Pizza Toppings

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The pizza toppings thoroughly the ingredients you place on top of the bread crust. You consider a pizza complete once you place all the necessary ingredients on the pizza crust.

To make it easier, I have subdivided the toppings according to the different categories that are the vegan, vegetarian toppings, and meat.

The most incredible vegan and vegetarian pizza toppings

Before we embark on the toppings, it’s vital to understand what vegan and vegetarian mean. Vegan is a type of people who exclusively are intolerant to any animal product while vegetarians abstain from eating animal meat and, at times, their by-product.

 In this case, vegetarians can use animal cheese, while the vegan tends to use plant cheese or other cheese with no animal trace. Therefore, vegetarians can eat vegan pizza, but vegans can only select vegetarian pizza, the difference being in the cheese.

1. Spinach

You can decide to use our spinach raw, preferably use baby spinach or the Arugula. You can steam or sauté with garlic and other spices. Pair your spinach with artichoke pizza and enjoy the delicious pizza. Adding a little green to your pizza can be delightful; hence its best suits the vegan and vegetarian but meat lovers can also use it with multiple other ingredients.

2. Broccoli

broccoli is delicious and has health benefits like reducing cholesterol, antioxidants, and vitamin c and calcium. You can either use steamed or raw broccoli, whichever you prefer. Be generous with the sauce and the cheese you use and play around with the spices to bring out dip flavors on the pizza.

3. Mushroom

Mushrooms are the best kinds of meat substitute, considering they have high protein content, and mushrooms can be used with vegans, meat lovers, and vegetarians. If you are not sure about what mushrooms to use for your pizza, try the porcini mushrooms, they are rich in flavor. For best results, since mushrooms tend to be moist, you cook it first before adding to your pizza to avoid making your crust soggy.

4. Hummus

use hummus as a perfect substitute for tomatoes, especially if you don’t like tomatoes or have allergies. It can be used as a sauce topped with your favorite veggies and toppings to a vegan pizza recipe.

5. Artichoke

Artichoke is a good source of fiber, dietary, vitamin c, and k. They are also very delicious when cooked than when consumed raw as it softens the rough texture. It further resembles potatoes when cooked. Try the spinach artichoke, my all-time favorite, or pair it with basil and tomatoes.

6. Cauliflower  

Cauliflower can replace the eggs or dairies in a vegan pizza to make the base. All you need to do is roast your cauliflower or further caramelize it to add rich flavor to your pizza. You can use it in pizza crust, especially if you don’t need gluten or oil in your crust.

7. Avocado

avocado is known to be popular in most parts of the world, and the best part you can substitute it for any fats as it is considered a  good fat but only eaten in moderation. Its fats are common in vegan and vegetarian dishes and can also e used as a topping pizza. You can use the avocado in the speedy avocado pizza, a vegan pizza that is gluten and lactose-free.

8. Pumpkin

Pumpkins are readily available as they are cheap. It has a beautiful orange color that adds impressive color to whichever food you are cooking. Use a pumpkin as a substitute for meat for your vegan pizza topping. Roast the pumpkin and vegetarian topping. You can use it to replace tomato sauce. If you have tomato allergies, you can use it as a smoky sauce.

9. tomato

the vegan tomato toppings most preferred are fresh tomatoes that can either be sliced or thickened to be used. Simultaneously, the vegetarian kind is the sundried tomatoes with over-the-top taste and can be used with other ingredients like olive and onions with goat cheese.

10. zucchini

it is popular with vegan or vegetarian pizza topping, which can be used raw or cooked. All you need is to cut them up in some thin slices or cubes and place them on top of your pizza crust in the company of other ingredients and position it in your oven to cook.

11. Capsicum

if you want the best results when preparing your pizza with capsicum, you can either choose to cook it or sauté it and then add it to your pizza. Capsicums have health benefits, including reduce calories and serves as an antioxidant. It is better used in vegan and vegetarian toppings where it is thinly chopped and sprinkled on the pizza once cooked.

12. Chickpeas

Click peas are in the family of legumes with high protein content and fiber accompanied with excellent nutrients. Chickpeas have a semi-neutral flavor and creamy texture when prepared, making it possible to blend with almost everything. If you don’t have a vegan tuna, chickpeas can be a better substitute; a great recipe which probably you should try is the vegan barbecue chickpeas pizza.

13. Olives

the most favorite olives with the vegan and vegetarians are the black olives, but several others like the green and Kalamata olives are equally good. Any pizza that has tomato sauce can best be paired with black olives.

 Because it has a mellow flavor good with kids and an excellent texture accompanied with balanced acidity. You can try combining black olives with onions vegan pepperoni. You will have a blast of flavors that will for sure leave you mesmerized.

14. Pineapple

pineapple is a multipurpose kind of fruit you can eat raw as a fruit, drinks, or even cook to pair with foods. The pineapple has a zesty, tangy, and citrus flavor. Pineapple is used in most pizza toppings, the most common one being the Hawaiian. Moreover, you can make a sauce out of pineapple, like the garlic pineapple sauce. You can either roast your pineapple or pull it and make an excellent topping.

15. Vegan cheese,

Vegan cheese is not the all-time dairy cheese since it is made from various plant ingredients like soy, coconut, tree nuts and seeds, root vegetables, and aquafaba, but it depends on your preference and interest.

Just as the dairy cheeses, they also come in shredded form blocked, creamy cheese, and soft cheese. Vegan cheese also has healthy returns due to its fiber contents and vitamins and minerals. It is used in vegan pizza to make sure that the toppings remain stuck to the crust.

16. Sweet potato

sweet potatoes’ naturally sweet flavor makes it a perfect combination with most foods. For a  vegan topping, you can either use it as fried, roasted, or baked with all other ingredients, and it will be perfect.

You want any food that will help with your visuals, foods that assist in digestion, enhance your brain’s functioning, and your immune system. With all these health benefits, why not make friends with sweet potatoes.

17. Butternut squash

Butternut squash is among the topmost healthy foods, people mistake it for a vegetable, but that is not the case. It is indeed a fruit with many health benefits comprising vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

In vegan dishes, butternut squash can be pureed into a sauce, or you can mix it with your dough to add a sweet, nutty flavor. You can also use it as a topping paired with other ingredients.

18.  Eggplant

In vegan and vegetarian dishes, and eggplant is an excellent choice when you want to substitute it with meat because it has a texture that almost resembles that of meat.

 You can either use it in a grilled or boiled form. It still brings out the flavors that you will enjoy in the pizza. All you need to do is cut the eggplant into pieces, boil it without adding any other flavors, and place it on the pizza.

19. Cashew nut  

cashew nuts are a popular ingredient with vegan pizza because of the fats and the creaminess. Still, cashew also has flavors which makes you not miss the dairy cheeses hence a perfect substitute to the dairy cheeses. You can use cashew nuts to make pizza recipes using the cashew nut as the cheese with other vegan ingredients.

20. Pine nuts

whenever you need your vegan pizza with some gooey flavors, think no farther than the pine nuts, specifically the roasted ones. Scatter your pine nuts on top of the other pizza ingredients. You are good to go, or you make cheese from grinding the pine nut and mixing it with other spices like garlic and dill to produce a creamy cheese. You can use the cheese with any vegan recipes.

21. Potatoes

Potatoes are excellent for vegan cooking. Forget its versatility, as it can come in many forms. Here are the two best ways to use your potato in preparing a pizza dish. You either slice it as thinly as you can or go ahead and shred it whichever way you decide. The potato vegan pizza topping will still be excellent.

Meat lover’s toppings ideas for pizza

For the meat buddies, their diet is versatile as they are not restricted to any particular diet. They can choose to be omnivorous as they retain their sanity or eat only meat whichever way as long as they are satisfied and happy.  There are a variety of toppings to be used by meat lovers. Some are a blend of both meat and vegetables, which you can enjoy a variety of flavors.

See below the most common meat toppings:

22. Pepperoni

Pepperoni is simply beef and pork mixed with other spicy ingredients like pepper and paprika. For your pizza topping, the pepperoni has to be thinly sliced. The exciting bit is that if you don’t like pork, then you can use turkey instead. If you want to achieve crispiness, cook the pepperoni first before adding it to the crust as a topping. And if you want the best pepperoni to try the Italian soppressata.

23. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are usually confused with being vegetables. They are not anything close to being vegetables. However, they are fungi; they can be substituted for meats as they contain the same flavor as the meat called umami. Mushrooms have health benefits, including high protein content and vitamin D level. You can either decide to precook them with mushrooms or just put the mushrooms on the pizza without cooking.

24. Hum

It is a type of pork traditionally made through salting or smoking to preserve the pork. It is the list preferred topping because it is gummy and too thick on a pizza. A perfect example of hum in pizza topping is the hum and mushroom pizza, also known as prosciutto e Funghi. It can be prepared in two ways the cooked and the uncooked hum.

25. Bacon

Beacon is an okay renowned component that makes among the best pizza. Its versatility makes it an n easy ingredient to pair with almost everything. You can never mention bacon without mentioning pineapple and then Hawaiian pizza because a combination of these two with other spices like onion and tomatoes brings about a lavish taste. Bacon pair well with olives, mushroom sausage, tomatoes.

26. Sausage

Sausage is a meat product made from grind pork, meat, or even chicken with additional preservatives, breadcrumbs, and flavors such as spice or salt. You want the best sausage for your pizza to get the Italian sausage, precisely one with low sugar and low sodium, and look out for one with zero nitrates or nitrites.

27. Extra cheese  

You might be wondering cheese is used as a topping. Yes, a layer of the cheese is not a topping, but if you add more layers of this cheese, it becomes a topping. This is now called a cheese-based pizza accompanied by other flavors.

28. Green pepper

This ingredient is rich in iron and has vitamin C, which is perfect for preventing anemia. Green peppers can also be used in pizza topping alongside other ingredients.


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