What Goes With Anchovies On Pizza

Honestly, I have never ordered a pizza with anchovies, but many people either love or hate the anchovies.

People who love these anchovies have their share amount of reasons and one of them being the distinctive flavor that this pizza possesses.

Anchovies fish possess some saltiness or sourness that, when topped on pizza, enhances its taste and creates a delicious meal.

Nevertheless, the problem comes in when you pick the wrong toppings for the anchovies.

The taste will be pathetic, and you will not wish to eat any pizza containing this fish. On the other hand, when paired with the correct toppings, you will not regret the pizza’s taste.

The most important thing to know when it comes to the anchovies is what the best pizza toppings are for them?

The key to unlocking this fish’s flavor is to get the best anchovies, which generally come from the Mediterranean, and how to prepare them, and you are good to go.

Here are some of the toppings that go with the anchovies;

Calabrian chiles

Calabrian chiles

The Calabrian chiles are mainly found in southern Italy. These peppers are usually very juicy and fruity, and their leaves slightly salty.

They are a versatile ingredient, and that is why most people use them in different types of food.

Most Italian people do not spice their food so much, but these chiles from southern Italy creates a perfect combination with several other dishes.

This pepper is mostly used as toppings in several varieties of pizza, and why not? They enhance the pizza to form a unique flavor.

The fruity and salty flavor of the Calabrian chiles makes it a perfect pairing with the anchovies as the toppings of pizza.

This pairing comes out best, especially for the people who love ground pepper.

Tomatoes and anchovies

Tomatoes and anchovies

The tomato sauces used in preparing a wide variety of pizzas are often manufactured with high acidity levels.

This is mainly due to the different ingredients used when making these sauces.

If you want to balance this acidic sauce in a pizza, pairing it with the anchovies might just be the best option that you have.

However, in this case, fresh sliced tomatoes will be a better option, especially for the toppings.

The anchovies will supply the pizza with a salty flavor, and with the sliced tomatoes on top,  you will get a fresh and juicy flavor with a soft texture hence creating an excellent combination.

Garlic and anchovies

Garlic and anchovies

These two ingredients create one of the best combinations, if not the best.

This why many people, including the chefs’ pair garlic and anchovies just to get the best out of the saltiness that comes from the anchovies.

When it comes to the anchovy pizza, try roasting your garlic and use them as toppings, that is, if you want a sweeter version of your pizza.

You can resolve this by crushing the garlic and adding them to your pizza just before you finish cooking.

You will love this combination because of the strong flavor and tartness from the garlic and the brininess flavor that the anchovies provide, making up a beautiful combo.



These capers are mostly a Mediterranean cuisine but its globally used in a wide variety of pizzas.

When paired with pizza, these capers bring a distinctive flavor adding tanginess and smooth texture to the pizza.

So, if the brininess that comes with the anchovies is not enough for you, consider adding these capers to your anchovy pizza, and you will feel the full extent of salt.

The capers are often planted in some parts of Asia and Europe, which means that there are several fruit varieties.

The most common variety of the caper is the small one, and it is frequently used in pizza restaurants.


You can easily transform your chicken into something delicious and tasty if it was bluntly prepared.

Of course, there is no problem with chicken cooked with only salt and black pepper as the ingredient, but the addition of anchovies changes this recipe’s whole dynamics.

Adding the anchovies to your chicken breast will immediately change the chicken’s flavor, making it tastier.

The combination of these two brings out the best in one another. Broadcast the two ingredients over your pizza after mixing them to form the toppings.

On the other hand, you can mince your chicken into smaller pieces then crush the anchovies by grinding them.

After that, stir them both in a tin and spread them over your pizza to create the irresistible toppings.



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Everyone has his/her own opinion when it comes to whether you want pineapples or anchovies on their pizza.

It all comes down to what you prefer and like to your pizza as the toppings.

Nevertheless, pineapples and anchovies combine to form a perfect and delicious flavor to your pizza.

Pineapples will definitely add sweetness to your pizza, especially when the pizza is a little bit spicy.

Throwing anchovies in the midst of these pineapples will definitely boost the pizza’s taste by adding a sour flavor, thereby balancing the sweetness of the pineapples.


Scattering ground sausage to your anchovy pizza will also influence the taste of your delicious pizza.

This recipe is mainly for meat lovers, and why not? If you are not in the mood for vegetables, you should try the meat pizza type.

Ground sausage is usually fatty, and blending them with the anchovies brings a delightful flavor to your pizza.

Ricotta cheese

ricotta cheese

Plain ricotta cheese and anchovies are another perfect marriage that you should be looking forward to making.

You can use other ingredients of your own preference to make it delicious, but this is one combo that never goes wrong.

The salty anchovy creates a rich flavor to the cheese, especially when you incorporate other ingredients such as rosemary and lemon.

The best would be to make this recipe without the roasted garlic because of the zest that comes from garlic.

The one benefit of this beautiful marriage is that you can make it in a few minutes because the procedure involved when making it is straightforward.

Beer pairing with anchovy pizza

Regardless of what type of pizza you are taking, pizza and beer is another excellent option that provides a perfect combination.

Anchovy pizza too forms perfect beer pairings that you should try out.

Alaskan imperial red

Alaskan imperial red

This beer is usually slightly sweet with a delicious aroma. The anchovy pizza is often too salty, but when the tomato sauce is used, it tends to balance this recipe’s acidity.

The Alaskan imperial red has some bitter-sweet flavor that comes with it, and there is no better beer to balance this pizza’s saltiness than this beer.

Every bite of the salty pizza is easily washed away by the bitter red beer making a perfect pairing.

Citrus pale ale

Citrus pale ale

Determining the best beer pairing with this sodium-filled pizza is not an easy task, but when you find the right beer for the anchovy pizza, you will enjoy it. The best beer when it comes to this pizza can withstand the pizza’s saltiness.

Citrus pale ale is one beer that you will not regret pairing with your anchovy pizza.

The fact that it is highly flavored and refreshing makes it an excellent choice to wash away the pizza’s saltiness.

This beer’s aroma is also fresh, which means a perfect excellent smell in your mouth after cleaning is complete.


Lagers like the pilsners are an excellent choice to pair with the anchovy pizza.

Lager beers are not usually moderate manufactured, which means they are not immensely bitter. The carbonated lagers are the best.

What does anchovy pizza taste on pizza?

The anchovies’ flavor is what stands out when used as a topping in different types of pizzas.

The use of anchovies in pizzas is a traditional Italian recipe that has been evolving.

The taste of anchovies is primarily influenced by how it is prepared and what ingredients are used during the preparation process.

Mashing the anchovies using a fork until they are completely shredded, then blending them with butter is one of many methods you can use to create a delicious pizza.

Anchovies have their own distinctive savory taste, which means comparing this fish to other foods does not make any sense.

The best decision you can make while ordering the anchovy pizza is to order it plain but with extra cheese.

Nevertheless, many people tend not to appreciate the excess savory taste that comes from the anchovies but thinks of it; these small fish are not bad.

When used in minimal amounts, the taste is usually good. Wonder why the Caesar salad is usually very delicious? It’s because the dressing of this salad is made with anchovies.

So, it all depends on you and what you prefer when it comes to the taste of these anchovies. The taste is all on you and what you think is best.

Would you order an anchovy pizza?

Well, when it comes to this pizza type, it all depends on your taste buds. Every single person has his/her own taste.

Regarding the taste of anchovy pizza, you get to decide whether they are good or bad. Nevertheless, ordering this pizza won’t kill you if you have never tasted it.

Delicious or not, you will not know the answer unless you decide to order and taste this pizza.

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