinations you would use for your pizzas. It offers the perfect complement to your pizza.

9. Simple antipasto salad

Simple antipasto salad

One other way to eat pasta is when you use the antipasto salad. This is the best salad for meat lovers and that they don’t mind trying anything. You will, of course, use cured meats in this case.

This will act as a great appetizer, especially since you don’t even have to cook the ingredients. You can choose cheese, pickled veggies, and even olives.

I like making this meal, but I often make sure I’m making it when my friends are around, thus filling nicely.

10. Grilled asparagus with some lemon zest

Grilled asparagus with some lemon zest

On another angle, you can use a simple and straightforward dish for the pizza side. I particularly like the recipe I showed you here.

This is because it’s easy to make, and you can quickly fix it. You will need to use at least two bunches of asparagus.

So you can wash them nicely before you toss them in salt, lemon juice, garlic minced, or powder, finish off with your olive oil. You can then go on to grill it, thus giving it the perfect flavors and aroma.

When it’s cooked, you will notice it has a deep green color.

This is one of the best and healthiest options you can use. You can also use fresh but delicious choice as a side to your different pizzas.

11. Ratatouille


Here is another one of the tasty veggies stew to compliment the pizza dish remember. Here you will need the bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, and even the mascarpone cheese.

Notice that you have a blend of flavors here so making it easy for your friends and family to enjoy.

It gives you a blend of rich and savory veggies for your slice of pizza. You will have a full meal at a go. You will have people wanting to come back to your house for another meal from using this piece.

Since it will make another large side dish, you want to make it when you know you have a big family waiting to eat it with you. It’s great to serve when you have a family gathering.

American side dish

12. Sorbet


If you are going to eat it as a dessert or palate cleanser, you can be sure it will give you all the flavors you need to compliment the pizza. The sorbet, therefore, is an addition of the fruit, fruit juice, and sugar.

You may just need two pounds of fruits. This may even be just about five fruits that you will then puree and add to the sugar.

But you don’t have to add the sugar directly; rather, make the sugar syrup instead. You can choose the one that works best for you to complete your pizza meal.

13. Onion rings

Onion rings

Another most effortless way to make a complete meal is when you choose to make the onion rings. Worry not; this is one of the easiest to make options. This is not a new meal for the American homes, but do you know how to make them?

You will not understand the rings because even if you don’t like the onions, you will like these pieces. You should expect a blend of sweet, salty, and crunchy flavors. Of course, you will be out here, longing for them once you try a single option.

They are the perfect choice to use as a side dish to your pizza meal. Notice that they don’t even take long to make and will help diversify the tastes. I’m sure your guests will finish them even before you can think of it.

14. Mozzarella sticks

Mozzarella sticks

The first time I was going for this, I asked my friend why I would eat them when I’m eating all the pizza. But don’t talk before you try them. These options are way delicious than you think.

Whether you are going to make them into the balls or you enjoy them as sticks. This is the perfect choice for you if you like cheese as I do.

This is the perfect complex reasons. It’s crunchy, gooey, cheesy, and just perfect in your mouth. To make it even better, go on and dip it in the marina sauce.

15. Greek wedge salad

Greek wedge salad

Are you looking for some Mediterranean flavors? They are the perfect choice for your summer salad but most of all the accompaniment to your favorite pizza. When you have the right ingredients, you won’t believe how easy it is to make it.

If you like the cucumber, you will notice it’s a great choice to deliver the perfect crunch and flavors of the different ingredients they mix in. I like it served chilled, but you can make it your way, remember.

Other side dishes

16. Simple carrot slaw

Simple carrot slaw

Anyone who loves the much healthier versions then will find even a simple salad being better. I can’t stop eating raw carrots and let’s say I like the crunchiness. So here, you can choose to be a little playful with it.

So it would help if you diced your carrots as you can see them done here. You will further need walnut oil or extra virgin olive oil: some orange cranberry fruits, scallion black pepper, and some honey.

The one thing you will enjoy about this recipe is the color. It gives your pizza the perfect combinations. Carrots are great; you should never lack them in your pantry when you want to make a quick dish.

Therefore, this own is tasty crispy, but you will even enjoy the different flavors added on to bring out the best features. You can use the kitchen mandolin or the food processor to slice your carrots this way. The secret, though, is to make sure they are thin enough to absorb the vinegar dressing.

It would help if you remembered to serve it chilled as that is even better tasting.

17. Cranberry caramelized Brussel sprouts

Cranberry caramelized Brussel sprouts

It’s a more comfortable option to make the crunchy option we are talking about here, you know. But the good thing you will like about it is that it makes it easy to serve and enjoy. It further has a sweet but healthy taste.

The good thing is that the dish has a burst of flavor to make your pizza meal even better. You can even notice that it gives your meal a perfect color while making everything you have more edible.

Of course, such options are better if you already have leftovers in your pantry.

18. Parmesan zucchini sticks

Parmesan zucchini sticks

This can act as your snack but also as a side dish. Of course, you can make it a healthier version or the side dish to use.

Here you will have the flavors that already compliment your pizza. The cheesy style with the breadcrumbs makes then ideal for a side dish with your other meal. Of course, you can dip them in a marina sauce for more flavors if you like.

You will like the options to roast and prepare them as you wait for the delivery or the pizza to cook in your oven. It will only take about 20 minutes to cook them too, which makes it even better.

19. A bowl of fruits

A bowl of fruits

There’s no better way to help your body digestion or cleanse the blood than when you can use a bowl of fruits. Even if you have taken a vegan pizza, the fruits will do you some justice.

Find your favorite fruits and prepare them to eat at the end or even before. Of course, if you eat it before, it will fill you up to make sure you eat just a little food. So whether you want mangoes, avocados, berries, pineapples, apples, melons. When it comes to the fruits, you are spoilt for choice.

Make it a habit to have some of the best fruits that are in season. I know some of us don’t like to have fruits in the pantry, but it will help. The secret is to play with the colored fruits, thus making it appealing to eat.

20. Coleslaw salad

Coleslaw salad

If you can’t eat raw cabbage, the easiest way is to make it into a coleslaw, making it easy and fun to eat. This is ideal if you are intending to host. You will have the perfect crunch between the carrots and the cabbage you are adding here. But the creaming also makes the difference. You are, therefore, sure to have a perfect complement to Yurok hot and delicious pizza.

As they say in the video, the secret is to chill it for a few hours first, as that will make it easy for your veggies to absorb the flavors. You further want this meal to be tasty to make sure. Okay, make it easy by following the recipe.

21. Berry Caprese salad

Berry Caprese salad

When you have some of those unforgettable events, go for this salad choice. This is the perfect blend of berries’ different styles in a bowl to make a perfect fruit salad. Sometimes a little bit of creativity is about everything you will need.

This is about everything you need with the berries, and the recipe will guide you to make it nicely tasty.

Detroit style pepperoni and pickled pepper pan pizza

Side Dishes To Serve With Pizza


  • Spicy bacon roasted broccoli
  • Lemon garlic roasted broccoli salad
  • Easy skillet kale with lemon
  • Green monster salad
  • Italian bruschetta
  • Garlic bread
  • Classic Caesar salad
  • Honey sriracha baked chicken wings
  • Simple antipasto salad
  • Grilled asparagus with some lemon zest
  • Ratatouille
  • Sorbet
  • Onion rings
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Greek wedge salad
  • Simple carrot slaw
  • Cranberry caramelized Brussel sprouts
  • Parmesan zucchini sticks
  • A bowl of fruits
  • Coleslaw salad
  • Berry Caprese salad


  • Select the side dish you like
  • Get the ingredients needed
  • Make your own side dish

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