Pizza Hut Pizza Sizes

When you think of comfort food, what comes to your mind? Pizza is the best comfort for everyone. And not just a pizza but “Pizza Hut,” the largest pizza chain in the world.

Pizza Hut is a famous American restaurant chain known for its Italian-American cuisine menu. To be honest, a good pizza will turn your saddest of moment around.  

All you need is a perfect backed pizza base with your favorite topping (veggies, chicken, or bacon delights) in the right size for a better day.  

That said, do you know the “Pizza hut pizza sizes.”  When it comes to pizza time, you don’t want to come up shorthanded, due to a few slices or smaller pie. Right?

Why is pizza size so important?

Pizza Hut changed its pan pizza sizes in 2019. The change saw the original pan pizza remade, with a new cheese blend, sauce, with a newly engineered pan backed in for a crisper crust.

Most pizza lovers often stick to the small or medium size when ordering their favorite crust. You might find a smaller size to be of great value as it depicts a lesser price, but that not the case.  

Truth be told, when you order a large sized pizza, you’re in for a more cost-effective choice. 

Here is why? 

When you visit the pizza hut outlet, order a large pizza for the below-give reasons:

  • Cost-saving 
  • You get more with a large pizza 
  • Sufficient for a group
  • Convenience
  • Store for later
  • Avail exciting offers

What are the sizes of Pizza Hut pizzas? 

Every pizza outlet has medium and large pizzas.  Nevertheless, the sizes leave you wanting.

Pizza hut never reveals the actual pizza sizes. How many inches across are the slices? This would take a Pizza hut employee to answer, which I am not. On their website, pizza hut has some measurements: the new regular base measures 7.5 inches, and the new large 10.75 inches. 

Even better, the extra-large has an impressive 14 inches. 

With every pizza, size may vary slightly due to the rising agents, oils, among other variables. 

You need to start ordering your pizzas by area. That way, you get the most value for your money. Like most pizza makers, Pizza Hut doesn’t want you to get the best value.


In fact, until recently, the actual dimensions of their pizza base have been a secret. 

But, you need not fear! You will still get the best value with pizza hut. Expert through research and sampling have come up with the exact pizza hut dimension supposedly hidden from pizza lovers. 

the sizes of Pizza Hut

This include: 

  • Medium pizza: 114 square inches; 12 inches in diameter
  • Large pizza: 154 square inches; 14 inches in diameter
  • Rectangular pizza (PANalicious): 102 square inches; 14 inches in diameter
  • Double PANalicious pizzas (PANormouspizza):  204 square inches

Which have you tried? How is that for service? 

Small Pizza Hut pizza

Pizza hut does not have an “officially called” small pizza, but instead, they have “Personal Pan.”

The Personal Pan is the smallest pizza you can get at Pizza Hut. The pizza is enough for one person. So, if you ask for a small pizza, the correct answer would be, actually, “we don’t offer it.”

Nevertheless, most pizza lovers accept the Medium 12″ as the Smallest Pizza. The medium 12 inches is enough for two to three people depending on the occasion. 

Medium-sized pizzas 

Medium sized pizzas

This is the best Pizza Hut pizza size. A medium-sized pizza has 8-slices. It measures 12-inches in diameter enough for a small family. Medium Pizza Hut deal includes the customer’s favorite toppings such as Vegetable Supreme, Pepperoni Feast, and Margherita pizza.

Even better, with pizza hut medium pizza, you can choose sides that amaze you. That includes chicken strips, mac n cheese, or XL wedges.

The prices for takeaways pizzas can be very tempting, now that ordering a small pizza costs more (three times) than the large one.

The large pizza

The size of pizza

How big is the large pizza hut pizza? This is a common query for pizza lovers around the globe. As described above, the” large” Pizza Hut pizza has a diameter of 14 inches, which is about 154 square inches of pure greatness. 

How many slices are in the large pizza? A “pizza hut” large has ten slices. You will undoubtedly mistake it for a medium-sized pizza. A medium-sized pizza has 8-slices with a diameter of 12 inches.  

A large pizza fits perfectly in a standard size box and best for a full house family gathering. A large pizza comes in handy when hosting a small party. Next time you’re hosting a party, order large sized pizza at Pizza Hut. 

When you order a pizza hut pizza, confirm the number of slices and size ahead since this varies depending on the outlet. 

Panalicious pizza hut

Pizza hut makes the name sound as if the pan is part of the meal. It’s nicknamed “Pantastic,” measuring 8.5 x 12 inches, about 102 square inches. The rectangular pizza is quite big, enough for a house party or large family gathering. 

It gives the best value over large and medium pizza.

You can always take Pizza Hut things from Panalicious to Panormos, but with a 2-topping Panalicious to your dinner box.

You can always explore the fantastic range of Pizza Hut pizza recipes from the pizza menu. 

Pizza Hut’s PANormous Pizza

This is the biggest of all Pizza Hut pizzas.  Panormous Pizza is 204 square inches with 16 regular cut slices.

It is a super-large pizza, 40% larger than the large Pizza Hut pizza. The best thing about this pizza is the double topping.  Overall, Panormous is all about size, and extra-large pizza at a lower price offers the best saving.

Your Take Way

There you have it. 

The pizza hut pizza sizes. The size of the pizza you order determines how many slices you should expect. Before you place your order with Pizza Hut, call and confirm the number of slices per size for your pizza. That way, you will have enough pie to serve. 

Nevertheless, confirm the slice per pizza ratio (by size). 

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Top of Form

Also, as mentioned, it comes 8 pieces to a side. When you look at the photo, it looks bigger, like there are 16 pieces to a side. It’s a little bit deceptive, marketing wise.

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