11 World’s Largest Pizza That Will Make You Scream

Now and then, people do things that we will never have imagined being possible. But what is life without adventure and trying newer things? If you are a pizza enthusiast, you will know about the regular pizza sizes like 8, 10, 12, 16, 18 inches.

Some people in history decided to go beyond the regular rules and create pizzas bigger than expected. They have been a wonderful sight to behold, invoking a lot of awe and joy never imagined.

This article will show you some of those history-making pizzas and how they were made.

1. Pizza Ottava



Maker: Dovilio Nardi

Place Rome, Italy

Size: 1261.65 Square Meters

Date: 13 December 2012

This is the largest pizza ever made in the world. A team of five chefs led by Dovilio Nardi baked this jaw-dropping pizza, and this pizza is named after Emperor Octavian Augustus.

The fantastic thing about this pizza is that it is gluten-free, made from 9 tons of gluten-free flour.

The chefs made this pizza to raise awareness for those who have Celiac disease and sensitive to gluten. This was a good cause, and I am sure you are impressed.

The chefs had to commit forty-eight hours of their time to work non-stop to come up with this beauty. Their hard work enabled them to achieve the Guinness Book of record for the largest pizza.

2. The Pizza Machine pizza



Chef in-house

Place: Tennessee USA

Size: 40 inches.

When: 2016

The pizza machine pizza got its name from the way the pizza was delivered. The owners of the restaurant used a crane to deliver a forty-inch pizza to its customers.

This pizza offers you the fun opportunity to hang out with friends, have a memorable meal, tell stories, and not worry about your pizza finishing.

3. The Giant Sicilian



Size: “54”x”54” Inches

Chef: Restaurant team

Place: California USA

Date: 2010

Giant Sicilian is the world’s largest pizza that can be delivered to clients at the comforts of their home. The Giant Sicilian is 54 inches long on both sides, and this vast pizza can comfortably feed 70 people.

It is impossible to get a thin crust because of its vast size, especially for those who love thin-crust pizzas. This is because, for a pizza of that size, you need a crust with a weft to support it.

The delivery box in which this pizza is placed is slightly bigger than the pizza by two inches. The baking of this incredible pizza demands time and attention and the use of a special oven.

This pizza got its name because of the similarity of the ingredients it has with the pizza made in Sicily.

If you plan a pizza bash or celebration, you can have peace of mind knowing there is always pizza delivered by the company.

4. Big Lou’s Super 42″



Size: 42 inch

Chef: Big Lou

Place: Texas, USA

Date: 2009

Big Lou’s pizza is 42 inches in size, and this mouth-watering pizza pays attention to both the topping and the crust.

The crust is thick to support the variety of toppings that are used. It weighs about twenty-seven pounds.

This will undoubtedly be too much to eat, and you might not be able to finish it. But if you have hungry friends, you could drag them to Lou’s and have an excellent time together.

The better option would be to order this massive pizza if you are having a big party. Plus, it would be advisable to order this pizza twenty-four hours before when you need it.

5. The Bus



Size: 1.98 Square meters

Chef: Amber and Paul Rouse

Place: Texas, USA

Date: 2018

Two chefs made this excellent jaw-dropping pizza. This pizza’s size is different from the regular size pizza; it was made rectangular.

The chefs used a rotating oven to bake this pizza, and it took then thirty minutes to thoroughly bake it.

The makers of this pizza used 10 pounds of dough and 10 pounds of cheese. This is combined with their homemade sauce to give it an excellent taste.

Ordering this pizza will require you to call two days ahead of time to give the restaurant enough time to bake it well.

6. Napoli Pizza



Size 6082 Feet in Length

Chef: 250 local chefs

Place: Naples, Italy

Year: 2016

Napoli Pizza is the world’s longest pizza, and it is exciting to see. With Italy being the origin place for pizza, it is not surprising to see them trying new stunts and adding some pizza-making spices.

To bake this mile-long pizza well, the chefs had to use several mobile wood-burning ovens.

Two hundred fifty local chefs put together this long beauty, and the Napoli pizza association supported this idea. This pizza was so much that everyone who attended this Napoli Pizza festival had a slice of the pizza.

To make this pizza, you need two thousand kilograms of cheese and flour. Also, you need one thousand six hundred kilograms of tomatoes. These are a lot of ingredients, but it was worth the effort.

7. The Colossus



Size: 70 x 70 inches

Chef: in-house

Place: Sydney, Australia

Date: 2012

This fantastic pizza was cooked in Australia; a lot of preparation was needed to make this pizza. The chefs had to build a custom oven to be able to make this project a success.

The sauce used for the topping measures two liters, taking two days to cook it thoroughly.

Part of this pizza’s topping includes 5kg of meat and 3.1kg of cheese. The whole pizza weighs 26.3 kg.

8. Fontana Pizza



Size: 6333 feet in length

Chef: Dozens

Place: California

Date: 2018

Fontana’s most giant pizza was a move to recreate the Napoli pizza put together by the 250 chefs in Naples.

Fash Avadi, who led this adventure, got people to contribute flour, sauce, and cheese to this project.

This was done around the tracks of a stadium to create more room to surpass that of Naples, with dozens of chefs helping recreate this epic feat.

They used mobile ovens to bake this pizza, and it took them nine hours to complete the baking. After much effort and commitment, Fash Avadi and his team could overthrow the Naples Guinness Record for the longest pizza and set a new one.

The pizza was shared among spectators who had come from far and wide to watch, and it was also donated to shelter homes to avoid wastage.

9. Lorenzo Ristorante Pizza



Size: 10000 Square feet

Chef: Lorenzo Amato

Place: Florida, USA

Date: 1987

At some time in history, this pizza held the Guinness record for the world’s largest pizza. Standing at the size of 1000 feet. Now it stands as the third-largest pizza in the world.

But you have to admire the courage of Lorenzo Amato to come up with this feat as far back as 1987.

Lorenzo Amato used two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to complete this project. This project used 1,037 gallons of water, 2,062 pounds of cheese, 494 gallons of sauce, 15,624 pounds of flour, and 1,875 pounds of pepperoni. This pizza weighed 29,000 pounds.

He estimated to have 94,000 slices cut from the pizza. The money that he got from this sale was donated to the Red Cross.

10. Norwood Hypermarket Pizza



Size: 122 feet in Diameter

Chef: Norwood Chef Team

Place: South Africa

Date: 1990

This pizza held the record for the largest pizza globally before it was broken in 2012 by the Ottavia pizza.

This pizza weighed 26,883 pounds and measured 122 feet and 8 inches in diameter.

The amount of ingredients used to prepare this pizza includes; 9,920 pounds of flour, 1,763 pounds of mushrooms, 1,984 pounds of sliced tomatoes, 9,920 pounds of flour, and 1,984 pounds of tomato puree.

This a fantastic record to have been made by the Norwood chef team.

11. El Buono Pizza



Size: 65 inches

Chef: in-house

Place: Quezon City, Philippines

El Buono is a Pizzeria restaurant in the Philippines. And they are famous for their pizza, which is the largest pizza ever made in Asia. This pizza is served at El Buono restaurant.

It is considered the largest pizza ever served in a restaurant. The fantastic thing is that this pizza is baked as a whole, and they use special ovens to have it ready.

This Special 65-inch pizza spices include Mozzarella cheese, pineapple, black olives, pepperoni, ham, ground beef, bell pepper, unique cheese, signature sauce, onion, and herbs and spices. This big pizza can accommodate four flavors.

This pizza can feed 150 people; rather than eating it in a restaurant, it would be better to serve it at a party. It is an excellent idea to feed a lot of your visitors. To have this pizza, you have to call the restaurant twenty-four hours earlier.

If you ever want to try this experience, then maybe the next time you are in the Philippines for holidays, you and your friends could brave it and give it a try. That is undoubtedly going to be a fun eating exercise.


Who says that we have to live within the box and without exploration? Yes, food is supposed to be eaten and enjoyed, and there is nothing wrong with adding a little bit of fun and creativity to the whole mix.

You might not have come across any size other than the regular size. But you can contact the pizzeria closest to you and enquire if they could do something extraordinary. You never know the possibilities lying around, waiting to be explored.

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