Yeast For Pizza – What You Need To Know

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Yeast is one of the essential ingredients when you want to cook pizza. If you make the pizza dough without it, then you may have the dough remaining doughy.

When you have the right pizza dough recipe, it will rise fast if it’s a rich and good dough.

When you are using the right yeast for your pizza, it takes a shorter time to rise.

So today, we opt to show you a few things you should know about the pizza yeast.

What is pizza yeast?

This is the primary leavening agent for the pizza, and even though you may sometimes use other things, the yeast still happens to be the easiest to use.


So what we are saying is that it will make the dough rise already.

With these features, you will find that it’s easy to attain an airy, chewy, but also tasty crust. So the yeast and the bacteria somehow work on your pizza, bread, and all the other different kinds of dough.

But why does the bread/ pizza crust taste like yeast

Contrary to what you may think that you are eating the yeast actually, you aren’t.

You should know that you are eating the byproducts of the fermentation process. So you will be eating alcohol, carbon dioxide, and acids all at once.

In the process, though, you will have the dough being tender, crispy, and flavorful. So well, it may smell or taste a little bit like yeast, but you aren’t eating yeast just so you know.

Why does it get active?

You see, the yeast is a living organism, and therefore, when you subject it to the right environment, the dough begins to respond. It will rise or proof and thus double in size.

Just remember that your dough needs a warmer environment, not a cold one, to work right. If you decide to set it in a cold environment or water, it will not activate faster.


I know you may ask how comes it doubles in size when I set it in the fridge? I didn’t mean it will not wholly leaven in the cold environment. The difference is that it will take longer to prove.  For those recipes that call for you to set it in the fridge overnight, then that’s fine. But if you want it to work fast, you have to do it in a warm environment.

So it would help if you always focused on temperature control when you’re thinking of using it on your pizza dough.

Does pizza dough use yeast?

Of course, it does use the yeast but not every yeast, as you will see below. There are specific types of yeast you should use when you have the pizza dough.

Types of yeast

Notice that there are different types of yeast, and therefore, you can use them in different aspects. Some you use in brewing; others you use in cooking while others you will use when you are baking the food.

You will always have wet or dry yeast. The wet yeast features the use of fresh yeast, cake yeast, and compressed yeast.

You also have dry yeast that features the most common active and instant type of yeast.

Cake yeast

As earlier classifies, this one is a wet type of yeast that they sell in a block. It often is perishable, but you can say it’s an active form of yeast.

When using it, you should crumble it over dry ingredients or, better yet, dissolve it in the liquid. Nowadays, the yeast is only available in select stores, so people don’t use it as much as they do the ones below.

Active Dry yeast

Another version of the yeast is the active dry yeast that is much popular than the rest. Now before you even add it to your recipe, you will need to give it time to activate first.

You often add the yeast to the slightly warm environment, stir it, and then give it time to activate. The liquid you therefore use should be not more than 110°F. If you set them at such a temperature, then you will have it kill the yeast.

Instant yeast

There’s no other activated form of yeast than the instant type. With this, you, therefore, don’t have to dissolve it in liquid as you can directly add it to the recipe. Besides, you don’t have to make it rise twice as a single rise is just enough.

Notice, therefore, that the yeast is shelf-stable, and you are going to store it in an airtight container and at room temperature. Again, you will have it sustain the qualities for as long as you have it until the expiration dates.

Notice that this is by far one of the most used kinds of yeast in the world. So, when they talk of instant yeast, then they talk of hydration. The instant yeast is fast hydrating, and therefore you don’t need to pre-hydrate it. Consider mixing it directly with the salt and sugar being present too.

Sourdough starter

We are going to talk about this one that most people don’t even think of, but it was the one people used traditionally. This is from the concept that yeast is available everywhere in the air, and therefore, you can capture it from the air.

You need to mix your dough and then let it rest for five days, and it will have attracted the yeast in the air. Just remember to keep the flour at room temperature, though. The baker never stops adding more flour to the dough until it’s ready for use.

What’s the difference here?

I know you could be thinking, isn’t it just yeast. And yes, it’s yeast, and they will mostly deliver the same results, but they may not work just the same way.

The amount you use is, therefore, different. If you want to use the Active dry yeast in place of the instant dry yeast, you will need to use about 75% of the yeast you would typically use.


But if you are going to replace the instant one with the active dry yeast, you should use at least 1.33% more of the yeast.

Today in the market, instant dry yeast is getting more popular. No wonder there’s a new version that they make sure lasts longer. But that’s not all; it’s also a fast-rising high powered, and instant premium option. It features an even better performance when you are using the cold dough. It’s the reason why your dough still rises fast in the fridge.

Still, the main difference is the ease of use in that. There’s a way to dry the instant yeast making it easy to mix it with your flour. This is mostly the reason why it’s a little costly than other types. Some people will also swear by using the regular yeast just because it gives your flour a very different flavor.

1. Red Star Active Dry Yeast

Red Star Active Dry Yeast, 2 Pound Pouch

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This is one of the most popular yeast types even on amazon, and for a reason, it’s a practical option. The good thing is that you can use it for different needs. Notice that this flour has natural dough improvers, which blend with the yeast to make it rise easy and fast.

This one is great for you to use even if you are a beginner and the good thing is that the yeast is versatile to use on different baking goods.

It would help if you used it at a temperature between 110-115F. Here you have one of the most popular brands to use as it will never disappoint. Of all the yeast types, when you talk of red star, you will notice that most people know it.

Even if you are using it to make the sweetened bread, you will mostly have it reduce the sugar level. With this, it balances the sweetness with the flavors.

2. Saf Instant Yeast 

Saf Instant Yeast, 1 Pound Pouch

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Of all the yeast types we have in the world, the safe instant is the one type that sells a lot more.

It will last up to six months when you open it, but of course, you will need to set it in an airtight container. Again if you set it in the fridge like other people like to, it will last even longer. Here you have a fast-acting choice that’s also long-lasting.

Just remember to use it in every other thing you would like to bake. As long as you have the flour mixture, you have the right dough to make the yeast. You will like it for the fact that it has incredible fermentation characteristics.

You will have it mix perfectly into the dough without having the smell of the yeast anyway,

3. Fleischmann’s Yeast Pizza

Fleischmann's Yeast Pizza, 0.25-Ounce Pouches 3 Count (Pack of 5)

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If you are going only to make the different pizza doughs, then you should consider this option. I’ve had a few friends suggesting that you should always use the pizza yeast. Well, I’m yet to start using it, but if you like the specific yeast, you should consider it.

People like it too much because it works best on pizza dough. Well, remember this one you won’t use on any other type of bread dough. Here, you will only need to add water and flour and then start to knead it and shape it to the position.

It’s further easy for you to make the crust dough contrary to what you would always think of.

4. Fleischmann’s Active Dry Yeast

Fleischmann's Active Dry Yeast, The original active dry yeast, Equals 16 Envelopes, 4 oz Jar (Pack of 2)

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There’s something about such yeast choices the airtight container means it will never let in air. You will maintain its effectiveness for as long as you have it on. Fleischmann’s yeast is another one of the very best yeast choices that you can use on the different foods you need to bake.

People like it most because of its high stability and reliability too. If you are gluten intolerant, don’t worry; you are safe when you use this option. If you like, you can set it in the freezer as other people do if you want it to last even longer.

It will make the leavening or rising much easier. And you will use it several times because remember it matches the 16 envelopes. It’s also affordable when you think that it comes with the perfect tin.

5. Lallemand Instaferm Instant Dry Yeast Leavening Agent

Lallemand Instaferm Instant Dry Yeast Leavening Agent, Red, 15.88 Oz.

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Another one of the most common types of yeast you can use with your different bread types and the pizza dough. Even when your recipe calls for active dry yeast, you can still use this choice. It will often serve you for a year or more if you keep it frozen but in an airtight can.

Even when you are making a high sugar dough, this one will still aid in the dough’s rising. The dough here is dehydrated, and so you won’t need to refrigerate it. Besides, you won’t even require to dissolve it before using it as you can set it on your regular doughs.

So you will need to mix it with the flour or into the dough before you mix in the first stage of the dough mixing.

6. Gefen Dry Yeast

Gefen Instant Natural Dry Yeast, 1 LB Bag, Great for Breads & Challah, Certified Kosher

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Another one of the best cheeses to use with your different doughs is here. You will be buying from one brand that’s trusted to deliver the best kosher products.

They will often deliver great-tasting but even quality yeast to use on your bread.

You can use it on different pieces of bread that include pizza bread. People like it even more for the ease of use and cheaper cost.

Is there yeast in pizza dough?

Mostly yes, it’s the most crucial ingredient in the dough recipe. If you don’t use the yeast, then you will have a problem making an airy dough.

It may also be hard to make a perfect one to hold all the toppings you intend to set on it.

Do you need yeast for pizza dough?

I prefer it with yeast, but then others have no yeast. Notice that they will still cook right you need to know how to make it. The amazing thing, though, is that the dough will still take a shorter time to prep.

Therefore, some people will use baking powder instead of yeast, and trust me, and it is just as good. I loved this pizza recipe without yeast, and you can try it too. Although it’s a vital ingredient, I will say it’s not a must-have like flour.

So yes, you need it, but if you don’t have it, you can use the baking powder.

Difference between pizza yeast and regular yeast

It’s safe to say that they work just the same as the regular yeast, and the difference is that this one is such a new option in the market. They say that the pizza yeast works faster, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the other two too.

I believe this goes more about the preference than the effectivity. Regardless most Italians like to use the pizza yeast just as much as they use the brewing yeast sometimes for other pizzas.

Is it okay to store the dry yeast in the freezer?

Often you should set the wet yeast into the freezer to sustain it. But for the dry yeast, you should read the instruction by the manufacturer.

Some require freezing while others don’t. Generally, though, it’s okay to store it in the freezer.

It’s also the perfect promise to having excellent quality yeast. Notice that it will mean that the yeasts stay a little longer than it would typically do.

When you, however, want to use it, you should thaw it first. Otherwise, it will take too long to work on your dough. You always need to freeze or refrigerate the yeast because it’s perishable.

How much yeast in pizza dough?

It will always depend on the dough you are making, but you may only need 2¼ teaspoons for the yeast on the flour. This one is mostly about the regular dough.

The ratio of the dough to flour is as follows. You will have the 2¼ teaspoon of yeast go with your 4 cups of flour, remember. You can therefore add some more if you need to make like 12 cups of flour.

What’s the essence of kneading the yeast?

Contrary to what you would think, kneading does not affect the yeast. Your yeast will have already been adequately mixed at the very first time you are mixing it.


However, most people knead the flour to make sure it stretches and lengthens the dough. With this then you will have the carbon dioxide and nitrogen appropriately held.

It would help if you kneaded the dough for a second time because it will increase the extensibility. Again if you beat the dough hard, you won’t hurt the yeast cells. It will still maintain its perfection.

What’s the essence of letting the dough rest?

There’s always an advantage when you let the dough rest notice that the gluten will relax and settle. This then will lead to an airy and voluminous bread. Therefore, if you notice that the dough remains elastic, you should cover it and let it rest for about 15 minutes. Then start to shape it when ready.

Yeast substitute for pizza dough

Some people will ask, is this even possible? And yes, it is possible, but you should use the following.

Using the baking soda and acid

The yeast works because when you combine the yeast flours and water, it will release the sugars. This is what the yeast consumes, and in the process, it releases the carbon dioxide responsible for the rising of the bread.

So then you are sure that you are reaching for the release of carbon dioxide. This one you will release by combining the acid and baking soda. Again you will need to add in the right amount of the baking soda and the acid to cover the yeast.

For the acid, then consider using lemon juice or buttermilk. And for this to work, too, you need to add on the baking soda.

Choose a double-acting baking powder.

You will most likely be having the baking powder in the pantry already. A baker or anyone in pastry must have it because it has a similar role as the yeast-it’s a leavening agent.

It will react with the liquid in the moistened environment to produce bubbles in the baking soda.

It will further rise when the reaction with the heat takes place too. So the gas bubbles that were forming then will expand, making the bubble rise.

Sourdough starter

This also works if you are patient enough, and the bread or pizza will be flavorful. If you know sourdough bread, then you will probably understand how this works. It will often attain the tangy flavors, yet it will remain soft and chewy with all the perfect flavors.

The fermentation will start when the bubble starts to form. So you can use the sourdough starter flour in place of the yeast. A cup is just enough.

Notice that this one requires that you have extra time. It will take five days to fully prep the dough and make it ready to work.

Where to buy the yeast for pizza

Notice that you can find the pizza yeast in any grocery store, shops but also online. I like to buy mine from Amazon when I’m also shopping for other goods there. I know this makes my work more comfortable because I can read the reviews to know the best one that most people like and buy it. Where do you buy yours?

Which one will it be

It doesn’t matter which form of baking you are going for; you should use the yeast. Whether you will choose the active or dry yeast doesn’t matter, you only need to know how to make it work. When buying the active dry yeast, consider the Red star one, but when you buy the instant yeast, choose the saf instant.

No one makes a better dough and recipe than the other you need to know how to work it.

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