Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box: The Ultimate Pizza Bundle

The holidays are a time of togetherness for friends and family to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.

It’s no wonder meals are a central focus of the holiday schedule. So what better way to get people together than over a delicious meal?

But then, the stress of meal prepping is sometimes almost too much to bear.

Thankfully, with Pizza Hut’s famous Triple Treat Box offer, you don’t have to worry about the hassle.

Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box

Photo: Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box

In addition to feeding many mouths on a budget, this box makes holiday hosting a breeze.

You may be wondering: what is the Triple Treat Box, where can I get it, and how much does it cost?

It’s all here.

What Is The Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box?

The Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box is a three-course holiday meal deal wrapped in a 3-tiered festive-themed box.

Inside the box, you will find three of Pizza Hut’s most popular menu items: 2 medium 1-topping pizzas, 5 breadsticks, and 10 Cinnabon Mini Rolls.

There is also a delicious Marinara dipping sauce to go with the breadsticks.


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You can customize your medium 1-topping pizza with pepperoni, grilled chicken, pineapple, mushrooms, Italian sausage, bacon, onions, beef, etc.

Moreover, you can choose your preferred types of crusts from Pizza Hut.

Before you choose the crust, check out our guide to Pizza Hut hand-tossed vs pan crust.

Did I mention how mouthwatering the Cinnabon Mini Rolls are? These delicious little desserts, with their warm, gooey centers and spicy cinnamon flavor, are perfect for finishing your meal.

Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box Price

The biggest advantage of the Triple Treat Box is that it is cost-efficient. If you were to buy each item in the box separately, I guarantee you would spend more than the box’s offer price.

Check this out:

  • 1 medium one-topping pizza  sells at $14.99 on the Pizza Hut website, that is @29.98 for two of these pizzas
  • 5 regular breadsticks with Marinara are $7.49
  • 10 Cinnabon Mini Rolls cost $8.49

The total cost for all these is $45.96.

For the Triple Treat Box, prices vary across participating locations, but on average, it’s $24.55. One box saves you a whopping $21.41. It’s a lot of money in these economic times.

And that is not all; Pizza Hut runs various promotions and deals during the holiday season.

In 2022, the restaurant had a “Holiday Rescue” promotion. You could win a free Triple Treat Box if you made lunch or dinner during that time, and it got ruined. All you had to do was email a picture of your ruined meal to Pizza Hut for a chance to win.

Also, Pizza Hut often releases coupons and discount deals for its menu items, including the Triple Treat Box.

The coupons are usually on the Pizza Hut website or app and on 3rd party coupon websites.

Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box End Date

The Triple Treat Box is a great value, no doubt. However, it is a limited-time offer whose end date varies by location.

Pizza Hut usually makes the offer available at the beginning of the festive season. Unfortunately, it is not open all year round.

In 2022, the Triple Treat Box offer started on November 22nd.

It lasted until New Year’s.

Though the offer runs for weeks, the Triple Treat Boxes are only available while stocks last.

And trust me; with the popularity of Pizza Hut deals, these holiday meal boxes never last long.

But don’t worry, if you miss out on the Triple Treat Box offer, Pizza Hut has other family meal deals you can consider.

The Big Dinner Box, for example, is a great alternative available all year round. Its savings are also quite as good as the Triple Treat Box.

How To Order The Triple Treat Box

Ordering a Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box is pretty easy.

You can do it online through the official Pizza Hut website or mobile app. The app is available both on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

If you prefer, you can also contact the restaurant directly to place your order. Pizza Hut phone numbers, per location, can be found here.

Alternatively, you can find a Pizza Hut restaurant near you and order in-store.

Given the options, I find that ordering online is more convenient. You can order, customize, pay, and track your Triple Treat Box from the comfort of your couch.

Just check the delivery radius and estimated delivery time for your location to ensure your meal arrives on time.


Pizza Hut’s Triple Treat Box makes holiday dinners stress-free and convenient.

It’s an excellent option for families, friends, or anyone looking to bring a little extra cheer to the table. The taste, quality, and value are impressive.

The limited-time offer makes it even more appealing and worth trying at least once.

For updates on current meal deals, offers, and menu items, follow Pizza Hut on Instagram (@pizzahut), Twitter (@pizzahut), and TikTok (@pizzahut).

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