A Slice of Savings: How to Get Cheap Pizza Delivery Near You

Pizza is a popular dish in the United States, with over 3 billion pizzas consumed by Americans every year.

It is one of the most uncomplicated dishes that can go with any side, whether you are having your favorite hot chicken wings, pasta, or fries.

On top of that, you can eat it at any time of the day and on any occasion.

Have it for a quick brunch, a light lunch, or a quick and easy dinner for the family.

Plus, there are several flavors and styles to choose from, from classic pepperoni to low-calorie and vegan pizzas.

If you like to order pizzas from restaurants or pizza chains frequently, buying them at a discounted price is a good idea to cut off expenses.

You can enjoy delicious pizza without paying full price.

Whether it is a big or small discount, if you add them all up, you will be surprised at how much you have saved in the long run.

From small local pizzerias to the largest pizza chains in the U.S., there are usually deals and discounts offered for big savings.

In this article, you will learn some hacks for getting cheaper pizzas, from earning points to using promo codes and coupons.

Plus, the article explains the deals and discounts you can get from among America’s 10 best pizza chains, making it easy to find a local pizza chain with affordable options near you.

Here’s what you will learn after reading this guide:

  • 10 Simple Tricks To Get Cheap Pizza
  • 10 Pizzerias With Deals And Discounts For Cheap Pizzas

10 Simple Tricks To Get Cheap Pizza

1. Check The Pizza Chain’s Deals And Discounts Page

Most pizza chains have a page for all local deals and discounts.

Take note not all store locations of a pizza chain may have the same offers, so it is best to check with your local store for the latest deals.

Deals offered can be combos, discounts, or seasonal.

For example, Domino’s special deals and discounts include Mix & Match Deals for $6.99, where you can get two or more food options for $6.99 each for qualifying items.

Dominos Mix Match Deals for 6.99

Photo: Domino’s Mix & Match Deals for $6.99

With this exclusive deal, you can order a medium 2-topping pizza for $6.99, half the price of a regular medium 2-topping pizza which costs $13.98.

A similar deal to Domino’s Mix & Match is Pizza Hut’s 2 medium 1-topping pizzas for $6.99 each.

This deal is applicable for carryout orders.

2. Choose Carryout, Pick-Up, Or To-Go Instead Of Delivery Orders

Get a cheaper pizza when you choose carryout, pick-up, or to-go orders.

Since you are cutting costs on delivery fees, it makes sense it is more affordable.

Several pizza chains offer discounts when you select carryout orders.

For instance, Papa John’s offers a 1-Topping Carryout Special for $7.99 for a large 1-topping Original or Thin Crust Pizza.

Pizza Hut also has three options for Carryout Deals, such as:

  • $6.99 each – 2 medium 1-topping pizzas for carryout only
  • $12.99 – Large 5-topping or Specialty Pizza for carryout only
  • $7.99 – Large 1-topping pizza for carryout only

3. Earn Points By Joining Rewards And Loyalty Programs

Sign up and join your favorite pizza chain’s rewards and loyalty program.

In this way, you can earn points for every qualifying order you make.

These points can be used to get a discounted price upon checkout or even a free pizza after reaching the required number of points.

For instance, you can join Casey’s Pizza’s Rewards program and earn up to 250 points to get $1 Casey’s Cash.

You can use Casey’s Cash to get a discount or earn as much Casey’s Cash to get a free item.

Caseys rewards

Photo: Casey’s rewards

4. Get The Most Out Of First-Order Deals

It is common to get a discount for first-time orders after downloading the pizza chain’s app or signing up.

Some pizza chains give out points as a reward for signing up, while some offer a discounted price when you download their app and order.

For instance, Jet’s Pizza offers a 15% discount on Jet’s Text for first orders.

It is a limited-time offer where you can get 15% off by texting your order instead of ordering through the website.

All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Text your order and state “pickup” or “delivery to” to your delivery address.
  2. Wait for a reply and review your order.
  3. Confirm your order.

Marco’s Pizza also offers a discount for the first app order.

You get a 25% discount when you download their app from App Store or Google Play and make your first app order.

This discount is applied to your total for menu-price orders.

You can also make your first order at Pieology and get $5 off for orders $25 or more.

5. Take Advantage Of Promo Codes And Discount Coupons

Pizza chains give out promo codes and coupons on their deals and discounts pages.

This offer works by entering a code before checkout to apply for a discount.

You need to make sure that you read the terms and conditions carefully to make a qualifying order.

Take note that not all promo codes can be used in certain store locations, so it is best to visit your local pizza chain’s discount page for the updated promo codes.

An example of a promo code is NEWMAG from Marco’s Pizza’s Hot Deals and Discounts.

This promo code is a limited-time offer where you can get Magnifico Pizzas for $9.99.

Little Ceasars also offers promo codes, such as 3OFF18 (a $3 discount on online orders of $18 or more) and THIN2TOP (a $1 discount on a large 2 or more topping thin crust pizza).

6. Use A Gift Card Or Certificate

If someone has gifted you with a gift card, you can use it upon checkout for a discount.

Most gift cards are valid for online, phone, and in-store orders.

Gift cards are available in some of the largest pizza chains in the US.

For instance, gift cards are offered at Domino’s, Papa John’s, Marco’s Pizza, Godfather’s, and Casey’s.

Aside from being given to you as a gift, some businesses offer gift certificates as a reward for joining their promotional campaign.

These gift certificates are usually used for discounts with partner stores included in the certificate validity.

pizza hut gift card

Photo:  Pizza Hut’s gift card

7. Get Employee Discounts By Working At A Pizza Chain

Most pizza chains provide employee discounts on their menu items for off-duty purchases.

An example of this benefit is Domino’s employee discount, providing employees with free items or a 50% discount on some menu items.

Pizza Hut also offers a 20% employee discount on all items, as well as a $1 total for a personal pan pizza with a drink.

You do not necessarily have to work for a pizza chain to avail of the employee discount.

All you have to do is ask someone you know who works at a pizza chain if they can order for you to get the discount.

8. Celebrate Pi Day And National Pizza Day

Did you know that there is an annual celebration for pizzas?

You can enjoy discounts and free items during National Pizza Day on February 9 and Pi Day on March 14.

Pizza chains usually have special deals and discounts for these celebrations, and they can be quite competitive.

On Pi Day, most pizza chains offer cheap pizzas priced at $3.14 or with a $3.14 off the price.

For instance, Blaze Pizza offers an 11-inch pizza for $3.14 when you download the app and sign up.

You can also save with Casey’s Pizza’s Pi Day discount and get $3.14 off on any Large Pizza.

Another example is from Papa Murphy’s, where you purchase one of their online specials on Pi Day to get a discount code for a 31.4% off your next order from March 15 to March 28.

9. Join A Contest, Pizza Challenge, Or Pizza Chain Event For Discounts

Special contests and pizza-eating challenges can give you impressive discount rewards if you win.

You can also check pizza chains or restaurants with local events offering discounted items.

Some examples of events to look forward to are new store launches, store anniversary celebrations, Oktoberfest, Christmas Holidays, and Black Friday.

These events are typically celebrated by giving away discounts and freebies.

For instance, Jet’s Pizza offers a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Promo for 20% off on all menu-priced pizzas using the code CYBER.

Valentine’s Day is also a great opportunity to take advantage of discounts, such as California Pizza Kitchen’s Valentine’s Day Sweet Deal For Two for $40 or $50.

The Sweet Deal for Two menu includes an appetizer, a choice of entrees (salad, pizza, or pasta), dessert, and wine for two.

10. Order Cheap Pizzas From Membership-Only Retail Warehouses

Get a cheaper pizza from membership-only retail warehouse stores such as Costco and Sam’s Club.

These are the best places to get a cheaper pizza without needing deals and discounts.

For instance, a pizza from Costco’s food court costs $9.95 for an 18-inch whole pizza.

You can choose between two Costco pizza flavors: cheese and pepperoni.

It is way cheaper than other pizzas since it costs about half the price compared to others.

For example, it is cheaper than Papa John’s $17.09 16-inch pizza or Domino’s $20.99 x-large Brooklyn-style pizza.

If you want more options, go for Sam’s Club with four pizza styles for only $8.98 for a 16-inch pizza.

You can order a pepperoni, cheese, four meat, or deluxe pizza.

10 Pizzerias With Deals And Discounts For Cheap Pizzas

Most of the above methods require you to wait a while to get your hands on limited-time or seasonal deals.

For instance, Pi Day deals are only available once a year, and gift cards and first-time orders are one-time deals only.

Plus, you cannot solely rely on employee discounts, especially if you are not the one working at the pizza chain.

In addition, participating in contests and events is not always guaranteed and reliable.

So if you are looking for long-term and instant discounts, the best method is using the deals and promo codes offered by some of the best pizza chains in the U.S.

Choose your store location and visit the pizza chain’s deals and discounts page.

When you click on a deal, it will be automatically added to your cart.

If it is in the form of a promo code, make sure to apply or copy the code before checking out.

Save big by trying out the deals and discounts below:

1. Domino’s Pizza Coupons

  1. Visit your local Domino’s store’s coupons
  2. Choose delivery or carryout.
  3. Select a coupon and click “Add Coupon” to create an order.
  • $10.99 – 2 or More Large 2-Topping Pizzas
  • $14.99 – Any Large Specialty Pizza
  • $21.99 – 2 Medium 1-Topping Pizzas, 16-piece Parmesan Bread Bites, 8 Piece Cinnamon Twists and a 2 Liter of Coke
  • $21.99 – 2 Large 1 Topping Pizzas and a 2-Liter of Coca-Cola®
  • $19.99 – Large Pizza With Your Choice of Toppings, 16 Piece Parmesan Bread Bites, and a 2-Liter of Coke
  • $11.99 – 1 Large 3 Topping Pizza
  • $16.99 – Medium 2-Topping Handmade Pan Pizza and Stuffed Cheesy Bread
  • $26.99 – 2 Large 1-Topping Pizzas, Oven-Baked Dip and 16 pieces Parmesan Bread Bites
  • $19.99 – Large 2 Topping Pizza and 8 pieces Chicken
  • $14.99 – Large 2 Topping Pizza and 8 pieces of Bread Twists
  • $22.99 – LG Specialty Pizza and LG 2 Topping Pizza
  • $9.99 – 1 Medium 3 Topping Pizza
  • $7.99 – All pizzas with 1 topping on any of the crusts, 8-piece wings or boneless chicken, and Dips and Twists Combos
  • $6.99 each – Mix & Match Deals

4. Choose your favorite Domino’s pizza from the menu and checkout.

2. Papa John’s Specials, Large Orders, And Pizza Coupons

  1. Find your local Papa John’s
  2. Choose from any of Papa John’s three categories for special deals:
    1. Papa John’s Specials
      • Limited-time 25% off your entire order
      • $12.99 – Limited Time NEW Crispy Parm Pizza
      • $6.99 – Papa Pairings
      • $11.99 – Heart-Shaped Pizza
      • $13.99 – Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza
      • $6.99 – Papadia Deal
      • $14.99 – Any Large Specialty or up to 5 Toppings
      • $25.99 – Family Special
      • $10.99 – Large 1-Topping Original or Thin Crust Pizza
      • $7.99 – 1-Topping Carryout Special
    2. Papa John’s Large Orders
      • $54.99 – Five Large
      • $72.99 – Feast of Favorites
      • $89.99 – Crowd Pleaser
    3. Papa John’s Pizza Coupons
  3. Select your favorite Papa John’s pizza to complete the discount.

3. Jet’s Pizza Hot Deals

  1. Visit Jet’s Pizza and find a store.
  2. Choose a deal from the Hot Deals page.
  • $5 Off Any 8 Corner Pizza
  • $15.99 – Large Best of Jet’s® (Large 1-topping Pizza)
  • $24.49 – Large 1-Topping Pizza & Bread (Large pizza with premium mozzarella, 1-topping, and your choice of bread)
  • $11.99 – Small Best of Jet’s® (Small 1-topping Pizza)
  • $14.99 – NY-Style Pizza (6 slices of Large 1-topping Pizza with NY-style crust and premium mozzarella)
  • $16.49 – Small Jet10® (Pizza sauce, premium mozzarella, pepperoni, ham, hamburger, Italian sausage, bacon, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and black olives)
  • $21.49 – Large Jet10® (Pizza sauce, premium mozzarella, pepperoni, ham, hamburger, Italian sausage, bacon, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and black olives)
  • $19.99 – Small 1-Topping Pizza & Bread (Small pizza with premium mozzarella, 1-topping, and your choice of bread)
  • $6.99 – Slice Combo (2 Deep Dish slices (cheese or pepperoni) and a 20oz drink)

3. Pick your preferred pizza flavor from Jet’s Pizza menu.

4. Little Ceasars Deal Alert

  1. Visit Little Caesars Deal Alert page.
  2. Choose a deal and apply the promo code:
  • 3OFF18 – $3 OFF on online orders of $18 or more
  • GETBREADY – 50% OFF ANY BREAD on purchases of $10 or more
  • THIN2TOP – $1 OFF on a large 2 or more topping thin crust pizza
  • ITSBACK – PRETZEL DEAL! for $18.99 with pretzel crust pizza, 2-topping large pizza, and Crazy Combo®

5. Pizza Hut Deals

  1. Visit Pizza Hut’s Deals
  2. Choose a deal and click “Get Started”.
  • $13.99 – The Big New Yorker Pizza
  • $6.99 – NEW Pizza Hut Melts
  • $22.99 – Large 1-topping pizza and a large 3-topping or Specialty Pizza
  • $6.99 each – 2 medium 1-topping pizzas for carryout only
  • $14.49 – Large 5-topping or Specialty Pizza
  • $22.99 – Pizza Hut Trio
  • $12.99 – Large 5-topping or Specialty Pizza for carryout only
  • $23.99 – Big Dinner Box
  • $17.99 – Medium 3-topping pizza, breadsticks, and a 2-liter drink
  • $23.99 – BOOK IT! Bundle of 2 large pizzas and breadsticks
  • $12.99 – Dinner Box
  • $7.99 – Large 1-topping pizza for carryout only
  • $12.99 – Original Stuffed Crust large 1-topping pizza
  • $19.99 – Large 3-topping or Specialty Pizza and 8 breaded boneless wings
  • $26.99 – 2 large 3-topping pizzas, breadsticks, and a 2-liter drink
  • Value Lineup – Choose 2 or More

3. After selecting a deal, customize it by choosing your Pizza Hut toppings, crust, or Pizza Specialty.

6. Marco’s Pizza Hot Deals

  1. Visit your local Marco’s Pizza
  2. Choose a deal that suits you:
  • Large, 1-Topping Pizzas for $8.99 each
  • Large Pepperoni Magnifico for $9.99
  • Large Specialty & Large 1-Topping Pizza for $26.99
  • 2 Medium 1 Topping Pizzas + CheezyBread + 2 Liter drink for $21.99
  • Extra Large 1-Topping Pizza for $15.99
  • 30% off menu-price pizzas for delivery, carryout, and curbside for a limited-time offer using a promo code available on the site
  • 25% off on your first menu-price order when you download their app from App Store and Google Play.

3.Select a Specialty Pizza or choose your custom ingredient to complete the deal.

7. Godfather’s Pizza Deals, Discounts, Coupons

  1. Choose your local Godfather’s Pizza
  2. Select curbside, carryout, or delivery.
  3. Choose an applicable Deal and Discount:
  • 2 for $30 – $30.00 (Two large 1-topping pizzas)
  • Cinnamon Roll Streusel Feast (Mediums) – $29.99 (Get any medium specialty, a medium 1-topping pizza and Cinnamon Roll Streusel (or any Value Deal side))
  • Cinnamon Roll Streusel Feast (Larges) – $39.99 (Large specialty pizza, a large 1-topping pizza and Cinnamon Roll Streusel (or any Value Deal side))
  • Large Specialty Pizza of Choice – $19.99
  • Medium Specialty Pizza of Choice – $17.99
  • Any Large 2-Topping Pizza – $15.99 (Top a large pizza with two toppings)
  • Value Deal #1B – $19.99 (Medium 1-topping pizza and one side)
  • Value Deal #2A – $25.99 (Large 2-topping pizza and one side)
  • Value Deal #2B – $25.99 (Medium specialty pizza (or up to a 5-topping pizza) and one side)
  • Value Deal #3A – $32.99 (Large specialty pizza (or up to a 5-topping pizza) and two sides)
  • Value Deal #3B (i) – $32.99 (Individual specialty pizza (or up to a 5-topping pizza) and medium 1-topping pizza with two sides)
  • Value Deal #4A – $38.99 (Medium specialty pizza (or up to a 5-topping pizza) and medium 1-topping pizza plus two sides)
  • Value Deal #4B – $38.99 (umbo 2-topping pizza and two sides)
  • Value Deal #5A(i) – $14.99 (Individual pizza (up to a specialty) and one side)

4. Alternatively, you can also opt for coupons:

  • Offer Code: 3001 ($1.00 off on any regular menu price small pizza)
  • Offer Code: 3003 ($3.00 off on any regular menu price large pizza)
  • Offer Code: 2103 (Get a medium 1-topping pizza for $3.99 with the purchase of a large Specialty Pizza at regular menu price)

5. Finish the deal by choosing a pizza from Godfather’s Pizza Menu.

8. Casey’s Pizza Deals

  1. Find the nearest Casey’s location.
  2. Choose your preferred Deals and Discounts.
  • $5 8ct Wings with Any Large Pizza (Enjoy $5 wings with any large pizza)
  • BOGO 40% off Any Large Pizzas (Buy a large pizza, get the second 40% off)
  • Save $8 on 2 Large Pizzas and 2 Sides (Choose any 2 of your favorite Pizzas and 2 Sides)
  • Save $6 on 2 Large Pizzas and 1 Side (Choose any 2 of your favorite Pizzas plus a Side)
  • Save $4 on a Large Pizza and 2 Sides (Choose your favorite pizza plus 2 sides
  • 4 Large Specialty Pizzas $58 (Only $14.50 each)
  • 2 Specialty & 2 Large Single Toppings $52 (Only $13 each)
  • 4 Large Single Topping Pizzas $44 (Only $11 each)

3. Select a qualifying pizza from Casey’s Pizza Menu to fulfill your deal.

9. Hungry Howie’s Pizza Deals

  1. Use the Store Finder to locate a Hungry Howie’s Pizza.
  2. Visit the Deals page of your local Hungry Howie’s Pizza store.
  3. Choose a deal you like:
  • $6.99 2 Top Flatbread – 2-topping flatbread
  • $18.99 Family Pleaser – Large pizza with up to 3 toppings, 3 Cheeser Bread, and 2-liter drink
  • $14.99 Meal Deal – Large 1-topping pizza + regular 3 Cheeser Bread
  • $12.99 Meal Deal – Large 3-topping pizza
  • $19.99 Meal Deal – 3 Small 1-topping pizzas
  • $21.99 Meal Deal – Large 3-topping pizza, 8 Howie Wings, Side Of Cajun Howie Bread & 2-Liter Of Pepsi
  • $25.99 Family Meal – Two large 2-topping pizzas, regular 3 Cheeser Howie Bread, and a cold 2-liter drink
  • $7.99 Lrg Baked Pasta – Get a large 1-topping baked pasta
  • $7.99 Lg Cheese Or Pep – Get a large cheese or pepperoni pizza.
  • $19.99 Pizza & Wings – Large 3-topping pizza, 8 Howie Wings or 5 chicken tenders, and side of cajun Howie Bread
  • $13.99 Xl 1 Top Pizza – Extra large 1-topping pizza
  • $22.99 Medium Pizza Trio – 3 medium 1-topping pizzas
  • $9.99 Lrg 1 Top – Large 1 topping pizza
  • $26.99 Large Pizza Trio – 3 large 1-topping pizzas
  • $14.99 Large Specialty – Any large Specialty Pizza
  • $6.99 Medium 1 Topping – Carryout only
  • $7.99 Large 1 Topping – Carryout only

10. Chuck E. Cheese Weekly Deals And Coupons

  1. Locate the nearest Chuck E. Cheese
  2. Find local coupons and deals.
    1. $46.49 – Two Large 1-Topping Pizza + 4 Drinks
  3. Download the coupon and present it at checkout.

Never Pay Full Price for Pizza Again

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Go easy on your wallet and enjoy a slice of pizza without having to pay full price again using these simple money-saving tricks.

You do not need to limit yourself to ordering a small 1-topping pizza just to get the lowest price since you can already save big with discounts and deals.

The deals and coupons mentioned in this guide are subject to change, so make sure to stay updated on the latest offers with your local pizza chain.

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