Everything To Know About Papa John’s New York Style Pizza

Timeless, irresistible, and huge – words that would describe New York Style Pizza to a T. Pizzas have existed since the late 1800s across various cultures around the globe.

Over time, people became creative and explored diverse pizza flavors and styles.

One of the most iconic styles is New York Style Pizza. Judging from the name itself, this pizza style takes you to the bustling streets of the Big Apple.

Italian immigrants created it in the 1900s, and it was popularly served in little pizza chains in New York.

Today, you can find New York Style pizza in America’s best pizza chains – one of them is Papa John’s New York Style pizza.

This article dives into the uniqueness of New York Style and what makes Papa John’s New York Style pizza different from other pizza chains.

Papa Johns New York Style Pizza

Photo: Papa John’s New York Style Pizza

Moreover, it covers which pizza flavors are available for this pizza style and steps on how you can order it at Papa John’s.

In summary, the article explores the following topics:

  • What Is New York Style Pizza?
  • What Is Papa John’s New York Style Pizza?
  • Papa John’s Pizza Flavors In New York Style Pizza
  • How To Order Papa John’s New York Style Pizza

What Is New York Style Pizza?

new york style pizza with Pepperoni 1

Photo: New York Style Pizza

New York Style Pizza has been one of the popular 18 pizza types created since the 1900s. It is widely known for its wide-wedged and thin but sturdy slices.

What makes it even more iconic is its huge foldable slices, making it easy to grab a slice even when you are on the go.

With this pizza style, you get the right mix of crispy thin crust and chewy soft center.

It is typically hand-tossed and made from yeast, flour, salt, water, oil, and sugar.

Get the perfect balance between flavorful tomato sauce and melty mozzarella cheese base with your favorite pizza toppings to complete the experience.

What Is Papa John’s New York Style Pizza?


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New York Style pizza is among the 7 crust options at Papa John’s. It is available for delivery or carryout when you order online.

This pizza style is oversized and hand-stretched for a thin and crispy crust.

If you are the type who loves thin and crispy but with a bit of chewiness, this pizza style is perfect for you.

Papa John’s serves this pizza style in 16-inch Extra Large sizes only. It usually comes in eight slices, starting with 310 calories per slice.

Prices start at $17.09 for NY Style Extra Large pizza.

If you are curious about its ingredients and allergen information, you should contact your local Papa John’s store location for details since it is not posted on the website.

Papa John’s Pizza Flavors In New York Style Pizza

You can order this pizza style in your choice of Papa John’s pizza flavors, including classic Pepperoni Pizza, original The Works Pizza, or tropical Super Hawaiian Pizza.

Alternatively, you can also create your own custom topping combo with Papa John’s toppings, from meats to veggies and sauces.

The table below lists the pizza flavors you can try when you order New York Style pizza in eight slices.

It also includes the prices and calories per slice. It is worth mentioning that prices and menu items are subject to change and may vary per store location.

Thus, you should check with your preferred Papa John’s store for local offers and updated prices.

Table Of Papa John’s Prices And Calories Of New York Style Pizza

Pizza Category Pizza Flavor Calories   Price
Papa Picks Pepperoni Pizza 360 per slice $17.09
Sausage Pizza 370 per slice $17.09
Cheese Pizza 310 per slice $17.09
Handcrafted Specialties The Works Pizza 390 per slice $20.99
The Meats Pizza 440 per slice $20.99
Zesty Italian Trio Pizza 420 per slice $20.99
Meatball Pepperoni Pizza 450 per slice $20.99
Super Hawaiian Pizza 370 per slice $20.99
Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza 400 per slice $20.99
BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza 370 per slice $20.99
Fiery Buffalo Chicken Pizza 360 per slice $20.99
Philly Cheesesteak Pizza 410 per slice $20.99
Pepperoni, Sausage & Six Cheese Pizza 480 per slice $20.99
Extra Cheesy Alfredo Pizza 370 per slice $20.99
Fresh Spinach & Tomato Alfredo Pizza 310 per slice $20.99
Garden Fresh Pizza 310 per slice $20.99
Tuscan Six Cheese Pizza 360 per slice $20.99
Local Flavors Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza 430 per slice $20.99

How To Order Papa John’s New York Style Pizza

You can head to the nearest Papa John’s store to order a New York Style Pizza or online through Papa John’s website or app.

The app is available in Google Play for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices.

If you order online, you must indicate your location and preferred delivery option: carryout, delivery, and pick-up.

Here’s how to place an order online:

  1. Go to Papa John’s website and visit the menu page for pizza.
  2. Navigate through Create Your Own pizza options and choose New York Style crust by clicking “Customize”.
  3. From there, the site leads you to a page where you can start personalizing the pizza with your favorite sauce, cheese, and meat and non-meat Keep in mind the size is automatically Extra Large by default. Should you try to change the size, the crust will be changed as well since NY Style crust is only available for Extra Large.
  4. If you will not create your own, you can choose from any of Papa John’s signature pizza flavors.
  5. Under your desired pizza flavor option, change the size to Extra Large and the crust to NY Style crust.
  6. Then, choose the quantity of pizza and click “Add To Order”.
  7. If you want to customize the pizza flavor further, you can click “Customize” instead. The page leads you to more custom options where you can change the sauce, cheese, and meat and non-meat toppings.
  8. When you are done customizing the pizza flavor, click “Add To Order”.
  9. Complete your meal by adding your choice of sides and drinks.
  10. Review your order and click “Check Out”. The page leads you to a form to fill out and the payment options.
  11. Lastly, wait for your pizza to be ready for pick up or delivered to your doorstep.

Try This Culinary Masterpiece At Papa John’s Today!


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New York Style Pizza has everything you desire in a pizza with its chewy center, crunchy crust, and flavorful toppings.

Whether you are on the go or looking to sit down and relax at a pizzeria, its enormous slice is the perfect size for a quick bite to eat.

Simply fold it and take a huge bite without its toppings falling off, thanks to its sturdy crust.

Prices start at $17.09 for Papa Picks pizza flavors and $20.99 for Handcrafted Specialties and Local Flavors.

This 16-inch Extra Large New York Style pizza is perfect for family dinners and large parties, feeding five to six adults for one pizza.

You don’t have to worry about leftovers since you can still get an “almost good as new” pizza by reheating pizza with a few simple techniques.

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