Breaking Records with the World’s Biggest Pizza

The video is about a YouTuber Airrack attempting to break the world record for the largest pizza.

With the help of Pizza Hut and a team of people, they work to create a pizza that weighs over 10,000 pounds and is 132 feet across.

The Worlds Largest Pizza 132 Feet

Airrack also celebrates hitting 10 million subscribers with a pizza party and gives away a golf cart to one of his followers.

In the end, they successfully break the record and are confirmed by a Guinness World Records adjudicator.

How was the pizza made?

To make the world’s largest pizza, hundreds of people work together.

They used 10,000 pounds of dough, 5,000 pounds of sauce, and 9,000 pounds of cheese to create the pizza. The pizza was 132 feet across and had to be built, cooked, and delivered in under 48 hours to comply with health code rules.

Pizza Hut supplied everything that was needed to make the pizza.

The dough was prepared by a team of people, who had to mix and knead large amounts of flour and water to create the dough. The dough was then rolled out into large sheets that were used to form the pizza base.

The sauce and cheese were then added to the pizza, with toppings like pepperoni, vegetables, and pineapple. To apply the sauce, a team of people used large brooms and mops to spread it evenly across the pizza.

Once the pizza was assembled, it was cooked in a special oven that was created specifically for this project. The oven was made up of 10 smaller ovens that were mounted on wheels and then combined to create a large, mobile pizza oven.

What to do with the pizza?

After the pizza was cooked, it was cut into 68,000 slices and frozen. The slices were then donated to a charity in Los Angeles to feed the hungry.

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